JSC appoints magistrate accused of copying test paper as Head Magistrate for Vaavu Atoll

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has appointed Head Magistrate of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Mohamed Raqib Ahmed as the Head Magistrate for Vaavu Atoll, in accordance with a Supreme Court order.

The magistrate was previously dismissed from a diploma course held at Kulliyyathul Dhiraasathul Islamiyya in 2010 over allegations that he had copied the test paper.

The JSC said in a statement that Ragib had recently sent a letter to the Supreme Court requesting he be transferred to Vaavu Atoll.

According to the statement, on 5 August 2013 the commission received a letter from the Supreme Court signed by Chief Justice Faiz Hussein asking the Ragib be appointed Vaavu Atoll Head Magistrate as per his request.

According to the statement, the JSC had already sought applications for interested candidates for the position when it received the letter from Supreme Court, and had therefore invalidated the announcement.

The statement also declared that Ahmed Ragib would commence work as the Vaavu Atoll Head Magistrate from 18 August 2013.

According to local media reports, in 2010 Ragib was dismissed from a Law Diploma Course held for Magistrates at Kulliyyathul Dhiraasathul Islamiyya [Faculty of Sharia and Law/Maldives National University] after the college board found him guilty of copying during the test.

The JSC appealed the dismissal and Ragib was later offered the course, however media reports stated that the Anti-Corruption Commission had asked JSC to take action against Ragib.

Speaking to Minivan News today, President of the Anti-Corruption Commission Hassan Luthfy said the commission investigated the case of the magistrate copying in the exam and had found him guilty “beyond doubt”.

”But it is not our mandate to take action against judges – it is in the mandate of the JSC to take action against him,” Luthfee said.

”So we sent our findings to the commission and informed the JSC that action should be taken against him because he was  magistrate when he sat the exam.”

Luthfy said the ACC had not received any information of any action taken against Ragib.

In March 2011 the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) appointed Judge Mohamed Naeem – who was a Civil Court Judge – to the Juvenile Court, as punishment for disobeying the decision of a superior court.


6 thoughts on “JSC appoints magistrate accused of copying test paper as Head Magistrate for Vaavu Atoll”

  1. if he had already got punishment, if he had already apologised, why not give a chance? many people make mistakes. important is to not to repeat. learn from it and get away.

  2. Here we see another case of the true mandate of JSC failure, but ofcourse inline with there corrupt power hungry agenda.

  3. @mohamed on Wed, 14th Aug 2013 7:42 PM

    "if he had already got punishment, if he had already apologised, why not give a chance?"

    This is not a valid argument. For example, you cannot contest in the Presidential elections, depending on the sentence from a Court of law. There is no forgiveness or second chance there. Gasim Ibrahim is being accused of adultery, a very long time ago. Was he punished appropriately? Was he "forgiven"?

    The purpose of this to protect the integrity of certain leadership positions. Magistrates and anyone involved in the legal profession must fall into this category since they have to be exemplary characters. We are not talking here about a traffic violation or some other minor conviction.

    Integrity and honesty is a non-negotiable quality for anyone involved in the legal business.

  4. Forgiveness?

    Try explaining that to a child born out of wedlock who will have one of the roughest rides in life. The child, though no fault of hers, would be forever harassed, taunted, bullied, stigmatised, excluded, probed... All of these 'friendly' gestures are being 'offered' continuously to the child as she grows up and throughout her life, by the community, and supported by the government administrations.

    Then compare with these nincompoop hyenas who take advantage of them all, despite their repeating blundering supposed mistakes.

    Forgiveness and acceptance is only a luxury, afforded by the power brokers and their minions. Not necessarily those who are innocent.

  5. A Shariah student copying on a test? Impossible. I'm sure it is all a mistake. Even if he did accidentally peek at his friend's paper, Allah forgives those who are repentant. Why can't the JSC?

    In fact, I think we should be more godly and forgive murderers and rapists too. Negligent doctors should not lose their license. Child-abusing teachers? Keep them in charge of children. Corrupt lawyers? Don't disbar them. Feudal dictators? Bring them back to power.

    Forgive and forget. Never mind competence, professionalism and any laws against reinstating them.

  6. Birds of a feather will flock together!
    These are not mere words, they are facts of life.
    The current JSC, with the record of wrong doings they have cannot do anything straight forward nor have someone straight forward among them.
    This is not anything offensive, shameful or even illegal for them!


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