“Government cannot be hijacked by taking over army headquarters”: MDP protest enters day five

The government of the Maldives can no longer be “hijacked” by taking over the army headquarters and arresting or assassinating the incumbent ruler as in centuries past, deposed President Mohamed Nasheed said on Sunday night.

Addressing supporters on the third night of the ongoing Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ‘Journey to Justice’ protest, Nasheed explained that “the days when this country was ruled by the might of the forearm has been relegated to the past.”

“What we are seeing today is that the Maldivian people will not idly sit by and watch the flame of freedom flicker out,” he said.

He added that taking control of the army headquarters to assume executive power was “an outdated and antiquated way of thinking” in the 21st century.

“The secret or essence behind this is that the government of this country is not the property of the ruler,” he continued. “The government of this country belongs to its people. It can only be stolen from the people after arresting all of them or when there are no longer any people left in this country.”

A Maldivian government could no longer rule over the populace without their consent and respect, he added.

“The days when the Maldivian people could be beaten into submission with electric batons, pepper spray or sticks are long past,” he asserted, adding that “most Maldivians value freedom and despise brutality.”

Nasheed expressed concern with the continued arrest and detention of elected councillors and MDP supporters across the country.

In contrast to fiery speeches by MDP MPs threatening to march the crowd to “reclaim what was stolen,” Nasheed insisted that violent confrontations or the use of force would not be necessary.

He went on to congratulate the protesters for “showing an example to the world” of a peaceful demonstration.

“Shedding a single drop of blood from any Maldivian” would be unacceptable, he added, advising protesters to act “with wisdom and patience.”

Nasheed also urged speakers who take the stage to not abuse the right to free expression by using indecent or “obscene language” or resorting to personal attacks.

Day four

On the following night, former TV presenter Miqdad Adam hosted a panel discussion with former ministers Hassan Latheef and Hassan Afeef along with lawyer Ahmed Abdulla Afeef focusing on the legal issues surrounding the transfer of power.

Hassan Afeef,  former home minister, explained that the coup started with “rebelling or mutinying officers” refusing to obey orders from the former Commissioner of Police and his deputies on the night of February 6.

Shortly before beginning their protest at the Republic Square in the early hours of February 7, a rogue group of riot police attacked the MDP Haruge (headquarters), assaulted former State Minister for Home Affairs, Mohamed ‘Monaza’ Naeem and ransacked the place.

According to eyewitnesses, a police officer hit an elderly man on the head with a chair. Haruge was attacked for a second time after a group of soldiers and police assisted by gang members took over the state broadcaster.

Afeef added that a number of army officers also refused to obey orders from either the Commander-in-Chief or Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier General Moosa Ali Jaleel.

If police officers believed they were given an unlawful order, Afeef continued, they should complain through the proper channels.

Afeef noted that current Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim and State Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed Fayaz ‘FA’ had “no legal status” to enter army barracks, negotiate on behalf of the mutinying police or relay demands to President Nasheed.

Local media reported on the morning of February 7, between 10am and 11am, ex-Colonel Nazim addressing the crowd and informing them that President Nasheed had been told to “immediately and unconditionally resign” before 1.30pm.

Afeef claimed that Nazim told President Nasheed that “his life could be in danger” if he refused to comply with demands from mutinying police and army officers.

Former Youth Minister Hassan Latheef referred to opposition politicians meeting then-Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed at 1:00am at his official residence following a night of roving protests.  He added that Dr Waheed evaded questions from cabinet members the next day.

Lawyer Ahmed Abdulla Afeef meanwhile criticised Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz for administering the oath of office on February 7 without looking into whether President Nasheed resigned under duress or not.

Ahmed also noted that the resignation letter was snatched by “the three men with no legal status” who entered the President’s Office with a number of army officers and took the letter to parliament.

Calling for an independent inquiry, Ahmed argued that compromising President Nasheed’s volition or discretion at any point of the process would render the resignation unlawful.

The former ministers also contended that opposition parties resorted to a violent takeover because they were convinced MDP would have won the 2013 presidential election based on delivery of campaign pledges, such as free universal healthcare, housing programmes and a nationwide transport network.


32 thoughts on ““Government cannot be hijacked by taking over army headquarters”: MDP protest enters day five”

  1. Here are some facts that exhibit that president Nasheed was ousted in a coup d’état by police and military in mutiny against the lines of command, and not that he resigned in his free will.

