“Hysterical outbursts” reflect dissatisfaction over Israel aid, says Islamic Foundation

Founders of the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) NGO have claimed that although they do not believe in “hysterical outbursts” and theories of an imminent “Jewish invasion” in the country, a week of anti-Israel protests and flag burning across Male’ has reflected “strong dissatisfaction with the government’s open attitude” to the Jewish state.

During the last six days, Maldivians both in Male’ and some islands have engaged in protest marches and burning the Israeli flag, calling for the deportation of a group of Israeli doctors conducting eye surgery at a number of hospitals around the country as part of a humanitarian work for a group called ‘Eye from Zion’.

Some 739 people in Male’ and 879 in Addu and Fuvahmulah had registered for treatment at eye camps run by the NGO as of  December 9.

The furore over the visit of the group of Israeli surgeons led to groups such as Jamiyyathusalaf to call for the provision of “military training to all Muslim Maldivians and familiarise citizens with the use of modern weaponry” before “Jews take over the country”.

Distancing itself from these statements, the IFM told Minivan News it believes that by adopting a “pro-Israel” stance, the Maldivian government was losing support and credibility among its people.

While the government said it has been “consistent” in its opposition to Israel’s foreign policy concerning Palestine, the President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said the Maldives had tried to maintain positive diplomatic relations with almost every nation and that it welcomed humanitarian aid, such as the services provided by Eye from Zion.

Speaking to Minivan News this week, IFM co-founders Ibrahim Nazim and Ibrahim Fauzee said that although they were not actively involved in protests and flag burnings as an organisation, they did not wish to “prohibit its members” from taking part in the week’s protests that it saw as a “spontaneous reaction” to concerns over Israel’s attitude towards Palestine.

“We’re very concerned about Palestine, but we are neither anti-Israel or pro-Israel,” said Nazim. “We understand there are genuine feelings of concern about Palestine, which is always a central issue for Muslims.”

Nazim said that the IFM did not favour violence as an organisation and that claims by “other organisations in the country” that Jewish people were planning to take over the country were setting back legitimate concerns over the visit of Eye from Zion and Israeli foreign policy.

“What I feel is that some groups are trying to win publicity by making radical statements,” he said. “We do not believe this is good and in the long-term it is not be favourable [towards effectively opposing Israeli activities in the Maldives].”

Nazim said the IFM “understood concerns about offensive nature of burning flags”, but added that “it’s not the first time flags have been burned around the world.”

Fauzee said that he believed the protests reflected the fact that “many people in the Maldives do not accept Israel as a state.”

As an organisation, he said, the IFM backed “the official Iranian position” in regards to Israel and its legitimacy as a state, though he distanced himself from any potential calls for violence against the nation itself.

“[The IFM supports this position] not because the Iranian leader is a great or respected person, but because of the issue of legitimacy regarding the land [Israel] occupies,” claimed Fauzee.

He added that opposition to the Eye from Zion group was very much tied in to Israel’s foreign policy in relation to Palestine and its conduct in Gaza.

Amidst claims that a majority of Maldivians were opposed to the notion of an Israeli state, Nazim said the IFM itself feared that the government were having both open and “secret” negotiations with Israel.

“What are these negotiations? As an NGO we are concerned at this, and such suspicion is shared across the country,” he added. “The more the government gets involved in relations with Israel, the more problems it creates for itself.”

Nazim claimed that President Mohamed Nasheed was now suffering very low approval ratings as a result of allowing Eye from Zion to operate in the country.

“We feel the government should not have any diplomatic relations with Israel,” he said. “There is [political] opposition that wants to exploit this situation; the President is giving them opportunity to do so.”

Nazim added that as an NGO, beyond opposition to allowing collaboration with Israel, it was not opposed as a group to humanitarian aid from interfaith groups as long as they did not try and conduct missionary work in the country.

