GIP-DRP coalition not a third way; “two men with no other way”: Nasheed

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s Gaumee Ihthihad Party (GIP) were forced to form a coalition to contest the upcoming presidential election out of necessity, former President Mohamed Nasheed has said, contending that the parties lacked grassroots support and comprehensive policies to represent “a third way” for voters.

Appearing on state broadcaster Television Maldives (TVM) Thursday night, Nasheed reiterated that power-sharing coalitions were not compatible with a presidential system of government.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate stated that the public wanted political parties to present policies that could deliver job opportunities, public transport, better healthcare and education, a higher standard of living and “a way to overcome anxiety over paying water, electricity and phone bills.”

“I do not see a citizen who wants ‘another way.’ What is the path to deliver this way [to development]? We do not hear [political parties] talking about that,” Nasheed said.

“We are presenting one path to that [development]. We believe MDP’s policies will bring prosperity to the people. I do not see this third way you referred to as ‘a way.’ I see it as two men with no other way. That is not a political philosophy,” he said.

Coalition agreements were made by politicians who wanted “power” in terms of cabinet posts and influence in the government, said Nasheed, observing that the parties in the current ruling coalition have yet to offer any policies.

Third way

Announcing its decision to back Dr Waheed’s presidential bid last week, DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali said that the party believed voters should have a third alternative to what he contended were the “hardline and extreme” ideologies of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the MDP.

“If the parties supporting President Waheed, DRP and other parties contest the 2013 presidential election separately, we believe that the vote will be split, the Maldivian people will not have a real opportunity, and there will be a chance for the past to be revived,” Thasmeen said at a press event on Sunday (May 12), referring to the three-year rule of MDP and the preceding 30-year reign of PPM figurehead, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The DRP believed that “moderate” parties should join an alliance united behind President Waheed as a third option to MDP and PPM, said the MP for Kendhoo in Baa Atoll.

Earlier this year, the government-aligned Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and religious conservative Adhaalath Party both announced their intention to join a coalition with President Waheed’s GIP.

DRP Spokesperson Ibrahim Shareef told Minivan News last week that in the absence of a strong coalition, the PPM could face MDP in a second round run-off and “those of us in the middle ground would be forced to support the MDP.”

The PPM was a party that belonged to “one family, or a supreme leader,” Shareef said.

Meanwhile, responding to Nasheed characterising the coalition parties as “empty shells,” DRP Leader Thasmeen and President’s Office Media Secretary Masood Imad told local media today that the criticism showed the former president’s “concern” with the challenge posed by the coalition.

Masood claimed that the combined strength of numbers in Dr Waheed’s coalition would outstrip both the PPM and MDP before the election scheduled for September 7.

Dr Waheed’s GIP currently has 3,930 registered members while the DRP has 21,411 members, according to the Elections Commission (EC).

The MDP has 45,666 members followed by the PPM with 22,383 members. The two largest parties are also respectively majority and minority party in parliament.

Dr Waheed’s GIP does not have a single MP of the 77 in parliament or a single councillor out of more than 1,000 elected representatives on local councils.

2008 ‘Watan Edhey’ coalition

In his TVM appearance, Nasheed shed light on the rapid disintegration of the MDP-led coalition that took office in November 2008, agreeing that the power-sharing experience was “bitter.”

In the second round run-off in October 2008, MDP candidate Nasheed was backed by third placed candidate Dr Hassan Saeed and fourth placed candidate Gasim Ibrahim from the Jumhooree Party (JP), which was allied with the Adhaalath Party (AP) at the time.

Gasim however resigned as home minister 21 days into the MDP government while Dr Saeed resigned as special advisor after the first 100 days. The Adhaalath Party remained in government in control of the Islamic Ministry, but decided to sever its coalition agreement in late 2011 following a change of leadership.

Asked why the coalition fell apart, Nasheed first noted that Dr Saeed backed the MDP “unconditionally” and without a formal agreement.

