India backs early elections

India’s Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai has said the country will back early elections in the Maldives, and pushing for cross-party cooperation and any “necessary constitutional amendments”.

Statements from Mathai were sent to media attached to a document entitled ‘Maldives Elements of a Possible Way Forward’.

“The President [Dr Mohamed Waheed] has come out with a roadmap for an inclusive political process which provides a very good basis for the parties to resolve their differences,” Mathai said.

“Consequent to my discussions, the following formulation was agreed upon by all the parties concerned: ‘In the interests of national reconciliation and to encourage harmony between our citizens, the Government of National Unity will hold discussions with all relevant parties to conduct elections by an early date’,” he said.

“The MDP, on its part, committed itself to encouraging an atmosphere appropriate to the holding of elections. In this context, we understand that their decision to hold a rally tomorrow is being reconsidered,” he added.

“The Government of National Unity will work towards the conditions that will permit such elections to take place including the necessary constitutional amendments. Our understanding is that elections would be held as early as considered feasible by all concerned. This is to be discussed by the parties.”

Mathai said that he had met the leaders of all the main political parties, “including Mohamed Nasheed of the MDP, Abdulla Yameen of the PPM and Thasmeen Ali of the DRP. I also met the Chief Justice and the Speaker of Parliament.

“I reiterated our belief that there is need for a Maldivian-led process for reconciliation and resolving political differences through constitutional means,” he said.

The reaction to the statement from both sides was initially unclear – India’s press conference was to have been held earlier on Thursday afternoon, but was reported delayed due to “new developments”, according to one official. It was later held at 7:00pm.

Meanwhile a press conference due to be held by the MDP this evening was cancelled, while during an earlier meeting with foreign media, Dr Waheed and his newly-appointed political advisor, Dr Hassan Saeed, refrained from committing to early elections and instead reiterated the need for the “right conditions”.

However in a statement on the President’s Office website, linking to the document, Dr Waheed said the roadmap was a “victory” for Maldivians.

“I have an unswerving commitment to the principles of our constitution and a clear vision of how our country can move forward. I am by nature a man who prefers to lead by consensus. This is an opportunity for us to regain the respect of the international community but most importantly continue to build a safe, democratic and prosperous Maldives for all our people,” Dr Waheed said.

“I wish to personally thank the Indian Foreign Secretary for his good offices in facilitating this agreement which has needed all sides to put aside partisan interest for the sake of the country”.

The version of the document on the President’s Office website contained additional paragraphs, including one stating that “the Government of National Unity will ensure the creation of conditions for genuine, free and fair multi-party elections, providing the opportunity for all candidates to compete equally in the elections in 2013. It will strengthen the capacity of the Electoral Commission. It will ensure access of all registered parties and candidates to the media and other means of transmitting positions and platforms and will ensure the political neutrality of the public media. Moreover, it will invite international monitoring of the electoral preparations and the elections.”

Mathai is the second top Indian diplomat dispatched to the Maldives this week, following an earlier visit by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Special Envoy M Ganapathi.


48 thoughts on “India backs early elections”

  1. No road map required for Maldivians.. Bagee Waheed's resignation is more than enough for an fresh election. No more excuses Bagee Waheed!! We will show you the result by ballot. Be ready!

  2. Baagee Waheed seems to be backtracking the moment the Indian Foreign Secretary left. We have seen enough of Road Maps from Golhaa days. We don't want to see anymore. We want elections now. We want to have a say in who is our President. We do not want a National Government of Unity brought by a coup. We want a government of our choice elected by the people .

  3. That's why we always LOVE India...... We will have free and fair election with the help of India.. Surely MDP will show the good result to you Dr Baghee Waheed.

  4. India.... you will get more projects if Nasheed is Maldives President...Many projects are now on going. Number of Indian Companies are investing in Maldives.
    This is Realistic...Love India

  5. Thanks India...Thanks foreign Secretary. Today evening MUZAHIRA will show you HUGE number of Maldivians are NOT Supporting Mr Baaghee Waheed. We dont want a coup. We need an elected Real President. We don't VOTE you, Baaghee Waheed.

  6. There's no need for any Constitutional amendments. Achima Shukoor's press conference was interesting for the following reasons.

    She stated that Consitutional amendments may be required, but there is a way to avoid that. That is for the President and Vice President to resign and the Speaker to head a caretaker government. That will automatically lead to elections under the current Constitution.

    She also stated that Waheed agrees to ANY process that would lead to early elections. Now, if that's really true, the ONLY process left open is for him to resign.