“Eye from Zion is a radical group that is trying to win the support of islands across the Maldives,” he said. “What we believe is that the protests will die down once the Zionists go back.”

In response to this week’s anti-Israel protests and criticism that the government was engaged in a pro-Israel agenda, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that the government “holds friendly relations with Israel, as it does almost every other nation in the world.”

“We are not at loggerheads with any states, thugh we have some differences with Burma over the treatment of [formerly arrested dissident] Aung Sun Suu Kyi,” he said. “There is nothing special in terms of agreements with Israel.”

Though Zuhair claimed that the Maldives government has been “consistent on criticising Israel over Palestine and other foreign policy issues it did not agree on”, this was not a barrier to humanitarian cooperation, he said.

Zuhair added that by having bilateral relations with a large number of nations, the Maldives was able to benefit from cooperation based on technical assistance, education and humanitarian aid.

He claimed that the medical expertise offered by Eye from Zion was a strong example of this.

“We ourselves don’t have the means for this type of surgery, which has so far treated 140 patients in Male’ and 40 people across islands in the outer atolls,” Zuhair added. “In this case, the patients that thankful for the treatment they have received, which outweighs the protests against [the doctors].”

David Goldfarb, spokesperson for the Embassy of Israel in New Dehli, claimed that “too much emphasis” has been placed on protests against the visit of Eye from Zion to the Maldives compared to the work they had conducted.

“There will always be extremists ready to sacrifice their own people’s welfare in order to achieve extreme political goals,” he told Minivan News. “The major success of the project has been proven by well over 1000 men, women and children who have flocked to the doctors to receive ophthalmological care, and this is where the emphasis really lies.”

Goldfarb claimed that Israel had conducted a wide range of humanitarian work around South Asia beyond the current project relating to eye surgeries.

“Israel is actively involved in international development and humanitarian cooperation in India, Sri Lanka and in many other countries in South Asia,” he told Minivan News. “This was especially noticeable, for example, after the Tsunami, when Israel was one of the first countries to offer and provide assistance to South Asia.”

When considering ongoing conflict and the difficulties being experienced in Gaza, Goldfarb claimed that the Hamas leadership had themselves “declared an existential war with Israel”, but this was not related to wider aid projects that the country was involved in.

“This has nothing at all to do with the extremely large scale Israeli humanitarian projects in the Maldives and around the world, including in many countries in Asia and Africa,” he said.


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  1. On behalf of myself, a Maldivian, and my family I thank the people and state of Israel for their humanitarian work. I hope they will continue such projects despite the shameless and ugly extremist voice, which as the spokesperson said aims to further its political goals at the expense of human welfare and all things good.

    Consider the case of Danny Pearl, a Jewish American beheaded and cut to 10 pieces by extremists in Pakistan. What did his father Judea Pearl, an eminent computer scientist at UCLA, do in retaliation? He didn't abduct a Muslim, cut him and eat his organs. He formed the Daniel Pearl foundation to develop dialogue and help find peace in this world. Jews the world over engage in science and humanity despite the centuries and continuing persecution against them. Meanwhile NGO's and parties an insignificant little island country hold press conferences and incite violence against Jews and the state of Israel. All Maldivians should be ashamed and distance themselves from the violent call of extremists.

  2. Zuhair is spot on. Again. The killing of a non believer may be endorsed by the brothers, but in today's world its murder and the punishment should be the same. I say Supari for the Muzaaharaa, n espouse the observation that the emotions of those who received treatment and regained their eyesights far outweighs opposition to Israeli, Jewish humanitarian doctors.

  3. Israel state just experienced the worst fire disaster in history. Over 18 countries sent experts and fire related aid. The Palestinian Fire Brigade crossed the border into Israel and helped fight bthe fire.
    On many occassions Israel surgeons and doctors have saved lives of many Palestinians suffering from abnormalities of critical illnesses.
    I wouldnt be supsrised that some of these extremeist fail to understand that most medical equipments are designed and manufuctured by Israel...let alone that, some fruits in Male' today are imported from Israel via middle eastern countries!
    I salute the Israel medical team...saving a life shouldnt be based on boundaries, religion or background....
    These extremists should burn in hell!