“But after winning the election, [Saeed] secured posts for Dr [Ahmed] Shaheed and Dr [Mohamed] Jameel and secured positions in some government-owned companies for their people,” Nasheed alleged.

Gasim’s Jumhooree Party also secured cabinet posts, he added, stressing that all other parties agreed to endorse the MDP manifesto and implement its policies.

“The policies include, for example, public-private partnerships (PPP), opening up fishing,” he said. “Opening up fishing was a big problem for some people. And developing the airport and our other public-private partnerships were unacceptable to some people. And striking at resorts became completely unacceptable to some people. They felt if there was a strike at a resort, riot police should be sent immediately to put a stop to it.”

On November 30, 2008, police clashed with about 200 striking employees at the ‘One and Only’ Reethi Rah resort. Police were sent to the island by Home Minister Gasim at the request of the resort management.

Nasheed said that the “regrettable incident” occurred while he was in Fuvahmulah.

TVM visit

Nasheed’s appearance on the Raajje Miadhu programme marked the first time the former president has featured on the state broadcaster since the controversial transfer of power on February 7, 2012.

On February 7, the main compound of the now-defunct Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) was taken over by mutinying police and soldiers almost two hours before Nasheed’s resignation.

After briefly broadcasting live feed of Gasim’s Villa TV, the MNBC brand name was changed to TVM, its title under former President Gayoom.

Nasheed’s visit to the state broadcaster on Thursday night meanwhile prompted a flurry of tweets and Facebook posts by TVM staffers.


14 thoughts on “GIP-DRP coalition not a third way; “two men with no other way”: Nasheed”

  1. "The PPM was a party that belonged to “one family, or a supreme leader,”

    It IS a party of one man, one family and one cause, i.e. the status of the family. Everything else is mere detail.

    Now, why would Shareef say that, in the absence of a strong coalition they'd be forced to side with MDP if a run-off with PPM was to materialize? This is an interesting observation for me as a voter.

    To me, this means that the whole purpose of the grand coalition is to throw fear and uncertainty in the minds of the voters regarding MDP or PPM. The coalition has no other purpose and Shareef just admitted to that. It has no manifesto, it has no distinctive policies of its own and has failed to show what they stand for apart from that euphemism 'Gaumiyyath', or national interest. These are the two most ridiculous words bandied about by the grand coalition.

    Of course, that euphemism is used to cover up the lack of a manifesto, policies or direction. We have to thank Shareef for confirming what we knew already.

  2. Mr Nasheed, I implore you. The biggest threat to the nation is not Maumoon, or Yaameen.

    It is Sheikh Ilyas and his camel-back-lickers.

    It is a given, Maumoon, Yaameen will do everything on the backs of Camels to get their Kingdom back on the office.

    Since you are the only one, who has country's best interests, you should focus on decapitating the Cobra, the arab-funded Sheikhs and their vile grip on the country.

    Maumoon, and Yaameen is the first step. The goal must the to get rid of the cacerous tumor within. The Camel-back-lickers.

  3. MDP is also hijacked by Nasheed and it is a cult and the leader cult leader is Nasheed.

    MDP coalition was not able to sustain due to lack of self integrity and totalitarian and dictatorship attitude by Nasheed.

    Nasheed is the biggest lier in this country. Dr. Hassan backed Nasheed because Nasheed said that he will have a mid term election and certain cabinet folio will be given. There is a written record signed with finger print to prove this. Nasheed will never tell a truth and he is demon.

    Nasheed is the second round , openly told public that people of Maldives had made very clear to him that they do not want to vote Nasheed alone and he had no choice but to bring others on board to remove Gayyoom. Even today is there we have records of what the bull shit this idiot was talking about.

    He also told that it was also proved with the vote that MDP manifesto was not accepted by the people and he will have to incorporate all other coalition leaders manifestos and then will run the government accordingly.

