HRCM to conclude investigation into the arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed before April

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has said the commission will conclude its investigation into the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed before the end of the month, and forward the findings to the Prosecutor General.

HRCM Member Ahmed Abdul Kareem told the press that the case took so long because some of the people involved “did not cooperate with the commission.”

Kareem told the press that all the statements would be finished by the end of next week, and that before the end of this month the case will be sent to the Prosecutor General (PG).

President of HRCM, Mariyam Azra, today told Minivan News that the commission was hoping to conclude the investigation before next month.

She said she could not confirm whether all the persons involved in the case were cooperating or not.

”Its a different team investigating the case and Ahmed Abdul Kareem is the only commission member in the investigating team,” she added.

Meanwhile, Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that police investigation in to the case was ongoing as well.

‘’We are still investigating the case and will send the case as soon as the investigation is concluded,’’ Shiyam said.

He also said former President Mohamed Nasheed “has not cooperated with the police.”

Local media Sun Online reported that police have decided to close the case and send the case to the Prosecutor General without including any statement from Nasheed because he had not cooperated with police.

Nasheed had been given the opportunity to give a statement to police at any time he wished, but he had not used the opportunity, Sun reported.

Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed was arrested by the MNDF on the evening of Monday, January 16, in compliance with a police request.

The judge’s whereabouts were not revealed until January 18, and the MNDF has acknowledged receipt but not replied to Supreme Court orders to release the judge.

Prosecutor General (PG) Ahmed Muizz joined the High and Supreme Courts in condemning MNDF’s role in the arrest as unlawful, and requesting that the judge be released.

PG Muizz ordered an investigation by HRCM, and said it would evaluate the situation following the commission’s findings.

The first complaints filed against Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed in July 2005 included allegations of misogyny, sexual deviancy, and throwing out an assault case despite the confession of the accused. The complaints were first made by then Attorney General, Dr Hassan Saeed, now President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s political advisor.

Six years of similar complaints later, the judicial crisis leading to President Nasheed’s downfall was triggered after Abdulla Mohamed filed a case in the Civil Court granting him an injunction halting his further investigation by the Judicial Services Commission.

This was following by a High Court ruling against his police summons on January 16, prompting police to request the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) take the judge into custody.

Then Home Minister Hassan Afeef subsequently accused the judge of “taking the entire criminal justice system in his fist”, listing 14 cases of obstruction of police duty including withholding warrants for up to four days, ordering police to conduct unlawful investigations and disregarding decisions by higher courts.

Afeef accused the judge of “deliberately” holding up cases involving opposition figures, barring media from corruption trials, ordering the release of suspects detained for serious crimes “without a single hearing”, and maintaining “suspicious ties” with family members of convicts sentenced for dangerous crimes.

The judge also released a murder suspect “in the name of holding ministers accountable”, who went on to kill another victim.

At the time Vice President of the Maldives, Dr Waheed  opposed the judge’s detention, stating on his blog that “I am ashamed and totally devastated by the fact that this is happening in a government in which I am the elected Vice President.”

Nasheed’s government then requested assistance from the international community to reform the judiciary. Observing that judicial reform “really should come from the Judicial Services Commission (JSC)”, Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem said at the time that the JSC’s shortcoming are “now an issue of national security.”

“We have been working to improve the judiciary since we came to power, but we have not succeeded,” said Naseem. “We have asked the international community to assist us in this effort several times, and we find that they are willing to help at this point,” he explained.

On February 7 Nasheed resigned “under duress”, after police joined opposition protesters in assaulting the main military base in Republic Square, vandalising the MDP headquarters, and taking over the state broadcaster.

A subsequent police crackdown on protesters on February 8, including women and the elderly, hospitalised many and triggered a surge of public and MDP-led animosity against the police and the new government.


16 thoughts on “HRCM to conclude investigation into the arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed before April”

  1. If there is any Maldivian who wants to bring up his/her children in a free and fair society, my honest advice to that person is to flee the country as soon as possible.

    Any of the neighbouring countries will be better than Maldives.

    Get into Australia, New Zealand, Europe or USA if you can.

    I saw how the infamous Koli Ali Maniku got rich, at a very young age, using his position in the MNTC (Maldivian National Corporation)based in Colombo.

    He fleeced the country for many decades, currying favour with President Nasir and President Gayoom.

    All the rich people today in the Maldives are carbon copies of Koli Ali Maniku.

    The difference between Koli and others ( younger ones) is that the younger ones like Gasim Ibrahim are not satisfied with just being rich. They want political power also.

    And they seem to be getting it.