  4. Politically Israel has nothing to gain from a country like Maldives. Why these crazy people are getting frenzied over such an issue where hundreds of people are benefited. Fanatical Islam is so blind that they cannot rationalize any common sense. Probably This Israeli NGOS are trying showing their human side to such unworthy nation and its people as far as their political agenda is concerned.

  5. @anbar'faruq & real

    whats the mening of "zion" why do this group of doctors include a members from israels foriegn ministry & their secret service agency.
    what you guys are thinking is what the isrel wants from the Maldivians just get sympathy from idots like you.
    dont you guys watch the news why america wants isrel to freez its illiegal settlements in the teritory of palastine.
    whay people of palastine have no right to get the basic needs ... why those aid ships were stoped by isreil army ... what ever you say about those muslims who voice agisnst these zionist there will be always a group of good muslims to to fight for the muslims... & you know better than me that these Mullas are following the islamic rules ..

  6. There were the same grand coalition of 127 Islamist NGOs (that translates into 50 people) protesting against the visiting doctors.. while, to quote this article "739 people in Male’ and 879 in Addu and Fuvah Mulah" had signed up for the healthcare.

    In other words, over 1500 Dhivehin have graciously accepted the humanitarian aid.. and yet these few anti-Semites have the audacity to speak for the rest of us?

    Who appointed J Salaf/IFM to talk for us? We have elected a government to solve our healthcare problems - and they're doing it by bringing in qualified doctors.

    Maybe J Salaf and IFM could spend some of those Saudi funds towards actually scientifically educating some of their foot soldiers - instead of creating pointless noise pollution.. then we wouldn't have to rely on foreign doctors at all?

    Personally, and on the behalf the hundreds of dhivehin who are going to receive treatment, I thank the Israeli doctors. Kindly ignore the anti-Semitic riff raff. They're a waste of our time.

  7. @yasir
    I don't think what you wrote there makes any sense. As I cannot respond to nonsense, I'll take this moment to praise and thank the Israeli doctors again. Babble more and all you'll get is thanks and prayers for the good doctors from our family, the hundreds of Maldivians who are getting treatment.

    You can waste your time by burning flags. I bet you guys spend more time making the flags than burning them. You and your silly placards and sweaty little gatherings calling for the liberation of an imaginary country that does not and never did exist. Haha.

  8. @ yaamyn

    Fat LIAR!

    “739 people in Male’ and 879 in Addu and Fuvah Mulah” had signed up for the healthcare."

    They signed up for ophthalmologist service. Not An-Eye-from-Zion.

    It was a political gimmick which ended in fiasco!

  9. @ Ahmed Farooq

    "Consider the case of Danny Pearl, a Jewish American beheaded and cut to 10 pieces by extremists in Pakistan."

    Zionists are worse. They make cocktail out of Palestinian kids cornea!

  10. kaafarun hih ruheyny ves kaafarun dheke, raa bo meehun hih ruheynee raabo meehun dheke. ziney kuraa meehun hih ruheyny ziney kuraa meehun dheke.meehun maraa meehun hih ruheyny meehun maraa meehun dheke. munaafiqun hih ruheyny munaafiqun dhekeke. Yahoodheen dhuvahakuves muslimun dheke hih nuruheyne. Quran ga ALLAH angavaafa e othy meesthakunge therein mi ummathah emme adaavaitherikan bodu bayakee Yahodheenney. Zuheiru ah quran kiyavan neygeny tha bodu singaa firihenakah. neygenyaa kiyan engey bahehge tharujamaa eh nagaigen nikan quran kiyaa bala. Zuheirah raddhu dheefa ALLAH othy meege ethah haas ahareh kurin. kiyas gabool nukureveynethaa dho some maldivians even doubt in the existance of ALLAH.

