“I told them to surrender; otherwise Nasheed might lose his life”, Umar Naseer tells PPM rally

The Deputy Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Umar Naseer has claimed that he warned the close aides of Former President Mohamed Nasheed during the unrest of February 7 that Nasheed “might lose his life” if he did not comply with the calls for his resignation.

“I kept telling them to surrender or else you might even lose your life. I kept telling them repeatedly,” he said, adding that Nasheed had asked for security guarantees for his family.

There are also videos of the ex-colonel and former assistant police commissioners going into the MNDF headquarters, coming out and addressing the crowd, informing them that Nasheed has been told to “immediately and unconditionally resign” and then escorting him to the President’s Office under military guard.

Umar made the remarks while addressing nearly 1,000 supporters of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s PPM party, gathered at Artificial Beach on Sunday night, in its first rally since Nasheed was ousted from office and appointment of Gayoom’s hardline supporters into the new cabinet formed by President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik.

According to Umar, he was at the “commanding center” and mediating with Nasheed’s close aides, while political unrest escalated on Male’ during the late hours of February 6, as rogue elements of police  and  military joined the opposition protesters culminating into what the MDP claims was a coup.

“While the operation [protest] was going on that night, I was at the commanding center. I was talking to Nasheed’s close aides. I told them to surrender; otherwise [he] might lose life. I told them that repeatedly. But, firstly, they responded arrogantly saying they do not have to surrender [because] such a circumstance has arrived,” Umar claimed.

But around 8:30 the next morning, Umar claimed that Nasheed called him saying that he wanted to resign. Nasheed said that he would not participate in any political activities hereafter, Umar added.

“Nasheed called and said that he is prepared to resign. He requested arrangements to be made for him and his family to leave for somewhere else. I told him that it will be arranged and to prepare for resignation,” Umar claimed.

Following media coverage of those remarks, Umar released a statement today pointing out that he did not imply that President Nasheed’s life was threatened by police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

During the unrest, Umar said that he spoke to Former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaanu and told that their lives were in danger because of the large number of protestors on Republic Square.

“I said his life could be in danger because of the large number of people gathered there [Republican Square] and it seemed that police, MNDF did not have the capacity to control the crowd – not even us,” Umar said.

Umar said that “we feared from our hearts” that if the civilians [protesters] had entered the MNDF headquarters by using any means, Nashed, Tholhath and MNDF and police inside the building [at the time] would have been at danger.”

Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have however denounced the legitimacy of the new government, and accused Dr Waheed of participating in the coup.

Meanwhile last night, some MDP supporters also took to the streets near parliament, where some MPs were staging a sit-in calling for the release of MDP MP Mohamed Rasheed, who was among those arrested from Addu for vandalising and setting fire to police and public property on February 8.

“Six of our MPs were taken away last night, I was badly beaten myself,” said MP Mariya Didi last evening, describing the aggression done to her by police forces. “I’ve got bruises all over. I’ve still got a black eye.”

Didi referenced her colleague MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, who was flown to Sri Lanka following a police attack on a peaceful march around Male’ last week. “We’ve all been beaten up for many days in a room” by police and security forces, Didi summarised.

Although charges are being issued they appear to have no base. Didi compared the allegations made against her to those made during Gayoom’s administration. “The same politicians, the same members, are doing the same thing all over again. They think they can charge us with terror charges. If this is the case then we will get huge sentences of 12 years or more,” she said.

MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor seconded Mariya’s statements, adding, “This is a coup, there is no doubt about it, and we [MDP MPs] are feeling the brunt of it.

Gafoor claimed that many MDP MPs are blacklisted and unable to leave the Maldives, although officials have denied the existence of such a list.

Protesters last night put down their signs reading “You cannot terrorise our MPs” around 9:00pm and took up the cry “Lari Lari! Yes Sir!”, mocking the police as corrupt servants of opposition party leaders.

The protests continued without turning violent until 1:00am.