    The other option of amending the Constitution is a non-starter. Even the start of that process can take months, and even amending one paragraph will take years. So, if Waheed is true to his word (which I doubt he will be), he has no option by to resign in order to hold early elections.

  7. Hopping and hopping with a road map eh! waheed. Where does this road map lead us. Into a black hole? First you backstabed President Nasheed. And now showing a road map for the maldivians. We have questions for you and you belong in JAIL Mr.Waheed come and waheed always go.

  8. Do not tell me that Indian Politicians are fooled by Waheeds so called road map. All the talk about reconciliation and rule of law when even now Waheeds police are arresting elected members from mdp strong councils. I think waheed got Indians in just to see if they can stop Fridays peaceful protest.

  9. The way forward Baghee Waheed is for you to walk out that door and announce your resignation. The Speaker will do the rest. You cannot have a Unity government.

    Did MDP have a say when you appointed the ministerial portfolios? clearly not. If people are to be included they need to have ownership. That's basic management for you.

  10. Are we selling our country??..i don't think anything is left of Maldives after this last 3 years of MDP ruling!!
    Our islands and reef's are not Anni's private property nor MDPs!

  11. I have always maintained that islam and democracy are totally incompatible and the political shenanigans in Maldives bear this out. Well done morons of Maldives for unseating a democratically elected president. You deserve the Nobel Prize for stupidity for your actions.
    The so called ‘Arab Spring’ has also fizzled out as we see Egypt reverting to the bad old ways……….clearly the ‘true believers’…………that’s you…………haven’t a clue what democracy and tolerance and freedom is all about.
    I can see Maldives becoming another failed state like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen very soon………..all islamic states, now there’s a coincidence.
    You already have some of the stupidest religious laws in south asia………..flogging of women, intolerance towards other faiths etc.
    India should rescind visa free travel for Maldivians to India immediately and slam the door shut on you losers if democracy is not restored very soon.
    I’ll say it again………islam and democracy are totally incompatible. Most islamic countries are run by despots, dictators, religious mafias and thugs, the military and medieval rulers and sheikhs……….not surprising then that you are some of the most repressive, intolerant and backward countries in the world.
    India has so much to teach you.

  12. The speed with which India and the USA recognised the new government without even calling for an investigation of the events that forced President Nasheed to resign is worrying.

    The rapid dispatch of Foreign Secretary to the Maldives after the visit of Special Envoy and to demand that the MDP join this government which forced our elected leader to resign, is even more worrying.

    Quite frankly India to demand that the MDP join this government which forced our elected leader to resign, is outrageous.

    Its strategy is to confuse the supporters of MDP and make us believe India will help us while buying time time for Dr Waheed and co to strengthen their hand.

    What rubbish.

    India made it very clear they supported the government of Waheed. Super powers like India do not make decisions on a whim especially not about a neighbouring 100% Islamic country.

    Right now integrity in the constitutional process has to be restored. And fir this Dr Waheed MUST resign and allow Speaker Abdulla Shahid to create an interim government and organise elections asap.

    It is critical that MDP must never agree to a government led by Dr Waheed.

  13. India pls go home and do not interfere in maldives. You have failed in maldives. Indians go home.....!

  14. This move should help India regain some of the lost trust, after the disastrous move of backing a military-backed coup against the first democratically elected government of the Maldives.

    As a regional neighbor and a democracy, India should have known better to back an unpopular coup, led by corrupt businessmen, old regime characters, anti-India activists and Islamists.

    I still fail to understand why they did this in the first place.

  15. MDP never won any election and will never win in future as long as Traitor Nasheed is there in MDP

  16. We don't need an election, India please treat Nasheed he need psychiatric help, he cannot manage anger and he cannot control his emotions brought us here. Every day we cannot amend things in any constitution just because of some fools.

  17. In the up coming elections I would like to see the candidate's stand on Islam. MDP has already said that they support moderate Islam, Maldivians have been practicing so far.

    I will not vote for any party with extremist views that promote flogging and recently treachery and treason

  18. Waheed wants to sing dance around the constitution. You either hold the elections now or leave. You cannot make us run around anymore. Must fix an date and you can leave your office and meet the people in the islands. half of them will not allow you to set foot in any of those islands

  19. Should be here...

    I saw Wahid, on television, stating that he did not even know of the ‘resignation’ of President Nasheed until he was called up after the event. So, if he did not see what happened, he is in no position to state that His Excellency President Mohammed Nasheed was not forced to submit that letter against his will.