  11. @yaamyn
    what do you mean we elected a goverment ... it was only MDP suporters so goverment has only right to talk on behalf of them.... these NGos are also registered under the goverment to work on behalf of all maldivians not only for the mullas benefits.
    you should be shame on thanking the Zionists these doctors are not ordinary israilis but they are hardcore zionists.
    you just check their belief that they says they are the sons of Allah (jews) the others are created to serve them as slaves .. including you.

  12. I think that this 'noise pollution' created by islamists only benefits the cause of Israel and portrays them as victims. I believe we shouldn't have any problems with Jews at personal level. Let them visit as tourists, doctors I really dont care. What bugs me though is collusion of our government with a self declared Zionist group ignoring the feelings of Maldivians knowing fully that Zionism is still the agenda that drives the persecution of the Palestinian people.

  13. These mullahs are dangerous than parteys,We cant estimate when these guys will turn into human bombs, I doubt that we have sleeping cells which links to Al qaeda or some extreme groups in Pakistan..... So my fellow country men be aware.

  14. The patients' gratitude for the treatment, their ailments being alleviated, far outweighs the protests against [the doctors].

  15. Salaam Alaikum, firstly I ask from ALLAH to guide the wrong to the right. (could be me or you)

    secondly, as we all believe in Quran, (or atleast we claim to) let us look what our Lord and Owner prescribed for us.
    Holy Quran, 5:51
    (51. O you who believe! Do not take friends from the Jews and the Christians, as they are but friends of each other. And if any among you befriends them, then surely, he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the wrongdoers.) (52. And you see those in whose hearts there is a disease, they hurry to their friendship, saying: "We fear lest some misfortune of a disaster may befall us. '' Perhaps Allah may bring a victory or a decision according to His will. Then they will become regretful for what they have been keeping as a secret in themselves.) (53. And those who believe will say: "Are these the men who swore their strongest oaths by Allah that they were with you'' All that they did has been in vain, and they have become the losers.). now check the Tafseer. http://www.qtafsir.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=767&Itemid=60
    notice the heading first, this is a World wide recognized tafseer or our Holy book.

    secondly, to the ppl who say the benefit we get from these zionist so called Doctors over weighs the "extremist's" strike against them. I ask you, does it out weigh the merciless killings of Palastenian babies and boys, the continuous rapes of our beloved sisters, the dissecting of pregnant mothers. follow the link, this is just a glimpse of their inhuman terrorist activities, http://windowintopalestine.blogspot.com/2010/12/half-of-gazans-are-children-photo-essay.html?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4d07898888235c02%2C0.

    Since it it stated that the Muslims are like a single body, how can logic accept: a guy who busted your eyes and cut you fingers, he comes to give "health care" to your aching knee.

    I wont be surprised if the admin/editor does not post this comment. Jazaaka' ALLAH Khair.

  16. and addition to mi comment, to all the ppl who think they are not either against the Zionist Doctors and Israel, nor with them, as the great leaders of the history says, "you are either with us or without us, there is no middle"

    Salaam again.

  17. Hmmm interesting 'International Zionists' & their lackeys in Maldives should be appauled since they are share the common Zionist-Masonic genius in mass dispensing lies & 'manufactured thought'.e worst lie ever to be fool mankind being the so called 'HOLOCAUST' of 6 million "JEWS",fools Germany would have been victorious if they had the ability to do it.The biggest & th also a lively feature of "Anni's" propaganda website 'minivan news'. I would also like to remind Mr 'Yaamyn' having an MBBS is by no means 'classified' as 'Quality' or 'Professional'in any sense. While it's obvious The so called 'Fundamentalists' are nothing but a secret arm of your government.

  18. "yasir: what do you mean we elected a goverment … it was only MDP suporters so goverment has only right to talk on behalf of them…."

