Hulhumale door-knocking reveals lack of awareness of constitution

Preliminary findings from the ‘Did you Know’ door-knocking campaign have revealed that half the 500 homes in Hulhumale visited by the volunteers were unaware that the Maldives had a new constitution, let alone what it contained.

The UNDP-run campaign, which launched on November 26, is an attempt to address a lack of public awareness into how the judicial system works – a critical problem for the development and promotion of human rights in the Maldives, according to the UN body.

One component is the ‘Did you Know?’ campaign, involving a team of 27 volunteers door-knocking around Male’, Hulhumale’ and Villingili explaining rights and distributing brochures.

“I found it was women who were the most disinterested, and I think more so among the older generation,” UNDP National Project Manager Naaz Aminath told Minivan News, after knocking on the doors of 500 houses in Hulhumale.

“But they would sit there and listen, particularly to subjects such as employment rights, and the right to a pension. One mother said she’d never heard of the constitution, but we asked her if she worked and talked about her employment rights, which she said was really useful.”

Only about 20 of the 500 homes approached in Hulhumale’ were unwilling to invite the volunteers in, Naaz noted.

“In those instances we left a pamphlet. But mainly people were very welcoming, even though they were busy doing things like cooking and minding children. We were often invited in for a drink.”

Many men showed awareness of their rights, but felt that getting involved in understanding the constitution meant getting into politics “and said they did not want to get involved. But they generally did listen,” Naaz said.

Glimpses into the private lives of so many homes was confronting for some of the volunteers – “We came across other issues – in one house a victim of domestic violence broke down in tears when we walked in. We can’t fix everything [with this project], but we can provide directions on how to contact authorities.”

The consensus after the Hulhumale’ campaign was that while households had an awareness of the new constitution gleamed through television, “there’s a difference between being aware of it and knowing what’s in it.”


20 thoughts on “Hulhumale door-knocking reveals lack of awareness of constitution”

  1. You have to first know what being human means, before you can start thinking about the rights it brings about. A lot of Maldivians, especially religious extremists, are not really human.

  2. @sajid
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    yes in Maldives have many problems but can you help to resolve it?No?so shut up and visit doctor, other way you will be heavy idiot till end of your useless days/

  3. @ sajid

    "A lot of Maldivians, especially religious extremists, are not really human."


    These Atheist/Secularist extremists, isn't it?

    All they care about is pray,pray and pray to their materialistic God in their temple called the State, separated from the church, opposite the mosque, behind the synagogue!

    They never come out of their temple!

    These Atheist/Secularist fanatics should be put behind bars.

    They are sub-human and their demands are over the top!

    I think, they are guilty like hell!

  4. These are the people political parties exploit to get votes. I wonder what the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION had been doing all these years? Even the government had neglected to bring more awareness to the people.

  5. It shows the ignorance of the camapign organisers when you say half of the interviewees were unaware that we had a new constitution. The fact in we do not have a new constitution. The one we have is over two years old now. The previous constituion lasted only 5 years before we began amending it. The life of our present constitution will probably be even shorter. What is surprising to me is that the organisers of the campaign feel that we have a new constitution.

  6. @ Sajid, are you humen? who told you that your a human? if you were running a awareness of Raako Moosa the picture would have been different.. or if you ask them about current politics or MDP, DRP they would have know better than u... OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT ANNI & his Poor Government Ministers doesn't know what is in the constitution, this is the situation of current Maldives

  7. They came over & only hand over the flyer. Didn't say anything further...those volunteers were only teenagers, perhaps school Leaver & might not have the knowledge of the ...

  8. @heck

    Hi. I meant Islamic extremists. A lot of Islamic extremists are not human. They aspire to be camels or goats. They are dirty herds, with their shepherds remote-controlling them from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Hope that cleared it up for you.

    Thank you.

  9. This show us how desperate Maldives, bytheway Maldives is not only Hulhumale and Male' or Viligili.. Remember more people live in island that suffer lots

  10. As usual........UNDP Maldives..........aren't u aware after such a long series of trainings from April you end up saying "New Constitution".........Hope they understand that "New" and " Amendment" as a lot of diffrence.......

    This clearly shows UNDPs recruiting policy.....few remain in the circle and one day they are experts in "livelihoods" other day in "Communications"...etc..........spend all this money for something USEFUL

  11. Im glad some people choose to remain happy rather than get involved in the most corrupt system ever created...the political system.

  12. it doesnt show lack of awareness, but it shows people dont give a damn about todays politics. people are fed up of the government, the parliament and the whole political circus.

  13. @kanbulo
    No. A good name for me is zoologist. I identify Islamic extremist animals. Yes?

  14. previous & present gov claim they are upholding this countries constitution. looks like holding in hand. very hilarious if this survey result is correct and if UN isnt involved in the game.

  15. How about knocking on the seats of the blessed Parliamentarians?
    I reckon they got no idea either!

  16. Hey, This constitution is a new Constitution, supreme court has given its ruling when maumoon's case was submitted to the supreme.

  17. this program will continue in the islands next year. some Maldivians think that they know everything about Constitution but they actually dont know their rights


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