    I submit that it MAY be possible that Dr. Waheed actually believes that it was not a coup. Human ambition can be extremely self-deceptive. He possibly thinks that the pledge of allegiance given to him was genuine.

    I predict that by the time he realizes he HAS NO REAL POWER it MAY be too late for him, he will regret his mistake.

    This is my prediction, we will wait and see if I am correct.

    In the name of restoring peace and order, parliament will be dissolved as deadlock will make it completely dysfunctional. The Constitution will be suspended. The Maumoon worshipping cabinet, in the name of restoring rule, will decide Wahid was the wrong choice, and hold ‘cabinet-internal’ elections which Maumoon OR Yameen will win.

    Waheed will be sorry, he will be seen as a traitor by MDP, and as a weak fool by DRP, so, sadly, he will be back to his old task of being sent overseas to work in some UN job or as some OS diplomat.

    Pres. Anni MAY forgive him on a personal level, after all he did help Anni get out of prison by representing Anni to Maumoon years ago, yet will never be able to give Waheed a position as MDP would reject it.

    This is actually rather sad for Waheed, because from the many things I have heard, Waheed is a genuinely kind, intelligent guy whose soul has, in this instance, become drunk and stupid due to the perception of power. Power will make anyone drunk and stupid. I don’t blame Waheed, I don’t judge him, he is a victim of something bigger.

    In my opinion the only way Waheed can prevent this destiny is by announcing early elections. Even if this causes the military to throw Waheed out and replace him quickly, at least, he would have a hope of saving face in the eyes of his people.

  20. As someone said, these early elections have so much preparatory work to be done that that it may go on till 2015. 🙂

  21. @ Indhira NewDelhi

    Darling, despite everything you have said, you still love Maldives and Maldivians.
    Don't you?

  22. I would say we have freed our country from a bunch of idiots and India and US realized that before anyone else did. That was why they have recognised and accpeted the present government as a legitimate government, without hesitation.

    Now, what we should be careful about is not to bring in Maumoon's daughters and relatives into the new government. I am sure the Indians and the Americans will nto back Dr Waheed if Maumoon's relatives are brought in.

    Rumors are there that Maumoon's relatives want ministerial posts. I will not support Waheed even if one of his family members are given such high level posts.

    We have seen enough of Maumoon and his family. They should honestly think of retiring at a place we will have nothing to do with. The youngsters also have lived all their lives in a Palace funded by the state, like princes and princesses. We do not want to see any more of that shit.

  23. Dear Maldivian, you may tell Indians to go home, but if you are a true Maldivian, you will never comment like this. It s jst a political issue what is going on in Maldives now. I dont like to interfere your politics, but I love Maldives and respect Maldivians and always we welcome you to India for any help.
    Let brave Maldivians think how India helped. yes we are Indians, but we will never say Maldivians to go out from our country. Because we are sure that India helping somany Maldivians. I am also sure that If India wants, there wont be any country named 'Maldives'.

  24. @ Ben Abdurrahman

    You seem to have got a very limited knowledge about the whole thing. I don't know whether it could be because you have selective hearing or because the information out there is just so one tracked.

    I suggest you evaluate the whole thing from all angles before you make up your mind.
    This government is a legitimate government and Waheed will have all the power. Period.

  25. On the one hand there is a man accused of leading a coup conspiring with opposition to become president and on the other is a a man who officially announced his resignation and than runs back home and admits he was a coward who gave up the presidency just because some ppl threatened him and all we have is his words abt the use of force! I refuse to vote for any1 or party in any such election and challenge its validity if its held without an internationally backed investigation into this chaos.This nation has been once again mentally hijacked by politicians and i refuse to be part of any such political madness.This is the land of our ancestors and our next generation, and i refuse to be part of treachery to this land and am willing to remain oppressed because all i can be and will be part of is the truth!

  26. I hope early elections will not mean golhaa force will win. I will never want to see any of his people to be in the running of this country ever. They can be in PPM and give statements on TV and do what else they want.

    I do not mind even if his children are on TV just because they are Maumoon's children and are in the PPM council.
    But they should never not be a part of the Maldivian government.

  27. Even if there is an election Nasheed cannot contest unless he answer the possession of alcohol in his residency, in the courts of Maldives. MDP as a party also has to be responsible the damage they have brought on 8th Feb all over Maldives, police it self got 112 million Mrf worth damage.