    Exactly what happens when you learn democracy from a madrassa.

    The rest of your outpouring of words do not even deserve a comment.

  19. "Anti-Semitism" the other ploy in the mind game of Zionist propaganda. Anybody with basic knowledge & geneology knows the origin of the present 'fake' Jews of the'illigetimate Zionist entity' are ''khazaras' of the Caucasus proven from 'Protocols of Zion' & 'the 13th tribe' by Arthur Kostler a well known Jew & Zionist. So don't try to be a 'smart-ass' Zionist slave & display your ignorance, you 'WHITE INSIDE BROWN OUT-SIDE COCONUT.

  20. Muslim warrior Salahuddeen's doctor was a jew. Most of the doctors of Muslim rulers of Spain were jews. So why cant we have jewish doctors now?

  21. maldivian young ladies with tight jeans and buruga makes them very sexy.. hats off for your version of islam my dear mullah brothers.

  22. Mr "ALI" wonder really weather you the 'Ali' or some damn employ of the minivannews using the Alias Ali...for certain u dont deserve that name. dubious sensless & historically un authentic justifications only proves your baseless arguments are lies......Man 'Saladin' was himself a Doctor & all his doctors were 'Persian' or Kurdish..read the 'History of the Crusades' &'Campaigns of Barbarossa....All European Historians as well as Eastern Historians agree to this. From where to do u concuct such fantasies....

  23. This is really the joke of the century.....Your Maldive Government couldn't find anyone else other than a bunch of IDF dropouts to check the 'eyes' of your country men now thats simply too much LMAO.....hurray for the Zionist/Lucifereian/ wanna be 'Jew-Friend' Maldivians...hahhaha

  24. @heck
    What's the purpose of writing lies about Israelis and mock the death of an innocent man at the hands of savage murderers? Trolling and you needed your Anti-semite fix for the day didn't you? Pitiful. May Allah save you from malice and hatred. Maybe sense will come to you when you grow older and find out the Islam lessons you're now reading at grade 4 is Saudi-funded propaganda.

  25. Wow. Things are just ridiculous. I see the IMF is quick to put a smooth spin on things too. As a Maldivian I'd like to say that most of us really aren't like this at all; but if the government continues to be so biased towards the radical side, that moderates continue to be afraid of speaking out, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more like them every day.


    I know I'm not with you then. You sound like a raving idiot. Why are you using computers then? Do check the religion of the pilot before you travel? Is your browser halaal? Is your mouse made in an Bin Laden 100% ISO certified factory? The prophet Mohamed would be ashamed at the sheer intolerance of your words.

  26. @ Ali
    "So why cant we have jewish doctors now?"

    Who said we don't want Jewish doctors?

    We said we don't want an-eye-from-Zion?

  27. Just thinking out loud.. Wonder if any of you folks have given a thought to why the West is intent on making a poster-boy of our President. Here's a muslim representing a nation (100% muslim) prepared to accept the friendship of Israel while they make mince-meat of our brothers & sisters in Palestine. Think of the immense propaganda value. By the way.. I don't sport a beard.

  28. The world needs a lot of repairing. I'm certain Israel and its people will prevail in their struggle against terrorists. Terrorist sympathizers may cry, weep, stamp their feet but there is little they can do except join a suicide squad.

    To our Jewish friends in Israel, Iraq, India.. and the world over. We are with you. We are with you in this fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Allah will grant you victory.

    Tikkun olam.

  29. Those people are crazy. Cant they have anything else to do. Those crazy beard guyz are not normal. Its been a while they are not in limelight. They want to get the attention thats all. If they love Palestinians that much why dont they open a fund for them. I guess that would be much better for Palestinians than burning piece of cloth and shouting disturbing others. Cmon beard cowards do something meaningful to the Palestinians than street walking.

