Health Ministry to investigate infant death at Hithadhoo hospital

Addu City’s Hithadhoo Regional Hospital (HRH) has confirmed that the death of an infant in a birth complication is being investigated by the Ministry of Health.

The baby passed away on Monday while being treated at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for complication caused mainly from meconium aspiration following a C-section delivery on Sunday.

Khadhija Hafsa, the hospital in-charge, told Minivan News that statements required for the investigation have now been collected and sent to the ministry.

“The pediatrician at this hospital recommended the baby should be taken to Male’ immediately. We started working on that immediately and got Aasandha [insurance] approval that evening,” said Hafsa.

“But we couldn’t get a seat from the flight and were in the waiting list. Next morning we decided to bring the doctor here. The pediatrician from Hulhumale hospital was treating the baby when it passed away early that evening,” she added.

The baby received the best available treatment from the hospital, and later a more experienced pediatrician brought in from Hulhumale’ was treating the baby when it passed away almost twenty four hours later, she said.

Hafsa said the investigation will determine whether there was negligence of the hospital or anyone else.

Earlier she told local media that the baby was weak when delivered and that the death was being investigated as a “serious case”

According to local media ‘Haveeru‘ the mother blames the doctor and HRH’s negligence for the death of her sixth child.

“I don’t want anyone else to face a tragic incident like this. So, this incident should be investigated and action should be taken against the negligent,” the 44-year-old mother was quoted as saying.

She told Haveeru that the doctor had no interest in admitting her to the hospital and said she was not ready to give birth even after her water broke twice a few days back. She said the baby was delivered at 38 weeks, while the given due date was next Wednesday (April 2).


8 thoughts on “Health Ministry to investigate infant death at Hithadhoo hospital”

  1. Shakeela is not a Medical Doctor. How can she know what is going on the medical field??

    Mikahal kithanme kameh adhi hin'gaane!!

  2. at least Government is taking responsibilities now and these issues get surfaced to public.

    Durinh Nasheed regime , there multiple accident like this and they even never bothered to do an investigation leaving aside even trying to rectify the issues.

    Even this time, they have flown another Doctor more experience doctors within the country . This show at least people were trying to address the issues.

    Similar incident had happened in Dhidhoo in 2009, when Nasheed was in power but the way that they handle is opposite of what had been done today.

    This incident was made as a big secret and they even never bothered to help the victims and the family.

  3. You can tell that my older brother "Hero" is pretty much hopelessly intoxicated by the way he flat-out lies about things, then proceeds to contradict himself.

    Suuuuuuuure, dude. Now tell us about your launch ambulances. 🙂

  4. yes if you ask 100 people and then 70% of the people will say health sector is improving and Nasheed had mishandle the sector by having thugs appointed to manage health sector during his time.

    Some people will have difficulty in digesting these facts and last 3 months were 1000 times better than Nasheed time.
    Launch ambulance will also come and it does not happened overnight and it will be a gradual process.

    Some idiots who are blind followers of Nasheed thinks that no one else can do anything in this country except Nasheed,.

    You moron wether like or not, Yameen will improve the life our people and the country will do good economically, politically, sociologically .

    Nasheed is few of his thugs will have no choice but to accept this .

  5. Maybe having your sixth child at age 44 isn't really the smartest idea. After age 35, risk to mother and child increases and after age 40 all sorts of problems can happen during pregnancy and/or birth. Not defending negligence (if there ever was any in the first place), but people who think they can safely pop out large numbers of kids well into their 40s are delusional.

  6. Hey Hero, I seriously recommend stopping talking to the voices in your head and ask some real Maldivians how the health sector is.

    Too bad you can't, though; being a foreign mercenary and all.

    PS: I'm not a member of the MDP. Your whole argument is invalid.


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