    Ex-Colonel Nazim addressed the crowd at the Republic Square saying that President Nasheed had been told to “immediately and unconditionally resign” before 1.30pm: conditions of resignation.

    A number of army officers refused to obey orders from either the Commander-in-Chief or Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier General Moosa Ali Jaleel: the army mutinied against orders.

    Nazim is said to have told president Nasheed that “his life could be in danger” if he refused to comply with demands from mutinying police and army officers: the threat under which Nasheed resigned.

    The Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz swore in the rebel government on February 7 without looking into whether president Nasheed resigned under duress or not: evidence of conspiracy to overthrow the government.

    Now, the investigation authority, the police is a party to the conspiracy to overthrow the government, so the coup cannot be investigated under a local mechanism. The Supreme Court took no notice of the fact that the popularly elected government was overthrown in a coup and swore in the coup-appointed leader as president, so justice cannot be sought.

    The answer is an early election which the MDP is seeking but the rebel government is unwilling finding unfounded but not impossible excuses.

  2. There are no courts or independent body to investigate the event which forced out elected president of Maldives, Mr Mohamed Nasheed. Even if coup leaders says they will support and cooperate the investigation, but from where on earth it can be done?
    Look at pending cases filed in our courts in Maldives! It’s really not functioning and most of the judiciary bodies are unprofessional. This is the reality if anyone argues on this fact is a one who is corrupted, but still want live like an innocent human being.
    So imagine how they can make fair judgment on this specific coup event. If they start on this case they will not be able close the case in next 20 years. So it is useless and waste of time to investigate it by Maldivian body.
    Even I have filed a case at the court. It’s been now two years already but still they are not able to close it due to unprofessionalism of the judges. It is a very obvious case, I have given them all the supporting documents and facts in regards my case. The guy I filed the case with(Receiver) told me that there is nothing courts can do, so it is pointless even if I go to court.So it explained me everything, standards of our juditiory system!!
    I also have my hopes that before I pass away I get my rights. If not I have to follow rule of jungles.
    I’m still waiting as I believe there is a day we all face the fair judgment. No one can scape on that day.
    The reality is that our judiciary system is a failed system from top to bottom.

  3. Maldivian Parliament must pass a bill to deter this kind of jungle behavior in our beloved country.

    As Aisha mentioned in an earlier article, we are not pointing our fingers not at all the ladies and gentlemen of our beloved Army and Police who wear the their uniforms and the national emblem with pride. We are proud of these Ladies and Gentlemen we salute them.

    We are pointing our fingers at the filthy rats who took part in the coup on 7 February 2012, who disgraced the uniform and national emblem of the forces in our country with the help of certain unsavory businessmen and certain MP's who needs cash and certain MP's who willingly gives away cash.

    As a citizen of this country I am calling the Parliament to pass a bill that will deter such filthy action by certain personnel of the Army and Police and Also Businessmen who think they can purchase Government of Maldives when ever they have few pennies in their bank account.

    I say those Army and Police men and women, who took part in the coup, must be disgracefully and disrespectfully discharged plus these rats must never be allowed to serve in any post in the Government of Maldives or in the civil service of the Maldives.

    And as for those MP’s and Businessmen who paid and bought those Army and Police to carry out this coup, they should be declared bankrupt and all their assets should be confiscated and taken over by the state.

  4. This was no coup people. This is pure politics. A politician's job is to criticize his opponent whatever he does. Anni resigned when he lost support of his armed forces (Because they were tired of taking biased orders) and that's good. A good general knows when to surrender.
    And a good politician knows the value of resilience. So the moment he was done signing off presidency, he started his campaign to get back the same position. See? This is politics.

  5. Is this what Mr Waheed is calling in a public adress "the efforts to bring modern democratic changes" ??
    I think he should find out a dictionnary somewhere and actually look a the definition of "democracy" !!
    What kind of doctorate is he supposed to hold, if he can't even understand such basic words ??

