Inmate suffers serious head injuries in Maafushi Jail fight

A Maafushi Jail inmate is currently undergoing surgery in Malé’s Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) following a fight at the jail.

Ibrahim Azar of Maafannu Dhodhilge was brought to Malé at around 9:00pm with serious head injuries. He was serving a five year drug abuse sentence. Eyewitnesses say he was unconscious at the time.

Speaking to local broadcaster Raajje TV, Azar’s mother said she had rushed to the hospital after she received reports that her son had been injured in a fight.

“They [police] told me there is no danger. It was just a fist-fight. He does have head injuries. He is talking with his hands. But I asked if he is not injured, why is he talking with his hands?” she said.

Following a CT scan, doctors later told her Azar had suffered several injuries to his skull and needed major surgery.

“My hands were shaking so a relative had to sign the consent forms for surgery,” she said.

Azar is currently serving his second year in jail. His mother said she has not spoken to him in over a month.

“I have not received the six minute phone call I should get from jail,” she said.

Speaking to local newspaper Sun Online, Azar’s brother said: “Even when he was taken out from the emergency room to the operation theater, he was bleeding heavily from his head. The bandage around his head was soaked in blood.”

The fight reportedly occurred between Azar and another inmate.

A Maldives Police Services team is currently at Maafushi Jail to investigate the case.


6 thoughts on “Inmate suffers serious head injuries in Maafushi Jail fight”

  1. Too bad the injury was caused by another inmate. Otherwise this would have been absolute Gold.

  2. Less chatter and more news please. No statement from the police? no suspension of foul play by law enforcement authorities? What about the other guy? -
    If there is any injury/fire/killing the usual suspects should be 1-politicians, 2-the police, 3- the military, 4-other law enforcement offices like the Home affairs, 5-the judiciary, 6-Other lowly thugs and mediocre criminals.

  3. Bitter Truth, what do you mean "otherwise"? you sarcasm is directed towards mdp i see. but i also see how inhuman you people are.

    i don't see any difference between a guard beating the life out of a prisoner or when a prisoner does it while the guards stand by and watch.

    and it also shows how far removed you people are from the situation the youth face today. of course you would believe he abused drugs simply because he is a bad person while most are drawn to drug use at a very young age when they don't know any bettr.

  4. Drug abusers don't belong in jail anyway. They need help!!! And so do their families!

  5. Bitter truth said well.

    If this injury ws sustained by the guard then it would have been used as a tool by Nasheed to bring a chaos to this country.

    It would have been passed on to world media by now.

    Nasheed has no feeling to this country.

  6. I want to apologize to the family of the inmate and any foreigner reading this article and comments, for the callous attitude of "Bitter Truth" and "Hero". Not all maldivians are arrogant, inhuman people who use incidents like this to speak ill of others.

    To them, even tragedies like this are nothing more than the opportunity to earn some quick cash.

    We should all be ashamed to call ourselves a 100% muslim country.


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