  28. @ Rolex

    Why do you ot want maumoon and his daughters and relatives in to the government? The new Attirney general Azima Shukoor has repeatedly denie any wrong doing by Gayoom or his family or associates. So why shouldnt they be in the government?

    The reality my friend , is that you guys know the truth, who Gayoom is and what he has done and that he, his family and his associates are liabilities trust in them.

  29. @ Hassan

    New AG, Azima is not God. So I will not believe everything she says.

    I know Maumoon and his family have enjoyed every penny this state can offer to make their lives the best on earth inside a palace the state offered to the president of this country. And all these expenses were spent on their lives while most Maldivians lived our lives essentially in poverty -- without proper sanitation, in darkness, eating very basic meals and drinking germ infested water.
    Enough is enough!
    We do not want to see any more of his family in high posts abusing pover like before.
    Again, enough is enough!

  30. The Indian Foreign Secretary Mr Ranjan Mathai seems to sort of accommodate the claims or demands of the rebel government as well as the opposition MDP while he failed to understand what he was saying when he said that his country will back any necessary constitutional amendment.

    Actually, for a fresh presidential election the constitution need not be amended. The Tuesday’s coup was a clear evidence of the fact that cutting back a presidential term being served by toppling the elected government did not require a constitutional amendment. If so, why would a snap election that would bring back a legitimate government in the country would call for such an amendment?

    Mr Mathai referred to Dr Waheed having come out with a roadmap for an inclusive political process.

    But did he realize that the government that Waheed had overthrown last week by a coup backed by mutinying police backed by the military, alternative known as the MNDF, was a legitimate government elected in the first democratically held election in the country. What else could be a more inclusive political process for resolution of differences than a popular government that was Nasheed’s?

    The best political process is to go with the majority and respect it between elections.

  31. I don't know why our Foreign Secretary needs to visit Maldives. We have no locus standi on this issue. President Nasheed resigned on his own will.

    I firmly believe as most posters here believe that India should not interfere in political process.

    We should just maintain good relations. I also believe technical and commercial aid to Maldives should continue.

  32. Himmi I disagree with you. Political stability in Maldives is important for India. The dumb people of Maldives..........that's 300,000 mental retards........have just overthrown a democratically elected leader. You don't want to see thousands of these sunni fanatics flooding into India now do you?..........its bad enough in Trivandrum, Kochi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The only construction project India should fund is a great big concrete barrier reef type project between Maldives and the concrete walls the Israelis have built around the Palestinian settlements..........brilliant way to keep the vermin out.
    Maldives has been pursuing an islamist agenda for several years now and has some of the most intolerant, discriminatory and downright stupid religious laws in south asia.............flogging women in public for example. An indian school teacher was deported from Raa Atoll........where the blazes is this dump?.........merely for having christian hymns on his laptop. Lunatic islamist mobs in Male.........always pious red bearded sunnis 'defending' islam..........have destroyed the SAARC monuments and 'idolatrous' buddhist artifacts in the national museum. We are dealing with a bunch of religious morons here who have no respect for other cultures or beliefs.
    Personally I can't imagine democracy ever working in Maldives.............any more that it working in the other intolerant and backward sunni muslim countries of saudi arabia, yemen, somalia, afghanistan and pakistan.
    Oops............I forgot to mention Maldivians are God's chosen people............the only 'true believer'................the rest of us are idol worshippers, infidels and garbage.

  33. @Indira.
    Islam is the culture of the Maldives and has been so for centuries.How do you like it that your Hindustan was infltrated and ruled by the islamic mughals and later the christian imperialist british and spread their ideology and converted large masses of u to their religeons?Well, we are not so stupid to give any1 that chance and yes i seriously think maybe we are God's chosen people because we are able to do what the mighty neighbour has failed...the destruction of budhist statues in the museum was a political move to rise an international outcry.Don't try to spread your Hindutva agenda amongst us because we were amongst the first in the region to dismiss the caste system in Hinduism and showed our tolerance by backing Budhism which preaches equality and 'sila' for purification of the soul and adherence to the Noble truths.Do your research and see the similarities between the teachings of the prophet of islam and budhha.There is a limit to tolerancy and we have been more tolerant than any islamic nation in the sense that we have accomodated people of all religeons here and given the best hospitality and protected them from any harm.But you dont visit your neighbour's house and tell him how his wife should dress and expect to be tolerated for long!

