Islamic Ministry has “no issues” with government despite Shaheem resignation: Mohamed Didi

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has claimed that both himself and Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari have no “major issues” with the government despite today’s resignation of Islamic State Minister, Mohamed Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed.

The resignation, which has not yet been officially confirmed by the President’s Office, has been linked by figures within government to alleged differences of opinion between the State Minister for Islamic Affairs and President Mohamed Nasheed, particularly in relation to recent protests that have taken place in the country concerning the work of an Israeli NGO.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Mohamed Didi, said he had been taken by “surprise” this afternoon after being informed of the State Minister’s decision to resign by a colleague within the ministry.

“This is a complete surprise to me, I wasn’t aware of the decision until I saw some news reports and a member of staff here then told me,” he said.

Speaking to Minivan News this afternoon, Didi said that although he had yet to speak with Shaheem about his decision to resign, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs would continue to function as normal as Dr Bari remained in his position.

“I don’t see any differences as a result of the resignation while the Minister is still here,” he said.  “As part of the Ministry’s policy, there is no difference of opinion between us and the government.”

Dr Bari is a member of the religious Adhaalath Party along with Shaheem.

In looking to at the long term status of the Adhaalath Party in the Islamic Ministry, Didi said it was “a bit early” to tell what sort of action, if any, might be taken as a result of the resignation.

While the President’s Office confirmed that it had received a letter from Shaheem today, it was unable to disclose the contents of the document until they had been seen by the President himself, who is currently away on a visit to the country’s northern atolls.

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, told Minivan News that in light of a recent number of protests against government policy that had allegedly involved Shaheem, “it was possible that the State Minister may have decided his position was untenable”.

Zuhair claimed that there had perhaps been concern that as both a prominent member of the Islamic Ministry and the religious Adhaalath Party, Shaheem had appeared to “overstep boundaries” by allegedly using his Friday sermons to incite “political protest” and “demonstrations” against the government he worked for.

“Things came to a head this morning when a group of parents from Arabiyya School came to the President’s Office over concerns about funding, a  political advisor then held a meeting with them about their concerns,” he said.  “Protests then took place outside containing a number of individuals considered to be members of the Adhaalath Party.”

Zuhair claimed that “well wishers” to the government, said to include members of the Adalaath Party, had suggested that some of these protestors may have “met last night with Shaheem”.  He claimed that if this was true, then this could have amounted to “provocation” against the government from one of its own state ministers, making Shaheem’s position difficult to maintain.

Both Dr Bari and Shaheem were unable to respond to calls from Minivan News at the time of going to press.  However, Shaheem last week spoke at a mass protest meeting gathered against eye surgeries being conducted in the country by an Isreali medical NGO called Eye from Zion, which had met with the president during their visit.

According to Haveeru, the speech given by Shaheem “warned of ‘direct action’ if the government continues with its ‘anti-religious’ policies.”

“The President’s Office sent me a letter giving a warning to not to speak about Islamic studies,” the paper quoted him as saying during his speech.  “Where is their shame? What is the meaning when they ask to keep quiet in response to the head of Islamic affairs in the Maldives?”

Correction: The article had originally incorrectly stated that Permanent Secretary Mohamed Didi was a member of the Adhaalath Party.  Minivan News apologises for the error.


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  1. @ Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    "Hmm, yes I’ve heard of this. Like these beardy sporting fellas getting married to underage girls?"

    Always that famous insult. Underage girls.
    Isn't Islam spreading in every corner of the globe with these malicious insults?

  2. @ alian from another galaxy

    "Wake up! Democracy means government of the people. Islam means submission to Allah. When you submit to Allah the
    Mullahs rule by divine order and you can forget democracy-"

    And when we don't submit to Allah - Atheists and secularists rule by chimp rules of the jungle?

  3. @ yaamyn

    Why are you interested in the Zakath money, when you don’t pay even a single Rufiyaa as Zakath?

  4. @ Interpol


    How many people listen to your break news?

    I hope you don't broadcast you 'breaking news' alone in a dark place!

  5. Abu Hussain,

    "but why dont you consider our dheen in our life. liberal thinkers … dont even know how to become a liberal."

    I think you have misunderstood me. I have no problem with you having your 'dheen' in your life, even in your public life and social life. By all means, you're welcome to do it, as much as everyone else.

    I have a very strong problem, however, when filthy politicians abuse religion as a tool to manipulate unthinking masses. The results of that are exactly what we're seeing. Paranoia, anti-semitism, groundless hatred, intolerance, fear of the west, fear of the sciences, fear of liberals, fear of 'other religions'... none of these things are healthy for a society. All of these things are immensely hurting Dhivehin, and yet it continues to happen day in and day out.

    Useless, pointless, trivial things like this whole 'arabiyya' school thing has been blown up to make it sound like an drone attack on the Kaa'aba. These are politicians playing on your emotions, and you're oblivious to it.

    The Israeli doctors "issue" once again was these same filthy politicians manipulating the public.. for mere votes. That's why religion in politics is horrifying. They make people sacrifice their own interests to become a vote bank for selfish politicians.