Rasheed was moved to house arrest today, along with three Addu city council members detained by the police.


51 thoughts on ““I told them to surrender; otherwise Nasheed might lose his life”, Umar Naseer tells PPM rally”

  1. The guys at Minivannews is so pssd that Nasheed is gone. I understand ur feelings guys. But Nasheed is a failure. And u guys publishing a hundred misleading articles daily will not change the facts 😀

  2. Ok, even I believe it now. It was a coup. The people ofnthe Maldives will not have it I guess. We are now used to using the vote, not guns to select our leaders.

    Rest of the world must be blind, deaf or in on the deal!

  3. This Evidence enough for all Maldivian's that this is a Coupe which is illegal by the Constitution

  4. Umamar you may think you are a national hero.You always have these kind of false dreams.Brother,did you know that you commited crimes.You only know how to create seperation and create problems.Coz of the your organized lead only seperation and to loose the unity but nothing else.
    Bro be proud and lets whait and face the days ahead of you.You will feel guity of what you did.Yes you are above the law, we also know how to shut you up.Keep enjoying your moments.Good luck dude!!!

  5. leave it to umar to f£$k up a secret.. by doing that, that night umar had done maybe the only thing which has done GOOD for the country ... by actually telling the truth... and yes he was threatning our dear president!!!

  6. Umar is always looser.Someone needs to give councling!!But i think its too late and he has to face the charges.What commander and hero.Umar always living in a fency world.

  7. So then. What do we say? Yameen and Umar were contolling the nation? The president had to ask them for the security of his family? How is that not a coup now?

  8. Seems the way forward for MDP is very simple. Everybody against Maumoon dictatorship should protest, stay at home peacefully and stop working...democratic elections with UN supervision will have to be organised!!!

  9. Looks obvious now it was a coup by Maumoon and co...popular support now required to restore democracy.

  10. Umaru Naseer the All knowing Malakal Mauth.

    Every Statement, Every Word, Every Video, Every Audio that is coming out of Judas Waheed's regime points to a coup.

  11. Mariya, if you had stayed at home quietly with the rest of your thugs, you wouldn't have been hurt. Besides where is your black eye? I doubt you are telling the truth. I don't think the police is that stupid to beat and make headlines specially at such a critical time. You are all nothing but big fat liars.

  12. There's no point in Umar Naseer backtracking what he said in public! He has clearly and unequivocally stated that President Nasheed felt that his life was in danger and that the only option left to him was to resign, in order to save his life and that of others.

    Umar also made it quite clear that his "brothers" on the ground were "mediating" with the President on the terms of his surrender!

    He has admitted that he was involved in the coup d'etat from his "command centre". Now, this is crucial evidence for the public enquiry!

  13. Umar said that “we feared from our hearts” that if the civilians [protesters] had entered the MNDF headquarters by using any means, Nashed, Tholhath and MNDF and police inside the building [at the time] would have been at danger.”

    Civilians would never have been able to enter the MNDP headquarters without being let in.

    Whar rubbish!!

    This was a coup.

  14. Nasheed will surely avoid an independent investigation to the events leading to the so called coup or revolt/revolution, instead will do all he can to have an election before the investigations r complete....civil disobedience it seems..destroying a nation in the name of democracy for personal glory...what has happened in just one atoll addu is more than enough..Nasheed has to chose dialogue and diplomacy...this country can produce hundred's of champions of democracy..the mistake A.Gayoom's supporter's made in idolizing him the same mistake is repeated by nasheed's supporters..well do that n let him also rule for 30 years (or maybe 500)and than complain that he was a dictator!

  15. Nasheed's life was never in danger from the protesters. It wasn't the protesters who led the charge into MNBC and forcefully took it over. Umar Naseer, why do you lie?

  16. Look, Umar may try to change the tune now. But he hasn't got a leg to stand on. What he said last night was all that's required.

    As Shaheem said there was no way civilians could either enter MNDF HQ or threaten the President and his cabinet colleagues, without explicit collaboration of the Police who were outside and MNDF personnel who were inside!