    These are also recorded and are available to watch even now. But this idiot is now saying that all the people had agreed to follow MDP Manifesto? This guy will never tell any truth and he never believes , there is life after death and he can not fool his creator on the judgment day.

  4. Isn't it sad that people like kuribee have to keep singing the same songs to deaf ears? just shut up man....nobody is listening to your crap.

  5. Religious idiots like kuribee who live in the past and behave like criminal PPM members can not handle democracy and the real world today.

  6. no body listen but you are making comments on my feedback. you damn yellow virus infested people

  7. If GIP-DRP and Adhaalath government wins: Cabinet portfolio will be dominated by DRP as they bring more experienced technocrats than Adhaalath and GIP combined. Adhaalath will most likely secure their current seats - housing, islamic affairs. Waheeds position will be the weakest in this government although he is president. He may get a few cabinet seats but nothing to counter balance both DRP and/pr Adhaalath. DRP will also bring with them their manifesto, which Waheed will endorse. Adhaalath will attempt to exert their extreme islamic agenda, for e.g. in areas such as education sector. this may cause rift within the coalition in time to come and give opposition a field day to criticize govt. PPM and JP in order to salvage the loss of the election, will attempt to align with GIP-DRP government hoping to secure some power play in return for parliament/judiciary influence. But Thasmeen and his technocrats may repel such a move as their new found authority will be undermined with PPM and JP. GIP, DRP and Adhaalath will realize the coalition is already too complex to introduce new parties into it. It is likely JP and PPM will be forced to join the opposition movement next 5 years if GIP-DRP wins. MDP will continue to grind Baghee rhetoric and campaign against this government. It will be hard for GIP-DRP to continue to govern effectively with JP, MDP and PPM in opposition as they combined will have majority control over judiciary, parliament and many independent bodies related to all 3 powers. So what do we have, yet another deadlock situation where the public, as audience, will substitute political bickering for entertainment, and the whole country drives itself downhill another 5 years. It is a deadlock if you analyze any win - GIP-DRP, PPM or MDP. Country is still going downhill. The only way forward is to accept one party and its leader as the supreme leader over everyone else, give him the biggest piece and all others take a smaller share of the cake. Those who do not agree to do this be eliminated like Maumoon eliminated his opposition.

  8. I am looking forward to the day the Maldivies becomes a full Islamic republic, then all internet access will be withdrawn just like it was in Afghanistan then i won't ever have to read the drivel Kuribee writes on this forum.

    By the way just to make you feel even better, thought i would just add that you should all thank Israel for developing the processors that sit inside your laptops and smart phones. Way to go people insult the country that allows you to connect to the outside world.

  9. With MDP gaining support by the day, Insha Allah; thered is almost no option left for any other party even all parties join together!

    Photo of President Nasheed, taken with the TVM staff is a phenomenal telling story!

    I have seen many photos of President Nasheed taken on various trips! And they all tell the same story!

    It is genuine happiness that I see in every photo!

    I am sure they are only awaiting the day they can vote to reclaim what they lost!

  10. @DMF on Sun, 19th May 2013 7:18 PM

    "By the way just to make you feel even better, thought i would just add that you should all thank Israel for developing the processors that sit inside your laptops and smart phones."

    Oh yeah? Where did you get that from? Care to show your evidence? Intel and other hi-tech firms do have research centres in Israel, but that doesn't mean that Israel develops the "processors that sit inside" our laptops and other gadgets.

    R&D is a cross-border activity which takes place in various research labs around the world. Stop this sort of ridiculous non-sense. If you want to start a flame war, come up with something more believable.

  11. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb on Sun, 19th May 2013 8:36 PM


  12. Hassan Hameed,

    An outright win to any party which is not a coalition will be good for the country. An outright win to any party in the second round, would still be good (but less) for the country.

    The repeated counter argument taken by DRP/PPM/etc during Nasheed's term was that he did not have a complete mandate from the people.

    So no politician better stand in the way of a clear mandate from the people.


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