Islamic Foundation condemns reports of “pre-emptive” anti-terrorism bill

Comments made by government officials to Indian magazine The Week, concerning the potential for homegrown terrorism in the Maldives, risk portraying the country as a safe haven for terrorists and creating problems for Maldivians overseas, the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has said.

The cover feature of The Week quoted a “Maldivian intelligence official” as saying that the spread of an extremist belief system in the Maldives “is fueled by hate preachers like Sheikh Fareed and Sheikh Ilyas. Both are [under surveillance],” the magazine reported a “Maldivian intelligence official” as saying, adding that a large section of Maldivian youth were becoming “hooked” to ideas of “transnational jihad”.

“The signs are ominous as seven radicals chose to contest the Maldivian polls in 2008. Though all [of them] lost, we found that Islam is being increasingly used as a political tool in Maldivian affairs,” the magazine quoted the intelligence official as saying.

In response, the Islamic Foundation warned that the government was raising such concerns and allegations “at a time when there is a tremendous rise in religious awareness and people’s attempts to return to mainstream Islam.”

“Apart from the threat of being arrested and interrogated by authorities abroad and being kept under surveillance by foreign governments, the government’s action may create obstacles and insecurity for the Muslim religious scholars and the people of Maldives in travelling abroad,” the Islamic Foundation said in a statement.

“We also call the government to stop stereotyping the people of this country with the hope of getting financial benefits from the enemies of Islam. We also urge the individuals involved in such acts to get repent and return to the Path of Allah.”

In the statement, the Islamic Foundation expressed specific concern about the forthcoming counter-terrorism bill The Week revealed the government was drafting, reportedly in consultation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Interpol.

“If the proposed bill has been passed, the law enforcement authorities would get a free hand to crackdown on religious activities with the pretext to preserve national security. The law is likely to provide an ample opportunity for the authorities to arrest Muslim religious scholars and extradite them or send them abroad for investigation, and also ban preaching Islam in public or conduct sermons and lectures to a wider audience,” the Foundation warned.

In the article, Deputy Commissioner of Maldives Police Service Ahmed Muneer is quoted as claiming that the bill would “provide sufficient powers to act pre-emptively on national security matters.”

“Our radical preachers are enjoying street credibility and radicalisation is visible at the street level. It’s a problem for us, but things would aggravate if the radicals get integrated into Maldivian politics,” Muneer told the magazine.

Speaking to newspaper Haveeru yesterday, Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad confirmed work on bill and said it was an attempt by the government “to bring in a legislative framework due to our concerns.”

“We are not sure whether the laws and regulations currently in effect provide a complete solution to the issues that we face at present. Other nations of the world also deal with such issues through special legislations. So our security forces will also be able to deal with such issues through the necessary legislation,” Dr Sawad told Haveeru.

In response to reports of the bill, the Islamic Foundation said it “will not be intimidated by any threats from the Maldives government, the Zionist Israel and United States (the self proclaimed super-power) to abandon its work to propagate Islam in this country.”

The Islamic Foundation has also been highly critical of the Maldives’ government’s foreign policy following its decision to allow Israeli eye doctors to perform free surgery in the country during a visit in early December 2010.

The Foundation called on the government to “shun all medical aid from the Zionist regime” prior to the arrival of the seven eye surgeons, claiming that Isreali doctors “have become notorious for illegally harvesting organs from non-Jews around the world.”


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  1. What you see in Maldives is not an increase in awareness but the results of conservatism and suppression. Indoctrination and enforced religion as opposed to spiritual growth means it is a foundation lacking faith. Only the oppressors benefit and they reap the physical benefits (such as power, position and money) while everyone stays ignorant.

  2. Lets ask the Wahaabi Islamic Foundation - what organs the zionist infidels took from the people who received eye treatment last months!! Any kidnesys, livers, eyes gone missing?

  3. Of course they are against anti terrorist bills. These guys are directly responsible for sending people on Violent Jihad!!!! Why can't they all just go instead of whining how it'll become harder to spread their hate speech.

  4. Don't worry Fauzy from Islamic "Foundation" of the Maldives. We don't have anything to hide, right?

    When we don't have anything to hide, this bill shouldn't be of a concern to us.

  5. Uhhh wasn't the president of this "foundation" once a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay? Says a lot about why they wouldn't want an anti-terrorism bill.

  6. Anni came to power by vocalizing the situation as it is.

    Beardee terrorism, and child abuse(I categorize anti-vaccination as a form of abuse) is a clear and present danger to Maldives.

    There should be no reason to be an ostrich on this case. If it is a national threat, do not be afraid, take action and be prepared to defend it.