    Shaheem had the audacity - the nerve - to abuse his position inside the mosque to further his party's hateful agenda during a Friday sermon.

    That's absolutely disgusting and cheap in my mind. I do not know how you feel about Friday sermons, but in my mind they could actually be very useful platforms to educate the public on very useful things - like charity, like tolerance, like getting educated and becoming doctors and engineers and scientists.

    For all your complaints about us liberals and secularists, I do have a feeling us liberals have a higher opinion about the dignity of a place of worship and the responsibility that comes from being on the pulpit on a Friday than you do.

    The average faithful person attending the sermon probably doesn't know where to draw the line in the sermon - he cannot distinguish between what is actual religious advice, and what is party propaganda. That's why Shaheem's actions are particularly condemnable.

    And that is precisely why I believe Secular Maldivians have a much higher moral ground on this issue.

    Shaheem and other mullahs should decide once and for all whether they want to be politicians or stay within the fold of religion. When they do both (and they are) then they do not hesitate to burn society, just so they can line their pockets and gain a votebank by stamping over national interests.

  6. @yaamyn
    You mean Politics exactly westerns have meant it. it includes, lies, cheating, nonsense etc. if you want a real example of a western politicial, look for our press secretary Zuhair.

    "Shaheem and other mullahs should decide once and for all whether they want to be politicians or stay within the fold of religion."

    Dear bro, Muslims define politics this way. prevail the dheen of Allah, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah, call for prayer, give zakah and so on. Islam is a political religion. it has all policies and procedures to tackle every single issue in the society. You guys are terrified with Islam. better lean islam!!!

  7. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "..however, when filthy politicians abuse religion as a tool to manipulate unthinking masses."

    Isn't it obvious who the filthy politicians are?

    We have people who run anti-Islamic blogs in Maldives and at the same time have the guts to talk about Zakath money?

    What is the purpose?

  8. @yaamyn
    Do you agree that Allah has send us here to worship him alone? And that should be the main purpose of our life here?

    Do you believe in the gudgement day?

    Do you believe in the hereafter?

    Do you believe in Hell & Heaven?

    If you believe in the above i am sure for you it would be better to follow Sheikh Ilyas way and not Western Philosophy,

  9. Abu Hussain,

    Coming back to my earlier point that you seem to consider Shaheem and his boyfriends some kind of divine messengers incapable of 'lies, cheating, nonsense', etc.

    They're not. Shaheem or Baaree is every bit as corruptible as anyone else - and he's been caught lying on record.

    Remember the time this guy said "there were no 'jaariyaa's"? (there were, and Shaheem knew this very well)

    Remember the time he said that the blogger who made the allegations had since retracted the statement? (he didn't)

    Remember when he and Baaree said very explicitly that 'there were no terrorists' in the country? They were lying straight to our faces then, and it was a lie everyone knew to be a lie, and one that Wikileaks released cables confirmed to be a lie.

    When you look at them, you seem to see some kind of prophets league. When I look at them, I see people who abuse the prophet and the religion to further their political careers.

    At least, the rest of the politicians do not lie and cheat in the name of God. Does that make sense?

    You made an unfair comparison with the West too.

    In the West, there's a media that's capable of questioning and reporting facts to the public. There's a public with a freedom of Information, and a freedom to vote their leaders out whenever they lose confidence in them. No matter what the quality of their leaders, they'll be leaders from public choice - and only last as long as the public choose to have them.

    Contrast that with Iran or Saudi Arabia. The democratic activists have been crushed ruthlessly and shot in the streets by the Ayatollah's 'religious police'. Where does the Saudi Arabian who's unhappy with the King or the Clergy go to report it? To which court? Which newspaper? (Quick fact: in KSA, every media, newspaper, TV, construction, infrastructure company, etc. belong to the Royal family and their well-wishers)

    In Taliban-era afghanistan, women were forbidden from buying cucumbers - because someone thought that would lead to sin. (I'm not joking)

    Your first instinct after hearing that would be to distance your religion from the Kingdom and clergy of Saudi Arabia and Iran, etc.

    But you cannot. These are all people who have come to power precisely in the Name of Islam and Islamic virtue - but without any form of actual democratic checks and balances, no separation of powers, no free inquiry, no constitutional rights and remedies for people.. you get what I'm saying?

    There's a huge difference between being Islamic and being a politician in the name of religion.

    Many western laws and processes, IMHO, are far more aligned with Islamic principles than in actual Islamist states.

  10. yaamyn seem to read a few articles here and there. But anyone that read the hadiths of Rasurullah (pbuh)or even a child who has gone to Islamic studies would see that he has failed, pretty much in every instance to mention a reference to his claims on Islam. Since Muslims follow the Quran and Rasurullah (pbuh), than why not educate us with your references to proof your point. It wouldnt make sense to try and persuade believers from something which they do not believe in.

    But pls do keep in mind that anyone can quote an Ayat to trick those that have no knowledge of Quran since each Surah itself is told to make a point and give a warning most of the times to the arragont ones today, just as in the past. Hence, when trying to convince believers who pretty much read the Quran (including the translation and tafseer of it) on a daily basis, lets try not to be a smarty pants. Hope the little lesson was helpful. Maybe others like him can learn this too.