  6. I am astonished.
    First Nasheed resigned.
    Then he said he resigned under duress.
    A new president has been sworn in.
    MDP calls the change in government a coup.
    By the time Nasheed and MDP realised that they have lost the cake, it was too late.
    Now they want the cake back.
    So they have to invent a good story.
    They say that the armed forces were bribed.
    Almost everyone else except MDP believes that the change is legitimate.
    So things are not all that easy for MDP.
    Now instead of asking the cake back, they are calling for fesh elections.
    Why elections?
    Just because the MDP are not satisfied, they want to hold elections.
    I am lost.
    I am still waiting to see the bodu manzaru Nasheed talked about.
    Is this it?

  7. Say afte 2013, the courts rule that it is a coup.

    If then, how would Mr. Nasheed and co be compensated? By money?
    I suggest to allow him to be the president for the lost time.

  8. Please note they are all brothers and sister loyal to the old guard Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. Poor Waheed.

    Azra Ahmed - HRCM appointed by Gayyoom
    Dr. Yasir - Appointed by Waheed to the Commission of National inquiry today.
    Dr. Ali Haidhar - Assistant High Commissioner for UK. Also served in Gayyoom's last few months as a minister.

  9. There is no way out without election. Don’t make me to repeat this again!!! It will happen before 2013!!! Have you GOT MY WORD NOW!!!
    Who is this Idrees! Brother, you have no clue of what’s happening around you!!!! Try to understand your environment and its surroundings!!!You have no clue of politics. Use your given brain power. If you are not stupid you may understand it!!! If not I’m sorry you are one of the stupid citizens of Maldives. Or you are not a believer of the right and wrong!!!
    @Baaru baarah ais,
    If you do not have knowledge just keep quiet till the truth come right in front of you. You may still deny it.Oh you may say “I can’t believe my eyes!” coz you are living in a fancy world!

  10. This is the only country i know of dat the whole goverment is ruled by corrupt mobs. Evidence beyond evidence to the point of never ending lines of corruption against ppl like yaamin n these other goons. Yet they appear victorious. The majority of maldivians r uncivilixed and not properly educated..this fact is known by goonies like yaamin n brainwash the poor people to help him stay rich n get richer. Yaamin olso is the main cause for bloodshed by gangs in maldives..hit gangsters were provided lotta money,,n gerentee of free jail pass thru the corrupt courts of maldives despite how much they'd commit hazardious crimes n murders. Well you people shudnt be confused y murderers r running freely on the roads equal to the innocent.

  11. Waheed has formed a "commission" to investigate the coup, with a few hand picked individuals. Is that what he meant by an "independent" inquiry?

    If so, then he is in more trouble than he thinks!

  12. So I guess there was no one in Nasheeds government who served MR. Gayoom and his government.All Mr. NASheeds top aids and ministers never served in any other government before. AW thats so nice and clean.

  13. Nasheed should have indicated in his resignation speech that he was resigning under duress. He could have worded that in such a way as to not make a direct reference to those who were holding the literal gun at that point in time.

    After all, he was on live television and infront of the media. The guys with the guns dare not have done anything that would harm his life whatever he said.

    I do not understand why he made no reference to that at all.

  14. latest news: walt disney has decided to produce a cartoon based on the fall of Maldives ex-president Nasheed from power.The idea was derived from the Australian Parliament who had a good laugh when it was mentioned in their parliament session.The script is to be based on the story 'The emperor and his new clothes' with some modifications to relate to current Maldivian environment..reports are out that Pinky and the Brain have volunteered to play the lead roles of dictator Gayoom and dictator Nasheed.......lol

  15. @Baaru baarah ais
    You mean you haven't heard that the EU has called for elections asap? And you are not aware that the Indian government is fast back tracking on their intial support given to Waheed, by calling for elections as well? And you are also not aware of the fact that even though the US government recognized the new government here, they have also stated that an independent inquiry into the transfer of power needs to be undertaken? Sorry my friend, but to me this doesn't sound like that the international community is convinced that the transfer of power was NOT a coup.

  16. I have lost faith in Nasheed government after hearing about the economic facts that was announced last evening. This country has inherited so much of debts that we may not survive in a near future. The national debts, excluding the sovereign guarantee have almost tripled from Mrf 9 billion to 23 billion, the number of state owned enterprises (utility companies) that have formed for political purpose have eaten up over Mrf 800 million of funds from the people's money. This is unacceptable at all. The people have bestowed real faith in Nasheed when he was elected in 2008 but this was what Nasheed had given in return to the Maldivians. The repercussion of these mismanagement is burgeoning. We deserve an administration that works to the betterment of this nation than an administration that distort facts and misinformed its citizens.

