High Court upholds decision to return baby to German mother

The High Court has today (March 20) ruled in support of the Family Court decision to return the five month old baby of Ahmed Sharuan and Tanja Sharuan to the mother.

Details of the case revealed in an online petition launched by the mother claim that she was being accused by Sharuan of attempting to raise the child as a non-Muslim, despite having converted to Islam.

The High Court previously released a temporary injunction halting the Family Court order until the appeal case submitted to the superior court by Sharuan reached completion.

Police – having previously launched a search for Sharuan – ceased the investigation following the High Court order.

Speaking to Minivan News on Thursday afternoon, Tanja expressed joy at having received custody of her child.

“I am very happy about the High Court’s decision. I have always had faith in the Maldivian law. As a Muslim mother, I am more than happy to have my baby back in my arms,” Tanja said.

She further expressed gratitude for the “wonderful support given from [her] Maldivian friends”.

Three days ahead of Thursday’s court hearing, Tanja launched an Aavaaz petition seeking support in her case to gain custody of her child.

“My daughter is only five months old and she was abducted by her father from our then home in Zurich and he ran away with her to the Maldives. I am German but now in the Maldives and have submitted a case to the Family Court,” read the petition.

“The Family Court on Monday issued an injunction to my husband Ahmed Sharuan to hand over the baby to me within 24 hours, by 3pm Tuesday 11th February 2014.”

“However, he refused to obey this court order and went into hiding for several days. Whilst in hiding, he arranged a lawyer and submitted an appeal to the High Court to cancel the Family Court injunction. The High Court on Sunday 16th March, suspended the injunction of the Family Court without even hearing my side of the story and without a hearing,” it continued.

“I need all your support to achieve justice in this case. I am hoping that the Maldives justice system will deliver a fair judgement and give me the custody of my child according to the law,” concluded the petition, which has received over 600 signatures at the time of press.


11 thoughts on “High Court upholds decision to return baby to German mother”

  1. Same old story repeated all over the world whenever Muslims marry non Muslims.....the partners and children are always forcibly converted to Islam.....the only true religion in the whole friggin universe no less!!
    The moral of this story is that if a Muslim man or woman wants to marry you, run like hell in the opposite direction!!

  2. As a Maldivian, my advice to the women of Germany is please do not marry idiot Maldivians like Ahmed Sharu'an.

  3. My advice to Western women is to stay away from Muslims who are poisoned by an ideology that has no place in this civilized World.

  4. @Moon: you can't blame one bad Muslim or even many bad Muslims and label the whole community in that way.

    Jut because a few Catholic priests abuse boys, would you say that the Catholic Church stands for paedophilia?

  5. Everything evolves in this freaking universe, probably religions were the basic units that today’s science evolved from. So the true religion is science in 20st century standard. If this child is left in an ignorant society where science “the true religion” is insulted, it is violation of this child’s basic human rights. The mother is lucky enough to be from white origin, the Courts here in this fishing village, definitely would not like to spread white genes within their moronic society as they fear of white gene as demonic and evil. Definitely the women will get the ruling in her favor and the ruling is nothing on the basis of fair judgment, but in this case these women will get fair judgment on universal standard but for the judges it is just getting rid of white from their shit sacred land of Fishermen’s Republic of moronic people

  6. Drawing broader generalizations from isolated incidents is exactly what the bigots do

    A man has done a bad thing. Just because he happens to be a Maldivian does not warrant drawing conclusions beyond what it is

  7. I m in a bad situation as well with my maldivian husband and my first afraid is that he bring away our child!!!!

  8. Yet again, another example that confirms that the world would be a better, calmer, safer and happier place without ALL religions. But, ...wait no, we have to kneel and praise to the survelliance camera in the sky and be sorry for our very existence!!

    All religions are created by man, to control man!

  9. the age old clash of civilization/culture. I do believe only a handfull can make the transition Sharuvaan was't that sort.

    The best thing would be to flee the social basket case that is Maldives.

  10. Nothing to do with religion its just an excuse. Only a mother can give birth & raise a child, man is not designed to do this job, of cause a man has to contribute & give support (if not your not a man)

  11. You can't just get up one day and run away with your spouse's baby and hide no matter what the religion is. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever.

    All couples have arguments on how to raise babies. The solution is not to get up and run away.


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