    The glaring fact that's undeniable is that the Police and some parts of MNDF mutinied and threatened the life of the President and his colleagues.

    I dare anyone to put a sane, valid argument that defends this view. There simply isn't one.

  17. Nasheed has already chosen non violent means, He could have ordered the MNDF to open fire. He did not do so. During his 3 years the Police were not violent like the 3 days Waheed has been in power.

    Why is Waheed scared to have an election after handing the power over to Speaker?

    Listen we are not blind neither are we fools. We saw what was happening in front of the MNDF.
    If that was not a coup, you better learn what a coup is then?

  18. President Nixon resigned and his un-elected Vice President Ford was sworn as President of United States of America.

    Please do a google on President Ford.

  19. Even after seeing on TV all the police brutality, why people like Yasir still choose to believe that it didn't happen is quite sad....but understandable. Afterall we had no idea that the men in the Police services were so deprived that they had this urge to grab the private parts of other men. Could also be an inferior complex thing....anyhow, as I always said, Umar Naseer is a liability and today, PPM would have realized that. He was so proud of his achievments that he couldn't help but gloat. Finally you have said something useful, Umar, with all the nonsense you sprout all the time. This state of mind you have must be a military thing, as you and Nazim seem to be unaware of what you are saying at different points in time. Stupid fools!

  20. Lets say this was a coup. so wat? Nasheed had to be thrown away for the sake of the future of the country. He is a failed man.

  21. what you ppl denied again??? see the umar statement.."get surrender or your life might be loose...'

    it is so clear it was a coup...
    please dont fool us anymore...
    Mr. waheed please dont deny that..!!! stop becoming puppet leader!!!
    A coup is illegall action, man!!!

  22. President Nasheed was incapacitated by 630pm in the morning. He had no authority over rogue police elements. viral SMS's were being sent to as many police officers on duty by opposition and defectors mentioning Anni is no longer in power. there was confusion. there was fatigue. there was chaos. Under the direct guidance of Yaameen, Nazim played his role to give an unconditional offer, threaten his life and further chaos on the streets. At the time, the plan was Anni may not resign, if so, to force him to make a drastic mistake of opening the doors to the armory. but anni did not, he resigned. As a result, Nazim had to make his presence visible in the coup, a big mistake.

    Today Yameen is the head of national security. abdullah riyaz, naazim and shiyam are all controlled by him.

  23. When we think about a country like where there is a fire there is smoke of ethic is not way out. In the mobilization of humanity of loyal, Specialty of coral, liberty of happy, who is the man of kindness? who is the women of brutal? Such nasty of brutal, such lonely of interior, killing and murder of man. murder of killing of human. very simple. the whole is helpless. people will die. citizen will cry. No women of men come out to save us. save the children. I am the man who can change the world. come and fight me. i will will win and be the president for the next 1500 years. wassalaam alaikum, varah bodah shukuriyya.

  24. How come protesters large or small in number could endanger the life of the president who is protected by the police and military? If this was the case, i.e., if the angry crowd posed a real threat to the life of the president and threatened his government that means his security had already been withdrawn. This situation is one of a coup conspired by the opposition encouraged by the then Vice President.

  25. President Nasheed was not threatened by the civilian protesters but by the police and military protesters, right?

  26. how on earth can one consider for this not to have been a coup? it has all the making of a coup

    you have a defense minister who at the time a civilian gave an ultimatum to our president!

    And then you have the biggest idiot who openly declares the event as a coup he organized.

    and then their is the issue of 2 civilians who openly went into the military headquarters

    and then again , the president escorted by these juntas to the presidents office.!

    we have seen evidence that orders from the commander in chief being ignored by the military , at a time when these juntas were inside the MNDF.

    i afraid this was a coup ! and needs to be addressed before moving forward.

