India should stop meddling with Maldives’ domestic matters, says Home Minister Jameel

Home Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has expressed his disappointment over the Indian government’s decision to provide refuge to former President Mohamed Nasheed in the Indian High Commission.

The former President was due to attend a hearing regarding his detention of Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.

Instead of appearing in court, Nasheed sought refuge in the Indian High Commission, claiming his trial was politically motivated and an attempt to bar him from running in presidential elections scheduled this year.

Speaking to local newspaper Haveeru, Jameel said that attempts by any country to prevent a person from facing charges pressed by an independent Prosecutor General (PG), could be described as interfering domestic matters of a sovereign state.

He said the charges levied against the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate were serious as they involved the “abduction of a senior judge”.

In January 2012 while in power, Nasheed’s Home Minister Hassan Afeef wrote to the Defense Ministry requesting the judge be detained as he posed a threat to both the country’s national security and the criminal justice system.

The judge had previously obtained an injunction from the Civil Court against his further investigation by the judicial watchdog, which had complied.

The Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) subsequently arrested Judge Abdulla and placed him in military detention on Girifushi – a military training centre near Male’, also used for Nasheed’s famous underwater cabinet meeting in 2009.

In an attempt to give a legal justification for the involvement of the armed forces during the arrest, the former Home Minister alleged the judge had “taken the entire criminal justice system in his fist”, and posed a threat to “public order, safety and national security”.

After his sudden resignation on February 2012, Nasheed is now facing criminal charges for violating Article 81 of the Penal Code, which states that the detention of a government employee who has not been found guilty of a crime is illegal.

Jameel – a former Justice Minister under President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s 30 year autocracy – has previously said it was “crucial to conclude the case against Nasheed before the approaching presidential elections, in the interests of the nation and to maintain peace in it.”

“Every single day that goes by without the case being concluded contributes to creating doubt in the Maldivian people’s minds about the judiciary,” the home minister said at the time.

Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s contended that the charge against its presidential candidate was a desperate attempt by the government to destroy its political opponents and bar Nasheed from contesting the scheduled elections.

The UK Bar Human Rights Commission – which is has been observing Nasheed’s trial – concurred in its recent report, agreeing that the trial was politically motivated.

“BHRC is concerned that a primary motivation behind the present trial is a desire by those in power to exclude Mr Nasheed from standing in the 2013 elections, and notes international opinion that this would not be a positive outcome for the Maldives,” the report stated.

However Home Minister Jameel has disputed the MDP’s claims, arguing that the trial was not politically motivated but a sincere attempt by the current government to uphold the rule of law.

Expressing his frustration over Nasheed’s presence in the Indian High Commission, Jameel said he had “never previously seen the international community trying to protect a convict or an individual who is being tried in a court of law”.

“I describe this action [by Indian High commission] as very unusual,” he said. “For example, it would be very unusual for a murderer to seek refuge in a diplomatic office.”

Jameel said the country needed assistance from the international community to look into the arrest of the judge, and “not to protect an individual who stands charged with a serious crime”.

Tweeting last night, the Home Minister implied that India was meddling in the Maldives’ internal affairs: “What’s happening now gives us an indication of the extent and level of interest some countries prepared to take in our internal matters,” he said.

“I would strongly urge everyone to let our institutions deal with the challenges, and allow the Maldives to uphold rule of law,” he tweeted.

Jameel was not responding to calls at time of press.

In a statement released by Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian government called on its regional counterpart to strictly adhere to “democratic principles and the rule of law, thereby paving the way for free, fair, credible and inclusive elections”.

“Following the arrest warrant issued against him by the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court, the former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed, who is a candidate for the Presidential elections in Maldives scheduled for September 2013, is in the Indian High Commission and has sought India’s assistance. We are in touch with the relevant Maldivian authorities to resolve the situation,” the statement read.

“Now that the President of the Election Commission of Maldives has announced that Presidential elections would be held on 7 September 2013, it is necessary that the Presidential nominees of recognised political parties be free to participate in the elections without any hindrance.

“Prevention of participation by political leaders in the contest would call into question the integrity of the electoral process, thereby perpetuating the current political instability in Maldives,” it added.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs concluded its statement by contending it was “not in the interest” of the Maldives or the region to prevent any candidate from contesting the country’s presidential elections later this year.

“India would call upon the government and all political parties in Maldives to avoid any actions that would vitiate the political atmosphere in the Maldives,” its statement read.

In a statement released by the office of the former President, Nasheed welcomed the Indian statement.

