Indian PM asks for “amicable” settlement in GMR issue

Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has requested President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to “amicably” settle the GMR airport issue.

In a media statement regarding Yameen’s first state visit to India, Singh said he had  discussed ways of expanding bilateral economic relations and said that an increase in Indian investments in Maldives would contribute to expansion of bilateral economic relations.

“In this context, I requested President Yameen to amicably settle the issue of Male International Airport and address the problems that some of our investors are facing. “ Singh said.

In 2010, the GMR Male International Airport Pvt Ltd (GMIAL) – a consortium of the Indian GMR Group (77%) and the Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (23%) — was awarded a concession contract to manage Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male for a period of 25 years.

However President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s government – of which President Yameen’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) was a coalition partner –prematurely terminated the concession agreement.

GMR later filed a compensation claim of US$1.4 billion for “wrongful termination”.

Singh said Indo-Maldives bilateral trade is worth INR 7billion (USD 112 million), but the balance is “overwhelmingly in India’s favor”. He said he would like see a more balanced growth in bilateral trade and pledged to encourage flow of Indian tourists to Maldives.

The prime minister said that India “is committed to supporting peace, stability and progress in Maldives” and that he is confident that Maldives will be able to fulfill the aspirations of its citizens under President Yameen’s leadership, and that Maldives will be able to play its due role in the region, opening a new chapter in Indo-Maldives bilateral relations.

Meanwhile local media ‘CNM‘ has reported that the Maldives government is working on an out of court settlement with GMR. Quoting Yameen as saying at a meeting with Indian businessmen, CNM says the the government and GMR are discussing to settle the issue by mutual agreement.


9 thoughts on “Indian PM asks for “amicable” settlement in GMR issue”

  1. Foreign investments do not go to certain countries. They go to some other countries.

    Foreign investments go to countries where there are stable governments. Not only that. These governments abide by the rules of international law, and respect their treaty obligations to other countries.

    What became clear in the quoted GMR( Indian business) and the traitor President Waheed issue was that the Maldivian government and society are unpredictable and untrustworthy. Governments like that of Waheed are bad business partners for foreign governments.

    Dr Waheed's government openly and arrogantly abused India which is something no Maldivian government has ever done earlier.

    President Yameen has an opportunity to behave better with India and continue his half brother Maumoon's traditional good relationship with India.

    So far, India has never been hostile to Maldives. Let it continue that way.

  2. IF GMR had done a clean deal with Nasheed, they would not have to get out of the airport contract.

    GMR had given a huge bribe to Nasheed and Nasheed had taken high cut out of the deal to award the airport to GMR illegally.

    GMR got disqualified in the first round and then ended up winning the bid ? Does this ring some bell ?

  3. The illegal and politically motivated termination of GMR's contract should be a salutory lesson to Indian companies who should not make the mistake of investing in Maldives again.
    Need a new airport?.....go to China.
    Need to go abroad for higher studies?.....go to Terroristan.
    Need medical treatment?.....go to Somalia.
    Need building materials?.....go to Sri Lanka.
    For anything else.....go to Jahunnum.
    We have one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world and we have no need of your worthless currency.
    India calls the shots now. The next government may not be so tolerant or sympathetic to your political games.

  4. Hero, once again you demonstrate your significantly inferior IQ.

    Keep reading MV Exposed ya f*ckin' moron.

  5. Nasheed single handedly concocted and signed this corrupt deal.

    That's the fact.

    Whether it's mildly corrupt and hell-bent corrupt, it remains to be seen.

    All I know is, in between democracy and Islam, in between Maumoon and new generation, in between ignorant and educated, in between pious and liberal, India is manipulating the politics of the situation very well.

    Maldives owes India for utter blunderous deal, made because of our insecurities.

  6. MissIndia.

    We have not stop any of the activities you have highlighted despite your barrier and sanction .

    Maldives does not exist because of India and India does not exit because of Maldives.

    Both countries need to work each other on a mutual interest .

    Though we are small, but your country also need us and also earning in millions from this country.

    People like you who are so corrupt had done the GMR deal with the corrupt like Nasheed.

    GMR deserve to be evicted from the airport and they knew what they have done to get the airport was not right. But they took a chance and then even tried to bring back the corrupt Nasheed back to power to take the airport back.

    All the money that was spent got wasted.

  7. Hero, or should I say Zero
    You seem to have a very exagerrated view of your own importance and usefulness to exactly are we 'earning in millions' from your bankrupt country?
    The truth of the matter is that your very survival depends on aid and handouts from my country.....why else would your politicians make a beeline for New Delhi when the cash runs out?
    As a '100% Muslim country' why on earth don't you 'true believers' screw your sunni brothers for aid?
    Why do we 'idol worshippers' have to constantly bail you out?

  8. MissIndia

    India is an independnt country.It strongly condems the illeal & unethical activites carries out during pre independence era.The British colonial era.

    So why if you did nt like unethical side of your colonial master why put unethical deals in Maldives.

    Maldives is nt bailed out by India.GMR dud nt invest anything.They git a loan by using the name of Maldivian gov.GMR paid less than 2 years revenue of airport to buy the airport. THIS is Strong coruption.I think you do nt know to do maths and see the normal ratio of rent and sell of a place.

    Miss India should be in beauty pagents. Not talking about Economics for you could nt even be a shopkeeper.

  9. Miss India, you seem to insist on abusing the freedom afforded to you here and continue to insult and spread your verbal diarrhoea. Once again I remind you to go an deal with that one major problem your country and special your capital is facing - that of rape! I did point to you how big a problem that is in your country! No capital is labelled except Delhi as the rape-capital of the world. There must be a reason for this! Like I said before suggest to your politicians, to open up more brothels at every street corner. And even though, as I said before, judging from your posts here, your nutty skull holds half a brain of a monkey, and as your morals do no go beyond that of a shit-fly, you will be very well qualified to work in those brothels and entertain! Just one thing, your brothels must conform to the international health standards. The way they are now, I am sure you would agree, it's appalling! I am sure your monkey-brain will understand the consequences if your fail to maintain proper health standards!

    By the way did you find out how hold Mahatma Gandhi and his wife were when they got married. I am waiting; I am ready to cite your Hindu sacred texts as well as past and current practice of child marriages and other practices in your culture.

    And if you can't stop abusing with your deluded version of your superiority, I can help you to come down to earth.
    You talk about others coming to you with begging bowls; they repay you with interest. That is not the point. I will provide you later some statistics on the number of your countrymen go to the Gulf countries -the Muslim countries you love to hate- with their begging bowls. Tell your politicians to create jobs for them so that they do not have to slave themselves there.

    It is high time to stop your abuse and insulting and start behaving responsibly, like the vast majority of your compatriots do!


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