  27. Maanu, it is not Nasheed who is a failed man, its people like you, the opposition leaders, the police and the Military that are failed men. To think that these people were willing to beat up civilians to the point of killing them, so that the greedy maumoon regime could come into power, smells of FAILURE big time! Sooner or later these people will have to face up to the consequences of their actions, and they have forgotten that there is a power that they can't overthrow or control! As for Nasheed, well if you look at the growing size of MDP membership and the increasing number of people turning up for the MDP rallies, it says something, if you have the guts to stomach it. Wake up for the sake of humanity and democracy, if nothing else!

  28. Maldives will never ever be safe until coup leaders and the instigators are sorted out brought to Justice.

    The members of the Army and the Police who took part in this coup are out there for the whole world to see in pictures and in videos celebrating coup, If they are not kicked out of respective forces in Uniform, we Maldivians can never ever live a decent life. All of them should be discharged disgracefully and they should never ever get chance to server in any post of the government of Maldives, they should never wear the national emblem on there uniform ever.

    I can see US, UK, EU, SAARC, using diplomatic language, as a Maldivian who have never ever support MDP or President Nasheed, I must say when a wrong is done and when the evidences are written all over the wall, I think civil society or west or the develop world with rest of the decent humans should, must and could make the wrong right.

    I really don't know how the Democratic Countries of the the world can get things right in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq or for that matter in Iran if they can't get it right in 400,000 population strong Maldives.

    Western world must intervene and do the right thing, Protect how little country and democracy from the former regime and its vulture.

    Embrace it save it. How much evidence do you need, your great countries have enough technologies in your hands to check the authenticity of these videos, audios and every single statement, your intelligence departments are the best in the world, why are you giving blind eye and not listen to the cries of this tiny Island of Maldives. They are not asking for much. All they want is democracy and freedom and live without fear of former regimes vultures.

    I say to the great civilizations of the world if you cannot see for your self what is happening and what has happened in Maldives is day light robbery of freedom and democracy, If you cannot fix it or if you can not legitimize it, than forget about the world and lets live like animals, tare up all kinds of UN resolutions, tare up all the constitution and get back to the Jungles of the world.

    Its a sad day for the Maldives and Its a sad day for the world and its a sad day for friend in need. civilization as we know it, are at risk.

    Good bye friends let chaos win.

  29. i am not a fan of anni ! nor Maumoon ! i dont give a damn if anni is our president or not ! but for the sake of our future generations we do have to bring these juntas to justice .! even if Yameen was in power that day , one should beat him in the ballot box , not by means of a coup , Mr nazim , umar naseer , B.Waheed , u have brought shame to this nation , i personally will make sure that your names go down the history books as the ruthless traitors the country has ever seen ! shame shame shame!

  30. Chicken "HAVEERU" newspaper run by Fahkadaa zahiru hussein having problem publishing photos of MDP rallies why I wonder?

    Are they part of the coup

  31. As a matter of fact I have always been a great supporter of Nasheed. Not just voted for him but worked hard on his campaign and until very recently believed in him. So I don’t ‘hate’ him but like him a lot as a person.

    If you are not biased, you will know quite well that during the recent past, Nasheed had repeatedly violated the Constitution and was about to destroy the whole judiciary. He was going to re-appoint the whole Supreme Court and High Court, had already refused the lower courts thus creating anarchy in the country.

    Finally all this led to the Police revolt who decided that enough was enough as far as taking illegal orders was concerned. Later the mutiny and protesters joined by MNDF and finally Nasheed forced to resign. Yes, in the end it was a Coup/Toppling of Government. But a ‘Coup’ instigated by Nasheed forcing the MNDF and Police to topple his government.

    I do not condone the illegal transfer of power, nor do I condone the way Nasheed acted again and again outside the Constitution without any remorse or regret.

    I don’t support the current Prez Waheed. I believe that Nasheed did not resign as such but was forced to resign.

    Before Nasheed’s government fell, his popularity was at rock bottom and there was genuine hatred for his actions amongst the independent voters too. People were sick of Nasheed’s activists who were threatening media and setting fire to places like VTV. The county was in chaos because of the confrontational policies of MDP.