  7. Oh!, You Douche Bags can you tell me about stereotyping. You hypocrites consider moderate Muslims as infidels and keep stereotyping. Not to forget all others in the list. I even heard some stupid belonging to these douche bags on radio, saying those who think Israeli doctors should treat Maldivians are Kafirs and should leave the country. These arrogant and mindless fools are ruining our lives.

  8. They wouldn't express their concerns if they had nothing to hide.

    VERY, VERY CLEAR! An innocent person whouldn't be scared to be interrogated abroad. That tells us very clearly what they are actually doing!

    You're digging your own grave, IFM!

    I expected them to be a BIT more clever and at least PRETEND that they are not worried about the bill.

  9. @Shah - What are you trying to say?

    An already blind person got blind?
    Or an almost blind person got blind?
    Or that the eye surgeons purposely made someone blind? That it was their mission?
    Or have they taken a Maldivian's eye?
    Where is your proof that this is true after all?
    Do you know that there is a risk in every surgery?
    Does it imply that if a Maldivian can't save its patient's life during a surgery, her/she also kills another fellow Maldivian?

    Where's your sense of reality?

    They came to help as DOCTORS, not as members of another faith. Noone has taken anyone's organs as the radicals in the country feared.

  10. This is nothing less than a confession by the Islamic Foundation of their interests in propagating militant Islamism.

  11. @Shah, I hope that "one person" wasn't your family member. Otherwise you are lying as usual.

  12. Great job Islamic Foundation. We will work with you to get rid from these infidels.

  13. These infidels are dominating this Muslim country. We must do something to prevent this community from these infidels.

  14. The Wahhabi Mullas don’t know that they are spreading Arab arrogance and stupidity in the name of Islam. Let people choose what they want believe with free choice. Religion supposed be food for souls not a political tool for the narcissist psychopaths to achieve their delusions.

  15. I strongly commend our government for trying to control spread of violent jihad and extremism. We have to face the truth. More and more Maldivians are embracing the Wahhaby sect. We see this quite evidently from the streets of Male. This so called Islamic Foundation should be thrown into the dust bin. This foundation is stocked with hardcore extremists who are backward and destructive. They are intolerant fanatics who want this country sent back to the 7th century.

  16. lock up the filthy Islamic Foundation, then we can happily go back to our peaceful lives in this country

  17. Whats the problem with these beardee Mullahs. There is nothing against them in the bill. The bill seems to give pre-emptive powers to security forces against terrorists/terrorism or against person or organisation engaged in anti-national activities. IFM should ask itself whether they are engaged in anti-national activities - if not - they have no reason to be worried.

  18. [email protected]"same people commenting over and over again in different user names against Islam! what B.S"

    Haha, I use my own name, I am not hiding behind aliases, and I have no problem with Islam itself, only with Islamic fundamentalist extremists (and similar Christians) who are dragging their nations back into the stone age. Intelligent atheism, and secular states, are the rational way forward.

  19. Arlet! this is something we all have to see about IZLAM. comeone guys. lets know it... check google. ( the war you dont see)

  20. I'm lost...who is running this country? Islamic Foundation or a democratically elected government?

  21. Islamic Foundation can go and stick it up theirs!!! Who the hell are they to tell us what we should and should not do. They can go and merry their 4 wives, have sex with there Ninjaariyaas, and go to jihad chasing the ultimate gift of 72 virgins and rivers filled with red wine.

  22. Those who say that they are not against Islam but yet who actually are, say things to our beloved prophet(SAW) mohamed sallallah alihi wasallam...
    Dont you people know that prophet (SAW)had a beard?...
    would u still say a beardee Mullah to him.....
    i wonder.....
    shame on those who do not know the truth and beauty of Islam...
    just study first about the religion of Islam to comment such things which are surely nonsense.

  23. @light ray and all those who see only black and white
    Do you know that Prophet Mohamed (SAW) would speak gently and forgiving and non judgmental. Neither would HE shame those who do not understand him. He (SAW) do not want you to carry a beard but HE (SAW) wants you to love, be kind, be compassionate, be generous and be all the qualities HE (SAW) lived.
    We do not like the superficial lifestyle of the Islamic preachers but we do care to give people the space to learn. We pray for guidance and strength in challenges in our lives, but we do NOT force people into anything, rather advise and guide. If someone is different, we do not shut our door on him/her but we embrace the difference and continue showing the values that that will help people.

  24. @ Derek Postance "Haha, I use my own name, I am not hiding behind aliases, and I have problem with Islam blah blah blah...only atheism is good more blah blah blah".
    so u used ur own name, eh? what kind of effd up name is that anyways. for people like u its better not to respond.

