DQP “pamphlet of hatred” filled with “extremist, bigoted and hate-filled rhetoric”: Zuhair

The President’s Office has issued a response to a 30-page pamphlet published by minority opposition Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP), which accuses the government of participating in an anti-Islamic conspiracy.

According to translations of the pamphlet released by the President’s Office, “[President Mohamed] Nasheed’s big plan is to undermine Maldivians’ religion, introduce other religions into the country and encourage vice.”

According to the President’s Office Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair, however, the pamphlet “contains a litany of extremist, bigoted and hate-filled rhetoric aimed primarily at President Nasheed and his administration.”

“There isn’t a sentence in this pamphlet that isn’t a slanderous lie against the government,” Zuhair was quoted as saying. “This is an official DQP pamphlet, colour printed and branded with their logo and contact details.

It has clearly been sanctioned, and probably written, by senior party officials including leader Dr Hassan Saeed”, he said, adding that Saeed and DQP members “should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”

A former Attorney General and 2008 presidential candidate, Dr Hassan Saeed made similar claims under the previous government in 2007, prompting then President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s government to contract UK security and private investigation firm Sion Resources for a surveillance operation dubbed ‘Operation Druid’. After a series of inquiries, it was clear that nothing untoward or anti-Islamic had taken place.

Saeed today said he would not speak to Minivan News. When asked whether other DQP members would be available for comment he retorted, “you can try your luck”.

DQP members Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and ‘Sandhaanu’ Ahmed Ibrahim Didi were summoned for questioning at 8pm on Thursday, January 12.

Saeed accompanied the pair as their lead lawyer. Since that time, Jameel has been detained twice and Didi has been detained once, although they have both been summoned for questioning every night since except for Friday. Didi was not summoned on Monday.

One of DQP’s vice presidents Abdullah Matheen was also briefly detained.

At 2312 members, DQP is the sixth smallest of the nation’s 15 political parties. No other DQP members had responded to phone calls at time of press.

Meanwhile, opposition supporters have protested the police action against DQP leaders on a nightly basis on the grounds that the government is impounding the people’s freedom of expression, granted under Article 27 of the Constitution.

Portraying the government as sympathetic to the Jewish people, the pamphlet contends that the President aims to undermine national unity by attacking the national religion of Islam.

“When the Nasheed administration established diplomatic relations with the biggest enemy of Islam [Israel], the government agreed to change the school curriculum and teach our small children about the goodness of Jews,” reads page seven of the pamphlet.

Deputy Minister of Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer believed the accusations were “baseless lies”.

“We haven’t had any such discussions at any stage during the reform of the curriculum,” he said.

Nazeer pointed out that as the school curriculum had not been revised since 1984 at the time that the current government took office, the Ministry had issued 7,000 surveys and held 200 public meetings to get the public’s input on the matter.

He added that information discussed at a curriculum symposium is publicly available on the ministry’s website. While the ministry has added a group of elective subjects, Nazeer noted that Islamic and Dhivehi studies were mandated according to the public’s request.

The only subject that comes close to teaching about the “goodness of Jews” would be the broad, non-religious discipline of Social Studies.

“The O-level pass rate has improved from 27 percent to 35 percent over the pass three years, and this year we are hoping for 40 percent. Parents, schools boards and teachers are working very hard to improve the school system.

“Unfortunately, some social and oppositional elements are not happy with these efforts and are looking for ways to ridicule the government,” Nazeer concluded.

The DQP pamphlet also criticises the government’s foreign policy as evidence of its penchant for the Jewish people.

“The government accepted the responsibility of monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation in Iran. This task was assigned to Nasheed’s former Foreign Minister Dr Shaheed. There is no doubt that this was a reward for the Nasheed administration’s efforts to strengthen ties with the Jews and please the Jews,” the pamphlet reads on page 20.

“The Jew’s plan and way of thinking is to divide Islamic countries,” it adds, further claiming that Maldivian government officials hold secret identities as “Christian priests”.

Directing accusations at neighboring SAARC countries, DQP claims that the cultural monuments gifted at the 2011 SAARC summit hosted in Addu City are really “religious statues, depicting other Gods for praying [towards].”

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is also implicated for unveiling his country’s statue of the national lion – a “statue for praying”, DQP claims.

According to DQP, the monuments prove President Nasheed’s involvement in an international conspiracy to introduce other religions into the Maldives.