    Equally the public is now disgusted with the way an elected President has been toppled. Hence, the massive sympathy support for Nasheed at present.

    Nasheed will most probably win any election held today or tomorrow by a landslide. Not because people approve of his conduct in the past or the way he ran the country but because majority of the people believe in democracy and don’t wish to be robbed of the opportunity to elect the President through a vote.

    Nasheed will return back to power if not in a snap election then in the next election. When he returns back, he should learn from his past mistakes and assemble a capable cabinet, and run the country for all Maldivians and not just for MDP supporters.

    Prez Nasheed should not use his activists on the roads to make policy. Instead he should abide by the Constitution and operate within the Rule of Law to uphold the values that he himself promotes.

    Prez Nasheed should accept the fact that after Maumoon, the people of this country had reduced the Executive Powers when the New Constitution was adopted as they do not wish for a single person to have too much power.

    So, when Nasheed is back in office soon he must learn to work with the Majlis and Judiciary as equals.

    As for the current situation, I don’t believe that violence is the answer or the right way forward. MDP needs to strategise to win the ‘war’ and not just win a ‘ battle’.

    I hope I have made myself clear now.

  32. Thank you Ilyas. A very good response. I am in the same boat too. I do not like the way he ran the show.

    He brought in a lot of incompetent people and rammed down a lot of terrible things down our throats. You are right in that he would most probably would have lost the election in 2013 if he had remained the President.

    What I do not agree is about the Judiciary. They needed to be cleaned up and this has got nothing to do with Government policies etc. It has all got to do with the Judges being corrupt.

    Do we really accept people like Abdulla Mohamed as judges? Even the JSC has said the same.
    Now to me the biggest failure of the Nasheed government has been incompetence and a stupid hardheadedness. A lot of people in powerful positions are not competent to run their Ministries or departments. They get the job because they are Party people or simply YES men.

    As you say MDP needs to calm things down and look for the next election. They should let the people who shout( People like Reeko, Sarangu etc) to shout only but not let them decide or act on the policy level.
    The mistakes they made were huge and they have done good things too and the freedom of speech is the best thing they did. But the GMR issue, the collection of a ridiculous amount of tax etc is what is causing problems for them including incompetence.

    I think they will win the next election on their own if they think wisely and carefully. They have gained so much of good will from this coup.
    To me the coup plotters were stupid OR very scared that the International Judge would find that the judiciary is really corrupt and that Yameen's case would be really prosecuted.

    To me this seems to be the main cause of this coup.Yameen's case or otherwise there is no reason for them to bring this coup now as they know that the longer the Government remained in power and operate like this the more mistakes they would make and the more chances that Nasheed would lose the election in 2013.

  33. Ilyas, yes now you do sound like you have put a more balanced argument forward and I can understand your points. I can even agree with what you have said to some extent, in the sense that yes, there are some senior people in MDP who have not had the sense to appreciate the opportunity they won, to make this country a better place, after the 30 years of Maumoon's rule. Yes, Nasheed should have done a lot of things differently, and he should not have acted outside of the Constitution.

    BUT he did not destroy the judiciary, it had been destroyed by the former regime, and the fact that JSC chose to obey the civil courts order and not publish the fact that Judge Abdulla had been deemed unfit to sit in the bench shows that there actually is no real judiciary in this country, but a bunch of puppets who dance to Judge Abdulla and his masters' tunes. Yes, even with the whole court system and the PG under Maumoon's thumb, Nasheed should have chosen a way within the Constitution to deal with that corrupt Judge and I also sincerely hope that lessons have been learned for when Nasheed comes back into power.

