GIP-DRP-Adhaalath coalition to hold rally, music show

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s coalition for the September 7 presidential elections has announced  it will be holding multiple events targeting youth this Saturday night, to launch the first of its pledges and policies.

According to a press conference held today, part of the coalition’s youth policy will be revealed during tonight’s event.

Waheed’s Gaumee Ihthihaadh (GIP) has formed a coalition with Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and the religiously conservative Adhaalath Party (AP) to contest the elections, campaigning under the slogan “Forward with the nation”.

Speaking at a press conference held on Saturday, DRP Youth Branch President Mohamed Jaushan Shareef stated that the coalition’s policy launch will begin with a meeting in the STELCO building on Saturday night.

He stated that President Waheed and his running mate, DRP Leader Thasmeen Ali, will head a rally down Ameenee Magu after the conclusion of the meeting.

“This rally is not exclusively for youth. We invite everyone, the young and the old, to join this rally. We are coming out with youth in order to go forward with the nation. We believe that this can be achieved by the support of the general public, in addition to the youth,” Shareef said.

GIP member, State Minister of Tourism Ahmed Shameem, added that other activities planned for tonight by the coalition include a music show at the Alimas Carnival, and a barbeque organised by youth members of the coalition.

According to Shameem, various musicians, including local ‘boduberu’ groups will perform at tonight’s coalition event.

He further stated that Waheed and Thasmeen will be participating in all of tonight’s campaign events.

Meanwhile, religious conservative Adhaalath Party representative Hussain Wafeer said the party’s involvement is only with the policy launch, distancing itself from the other events.

The Adhaalath Party has previously spoken against mixed-gender gatherings, music and dancing.

“The youth policy launch will be carried out at STELCO. All these other events, like music show and barbecue, are another matter completely,” Wafeer said.

When asked about the party’s official stand on the music show events being carried out under the name of a coalition they are a part of, Wafeer said that he will confirm with party leaders as to their stand on the matter.

Minivan News was later unable to contact him.

Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla, Deputy President Dr Mauroof Hussain and Islamic Minister Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed were not responding to calls at the time of press.

In April 2012, the Adhaalath Party called on the Education Ministry to cancel the inter-school singing competition, claiming that music and singing is ‘haram’ [prohibited in Islam].

In September 2012, the Islamic Minister, the party’s senior member Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed, sent a circular to all government institutions banning the holding of any mixed gender dance events.

Shaheem said at the time that the directive was targeted for both the government and individual citizens.

The Ministry said then that the acceptable form of music, which falls within the boundaries of Islamic customs and disciplinary norms is limited to the folk dance ‘Thaara’.

‘Thaara’, dhivehi for ‘tambourine’ is a folk dance where performers sit in parallel rows, singing and dancing. This is performed specifically by men. The traditional songs sung during ‘Thaara’ are mostly in Arabic and the activity itself is said to have entered Maldivian culture through Arab influence.

GIP Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza was not responding to calls at the time of press.


31 thoughts on “GIP-DRP-Adhaalath coalition to hold rally, music show”

  1. Maldivian Culture?
    Why not just make a general ban on Maldivian culture as un-Arabic?
    Can't you see the date palms, deserts and black tents all around you..

  2. They're two different events? But both are held by the coalition government. Lol. If the Islamist terrorist Party of Dhivehistan does not want to be associated with music and gender-mixing, it is best they separate from the coalition and suicide-bomb these gatherings like any other normal Islamist group. Or hold their own gender-segregated event urging youth to go on holy wars, bodybag women, stone adulterers, marry children and kill infidels. Brainwashing them with promises of 72 whorees will make them go into a crazy frenzy and start lynching the crowds at music concerts, In Sha Allah.

  3. long walk from the maldives to Waheed's native America. it's gonna be a long flight from the oval office to his native country. Waheed must become a senator or congressman and run in republician presidential ticket 2016 till then the man should call hassanfulthu and thasmeenfulhu to be his advisers when he becomes the congressmen in 2014 and a senator in 2016. bottom line amercian USA citizen passport holder is our president which is not legal in the constitution of our nation. waheed deserves a red card to be sent off from the maldives . Waheed come Waheed go .

  4. I've translated this article into Dhivehi for the benefit of a greater Maldivian audience:

    It's a summarized version with the emphasis on the points that expose Adhaalath's hypocrisy.

  5. the event was all about the youth policy of the president but this blogs editorial policy had it all focused on religious stuff... way to go.

  6. hey tom. You made one minor miscalculation. Firearms are legal in America. Pass a background check and kawhoosh! Vengeance is in your hand!

  7. So disco music and dancing is ok by Adaalth, so long as it brings more supporters.

    Its of course not good in other parties events..

  8. Oh Adhaalath...your hypocrisy is nauseating.
    What is haraam one minute becomes halaal the next minute to suit their own agenda.
    And yes, Minivan needs to separately write about Adhaalath and its hypocrisy, let Dr. Waheedh have his moment of glory as well, after all, the poor guy is going to become unheard of after the next elections.

  9. @Hilath Rasheed on Sun, 30th Jun 2013 12:07 AM

    "It’s a summarized version with the emphasis on the points that expose Adhaalath’s hypocrisy."

    You ought to realise that this is not peculiar to Adhaalath. In fact it is universal amongst Muslims! Have a look at

    Out of the 4 Caliphs that followed Prophet Mohammed, 3 were murdered! Need we say more?

