Islanders will “regret it” if DRP wins council elections, says MDP

Secretary General for the Maldivian Democratic Party(MDP) Hussein Shah said that if the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) wins the upcoming island and atoll council election, “islanders will regret it.”

Shah accused the DRP of not wanting to “bring powers close to the people”.

”They wish everyone to be crowded in Male,” Shah said. ”Their purpose is to try and stop the government from fulfilling its pledges.”

He said the party was trying to make people understand how things would be like if DRP won the election.

”In parliamentary elections we did not win the majority,” he said. ”Now people can witness the DRP MPs trying to [sabotage] the beneficial bills sent by the government.”

DRP MP Abdulla Mausoom said people had “no confidence” in the current government “as they have feel that it is a dictatorship.”

Mausoom said that people knew now that “nobody in the MDP thinks about the nation and its people.”

”In all the islands of the country we see people against MDP,” he said. ”It’s up for them to make a good decision.”

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that a loss to DRP in the island and atoll council election would mean the government “will not be able to do anything for the people.”

Zuhair said after the council election there will be a direct link between the government and the islanders.

”Look at the parliament now – the situation is worse there than in countries that have civil wars,” he said.

He said the supposed date to hold the elections had now passed.

DRP Deputy Leader Umar Naseer claimed that the government had proved it could not run the country.

”Eighteen months have passed and they haven’t done anything,” Umar said. ”DRP would try to do everything it can to develop the islands.”

”Nothing will happen if MDP wins, ” he said. ”Things will be just same as they are.”


6 thoughts on “Islanders will “regret it” if DRP wins council elections, says MDP”

  1. Umar you ve got to be kidding me. I am an islander living in Male'. NOW I CAN VISIT TO MY ISLAND EVERY WEEKEND. Dude better open your eyes and talk. criticizing the policies and not telling the truth is different. Believe me this did not happen couple of years back. so better do the research and then give interviews. Pretty much sure that non of you guys are doing any thing for the good of the country. IF not Why dont we have an updated Penal Code. Why dont we have better commercial laws. Dont you have majority. Dont you guys being paid. So its all dirty politics. at least anni gave us this transport system

  2. Is anyone backing MDP now except for the hardcore activists who are political appointees...

    I don't think so. This government has failed.. owuld not have happened is MDP has a clear plan and started implementing.. Like Maumoon, Anni is surrounded by hungry sharks... And this time they are all Great Whites....

  3. Wow. This government has done an amazing job. When we took over the nation was on the brink of bankruptcy. And instead of resorting to the corrupt practices of the past which would eventually triple our national debt and put an even bigger burden on generations to come, this government has been able to create a stable economy and a stable nation. It has been able to continue to provide services in what was a state based on patronage instead of partnership.

    Democracy is active citizenship.You have to want it bad. You have to give voice to your concerns while allowing others to give voice to theirs. You have to allow people to develop without bringing them under your thumb, and this government has come closer to doing that than anything we seen in the past.

    If for no other reason than that, this government can never be declared a failed government. That is one legacy that will last. That will endure for all time.

    Those of us who understand what it means, will not allow regression. We will not allow anyone to be silenced - so that even blowhards like Umar Naseer can say his peace. This government will never be a failed government.

  4. What I heard at the MDP meeting at Eydhafushi was more of a threat than a plea. MDP parliamentarians were threatening the people from Rajjethere saying that if they support DRP in the council elections they will have to "shed tears".... the same old threats that weve heard time and again over the past 31 years.

  5. The dichotomy of good vs. evil with regard to the MDP vs DRP is false but politicians are in it to win it therefore their ability to spin each and every instance of action or inaction by one or the other is to be expected.

    The threatening tone of the MDP may be very effective as the message that only the ruling party can deliver with regards to effective policy implementation is one that the public may accept. Whether such roundabout blackmail of the credulous communities in the islands other than Male' is "good" or "evil" is irrelevant as politics is not governed by the same set of values and ethics as an Aesop's fable.

    My concern is that the MDP is being forced to sacrifice the option of rooting out incompetence and corruption within its administration for the sake of democratic consolidation. Safeguarding democracy has become inseparable from safeguarding the first democratic administration. This is a lamentable fact but at the same time it may be a necessary evil in order to prevent regression towards authoritarianism. If someone like Dr. Shaheed or President Nasheed himself could come up with an alternative solution it would be most welcome.


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