“The events of the past year – the mass arrests, the police brutality, the politically motivated trials – demonstrate that Dr Waheed cannot be trusted to hold a free and fair election. Waheed should do the right thing and resign from office. An interim, caretaker government should be established that can lead the Maldives to genuinely free and fair elections, in which all candidates are freely able to compete,” he said.

Nasheed in the statement also reiterated his belief that that his trial was “a politically motivated sham” and said the Hulhumale Magistrate Court – established to hear his case – was illegal and created “with the sole purpose of disqualifying me from standing in the presidential elections”.


36 thoughts on “India should stop meddling with Maldives’ domestic matters, says Home Minister Jameel”

  1. India is being taken on a ride by MDP.

    Sensible thing for India is not to take part in the drama seriously, not align with any party.

  2. Revenge revenge that's all what our politicians think of and how to pave the way to become the President of the country. In the neat future only politicians will live in this country with the golden goose the LOVELY ISLANDS.

  3. "Nasheed’s Home Minister Hassan Afeef wrote to the Defense Ministry requesting the judge be detained as he posed a threat to both the country’s national security and the criminal justice system."

    the whole world will see this statement on minivannews and understand what has been goin on. hahaha

    yu think we r retards?

  4. "In an attempt ..."????

    minivannews tone has changed? hahah. run , but whr to hide?

  5. Indian government is helping us to bring peace to Maldives. I deeply thank to the Indian government for helping us. All political leaders know that they can't beat Mohamed Nasheed in presidential election. This is the reason they all joined together and want to put Mohamed Nasheed to Jail. The coup government has kid napped the judiciary & giving all these trouble to MDP. All these political leaders & the judiciary seems like ancient barbarians.

  6. India should summon the people of Maldives to take the responsibility of their nation, and don't let their nation be another Pakistan, Somalia or Libya. India should also ask the world community to see through a free and fair elections in that country. Apart from that, India should not get herself involved in their country's internal affairs.

  7. What Mr Nasheed did, was internationalizing the issue and has involved the international community to see through what he feels, that Waheed doesn't take the people of Maldives for a ride. In a free and fair election everything will be exposed. India has nothing to loose as it sees Maldives irrespective of its govt. as its ally. Nasheed by taking refuge in the Indian embassy has indirectly put the onus of his security on India's shoulder. Now there is nothing much left for India but to protect its guest from external threats. Now it is known that India will not send army to raise an issue there, but will use its diplomatic hold in the international community to protect the interests of its guest and people of Maldives by ensuring a fair election, promised on September '13.

  8. Who is Jameel to instruct India....ha ha ha ha what a joke. Indian Government would never inter fear unless they are sure if MWH Maniku gov is illegitimate...... and on top this guy is challenging them...ha ha ha ha what a joke

  9. You Dr. you are talking nonsense. We Maldivian would very much like India as the biggest democracy in the world to involve and clean our country from torture and injustice that you ppl do to us every day.

  10. he he he biggest democracy in the world????someone who doesn`t know what is democracy will buy this story...

    In this so caled India candidates are being selected on caste basis...and foolish poverty voters get cash and gifts from political parties then vote..political parties depend on film stars to bring crowds for their meetings

    reading+thinking+discussing then voting is democracy....80% Indian cant`t read and write...and live in utter poverty ..this is the true state of the biggest DEMOK-CRAZY

  11. This Indian PM yes madam...puppet and poodle of Italian woman never contested in an election but selected by this imported woman to dance for her tune.

    He enterd to Parliment using a fake Arunachal Pradesh ID as a nominated MP for this purpose...this is a serious offence indemocratic countries..but in this lawless poverty India this is nothing...

  12. The Rape Capital wants to lecture us?

    We are a clean Muslim Nation. India is a country where Muslim have gotten roasted alive.

  13. Giving refuge to a politically pursued person is not "meddling in domestic affairs". Remember how Indian army was used to save Gayoom's skin in 1988 coup d'etat?? That was not meddling into Maldives affairs. Indian govt. is just ensuring it keeps all options open. To be honest, if let to their own, Maldivian politicians will just tear their country apart to settle their personal scores.

  14. @kurvi I don't know whether the forums here are moderated or not but your comments smell hard of libel. You are writing insults about an elected leader. Whether he is puppet or not, is not your concern but of Indian citizen. You keep calling Indian democracy as joke and us, Indians, as illiterate and poor. Let me tell you - since independence all our government are legally elected, there has been no coup attempt, our army and judiciary never intervened in running country and we have thrown out most powerful leaders through ballot alone - something possible only in a true democracy - some thing Maldives can't think of. Our 20% literate people are enough to turn our country into top 10 economies - something Maldives can't think of. Indians elect on basis of caste alone? Let me see - thousands of castes, hundreds of languages, scores of religious beliefs - yes, it is but natural and yet India remains a single country - something Maldives can't think of. We know our flaws - no need to point them. You focus on how your "chaste Islamic republic" is going to get dollars to buy food, oil and medicines - may be you can beg an atheist communist country or turn over to Taliban - they can teach you how to process opium.