  10. This is the Hypocrisy that is prevalent is all Muslim countries.

    1. They all know, deep in their hearts, that Muslim God does not exist.and the only way they can enjoy a heaven-like experience is to swindle and con money and power out of the gullible people.

    2. Fornicators, swindlers, hypocrisy, con artists, homosexuals, musicians, etc, are rampant. Normalised equal as with any other country.

    3. Ignorant arrogance will be the down fall of Mordisians.

    4. People need freedom not shackles. Yet, mordisians want desperately to be jailed like in Saudi. Freedom, with ground rules. Not heaven rules. Ground rules via a solid constitution.

  11. @hehe

    Why should Minivan News try to hide what Adhaalath is trying to hide? Don't you know other conservative media in Maldives will be too "scared" to focus on Adhaalath's hypocrisy?

  12. Minivan Mullaas give importance to things like this when informing the public and find it duty of them to hide anything else they say.

  13. @hehe: What is Waheed's Youth Policy, if you could at least provide the main points, I would deeply appreciate it.

  14. When you are part of it you can't distance from any of the consequences. Young girls and boys mingle with an environment of music and barbecue. Where is the Satan now? They always have double standards. When they do it it's not haraam.

  15. I congratulate Adhaalath Party for this. During prophets mohamed's time religion, politics and government were synonymous. Policies were laid down by the divine, holy wars were fought in the name of god. Adhaalath has been feebly trying to replicate this in Maldives after 1,300 years of societal evolution. Obviously its not possible for them to stick to the old ways after so long. They will have to accept music shows, death metal bands and their long haired guitar players who are an integral part of our youth! so congrats guys on being able to accept todays reality! enjoy the show!

  16. Andrew, why the hell you are so concerned about maldivian.

    Let us decides what we want and you don't need to tell us what we should do ?

    If you that then you are not democracy and it becomes a dictatorial policy.

    Get loss and do you own thing in your home country.

  17. Saihu Shamee told me that Music is not allowed in Islam and told one word to and said Kull and it is the reason why I thought kull is the hole meaning of Holly Qur'an.

  18. Who are you to talk about democracy and dictatorial police after you hijacked our nation, kuribee? HAJAM your gang's hypocrisy.

  19. @Kuribee

    here comes the xenophobia!! Gosh you are a piece of work!!

  20. there is no peace or harmony by overthrowing elected governments. Allah knows this very well and that's the reason why it had been banned 1400 years ago. as we experience the ill effects of the coup, our belief in islam increases knowing the truth. who would have estimated these consequences besides Allah. on 7th February last year, nasheed did not have any choice but to resign under duress. when the very people who were suppose to give him security revolted against him, who would give protection to him. if he had not resigned he would have been killed, and then there would have been blood shed between mdp members and regime loyalists. those who were present at the scene and watching live pictures on that day knows about this. were the maldivians blind that day!! let's have a legitimate government.

  21. Hey! Why bother about a sour bee!

    "Animal Farm" happening in this 'MUSLIM NATION' under the very eyes of religious scholars who advocate how music can lead to hell!

    At the end, we may not be able to tell which is which!

    Allah forbid! I would dare not go visit any of the gatherings held by this "greater coalition" (where it is not possible to tell - bottoms or the bellys)!

    Awaiting to hear about the floor entertainment (Thai style), with cocktails and other assortments free flowing!
    Cheers! Adhaalath!
    A good way to rid of the Satan!

  22. Beats me as to why so many comments are in the line of " what, now adhaalath labels music halaal". what does it matter, whateever adhaalath says? Adhaalath Party has no influence on me whatever. I will listen to music. Let your brains function, people!

  23. No one had overthrown the government .

    Fili Nasheed himself had resigned on his own accord , after robing this country and knowing that he had no means to manage the country budget and there was nothing else to sell to get the money needed.

    Fili Nasheed resigned knowing his popularity was diminishing due to his dictatorial attitude and best for him was to resign then blame someone else for his resignation,

    Fili Nasheed will never tell a truth and his actions will always be opposite of what he promises.

    Yes Hussain. I do not own and never be able to think even to own Maldives like Nasheed does ?

    This country will belong and will continue to belong to Maldivians and no one can take that from us.

    Traitors like Fili Nasheed and his associates can dream of selling Maldives for peanuts, but will never be able to succeed.

  24. Rock and roll! That must have been a hell of a party. What a pity I missed that. They really do understand the youth of today!!....not

  25. Coalition consist of GIP, DRP n DQP and its not a nude party its a music show and Adaalath has displayed true democracy by respecting majority's thinking.
    Nasheed is the biggest hypocrite in the Maldives and MDP followers are too why didnt u call to arrest webcam boys Shifaz n Porn star Adil but u want to arrest the judge on nude video clip

  26. kuribee, sorry, but your friend Umar Naseer confessed to everything. 😀

    See, this is why no one wants you guys. You couldn't manage anything.

  27. Once a great religious scholar warned - Ahmed you wait and see... i will legalize and spread singing throughout the Maldives.

  28. Religion and politics doesn't work. Take a look at Egypt and see the people rebelling against the Muslim Brotherhood because they can't deliver a serious government to resolve the crisis the country has fallen into since they took to power.

    All they do is look to see what the Mullahs decree before they can decide what is allowed according to Allah.


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