Governments issue travel warnings for Male; resorts unaffected

A number of governments have issued travel warnings for Male’ amid spiraling political chaos across the country.

No tourist resorts have been reported affected, and airport island remains calm – few tourists to the country even set foot on the capital island of Male’.

However Minivan News has received reports – confirmed during a press conference held on Wednesday night by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) – of people seizing courts and police stations on a number of inhabited islands, particularly in the country’s south. In some cases the buildings have been reported burned to the ground.

The UK High Commission from Colombo arrived in numbers on Wednesday morning to assist British nationals in the country. High Commissioner John Rankin called a meeting of UK nationals in Male’, who included teachers, doctors and resort representatives, and asked them to register their presence in the Maldives.

Rankin, speaking prior to the dramatic protests and crackdown late this afternoon, said that the High Commission had advised against non-essential travel to Male’. He expressed concern about a reported ‘travel ban’ list that was circulating, which he said was believed to include several non-Maldivians and at least one UK national. Rankin said President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan had informed him that he had issued no such list and had no intention to do so, but that he would respect the right of the courts to do so.

Meanwhile the MDP on Wednesday night expressed concern that it was unable to send its seriously injured chairperson and MP, ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, overseas for medical treatment because his name was on a travel blacklist issued by the courts. Moosa was injured during a brutal police crackdown on MDP protesters on Wednesday afternoon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a warning recommending that Ukrainians avoid travels to the Maldives at the present time.

“In view of the unstable situation in the Maldives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine advises the citizens of Ukraine to postpone visits to that country, if possible, and closely monitor the official information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the world media about the political situation there,” the statement said. Eastern Europe, particularly Russia, is an increasingly lucrative market for the Maldives’ luxury tourism industry.

The Australian government also advised its nationals to reconsider travel to Male’, but noted that the rest of the Maldives was safe for visitors.

“Further protests, political unrest and violence could occur in coming days. You should avoid public gatherings and protest, particularly in Male, as they may turn violent,” today’s update read.

AFP has meanwhile cited several travel agencies reporting cancellations.

“We had four to five honeymoon couples who made bookings for Maldives and were due to travel in the coming week to be there around Valentine’s Day but they called to cancel their trips,” AFP quoted one operator, Flexi Tours travel agency in New Delhi, as saying.

Another tour operator told AFP that all hotels in the Maldives “are booked up until February 14. The unrest is restricted to a few islands. We’re keeping our fingers crossed,” he said.


11 thoughts on “Governments issue travel warnings for Male; resorts unaffected”

  1. Dear friends from abroad. Please do not travel here and cancel your travel plans. This country is now run by the military and police who have started mercilessly beating anyone who dare speak against their illegitimate rule.

    Maldives is hell right now and it will never be paradise until these thugs are put on trial for their murderous acts. Maldivian blood is all over its soil today.

  2. Dear Ahmed Bin something. You are not doing a favour to your country by spreading false information and fear mongering.

  3. I'm an expatriate staff working in a Resort. As a foreigner I can say, no one need afraid to Visit Maldives. But Advisable not to visit Male City except any urgent matter.

    For u'r information, even those violent activities happen in Male city. As far as my information & for my knowledge more than 90% - 95% Male city’ activities are going on as usual. This is a small fraction, don’t compare to other countries.

  4. Dear j j you seem to be a real hypocrite not a real journalist see how you portay a different image trying to ignore the fact that remote islands police stations were ransacked and by whom.?not the general public. Why did you not mention about the arson on judicial buildings by who ? Pls refrain from writing one sided journalism. Or just don't write

  5. @ Ahmed is that why you use them for cheap labour and did not pay the daily wages .

  6. MDP guys boycott tourism when they want to come in power and now after the defeat again now they are calling again for tourism boycott. Guys please be sensible and tourism is only the way to get the income to this country and do not take play the politics with tourism

  7. We can see now who is doing what to this country.
    I will agree with @ Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb that it is hell for anyone with a sense of justice and common sense who love peace and a decent living.

    Dear Romeo Razzag,
    You do have a right to express your opinion. I do agree.
    However, Male' city is living hell as I have seen with my eyes that is hurt right now not for having taken part in any political activity or having gone visiting any gathering.

    My eyes and lungs hurt because I happened to be living in Male' and riding on a road going home after work to earn a decent living!

    If you call this justice, harmony and living in a paradise, Well then .......!

  8. Tourists and Tour Operators PLEASE Dont visit Maldives, by traveling to Maldives you are supporting to sustain this Dictatorships military rule.

    If you love Maldives and its natural beauty, then help us to bring back democracy to Maldives.

    Dont visit Maldives, We just lost our democracy to a military puppet dictatorship.

  9. We cannot enjoy our holidays in Maldives any longer, knowing that at a few kilometers distance people are beaten up, attempted to kill, put in jail, disappear ... the youth of Maldives are now called "terrorists", foe sure including a number of your room boys, waiters, boat crew ... it's the new old minister himself who calls them like that ... you really want to go in such country ? Where the fundamentalists have come in the open today itself by destroying all "religious" non-Islam artifacts in the National Museum. When will the living tourists be targeted by the same kind of goons ?

  10. Once the country is ruling by Military government its really bad..cos they have weapon and power so they don't care the civilian...they will show their power..As we all know Maldives is a paradise Maldivians are really blessed by have such a beautiful country and culture.....but now you guys destroyed your country and image.. As far as I know most of you doesn't like changes just want to stay in a old far as I know Anni is a good Democratic leader...but you guys just say that he doesn't follow the religious law.....and do bad about you guys????? you guys are also doing it in the behind of the curtain..since we are human being ..we can't avoid such stead of blaming Anni...why don't you just look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself..."Am i pure Muslim? Am i following all the words of God Allah.." and after that you can blame your former guys are the one who elected him as your President ..and then you guys are the one who drag him using power...and using a violence way....Dear...Maldivian please consider the business is affecting the Tourism....since the country is relying on Tourism ..why are you making the guests not to come to Maldives..think about your family...


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