  15. Well Said, Mr. Jameel... you were minister those days of Mr. Maumoon and this man was planted by him and things go wrong he becomes a fugitive / criminal.. Same as Binladen becoming fugitive from fighter when he does not dance the way US wanted...
    Maldives is no more Maldives.. its a place reserved for politicians..... Good luck

  16. "never previously seen the international community trying to protect a convict" - so for Jameel, Nasheed is already a criminal.

    With statements like that, Nasheed can get a fair trial? My foot!

  17. Jameel started the mess by writting, publishing and distributing the report falsely attacking Nasheed while in office. Today, he is trying to arrest him on trumped up charges so he can not win the next election. How corrupt can you get.
    When Nasheed got ELECTED he forgave all the crimes of the preious dictatorship in the name of peace. Now, they want to put him in gaol for the rest of his life for trying to clean up a corrupt judicary and redistribute the wealth.

    THANKYOU INDIA for being the leader of SE Asia at this time of crisis and supporting freedom and democracy. The world is watching us and respecting you.

  18. @Virendra well said. I am a Maldivian but I am ashamed of all these ungrateful Maldivians. Actually Maldivians think they are the chosen people, and they are the enlightened ones. The rest specially Indians, Sri Lankans and Banladeshis are backward people.

  19. Nasheed's only 'crime' is that he tried to stop a known child abuser from destroying more lives.

    And that makes the criminals calling for his arrest child-abusers by proxy.

    And the punishment for someone who violates the rights of the child is death by firing squad.

  20. I planned to vote Nasheed but now I fear he would be a puppet of New Delhi.


    Read machiavelli, he wrote it all down, 500 years ago....

  22. Kurvi if what you said about Indians being illiterate how come Indian scientists are hired by the most civilized countries of the world to do their things?

  23. Thank you Z, Sir Jameel started the mess up by writing, publishing and distributing the report falsely attacking in the name of religion while Nasheed was in office. Yes Ablo Qaazi or disgraceful judge spared this been investigated by the police. He is But Jameel is still anticipating about the law and constitution. Jameel even warned President Nasheed on public TV to be jailed for a long time even Judge was held up. what about 6and 7th February were was the law you are talking about.Too much of political pretense!!!!

  24. Well said @Virendra! Some people like @kurvi are just capable of seeing things up to their nose, not beyond that, feel really sorry for them.

  25. even in small African countries there are qualified people who work in the top positions ...if few people go to west from India it doesnt mean that this Soooper country is full of talented people ...many people on streets cant read the bus sign board,,,,,

    By the way can anyone explain in which electrote this poodle Singh contested and elected to Parliment as an MP....???

    Yes every 5 year there are elections being held in this poverty India ...but in centre and states families are ruling...votes are being bought for cash and gifts stars are being hired to attract illiterate ..hungry voters..this is the beauty of ......DEMOK-CRAZY in Indiya

    In the west one a politician reach retirement age he quite the politics (may be few exceptions)and he and his family are all out from public life...but in this India even politicians wives and families are being given special security with tax payers money....and these jokers worship an imported woman....without shame...thinks all are like them ...

    India must atleast try to save existing boarder....already Chinese are just 20 km from Southern coast...kudoos for south block bald heads ...

    Finally when Blair was PM british press called him as a poodle of George Bush...but this poodle even cant open his mouth without her permission...

  26. Is it not enough to see how this coup government’s competence when they have ministers like this undedicated guy who even does not know the geopolitics of the world today? India is acting super power in this region. India will definitely use their influence when their interest and the democratic principles are in question. India is acting within the democratic principles, and we don’t see any violation of international norms. Anni was an elected president who was forced out with violence perpetrated by the current coup government with the help of security force, and he is the most popular guy with very strong backing of 40% people of Maldives. You can’t call such person a criminal when half of the population does not make him a criminal because of what he has done to that judge whose integrity seriously was in doubt.
    And the same power that manipulated the whole political disturbance holds the power without consensus of the people, if they claim that they want deliver justice ,this must be the biggest joke. If India was welcomed to protect a dictatorship, why they are not welcome now to solve the current undemocratic situation created by a coup government?
    On the other hand the whole blame of India meddling with Maldives should go to those who have brought the country in to this mess by toppling a democratic government and now trying to show their power to half of the citizen of Maldives.