  30. Maldives is a nation used to begging. Since decades they are begging and they will continue to do so, be it from Jews, Christians or Hindus. Thats just the nature of Maldives Government since long. Put this on your site minivan news if you dare.

  31. Adhalath and Salaf will be branded as extremist organizations, nothing will be gained and things wont be the same again.Time will tell mullahs.

  32. @ Hani

    "Why are you using computers then?"

    Because non-Muslims would not have achieved the European industrial revolution and Renaissance.

    Muslims were the ones whom spread knowledge to the world, when the world was deep in 'jahiliyya'

    Your silly remarks best suit gay sites like 'ban the Adhaalath' with your friend who went on Robinson Crusoe and wanted to commit suicide but fainted before that!

    Shame on you!

  33. "hey we're not anti-israel, we just don't like israel"

    "ahmadinejad is not very good, but he also says israel is bad"

    "we made lorry rounds. that means all maldives support us"


  34. i think some mullahs is paid by some extremist group to make these demonstrations. And like always the following stupid mullahs dose not know that there leaders have taken money so this is what happen.
    What a joke.

    i sincerely thank the israel medical team.

  35. @ Hani

    “Why are you using computers then?”

    Because non-Muslims would not have achieved the European Industrial Revolution and Renaissance without using the knowledge spread by Muslims.

    Muslims were the ones who spread knowledge in the world, when the world was deep in ‘jahiliyya’

    Your silly remarks best suit gay sites like ‘ban the Adhaalath’ with your friend who went on Robinson Crusoe and wanted to commit suicide but fainted he could do that!

    Shame on you!

    MN - Please replace my earlier comment with this.

  36. We have seen how is real, the zionists treated the humanitarian ships that try to deliver world wide aids To gaza. How they murdered Innocent aid workers From Turkey and one American and other nationalities. Zion is Zionist. The extremist of american n UK back state of Israel. The most ruthless army on earth. This govt. Of Nasheed is money CrAzy. AMA vikkaifaaves faisaa foicheh libenyaa OK. He invited Israelt attend his signing ceremony. All this has been look like agreed before coming to power. His govt officials secretly hv visited Isreoal in 2009. Will get more details soon.

  37. Blinded by islamic fundamentalism; that's what's wrong with these guys.

    Of course, they've been brainwashed into this way of thinking from their Madrasaa education in Pakistan and elsewhere.

    Saudi Arabia will also support these thugs since its in the interest of Saudi Arabia to spread these fundamentalists to every corner of the world. Why? Simple economics; Saudi Arabia needs to maintain its religious tourist trade! When the oil stops flowing (as it surely will), they need to keep other avenues of revenue.

  38. Now its protest fewer for everything. Maldivians will be Maldivian..Hey Beard guyz whats next protest Dress code or Growing beard or to encourage marrying under age girls...PAKAAS LALAL

  39. You can tell the Israeli embassy in Delhi to bugger off! I understand that MDP is governing with a coalition and cannot do everything it wants just like that since its a fragile situation, especially when it comes to local politics also.

    But I see a big double standards by all parties in the government where on the one hand at once they were willing to fight against Maumoon due to the oppression we were under at the time. But once in power, all of these parties have changed their priorities to governing with a blind eye.

    When you are in power, you have even a bigger responsibility to help those that are oppressed around the world and speak the truth always. Now we see the government spokesperson imitating the lines of the American spokesperson when it comes to avoided straight answers.

    So why struggle to bring freedom for Maldives and keep absolutely silent against Israeli oppression of Palestinians, how are not just Muslims, but also consists of Christians and other minorities. The fact is even the United Nations considers Israeli existence in many parts of Palestine as an official "occupation". So why not use the human rights card or democracy card and give support to the Palestinians? Instead all we hear is silence since any stance against Israel will not be welcomed by its big brother United States of America.

    Seems like a lot of hypocrisy by all Maldivian politicians who speak a lot about freedom and human rights, but only speaks when it benefits them. That is why it is important to not vote for people who only knows how to give a good speech in order to benefit their own future.