    Time to wake-up Maldivians. Its time MDP supporters should concede that Nasheed had failed and a real change needs to occur within MDP leadership. More intellectuals should be attracted to its leadership. The real rule of law, social norms, fair equality should be disclosed to the Maldivians than expressing rhetoric

  17. MDP should not let Anni and his cronies hijack the biggest party in the country. Anni has no constitutional right to lead MDP now. All democratically elected leaders of MDP, it's time you guys take the lead in the party and regain your popularity. Anni and his thugs should be removed from the party.

  18. The country is now no longer in debt. Those stats are 100% lies. The MDP cut down the excess fat and debt of government and paid for Gayoom,s yacht and palace. How can any government justify that buying those items Gayoom?

    The last government had $400 million credit raised from taxes and the modern economy.
    CHECK YOUR FACTS ANDY. Watch the money and the old regime steal our money from the GST and the country. We will soon have to go back to begging for medicine and no public transport and pensions when this lot help themselves, again.

  19. 75% Maldivians want election in July 2013, if MDP and EU want let them have it some where in Europe.

  20. Andy and Abdulla, agree with you guys, to an extent. MDP leadership needs to be strengthened and stronger and more sustainable economic policies need to be adopted to ensure that the mismanagement we have been seeing is not repeated. However, a much more detailed impact analysis of the economic policies and the investments and debts need to be made. We cannot come to conclusions just based on figures alone, for example we need more information on the composition of the debt.

    At the same time, we also need to keep in mind that a lot of policies that MDP tried to implement to improve the fiscal situation was challenged by the Opposition. For example, the decision to cut down the number of civil servants and their wages was played very well by the Opposition. However, anyone looking at the size of the civil servants and their inefficiency would agree, that for fiscal management one of the most important steps to be taken is to reduce the size of civil service, make them more efficient and give a good pay for the capable and efficient workers who are left in the civil service. Instead, our civil service is full of inefficient workers who are spoiled and expect higher wages for their decreasing levels of productivity. The civil service should not be a welfare system that is designed to protect the jobs of those who are low skilled or simply inefficient , it should be the most productive workforce of this country.

    We also need to reexamine the wages given to employees of state owned companies and independent institutions. It should be aligned with productivity, not some notion of the importance of such institutions! And in order to hold any government accountable, we first of all need educated and efficient MPs! We have seen that the Parliament is basically useless and the only thing they are capable of doing is fighting with opposite party members. Why should MPs be paid when they are so inefficient? And then we have the Judiciary that is there to protect the interests of only a certain group of people and yet they are also paid quite a hefty amount. All around we need to ensure that wages are linked to productivity!

    We also need to rethink the social welfare policies introduced, such as single parent allowance, disability allowance and old age pension payments. Introducing all these payments without effective means testing had undoubtedly increased the debt of the country. These are all of course political tools, and I wonder if the current government would have the guts to change anything, especially if an election is going to be called for. We are going to see lots of huge figures and revealations, but we also need to keep in mind that without a proper analysis and preferably one that includes an analysis of the last five years' of Gayoom's administration, it's just a case of comparing apples and oranges!

  21. On 7th February 2012, it was a coup that brought down the democratically president of the Maldives. No matter what is said.

    With our Judiciary being as dirty as it is, I cannot think to believe that an unbiased and independent body to investigate this happening can be formed and if an investigation is carried out, and a report compiled, it can remain a valid one!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot see there is any need to waste time and energy on this!
    However, if Dr. Waheed wants to satisfy himself and his partners, it is another matter!

  22. @ It was 100% coup on Tue, 21st Feb 2012 11:59 PM

    "If you do not have knowledge just keep quiet till the truth come right in front of you."

    I am only exercising my right to express my thoughts.
    If you so sure it was a coup, that's fine with me.
    I will wait till the independent investigations are complete.
    no matter what, I will accept the outcome of their investigations.

    @ Mariyam
    The international community is only being diplomatic. They being non-alligned parties, will want to investigate the matter if there are contrasting claims.
    But that does not necessarily mean they will retract what they said.
    They will accept the results of independent investigations. If these results show it was a coup, they will retract their support to Dr Waheed. If the results prove Anni is lying, that will mean they have already seen the last time they trusted Anni.

