Islamic Ministry to formulate guidelines for alternative medicine centres, spas and beauty salons

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs is formulating rules and guidelines for registering and operating alternative medicine centres, spas and beauty salons to prevent the use of such establishments as a front for prostitution.

Shutting down spas and massage parlors doubling as brothels was a key demand of a ‘mega protest’ on December 23 organised by eight political parties and religious NGOs to ‘Defend Islam’ against the allegedly liberal policies of the ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government.

Briefing press yesterday on the first 100 days of the new government, Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed claimed the ministry possessed a list of suspected brothels in inhabited islands, “most of which have already been shut down.”

“There are still suspected places on the list [in operation],” he added.

Seven beauty salons have been closed down by police since the controversial transfer of power on February 7.

The new regulations currently being drafted would expand the role of the Islamic Ministry in monitoring the businesses, Shaheem said.

Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla had claimed during the December 23 demonstration that there were over 60 brothels in the Male’ alone, double the number of mosques in the capital.

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference, State Minister for Islamic Affairs, Mohamed Ibrahim Didi, explained that the ministry was working together with police as well as the tourism and health ministries to set up a monitoring mechanism.

Efforts were underway by a technical committee comprising of representatives from police and the relevant ministries to draw up a regulatory framework for registration and monitoring of the businesses, Didi added.

Under current regulations, said Didi, there was no institution or state authority responsible for monitoring alternative medicine centers and beauty salons.

“[Prostitution] is taking place in beauty salons as well,” Didi claimed. “For example, say barber shops. At the moment there is no guardianship for those places. Anyone has the opportunity to do it. Registration is not necessary either. So we’re looking for a way to get those places registered.”


21 thoughts on “Islamic Ministry to formulate guidelines for alternative medicine centres, spas and beauty salons”

  1. OK! so confused now about the mandate of Health Ministry and role of police! What kind of government is this

  2. There's only moderate Islam in the Maldives? hahahaha. What a joke.

    Surely this is the job of the police, not the Islamic Ministry to go on witchhunts

  3. Raid all fake salons and pharmacies selling Viagra!

  4. They should formulate the logistics for garrotting you harlots and MalDeviants first. A nation is deficient when its women are deficient. For there offspring will be deficient also.

    That is the true cause of the starkly abundant lascivity on our shores. These spas are just the symptom.

    The MDP infant must be strangled in its crib! Alhamdulillaah!

  5. @Dhivehi Hanguraama- "For there offspring"

    You mean "their"


    The atheist, unmarried, western women who is teaching your nation's children.

  6. The proposed procedures include provision of ‘on the spot’ marriage at the reception so that the services available at the brothel can be used within wedlock.The customers will also be allowed to relinquish the marriage on leaving the premises.Hypocrites will burn in hell!

  7. "there were over 60 brothels in the Male’ alone, double the number of mosques"

    Satan 1 Almighty 0

    Bonaqua wants to regulate them so that he and his buddies get 30 percent of everything. Ban them if you have the balls, you greedy sex crazed beard-mowing water-drinker.

  8. Dear Expat,
    Our country currently is extremely insolent,pathetic and convinced that its own survival depends on agreeing to every single whim of the mighty west. Democracy apparently only works when it approves to your(western) ideals.
    Perhaps our country is dependant on others for now, but God willing when these internal squabbles stop, and when people find a common ground, and when educated people:engineers, doctors and people of wealth actually work to benefit this country instead of themselves, and attempt at creating industry of all sorts here,
    We wont have to kiss the west's ass

  9. Oh dear! I knew this was coming! Guys, be afraid, very very afraid. This is the start of the much feared "Mutaween" in the Maldives. There are only two countries in the world that ever practice/d this, i.e. Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan under the Taliban.

    Read about it at: Mutaween are the enforcers of Shariah Law and they interpret Shariah Law as they please. If you don't run to the mosque to the sound of the call of prayer, you'll get flogged! I'm serious!

    Shaheem is not saying aloud that he is going to introduce the Mutaween to the Maldives, but this is what he is starting. Make no mistake about it. Guess where he leared this from?

  10. @Expat

    I accept your correction. By the way:

    "The atheist, unmarried, western wom'e'n who is teaching your nation’s children."