    Allah (swt) accepts repentance of anyone with even the most evil past, if the repentence is from your truly from your heart. Allah (swt) knows what you hide from others. So hope you all take the time to think over the serious punishments that await the hypocrites.

    When you leave this world, as those before you had no choice (death comes to us all). Then what will save you from Hellfire? Will your parents? Your money? Your power in this world? Your wife? Your husband? Your successful degrees? Your time wasted in pleasing non-believers? Your wealth?

    Among the people there are some who say, "We believe in Allah and the Last Day," when they are not believers. They think they deceive Allah and those who believe. They deceive no one but themselves, but they are not aware of it. There is a sickness in their hearts and Allah has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment on account of their denial. (Surat al-Baqara: 8-10)

    To most people, the word hypocrite does not mean much. Some interpret it as meaning "two-faced" or "liar," as they use it in everyday speech, but remain unaware of its significance in the Qur'an. People with some knowledge of religion, on the other hand, think of the hypocrites as a group of deniers who mainly lived at the time of our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace [saas]).

    The fact is, the hypocrites are a group whom Allah mentions in hundreds of verses of the Qur'an and He reminds us to be on our guard against them. From the Qur'an, we also learn that hypocrites as a group are not encountered only infrequently, but on the contrary, they are "organized" within every community of believers.

    When we look into the Qur'an, we can see that this rule applies to all times: to the followers who accompanied the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him [as]), to those who believed in the Prophet Sulayman (as), to the community of the Prophet Ibrahim (as), to that of our Prophet (saas) who lived 1,400 years ago—in short, whatever Muslim community the Qur'an mentions, one can see that there were hypocrites within it. That is because, as the verse reveals, "This is Allah's pattern with those who passed away before. You will not find any alteration in Allah's pattern" (Surat al-Ahzab: 62), Allah tests every community of believers in similar ways. If there is any community of believers, then inevitably there will be a group of hypocrites within it. This is an unchanging law of Allah.

    Thats a bit about hypocrites who call themselves Muslims.

    There are many websites and books with Quran references, which I encourage you to spend time reading about.

    Another hadith on the authority of Abu Sa`id (radhiallahu `anhu) that the Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam said, "Whoever sees something evil should change it with his hand. If he cannot, then with his tongue; and if he cannot do even that, then in his heart. That is the weakest degree of faith."

    So you see, Muslims are not people that follow Ghandi. If you would like to follow Ghandi, please remember that Ghandi did not believe in Allah (swt) or his Messenger (pbuh). Only Ghandi's backward ideology could split a nation into two. Also in Islam it clearly shows how we should face evil first, second, third, etc. First is via hand, not by sitting down and chit chatting over an expensive dinner made to look nice for the media.

    If anyone has a problem with that, please go learn more about Rasurullah (pbuh), since you obviously havent read this hadith, nor believe in the word of Rasurullah (pbuh) whose words is higher than the words of your own parents, president, husband, etc. This is a very basic fact in Islam. But many sadly forgot this and failed to teach their children who are now grown up and causing fitnah in this world against Islam.

    May Allah (swt) guide you to read the Hadith fully and love Rasurullah (pbuh) before his/her own family. May Allah (swt) make you one who has faith before you leave this world.

    If you have any questions about Islam, please search on this site to get your answers with references.

  11. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "In the West, there’s a media that’s capable of questioning and reporting facts to the public."

    All the same, a media that's capable of twisting facts out of proportion and invent lies STRONG enough to wage a politically motivated war. Remember Iraq's weapons of mass destruction?

    Who are you trying to fool?

  12. @ yaamyn

    "At least, the rest of the politicians do not lie and cheat in the name of God. Does that make sense?"

    No, it does not make any sense.

    "Iraadha kureviyya - I will arrange to hold a mid term election during my term"

    I think that sounded like a politician lying in the name of God!

  13. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "In Taliban-era afghanistan, women were forbidden from buying cucumbers – because someone thought that would lead to sin. (I’m not joking)"

    You ARE a big joke in trying to equate Islam with Taliban. Shows your real intent.

    I think Taliban is a wayward army full of kids who grew up harbouring sentiments of revenge in their hearts hardened as a result of western imperialism.

    If you really delve into Taliban you will notice it is not a product of Afghanistan or Islam. It is a by-product of vicious foreign NONSENSE that went on in that area for far too long.

    Read the history of Afghanistan's recent past if you have some time, instead of trying to equate Taliban with Islam.

  14. What is the constitutions? Just a scrap of paper. The constitution can be amended, but certain rights are inalienable.

  15. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Shaheem has been a wolf in sheep's cloathing. A conservative nut job. And of political opportunist. He saw his chance to go out in a blaze of glory an start his own presidential bid.

    Kick him and all his conservative followers out of government. Enough is enough.

  16. heck: "You ARE a big joke in trying to equate Islam with Taliban"

    And you're all right equating Islam with Shaheem? Hypocrite doesn't know what he's saying.


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