  34. Is Waheed India's puppet? Is India running the show?

  35. @ Jawaharlal or is it Dhivehi Hangyourself, Imran Abdullah or Maldivian Moron?
    You dimwits really need to put your brains into gear before writing.............I've never heard such garbage before.
    'we were amongst the first in the region to dismiss the caste system in Hinduism.............and is this why your sunni brothers in pakistan are attacking shias, ahmadis, sufis and other muslim who doesn't conform to your fanatical sunni beliefs? this any different to the hindu caste system?
    'showed our tolerance by backing Budhism which preaches equality and ‘sila’ for purification of the soul and adherence to the Noble truths...........really destroying the precious buddhist artifacts in the national museum? Only muslims destroy their pre islamic heritage, nobody else.
    'Do your research and see the similarities between the teachings of the prophet of islam and budhha''ve gotta be joking..............why then do your mad mullahs preach violence and death to all infidels, apostates and anyone who disagrees with them? Buddhism is the religion of peace and tolerance, a concept which morons like you wouldn't understand.
    'we have been more tolerant than any islamic nation in the sense that we have accomodated people of all religeons here and given the best hospitality and protected them from any harm...............then why was Shijo Kokkattu deported from Raa Atoll for having christian hymns on his laptop.......... for his own bloody protection?
    'But you dont visit your neighbour’s house and tell him how his wife should dress'.........I wouldn't tell you how your wife should dress because I know she is swanning around Male in that ridiculous prison like garment called a burqa. Tell me , is she nine years old and called Ayesha?
    As far as I am concerned, India should not interfere in the internal affairs of Maldives.........another backward, intolerant politically unstable islamic nation............we should let you stew in the present political cesspit of your own making.

  36. @Kaalhi,being a sovereign nation, why are you asking fund for 'election' from another country. Keep it absolutely Maldives show.

  37. @ Retired. Thats right. The constitution that was replaced by the 2008 constitution took 17 years to be written. So we could be going like this for another 20 years, possibly.

    Actually we don't need any ammendments to hold an election. Waheed has to resign.

  38. @ saleem

    "Actually we don’t need any ammendments to hold an election. Waheed has to resign."

    Before Deen's nomination is approved by the Majlis, if Dr Waheed resigns, we will have to have fresh elections immediately.
    But why should Dr Waheed resign?
    Just because Anni resigned, Dr Waheed does not have to resign.
    If so, our constitution will say that.
    But it does not.
    It says if the president cannot fulfill his duties, the VP will take over.
    And this is what has happened.

  39. @Indira
    Why are u filled with so much hate for muslims, its clealry obstructing ur judgment.arn't these bearded buruqa clad ppl 17% of ur own population and helping you become the aspiring super power?as far as Pakistan is concerned its not religion but individuals' hunger for power that has destroyed it with divisive politics but we maldivians still are one except for petty party polictics which we will get done with soon.As a moron like me cant justify you i derive inspiration from a great man whome you consider to be the father of ur nation:
    '"I wanted to know the best of one who holds today's undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind....I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the 2nd volume (of the Prophet's biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of the great life."..M.K.Gandhi.....ciao

  40. welcome India. i think there is no alternative . election is only the solution for peace and stability."government of the people by the people for the people."thnx editor.

  41. Free and fair democratic elections in a 100% muslim country.........dream on stupids.
    Is democracy going to work in the other sunni dominated countries like saudi arabia, yemen, afghanistan and pakistan? know the amswer is a big NOOOOOOOOOOO.
    Can anyone name an islamic country that is truly free and democratic?........I certainly can't think of one and I have the intelligence of ten maldivian men!!
    You have just deposed a democratically elected president..........well done!!
    Assuming you do succeed in holding elections and choose a 'democratically elected' leader...........I give it six months before the sunni lunatics in your country...........and you have 300,000 of them.......... want to depose him, impose sharia law and establish an islamic caliphate.
    Kinda depressing isn't it?
    Democracy works in India because the vast majority of its people are hindus. If the majority were sunni muslims.............we would be another disfunctional state like pakistan. Sad but true. doubt a far sighted and intellectual man............ must be rotating in his crypt.

  42. @ Indhira NewDelhi

    Indhira, darling, you still haven't answered my question on this thread.

  43. Democracy works in Turkey; though the vast majority of them are heinous apostates, and must be garroted on the spot!

  44. Dhivehi Hangyourself, I see they have let you out of your mental asylum today.
    Maldivians.............shut up and listen.............'It is because of sunni muslim fanatics like Dhivehi Hangyourself.........God's chosen people and a 'true believer'............ that democracy will never work in Maldives'.
    Thank you DH for proving the point I made earlier.


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