    Singular, not plural. Hence it is Wom'a'n. Specifically, harlot woman.

    Happy to return the favor.

    As for our wretched children: stop teaching them and start garrotting them. They care more about crocodiles than they do about virtue. They will grow up to be MalDeviants for the most part.

    Nauzubillah min zalik!

  11. I might add (referenced from Wikipedia). Shaheem's Mutaween will probably carry out the following:

    "... arrest unrelated males and females caught socializing, anyone engaged in homosexual behavior or prostitution; to enforce Islamic dress-codes, and store closures during the prayer time. They enforce Muslim dietary laws, prohibit the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages and pork, and seize banned consumer products and media regarded as anti-Islamic (such as CDs/DVDs of various Western musical groups, television shows and film which has material contrary to Sharia law or Islam itself)..."

    Hmm, I wonder where I have heard this stuff before...

  12. @Ahmed bin Addu

    For one thing you are completely exaggerating. and even if true why are you so afraid that you might have to start behaving like a Muslim? If you already pray five times a day like you should and dont do anything unislamic what is the problem with these things being enforced? They are obligatory. There will be no change to your life.

  13. Plenty wrong with homosexuality, prostitution, buying and selling intoxicants, pork, and store closure during prayer times, what is wrong with that? prayers only last 10 minutes.

    People like you deserve your head smashed to the curb,

  14. Dear Dhivehi Hanguraama,

    Where in islam does it require muslims to 'garrote' their own children for more about crocodiles than virtue.

    I thought there were only specific cases where the death penalty was transcribed in Islam.

    KH, who wishes to bathe in your rich wisdom

  15. Isn’t Maldives a brothel where all women are prostitutes and men are sex maniacs? This is like trying to polish s***. But any way it is good that is how nature nurtures, cultures and human moral have put barriers when it comes to satisfy nature’s calls in a more restricted manner and Maldives lacks in this.

  16. Dhivehi Hanguraama,
    if people like you are representing our faith and beliefs its a shame,

    Your verbal capacity only extends to 'harlot','garrote' and your favourite word 'maldeviant's

  17. @Hassan_Manik on Tue, 22nd May 2012 7:58 AM

    "If you already pray five times a day like you should and dont do anything unislamic what is the problem with these things being enforced? They are obligatory. There will be no change to your life."

    Indeed, there will be no change to MY life. Allah is the only one I fear.

    My point is that the Islamic Ministry will try to create a paramilitary force that will only be answerable to the whims of particular Mullahs who will interpret Islam according to their whims. This is the danger.

    The Mutaween are a "volunteer" force and in some countries almost anyone can become a member of this force. Criminal elements have been known to enter their ranks.

    We have a Police force and ONLY the Police should have the legal power to enter, search and otherwise act as law enforcement. We should never allow 3rd party militia in the style of Mutaween in the Maldives.

  18. @Ahmed bin Addu

    As much as I hate it, I have to say I have to agree with you, government should have authority to regulate things, and not a bunch of self righteous civilians, but
    you said some dangerously wrong things by sort of prescribing alcohol,homosexuality and prostitution etc, dont even go there.. that will not be acceptable

  19. What the F***. Islamic Ministry and Shaheem issuing a Spa massage menu. New sign boars to appear ....
    Salon Camel
    Fathima's manicure.
    El Hijab Barber (only for ladies)
    Al Shafa Couple Massage
    Lil Hell Sauna & Steam Bath
    Date masks for total skin care
    Marukaz Zeenath
    Camel Milk Body Butter
    Zaithooni Full Body Therapy
    Beard Groom Saloon (men only)

  20. While regulation can be a necessary thing, surely this can't be top of the said party's priority list? Please.
    @Rationale - like the spa menu! Can we add
    Camel dung body wrap (steaming/airfreighted from Riyadh)
    and Concubine massage (4 hands).
    Plus mustn't forget the ankle wax (men only, for those oh so short trousers)
    While we are at it add a back wax for those string vests those guys love to sport on holidays while their harem sweat in their black burkhas by the pool.
    How about Double Standards as a possible name for a salon? OK enough said (for now)


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