  27. Perhaps a good idea for Dr Jameel and Dr Samad to compare notes. Dr Samad Foreign Minister quotes separation of powers and says the government does not intervene in matters of the judiciary (good one Samad, you ARE doing well!!), Dr Jameel Home Minister calls on the courts and the PG to hasten the trial of President Nasheed, calls President Nasheed a criminal, a convict and then proceeds to blast the judiciary for dragging their feet (his opinion)) with the trial of President Nasheed.

    I have to say my respect for Dr Waheed and my belief that we should be voting Dr Waheed for President 2013 strengthens every day. It takes something to work with this lot, especially Dr Jameel. Pity President Nasheed couldnt see that. If he had delegated the inter-government / inter-party relationships to Dr Waheed as President Obama did with his VP, he would not be sitting in the Indian High Commssion seking refuge.

    On Jameel. Can anyone tell me what happened to the investigation over his slander of President Nasheed calling him anti Islam and his numerous anti semitic and anti christian comments?And the infamous pamphlets distributed by Jameel? I am a bit hazy about what actions were taken by the various institutions ie PG/AG/ the Police/ the judiciary/ HRCM , Majlis to hold Jameel to account for his blatant racism, xenophobia and his unsubstantiated accusations against President Nasheed.

    Did the honourable Judge Abdulla ever issue a warrant for Jameels arrest and to be questioned and did the police ever send the case to the PG office?

    Or did the whole thing fade away as Jameel took on the Home Minisers portfolio?

  28. Hope saner council shall prevail. We were known as the most peaceful people in the world before but now it appears inside us there remained a savagery worse than ferocious animals. The brutality of Police when dealing with protesters are in contrast to what they were allowed during former Presidents time. Religious extremists are openly preaching hatred and violence when allowed to preach.Corruption is deep rooted and on free fall mode. Even the watch dog ACC have become unbelievably corrupt and from top to bottom everybody have sold their soles to have a material gain. We call 100% Muslims or are we really. There is no Allah in the minds of about 45% in Maldives. Instead we have a God called Power and money. May Allah punish the perpetrators of hate wearing masks of shieks.

  29. I believe India has taken the step as a retaliation against government for cancelling GMR contract. We need to stand by our rule of law. Every one should respect court orders. Nasheed is been summoned to face his unconstitutional acts of detaining an innocent judge. He is the one who claimed to introduce democracy. Is this an act of democracy to detain citizen without any grounds.

  30. the majority of people know that Nasheed is a gone case and he will not be able to win any election in Maldives.

    Proof. all the election that had happened after 7th Feb. 80% is won by other and MDP only manage to get 20%.

  31. Ya, when a gang of terrorists attack Male' it's "India please help us!" But when it comes to protecting the first democratically elected president of the country, who is beloved by a large majority of the population, it is "India is meddling in our domestic affairs!" This is what happens when we have morons as ministers.

  32. How can India avoid getting involved in the squalid politics of an unstable Maldives when your ex president does a Julian Assange in our embassy and you morons lay siege to our embassy everyday for travel visas?
    Why doesn't your ex president run to the Chinese embassy or better still the embassy of your sunni brothers Pakistan?
    Lets face it, you have so much in common with the Pakistanis:
    Same intolerant 'we are gods chosen people and everybody else is garbage' religious views
    Same political instability
    Same addiction to narcotics like brown sugar, hash oil and solvents
    Same bankrupt economy
    Same problem with islamist zealots who want to take you back to the seventh century and behead everyone who disagrees
    Same short, fat, unattractive men!!
    You do not have anything in common with the good people of India......thank god......we are not a '100% hindu country' and cherish all our religious communities unlike you dumb retards
    It must burn you up inside when you see our democratic institutions, secularism and economic some of the comments above show
    We Indians have no interest in meddling in the internal affairs of a failed state......OK?

  33. @ Neelam

    What rule of law?

    What courts?

    The judiciary is one big joke.

    Does anyone remember the number of times Nazim Deputy Leader of Majlis skipped his trials?

    And does anyone recall seeing the police out with a warrant to summon Nazim to court?

    And do you recall, Neelam that the court found the man NOT guilty DESPITE hard evidence to the contrary.

    And what about the court that refused to issue a warrant for the arrest of Dr Jameel when he would not provide evidence for his accusations against President Nasheed . Even when the police repeatedly requests the court for such a warrant..

    Rule of law my foot.


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