Following repeated acts of vandalism and theft, the monuments were recently removed to a secure location by Addu City Council. Officials have claimed that the acts against the monuments were not religious but political, and noted that the stolen Nepalese monument was a simple block that read “Nepal”. Other accusations target people who dance and women who wear skirts as “disrespectful towards Islam”, reads the President’s Office translation.

Dancing is frowned upon by conservative interpretations of Islam. However, the popular Maldivian dance and drumming tradition of bodu beru engages men in dancing activities.

According to Press Secretary Zuhair, DQP’s statements have “[undermined] the religious harmony of the country” by using the constitutionally-granted right to freedom of expression as an excuse to engage in hate speech.

“With rights come responsibilities. Freedom of speech does not entitle you to maliciously shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre,” he said. “Similarly, you cannot spread malevolent lies about the government, whip up hatred against people and undermine the religious harmony of the country and claim it is your right to do so under freedom of expression.”

Meanwhile, the President has requested Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari to investigate DQP’s allegations and advise on the proper response–whether to form an independent commission to investigate the matter, or request Dr Bari to seek the counsel of his colleagues.


22 thoughts on “DQP “pamphlet of hatred” filled with “extremist, bigoted and hate-filled rhetoric”: Zuhair”

  1. Obviously Zuhair is addressing the foreign media in his statements. Instead he should try to address the local public to convince them.

    Religion has been used by all the political players in this country. Let me name some examples.

    1. When billionaire Phillip Green - the owner of the renowned "TOP SHOP' came to Four Seasons a few years ago to celebrate his 50th birthday, a stage back drop was done in 'Bali Theme". The then opposition accused Maumoon of erecting a 'Temple" at the resort and published several articles in the media calling Gayyoom an atheist.

    2. During the last Presidential Campaign, MDP, JP, and DRP accused Dr. Hassan Saeed as a deviant of Islam who had called for the freedom of religion. This was in reference to a book co-authored by Dr. Hassan and his brother Professor Saeed.

    3. In the same Election period, the government and their supporters claimed Anni and MDP were funded by Christian Missionaries etc.

    4.. And now DRP, DQP, PPM etc. are accusing MDP of being anti Islamic and trying to eradicate Islam from the country.

    All this is utter rubbish and must be condemned in the harshest language. All Political Parties are guilty of using religion to bash others and there for ALL parties must refrain from politicizing religion.

    At the end of the day, The President and the Government, the Judiciary, the Majlis and other institutions of the State must uphold the Constitution.

    No single party must act against the Constitution however much frustrated one might be. The 'pressure' as part of the job.

  2. Nice work by DQP. Is there a full translation of this? It'd be nice if the President's Office translated the whole thing and put it up so that the whole world can see this.

    That will expose the DQP for who they really are to the rest of the world. After all, Hassan Saeed and Jameel often claim to be talking to the "international community" over the Maldives. We should let the "international community" hear what these guys really think.

    I don't find this surprising, coming from DQP. Saeed is full of contradictions. He is the man who authored a book entitled "Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam". However, the same guy is writing pamphlets accusing the government of trying to introduce "other" faiths!

    I'd love to see what pamphlets they've got ready to show the "international community". I bet that says that Nasheed and MDP are dangerous Islamic fundamentalists hell bent on bringing a Taliban style state to the Maldives!

  3. Zuhair is right in THIS case. The DQP are an irrelevant bunch of imbeciles who could not even muster one MP in the Majlis. Please do not talk about Riyaz Rasheed as a DQP member. He is given to DQP by Gasim just to have a member there.

    I know Jameel when he was a Minister and I have never seen one so unfit to be one. This man Saeed is a walking contradiction and does not know what he is talking about.

    Gayoom would be a bunny compared to this Saeed if he becomes President. I do not know why the Government is giving them so prominence at all.
    They are not important and should file a police investigation under the sedition charge and let them handle it instead of giving them more publicity.

  4. “With rights come responsibilities. Freedom of speech does not entitle you to maliciously shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre,” he said. “Similarly, you cannot spread malevolent lies about the government, whip up hatred against people and undermine the religious harmony of the country and claim it is your right to do so under freedom of expression.”

    I agree with this statement, but just not with the one making the statement. We cant have one side accuse another and not take the same level of accountability onto themselves. We have heard hate speech from the Government as well with many false accusations towards the Defend Islam protestors.

    There is a smell of double standard in Maldivian politics at the moment and each time Zuhair speaks, he seems to add a little more spice to it.

    Government should be fair and just and start with cracking down on its supporters who attack any opposition figures. The opposition is so far successfully practicing non-violence and any military or police crackdown should be on people encouraging violence or taking part in violence, be it from the opposition or the MDP.