  23. mariyam on Wed, 22nd Feb 2012 12:50 PM

    You are talking of issues correcting which will impoverish ordinary folks.
    Talk about the mega projects worth millions of dollars given to MDP people just to make them happy. Then you will be making sense. Remember, these projects were projects without which we can very well run our country in a decent way.
    Now it appears to me you are so blinded by their lies that whats so obvious is also going unnoticed by you.

  24. @ Andy on Wed, 22nd Feb 2012 9:38 AM

    Absolutely agree with everything you said.

  25. We want peace in the country not the MDP rallying every night creating mayhem. What we want is peace, stability and prosperity of the country.

    The best option at a time like this is unity not another election.

  26. .. qurbaani ge vaahaka

    Looks like you are so blinded by your hatred for MDP that you don't seem to realize that we cannot sustain as a welfare state! Mega projects and fiscal reforms need to go hand in hand, you cannot develop and sustain an economy if you are chanelling all the funds in the economy to sustain welfare hand outs and high wages, while cutting back on mega projects that may be necessary for infrastructure development. Now, how these projects are handed out is something that needs to be handled in a transparent manner, no matter who is in power. Maybe you don't recall how such projects were handed out during Gayoom's regime and the fact that people like Nazim have been caught red handed in corruption and are today walking free! So lets just not talk about MDP people, lets talk about PPM, and all the political Parties. The problem with this country is that we have to many narrow minded people like you, who think that the civil service jobs are something to be used to cushion a certain segment of the population from hardships. It'll be interesting to see what the general public thinks about the efficiency of the civil service, when you have to call a Ministry a few dozen times before anyone answers the phone or gets through to the appropriate person. Why does the country have to bear the fiscal cost of such inefficiencies? And what is the opportunity cost of such inefficiencies? The whole population is paying taxes now in the form of GST, BPT etc. So we have a right to demand a more efficient and effective civil service who are actually paid for their productivity. Now what we have is a segment of the civil service who does nothing except go out for tea, lunch, chat, browse the internet and do FB updates etc and another segment of the civil service who are actually overburdened with their work, because their colleagues are not efficient enough. So why not get rid of the lazy and inefficient people and pay a higher and more derserving wage to those who are efficient and at the same time reduce the overall wage bill? Its simple economic sense. And any country that supports a welfare system for too long will end up producing workers who have no incentive to work, or be responsible. That's what has been happening here for years, suggest you try to look at these things wihout being biased about the political party you are supporting or not supporting.

  27. blame the people in judiciary,blame the policemen,blame the military,blame the civil service,blame any one who served for the country in any post under maumoon's rule(which is almost evry1 of any relvence including those in MDP) as old order,blame all people who are in adalath as extremists,blame all businessmen who have acheived anything as corrupt coup leaders..blame all the thousands of ppl in PPM including all the fishermen as maumoons cronies,blame all other political parties as bunch of ignorants who are destroying democracy,blame all the non-MDP elected representatives of the people in parliament as anti-democracy activists, etc etc......Can i ask MDP and its supporters one qs?who are all these people...these r the PEOPLE of the Maldives like u guys!now u want to change all these institutions in one go n get rid of all these common people only option is GENOCIDE!Maybe you guys really want reform and good for the future than pls learn that PATIENCE IS VIRTUE! otherwise along with ur party this country too will be wiped off the map of the earth.

  28. PATIENCE IS VIRTUE indeed! Dr Waheed and his allies should have had the patience to wait for the 2013 elections rather than acting like terrorists and beating up everyone!

  29. All these traitors of humanity; ie the coup organisers should have their assets/wealth confiscated and frozen. Who paid the money to coup police /army participants? Who is hood-winking who? It has been a plain-sail observation. All these idiots should rot in jail; No mercy deserved.Waheed Who? The Dog/Greedy Greedy Dog.

  30. Anni or GAyyoom, election or no election, whatever happened on 7th. cannot be named anything, but a military coup. Now the question is, What happens after a military coup? If the people of Madives cannot decide what it best for their own good, not the Common wealth nor the Indians will be able to help you. What is RIGHT, is whatever you believe is best for you at the given moment. Not what someone else tells you. So people, lets forget the politics for a moment. Think the welfare and the future of this nation, the future of our children and decide.


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