High Court delays Nasheed’s case until he returns from pilgrimage to Mecca

The High Court has delayed the trial of former President Mohamed Nasheed until July 25, after he requested the court grant him permission to leave the country to perform Umrah – a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

High Court Spokesperson Ameen Faisal confirmed to Minivan News that the High Court had informed Nasheed it had no objection to his request.

“Nasheed told the court that he wished to leave the country July 6-25 to visit Saudi Arabia and Dubai,” Ameen said.

“The court regulations state that if a respondent or defendant in a lawsuit wishes to leave the country they have to ask the court for permission.”

Ameen said that the court had not decided on a date for the next hearing of the case.

Nasheed filed a case at the High Court challenging the legitimacy of the panel of judges at the Hulhumale’ court appointed by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to preside over his trial, in which he was charged for detaining Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed in early 2012.

The case was previously delayed after the Chief Judge of the High Court Ahmed Shareef, who was on the bench presiding over the case submitted by Nasheed, was suspended by the JSC.

A hearing of the case had been scheduled for July 7.

The High Court had previously issued a stay order on the Hulhumale Magistrate Court, requiring it to suspend all criminal trials concerning the arrest of the judge pending a ruling on the legitimacy of the court bench.


19 thoughts on “High Court delays Nasheed’s case until he returns from pilgrimage to Mecca”

  1. where is Homo ? Why did your supreme leader going to pay a visit to Mecca ?

    He should not go that backward Baduin places

  2. Kuribbee

    Rest assured he went there to make a mockery of our esteemed justice system. God knows he might even desecrate the holy sights. Fortunately the equally ladheenee if not more (why else mention such a place in Mecca?) son of Addu has suggested the lingerie store for him to while his days by, until of course time to return and torment us again.

  3. Saudi Barbaria's tourism destination has been the graveyard for many a Maldivian leader ever since the first Islamic King sailed off to visit that cube in the desert. It'll be easy for the mullahs to poison his ZamZam water or crush him under some Moslem zombies who are caught up in worshipping Hubal's former sanctury. I'm sure every mullah and their grandma is praying that he catches that deadly bug which is breaking out in the Holy City.

  4. @peasant on Tue, 2nd Jul 2013 8:54 PM

    "Fortunately the equally ladheenee if not more (why else mention such a place in Mecca?) son of Addu has suggested the lingerie store for him to while his days by..."

    I was only trying to help 🙂 I have seen far too many Middle Eastern gentlemen literally soiling their pants, the first time they see a lady not clad in a tent. All that pent up frustrations explode like the magma out of a volcano. Well, I'm digressing...

    The MDP leader might also like to visit other lesser known sites of Arab indulgence in the Syrian desert: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qasr_Amra. After all those were the playgrounds of the Princes of the mighty Umayyad Empire, no less.

    By the way, I am curious to know how Nasheed obtained an Umrah Visa. I thought there was a moratorium on Umrah Visas for the month of Ramadhan. The Saudi government has come up with some silly excuse, and has led to the frustration of thousands of Muslims who would like to go for a whirl around the Holy Mosque. Perhaps, MDP leadership does bring special privileges even in Makkah.

  5. @ Ahmed Suvaadeeb

    So he is staying at Makkah Hiton Hotel, to be away from Male in Ramzan..


  6. Nasheed you don't like Arabs especially Saudi Arabia, so let's see how they will receive you espcialy after your negative media campaign against them.

  7. My question is why the hell this idiot Nasheed is going to barbarian city of Mecca ? The back ward community and slave trade and inhuman society ?

    what I can say is that for this Holy city even Nasheed is making a fool of it

    This is just to fool the Maldivian to show how islamist he is and then with the hope that we will give a vote for this evil man.

    We have heard and seen what this evil man had said in his recent visit to Denmark and how he has criticize about Muslims and how he has insulted our holy city and people from Arab.

    Nasheed must be aware that majority of our people are are not ignorant like him and we know what you are up to. You can not fool Allah.

  8. Kuribee, it is you guys who are fooling Allah. Allah does not say that a whole country (not to mention an individual) should not have RELIGIOUS FREEDOM). Allah infact calls to give freedom for the people.

    It is you guys who are blocking the freedom. It is you guys who are doing things according to your whims and not accordint to Allah.

  9. Ryan, you are true. I am a Mormon Cristian and I am Maldivian. But if I say this in public,in my own country, people like Kuribee will stone me to death.

    What say, Homosexual???

  10. The talk of the Arabs brings back memories. Lived with Bedouin - from Saudi and Jordan, have experienced both the positive and the negative stereotypes.

    One guy was an absolute pig, like the freaks @ABABS had seen. He spent all of his time sitting around in luxurious robes indulging his filthy lust, violently denouncing the dirtiness and animal nature of the Westerner. He was sickened with disgust that I would attempt to invite such filthy people to the Mosque for the purpose of Da'wa. One friend of mine, a Chinese guy who I was working really hard to invite into Islam, came to my house to see me, and this disgusting pig sexually molested him. In this freaks eyes, my friend was just a dirty Kafir dog who deserved to be used and abused for this freaks pleasure.

    On the other hand, My best friend was also a Beduoin. He was a true Son of The Desert, a Lion - like Hamza. He was as generous as the wind - like our Beloved Nabi- recklessly self sacrificial. He was ferociously noble, prepared to defend any gesture he may have interpreted as a slight on his dignity with utter fearlessness. His soul burned- to me, he was a blazing fire in the cold desert night of my Western existential emptiness. He truly represented the essence, the heart of Islam, Abundant Mercy and Assertive humanity!

  11. Ryan. I don't care what you say and people of Maldives knows the truth.

    People of Maldives don't accept this evil Man as our president and you will see this on 7th Sept.

  12. Ben. I agree with you. There are bad and good people in any society and one can not blame the entire community for something which had happened because of a single person.

    Look at what had happened in US recently.

    Some children were been abducted was forced to live in filthy dungeon for thier full life and those children were grown to adultery and then they were raped and they gave birth to new children. All these had happened over a very long period and this was not able to discover until recently.

    Can we blame that the entire US society for this barbaric act ? I don't think so? This is an isolated case and all US citizen are not like this ?

    same goes with Maldives is ? We can not blame entire Maldivian for something that few Maldivian do?

  13. I have my differences with Nasheed, but why does it become an issue when Nasheed visits Makkah? His motives are inside his head and that's that.

    Pharaoh Abdel-Gay-Yoom abused religion more than any leader in the history of the Maldives. He actively used religion to suppress the people, all the while giving himself the most amount of luxury that money could buy.

    We see similar behaviour from Gasim, Waheed etc. Gasim claims to defend Islam, but he fails to mention that all his wealth is derived from the most un-Islamic ways possible! I would bet that Waheed wouldn't know which way Makkah was even if he fell face down infront of the Kabaa.

    Anyway, I hope Nasheed finds his trip enlightening.

  14. @Hiton on Wed, 3rd Jul 2013 12:17 AM

    "So he is staying at Makkah Hiton Hotel, to be away from Male in Ramzan.."

    Did you know that the Wahhabi rulers of Saudi Arabia demolished the historic house of Khalifa Abu Bakr in order to build that monstrous Hilton Hotel? An act of barbarism, I'd say!


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