    The destruction of the pre-Islamic remains in the National Museum, and the lack of its condemnation by people like Gayoom and Waheed tell us what Maldivian Islam is like.

    I have no desire to be part of this Maldivian Islam.

    I have no desire to be part of this damned society either.

  2. The devil of maldives Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla.

    Maldivians blind n brainwashed when they all see criminals raoming freely on our streets

  3. I'm in full agreement with Michael Fahmy. This country is being run by police who take orders from Pakistani madrassa trained mullahs.

  4. This moron was arrested by the Maldives police or military on the order of President Nasheed, and his arrest was legal beyond any reasonable doubt. He was sitting in the most responsible position in the country and was violating every democratic rule and abusing his power to do anything that he wished, to satisfy his craving of any desire. The President has all the rights vested under constitution to do anything to protect and harmonize the society. Why this so called banana republic is wasting time for this crazy person when the case is crystal clear. Has these so called HRCM or PG nothing to do better than this?. Why don’t they investigate and punish those of police and military who violated their oaths which is the most heinous crime any one can think of and went on rampage like some crazy animals. These monkey’s brains are so tiny they can’t see the big picture, for them this moronic judge who was removed from his position and was given a holiday in a military camp is more important than a President who was elected by the people. Think about the quality of these monkeys who are there to do some quality job that can be healthy for a democracy to function. These crazy people are projecting this case as if this was the biggest human rights violation ever occurred in this tiny zombie land. What a laughing stock>>>??

  5. "I have no desire to be part of this damned society either."

    Good for you Michael.
    May be good for us, who live here, too?

  6. @ Ali Manikufaanu

    "I’m in full agreement with Michael Fahmy. This country is being run by police who take orders from Pakistani madrassa trained mullahs."

    I totally dsagree with both you guys.
    Some Sailbury trained 'Mullah' tried to run this country but utterly failed. He escaped from all his duties on 7 February 2012.
    Now, this country is run by educated, intelligent people who value our tradition and culture.

  7. @michael fahmy, we know of you as some who fled the country long ago and converted yourself to christainity

  8. @Michael Fahmy

    Good riddance! you can freeze urself to death in finland or iceland or go n become a saint in the vatican! So y r u so bothered about us??

    As for ur friend that gud for nothing Don koli Ali manik he is the one ruining this country,having controlled maumoon for 30 yrs and having brought nasheed to power with the help of his associate in Male', Yameen!That man robbed all the wealth of this country from the treasures in the sea to the wealth generated from the tourism industry.Not to mention using the maldives as a hub for smuggling of narcotics and making it a tax-free safe haven for money laundering for his crime partners in the west.First of all he was a wanted man in india way back in the 70's.N wat did he give the Maldivian people in return?slavery?
    We dont need any more people like him dictating our lives!We want people who will toil in the sun with us and join hands to take this country forward with hard work and dedication under the guiding principles of islam! We dont want anymore short cuts and get rich with heroine money and lose our souls!

  9. "Breaking News" Haveeru
    ފިޝަރީޒް މިނިސްޓަރު
    މި ވަގުތު އެންމެ އިސްކަމެއް ދޭނީ މަސްވެރިން މަހަށް ފުރުވުމަށް: ފިޝަރީޒް މިނިސްޓަރު

    One wonders what would Islamic Minister's priority be?

  10. I agree with Michael. The cartel help themselves to the economy and the rest of us can rot in a radical Islamic coma... Soon we will be like Pakistan at the expense of the new regime and cartel.

  11. The only devil that needs to be sent away from our country is Nasheed. He seems to be shaithan living in real world.

  12. HRCM - A good for nothing organization headed by a someone who learned Human Rights from where I do not know, is a real shame.

    It is silly that this organization is hell bent on this matter and are zipped to attend atrocities that followed the democratically elected president being forced to resign!

    HRCM - Go on to give a report that will make this rebel government happy who in return will forget about the corruption that is within you which I am sure will be brought to justice someday!

  13. Anni says he respects the Queen of England.

    Well perhaps that Queen needs to take Anni, Yameen, Maumoon, Umar Naseer, Judge Abdullah Mohammed, Waheed, Jameel, Gasim, Saeed, and give them all a damned good, hard spanking on the asses and say, "STOP fighting with your brothers!"

    Fricking seriously!

    The idea of Maldives is 100 percent Islam, all Muslims are Iqhwan, Brothers and Sisters, all meant to love one another!

    I know this rhetoric is not that helpful but please do try and cultivate empathy for one another's positions so that JUSTICE is served which is proportional to the crime rather than vengeance being served which is excessive punishment!


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