    However, there is no way to even remotely justify the coup. If the POlice, Military, Waheed and the Opposition leaders were upset with Nasheed for acting outside of the Constitution, then the Constitution also provided them with the legal mechanism to impeach him. The Police and Military, should know that they are not like civilians who can go out to the streets and protest, and especially in their uniforms. It is a matter of upholding the respect civilians have for the uniform, and if they can't uphold it, then they have no business wearing it. Those who betrayed this country and its people for their own gain and some cash, SHOULD be made an example of and its questionable why Waheed is calling them heroes instead of the terrorists they are. Maybe because in making them accountable, he too will have to answer a few questions!

    And most especially, when people like Nazim, Jameel and Riyaz are put in charge of our security forces, then the only thing we are going to see in this country is ruling by brutality. We got a taste of that within 24 hours of Waheed's presidency.

    Yes, I agree that violence is not the answer and MDP should strategize too, but at the same time, even we, the people are not willing to allow or accept a terrorist government governing us even for a few more days!

    First we need new elections, second, reform of the Judiciary as per the Constitution, third, all the terrorists who brought about the coup be held accountable and fourth, a reality check for MDP, whether or not they win the elections! Then, we can move on with our lives!

  34. Qasim meeting with Mr.Blake

    Mr. Blake: As Mr.Nasheed has suggested I would recommend going for an election within 6 months time. what you all think?

    Qasim: No No. I invested the many money bringing this the government?

    Mr.Blake: What do u mean by investing money? You funded for the coup?

    Qasim: You mean the soup? Yes Yes my have many resorts you the come, we drink, eat and drink soup. You ok? You name the Black, no

  35. now we know why the idiot didn't survive as a commander during Maumoon's regime either. But praises, his dumbness revealed the truth 😀
    @Ilyas Ahmed I do agree with you to a certain level. we had really begun to get fed up over Nasheed's policies.

  36. hey Umaru, do you have any idea what you are talking about man?
    i dont think any one will put you in command center at all bro. do you know what we called the people like you 'angafidhu' since you talk about the command center can i tell you something bro?
    during the time you were trained in NSS for STF(special task force) you were trained for things like AK47, SLR, Browning 9mm & commanding a platoon but not for commanding a company or battalion. now thing are much more different than those days bro. now Police & MNDF they are trained for Riots, public gatherings & modern warfare with latest weapon systems not like the old days man. & everyone knows if you are the command center you lose the game rather than winning it.
    because you are a Loser.
    you dont try to talk about things that you dont have a clue about. i know personally how much you are corrupted & how much money you had paid to get government projects from the past & existing government, so dont try to be too smart.
    Did you guys know if Anni call's Umar ,than Anni did called me as well & asked me to take over the once he is resigned.

  37. President Nasheed was toppled not by the people. He was toppled by the military and the police loyal to Gayoom. The demontrations were intense, but by no means can we say that a group of 400 to 500 people is a popular uprising.

    This mirrors the "People Power' revolution of the Phillipines. It is an illusion that it was a peoples revolution that brought down Marcos. Or that a revolution occurred at all. Yes, people did gather in Luneta Park, but in reality transfer of power occurred in the barracks.

  38. Please don't label all Police and Army in uniform as corrupt, I am and many of us who wearing the national emblem and uniform with dignity, there are lots of disciplined gentlemen in the Maldivian army and police and we should salute them.

    They will not join the Wild animals we saw on the streets of Male' and In Addu resonantly, I know for a fact they are the product of Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayomm with the Assistance of Adam Zahir and 22 Zahir.

    I hope and pray that all those men and women who took part in the coup will remove their uniform soon, Its has sadly been a disgrace for the forces of Maldives.

    I can only say I am sorry for what they did, Allah willing they will be rooted out sooner than later.

    Please accept my humble apology, We still remain with the people of Maldives to protect and to server and not to treat or speak to you like filth.

  39. Haleem is right in a way about the Philippines. The reformist officers in the AFP were absolutely fed up with Marcos and Gen. Fabian Ver. They wanted the professional soldier then Maj. Gen Ramos to be the Chief of Staff. Furthermore Marcos was a dictator as much as Gayoom was. You say anything against him and the next day you were dead.