  5. “With rights come responsibilities. Freedom of speech does not entitle you to maliciously shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre,” he said. “Similarly, you cannot spread malevolent lies about the government, whip up hatred against people and undermine the religious harmony of the country and claim it is your right to do so under freedom of expression.”

    The above says it all. Thank you Mr Zuhair.

  6. Zuhair is a nutter, if he says something is a lie, its most probable that it is in actuality more
    Iikely to be the truth

  7. DQP's intention is clear. They want topple MDP's government because they cannot see Anni succeed. These so called "doctors" are power hungry wolves working in their own interest.

  8. There is nothing wrong with "extremist hate filled rhetoric" if it is aimed at the right sort of people; the Jews and the apostates, for instance.

    I myself have advocated garroting various elements within our society, and yet a firm patriot I remain, fully commited to the betterment of our society and its women, whose immorality and immodesty are currently a great source of shame and disgrace to us all.

  9. Nazim is that you posturing as this Dhivehi Hanguraama person? Ah I see now.

    You were always a comedian and a good writer.

    So sorry I thought you were Yaamyn. That sub-par oaf could never match your timing and undying hatred for Islam.

  10. When Zuhair wants he opens his uneducated wide mouth to tarnish others' views? What a joke man! Did you even read it? Talk sense man. We do have something called a brain to dissect all the information and events surrounding us. We see a dictator worse than Edi Ameen or Mugabe in the forming. You guys suppressing our voice will not make it any better.

  11. zuhair is someone who is totally someone eles after sun goes down!! He gets "nice"!! AND now he goes to media and talks about constitution??GOD!!

  12. DH is obviously not Nazim tsk tsk. Neither the Sattar nor Atheist versions have DH's comic instinct, I suspect it comes from the same source as those sex stories that were big around 2004-06.

  13. @ Dhivehi Hanguraama

    You are absolutely right. In fact, other countries should actively campaign to stop Tourism into the Maldives, so that outsiders dont pollute the beautiful harmony of this country.

    Your views and beliefs should be widely adverstised to the global world as the views of a Maldivian patriot!

    Then accordingly, tourism will stop. Automatically the issue of alcohol, pork and saving Islam are all solved!

    You can go back to sitting and fishing, and spend as much time as u like uplifting the women in your society.

    Maldives is moving exactly to your vision and its is going to be exactly what you deserve.

    Congratulations. Btw you should probably stop using phones, internet, and banking. Jews were probably behind all these.

  14. Why are you going after Zuhair in this? Have you seen the Pamphlet? I have. It is utter drivel and absolute nonsense. This would cause a lot of economic hardship to Maldives.

    It is one thing to try and hold the Government to account but SEDITION is a different thing altogether.
    This is what DQM is doing. These people should be made to walk the plank.

    If anyone thinks that EVEN if Nasheed wants that Maldives would become Christian or Jewish (at least make up your mind Jameel) or Hindu or Buddhist, that with 99.9% of Maldivians believing in Islam, that he would succeed is a mad man and should be put in any asylum NOW.

  15. manik ... what you mean is 99.9% of Maldivians are forced by law to state that they believe in Islam or not. I suspect that many many Maldivians do not conform to Islam

  16. @ Willman (UK)
    Your suspicion is right; many Maldivians do not conform to Islam. What then? Do we need to change our constitution right-away to suit those who do not conform? Is that what is usually done in your country?

  17. I am no base comedian but an intellectual in the service of Allah (swt).

    Either prove your vile allegations or else desist from your attempts to besmirch my reputation.

  18. @willman (UK) on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 7:19 PM

    manik … what you mean is 99.9% of Maldivians are forced by law to state that they believe in Islam or not. I suspect that many many Maldivians do not conform to Islam"

    Then they should be garroted on the spot.

    We are not a 99.9% Muslim country, we are a 100% Muslim country, as far as the law is concerned.

    This statistic is not meant to reflect the outcome of a survery, it is a statistic meant to be enforced.

    What are you going to do about it?

  19. @ DH

    "I am no base comedian but an intellectual in the service of Allah (swt)."

    Then show some sincerity in what you say.
    Your comments have never made me believe that you mean a word of what you say.

  20. @ Dhivehi Hangyourself (self proclaimed islamic scholar and 'intellectual in the service of Allah' no less!!)
    a Were you born stupid?
    b Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby?
    c Were you starved of oxygen at birth?
    d Have you ever travelled abroad (I mean outside your primitive atoll)?
    If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, you should be garrotted on the spot!!


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