  25. Today, people who open their mouths like the bay of Bengal and chant democracy and transparency would find it difficult to attack or jail political dissidents, or Islamic scholars at their hearts' desire, but once the term preemptive anti-terrorism is applied, it's easy to hunt down, arrest or even kill them in custody!

    Today if a human being is killed like a mosquito and no explanation is sought, the victims is a Muslim and the excuse is pre-emptive anti terrorism!

    Maldivians. Beware! Looks like we are beginning to feel the aftershock of the Zionist visit to Maldives.

    A handful of Atheists think they have conquered Maldives and could change our Laws as per their wishes.

    Looks like this is the first time a Hebrew text is being translated into Dhivehi.

    What more could you expect from people in our President's office who are reminded of their smoking break at every prayer call from just opposite their offices?

    'miothee vaa sarukaareh'!

  26. Wahabism is a global problem that muslim and non muslim countries alike are struggling to cope with. Mullahs are hated by the majority and governments. The dangerous virus is spreading like wild fire in the Maldives too. The virus needs to be eliminated.

  27. Does anyone think that the status of Muslims today is like scum and rubbish that is carried down by a torrent, and the reasons for it?

  28. sour loozerrrrrrrs!!!!!!!!!!

    why hiding behind the back....cum out if u r a true man!

    coward comments r not IMP

    thank u 4 ur co-operation

  29. Muslims may have had a golden age, but at moment heck is right. For once.
    The fundies are the scourge and scum on earth.

  30. I think these maldivian peepz are r3ally getting Blind 4 lil $$$....

    why that much uncertain faith here?!!!

    I dunno wat r they studyin @ school and colleges??


    Y PRESIDENT X TELLING AND YELLING DT their party can enforce the rulings of izlam here its ONLY their power!! or x it jux a trap again 2 get d BS votez?

    cheap BPOSI

    lets see wats gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Go Islamic Foundation Go. You are the Best. You are our Islamic Jihad. You are our Hamas. You are our Hizbolla. And Minivan News, you infidel news online is publishing on the comments which you like.

  32. [email protected] "what kind of effd up name is that anyways. for people like u its better not to respond.". Sorry, but as you ask a question I will respond.

    My surname is Norman French, so dates back to before 1066 in the "Infidel" calendar. So, [email protected], don't be shy, tell us what wonderful name hides behind your alias. I do enjoy intelligent debates here, sadly you are not able to take part in one.

    @heck, "Does anyone think that the status of Muslims today is like scum and rubbish that is carried down by a torrent, and the reasons for it?"

    Yes, many people do think that is correct! The reason? Allowing religious "leaders" to enforce their odd medieval ideas on nations. Hopfully the anti-terrorism bill will be passed, Maldives needs all the help possible to deal with extremism.

  33. I think this Derek fellow is an Atheist, or a Christian. Or perhaps both. Either way, he is a Zionist.

    We need to be more worried about him than we do about these "terrorists".

  34. If Markaz is right that Derek is both an Atheist AND a Christian, he would have to be schizophrenic.

    This happens when indoctrinated people only learn how to shout out loudly without knowing what they are actually saying. Reflects the constant fear of "the Atheists" and "the Christians", just like "the Americans", "the Jews", "the West" etc.

    "Shouting straight from the horse's mouth"...

  35. @ Derek Postance ( The saviour of Maldives from a Christian country)

    "Yes, many people do think that is correct! The reason? Allowing religious “leaders” to enforce their odd medieval ideas on nations."

    No, Saviour! Many people think that way, BUT you did not get the reason right! It is from another person that we LEARN the reasons for that:

    The Prophet (SAW) said: The people will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their dish.

    Someone asked: Will that be because of our small numbers at that time? He replied: No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be SCUM and RUBBISH like that carried down by a torrent, and Allah will take fear of you from the breasts of your enemy and last enervation into your hearts.

    Someone asked: What is wahn (enervation). Apostle of Allah (SAW): He replied: Love of the world and dislike of death!

    So Derek our saviour! We don't need a saviour from a Christian country to come and explain us the reasons for the status of Muslims today. It was predicted 1400 years ago!

    What a perfect explanation by our Prophet(SAW)?

    We are not surprised why our government is inviting Zionists to Maldives - Our government and people's love of the World has greatly exceeded that of the Hereafter.

    Muslims' enemies are today invited to our midst as if inviting them to eat from a large dish in our midst!

    Today we can say that Muslims' numbers has reached more than 1.5 billion, but are we not like the SCUM and RUBBISH? Who can you deny that?

    Isn't this a miraculous prediction, after Muslims got the superpower status in the world just after the Prophet's(SAW) death, when their numbers were so few?

    By the way, it's Hadith No 4284 from Abu-Dawood.


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