    Marcos's people from the AVSEC murdered Benito Aquino on the tarmac of Manila Airport.

    What came to the crunch was actually an election. Cory Aquino won the election but Marcos refused to accept the results.
    That was what brought down Marcos. Gen.Ramos and Defence Minister Enrile, left Marcos and said that they recognise Cory Aquino as the President elect and holed up in the Defense Ministry. The Air Force rejected Marcos and that was the turning point.
    The people of course went to the Defence Ministry to stop the Air Force bombing the Defence Ministry but long before that the jig was up for Marcos.

    The major difference to Philippines was the AFP accepted the legal results of the election. So in a way you cannot say it was a coup as it was as legal as you can get in the Philippines. Incidentally Philippines had two Presidents at the same time as Marcos and Aquino both were sworn in as the Presidents on the same day but of course at different locations.

    Now if in 2013 the results show that without any corruption that Nasheed has lost but refused to accept the results I would be among the first to reject Nasheed. What we need is legal procedures and not military coups.

  40. @Jaleel on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 9:19 PM

    "Please don’t label all Police and Army in uniform as corrupt, I am and many of us who wearing the national emblem and uniform with dignity..."

    Of course, I think that the public at large know this. I fully believe that there are very professional and ethical soldiers within the MNDF.

    Those who took part in the coup d'etat do not belong in the MNDF and should face courtmarshall. I do not know the MNDF codes, but soldiers who mutiny deserve the most severe penalty allowed under the military code.

  41. FACT stated above that minivan is publishing "misleading articles" on behalf of MDP. If they do, then y wouldn't they sensor your comments or other nasty anti-president nasheed comments..

    They could have easily done that isn't it.. The fact that they didn't meant something...

    Everybody can talk freely here, you guys are lucky.. We hv to sensor our own words in Malaysia in any media channels or we could really get into trouble with the law (which I agree with, everybody needs a limit)..

    So stop being so negative n think that everything is a propaganda.. This website is informative and I believe it is merely captivating the truth..

    Fact, perhaps the truth is too scary for you. And I have a question for u.. Will u or any Maldivians be able to post that sort of comment or even hv a place to say anything during 30years of Gayoom's regime?

    Think about it.

  42. @sri I'm not maldivian on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 11:57 PM

    "So stop being so negative n think that everything is a propaganda.. This website is informative and I believe it is merely captivating the truth.."

    sri, one of the biggest issues for most Maldivians is that they simply do not comprehend the concept of "agreeing to disagree". They do not know how to carry out intellectual debates without getting personal. These are the fundamental building blocks of a democracy.

    This website shows clearly that everyone has their right to express their own views. Some people here just can't take that and resort to threats, anger or accusations of one sort or another. That just reflects their lack of mental maturity.

  43. This claim is invalid as the last four years in the reign of Abdul Gayoom was freedom has opened wide as evidenced from a newspaper Freedom and lessons, as well as the many writings against Abdul Gayoom for the fact that freedom does not exist. And Mohamed Nasheed was afraid until 2004 and then came to the Maldives and joined the people. This is the truth despite the nose

  44. Umar was hiding under the bed after throwing his uniform when the tamil tigers attacked Male'

  45. Anti-sri... Wowwww, ur name, is just...

    Well I wouldn't argue with anti-sri as I would not want to simply state facts blindly.. Let's jz "agree to disagree" like what ahmed bin addu said.

    You hv a point there, But didn't the freedom for the last four years of Gayoom's regime came at a cost.Lots of activist and innocent people are arrested?

    Can't u see the difference between the sort of freedom u were saying in Gayoom's regime and the freedom in President nasheed's gov in d past 3 years?

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    We all know who is, and what he is made of!
    Foolish and brainless as he is, he does not know he has put the noose around his neck and is standing on the block!

    Nothing can change the mere fact that this was a coup by the forces and UMAR NASEER was in the thick of it.

    He can enjoy being in the "Command Center" and being the top gun the day!

    Poor ......!


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