  40. @Karl Hanson,
    You are the most mis-informed, educated and senseless writer, if at all you wrote whatever is under your name...
    Your remarks obviously depict your narrow mind, stupidity, anger, frustrations may be because life is just too bad for you. Are you divorced? just a bad life and you god will rescue you!! you may be educated, but just to read and write. If you were slightly sensible, you would not abuse someone and call him coconut. You would not use racism as a base of your argument!

    What do you say about muslims blowing up muslims in mosques in pakistan, Iran, iraq?? when palestinians send rockets to israel, they give shells in return. Ironically, Poor muslims praying to Allah in a mosque get blown up by people like you, so called straight muslims...
    ..if you have nothing sensible to write, go hang yourself...no one would miss you

    ..you are too narrow minded dear brother, i fear for our children having people like you around....wasted life!

  41. Why these Islamists are crying for some Arabs in the land of Jews. These Arabs even don’t know a country called Maldives exist. We are a poor country stricken by many disasters like Tsunami. Those Arabs will never extend any helping hand to poor people like us. If we Maldivian are looking for a religion, Budsim is our religion, which is the best spiritual guidance our ancestors practiced. Arabs are the worse in human history who have not contributed any good to human history except some Nazism like ideology.

  42. @heck
    I must correct you. Muslims didn't invent computers. The knowledge you refer to is what they stole from the Greeks and Indians and held it hostage like they are doing now (holding people hostage and beheading them on digital video). Later infidels reclaimed their knowledge and Muslims unable to invent their own went down in ignorance.

    I recommend you type on a goat's back and see if the comments you write show here. Thanks to Jews you're able to use the Internet to spread your vile anti-semitism. Shame on you and your wickedness.

  43. @Ahmed Farooq
    “To our Jewish friends in Israel, Iraq, India.. and the world over. We are with you. We are with you in this fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.”

    I don’t know who you’re representing - certainly not us Maldivians. Maldivians do not support Zionists. Zionism means nothing but racism, terrorism, occupation, ethnic cleansing, house demolitions, land grabbing, murder and annihilation for the Palestinians.

    Israel was founded by Zionists who are actually a European people who immigrated and colonized Palestine – a European people with no proven historical links to the ancient Israelites – and whose great, great recorded ancestors have never set foot there.

    The state was formed by ethnically cleansing the land – the orchestrated massacres and eradication of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948 is a known fact documented even by Israeli historians (those historians were then denounced by Zionists as self-hating Jews). To claim that having escaped the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and Dachau is a justification for the murder, expulsion, and occupation of another guiltless people is totally unacceptable.

    And this saga is continuing even today. Demolition of Palestinian homes, grabbing their lands and building Jewish settlements on those lands are daily events in Palestine. Here are some recent events:

    Al-Quds home razed despite court order

    Israel razes more Palestinian properties

    Israeli forces destroy another mosque

    Palestinian olive groves set on fire

    How anyone can call Zionists as friends is beyond comprehension.

  44. The Jews are coming, the Jews are coming!!!

    They will take your women and force you to eat bagels!!

    They're all addicted to coconut, they are swimming down to Maldives to steal them all. Oh no!!

    Please, any Maldivian who is upset by these Jewish eye doctors - heave yourself into the 21st century. Maybe go and visit other parts of the world. Speak to other types of people - they are all just like you.

    No-one is coming to corrupt your country, it appears you are doing a fabulous job of that on your own anyway.

    So these people hate Jews because they are all evil and wicked - yet when they perform an act of generosity and kindness they hate them for that also. Guess there's no solution then.

    Look how evil they all are!:

  45. @ Ahmed Farooq (from Israel)

    "Maybe sense will come to you when you grow older and find out the Islam lessons you’re now reading at grade 4 is Saudi-funded propaganda."

    So now you want to replace it with Zionist propaganda?


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