Gassan summoned to Criminal Court

The Criminal Court has summoned Gassan Maumoon, son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, after his lawyers Aishath Azima Shukoor and Mohamed Waheed filed a case against the police claiming that his arrest Monday morning was unlawful.

Gassan was arrested and taken to Dhoonidhoo police custodial this morning after he allegedly dropped a large piece of wood on Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protesters gathered near his house on Thursday.

Today in court Gassan’s lawyers claimed that the arrest was unlawful and violated the Supreme Court’s procedure on arresting persons.

However, the police have submitted witness statements and evidence to court, and requested an extension of detention for further investigation.

Last Thursday 17 year-old Hussein Hassan was critically injured by a piece of wood while he was inside a group of MDP members protesting against manipulation of the judiciary by members of the former government. A spokesperson for Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) later said his condition had stabilised.

MDP supporters alleged that Gassan had dropped the piece of wood that hit Hassan, while supporters of the former Presdient’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) claimed it was thrown by MDP supporters.

PPM supporters gathered near the Criminal Court today calling for the immediate release of Gassan.

Protesters also attempted to break through police lines and enter the court area. However, leading PPM figures controlled the protesters and asked them to be quiet until the hearing had concluded.

Police today blocked the roads to the Criminal Court and have maintained control of the whole area.

The hearing started at 4:00pm this afternoon and was still continuing four hours later.


12 thoughts on “Gassan summoned to Criminal Court”

  1. This is life. Maldives is seeing hell on earth. It is just like Adhaalath predicted.

    Bibi Maldives. You will never be rid of stupid politicians who manipulate even more idiotic public.

  2. Previously, Ghassan was reported to have exercised his right of silence to questions by the police. On the contrary, he must have answered the questions with facts of his innocence and proof that he was not involved. The right of silence is appropriate only where the investigator's questions require giving details of one's private life that has nothing to do with proving or disproving the case under examination.

  3. Well according to the Maldivian constitution the right to silence could be exercised by anyone in any case, except to cases relating to child sexual molestations. Also why did the police block off roads to the court today whereas they did such no thing when MDP peeps were protesting outside the courts last week?

  4. Why is Gayoom and his sons above the law. Where is MDP when their activists are in jail.

  5. What a funny crocodile police, courts and judiciary are these in the banana republic? Right to silence and police cordon and protest……? Do we really know what all this about. You need only a papa to control family dispute. A small community equal to King Fahd’s family who share same blood, religion, culture and even the mindset are all same, and who probably are brothers and sisters whose fathers are same without each other knowing, if you like to act same as what you see on television screens makes you more stupid than what you are in reality.

  6. Romours are around the some judges went to Bangkok sometime ago and DRP took videos of their sexual encounters with Thai prostitutes and they are currently hijacked by PPM

  7. This is a letter sent by the govnt asking assistance in this matter.

  8. to play with the stability of this miniscule country could lead to dangerous consequences.

    No one wins by such games

    Also it is not very responsible of Minivan to publish the comment from @mariyam waheeda above. it is a loaded accusation

  9. @ Marayam Waheeda on Mon, 24th Oct 2011 10:52 PM

    You are not talking of any rumours.
    You are talking of untrue stories freshly cooked up by MDP supporters to character assasinate the judges.

  10. The Gayooms have started looking like Azima Shakoor, Gassan could pass off as her sister...


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