Judge and wife convicted for sexual misconduct near Hulhumale rubbish dump

The Criminal Court has convicted former Civil Court Judge Mohamed Hilmy and his wife Aminath Ali for sexual misconduct, two years after the pair were discovered by police near the Hulhumale’ garbage dump in a state of undress.

Police arrested Hilmy and Aimanth, at the time his girl friend, around midnight on November 12 on suspicion of sexual misconduct. The pair refuted the charges, claiming it was a police set up.

However, the criminal court noted that three police constables who witnessed the act had testified stating that “Aiminath’s underwear and pants were down to her knees” and that Hilmy had his “pants down to his knees”.

Photos taken by the constables at the scene were also presented to the court.

Based on pictures and testimonies, the court ruled that Hilmy and Aiminath were guilty of sexual misconduct, and sentenced the pair to six months’ banishment and 15 lashes each.

However, the sentence was deferred for three years under section 292 of court trial regulations.

Hilmy, who has heard high-profile cases including former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s request for an injunction against the Presidential commission and the Herathera Resort dispute, was suspended from the bench soon after his arrest.

The press statement issued by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) at the time stated that Hilmy was asked to stay home until notified by the JSC or until the police investigation was completed.

“Further, the commission has asked the Police Integrity Commission to investigate a complaint from Mohamed Hilmy that police mistreated him, exhibited profane behaviour and gave defamatory information to media,” the JSC said.

Shahinda Ismail, President of the Police Integrity Commission, confirmed to Minivan News at the time that a complaint was filed by the Judges Association (JA) and the JSC, requesting the commission look into the matter.

“In their letter, the JSC said the JA are saying that he has complained to them, that he was walking in Hulhumale’ with his fiancé and police came and handcuffed both of them and basically undressed them by force,” she said.

The police denied the accusations in a public statement.

“The two had to be taken into custody on suspicion of sexual behaviour in a public place as they were at the garbage dump in the south of Hulhumale’ with their pants down,” police said.

Police further denied the allegation that the judge was abused by police and photographed after his pants were forcibly pulled down.

Hilmy told Haveeru following his arrest that he lived in Hulhumale’ and was walking with his fiancé when they were set upon by police.

The judge alleged that police handcuffed him, used obscene language and beat him before photographing him.

Hilmy further alleged that a senior police threatened him at a meeting at civil court and told him they would show him how powerful the police force was.

According to local news reports, Aminath and Hilmy were married soon after the incident and now have child together. The pair are now practicing lawyers at private firms.


17 thoughts on “Judge and wife convicted for sexual misconduct near Hulhumale rubbish dump”

  1. Hmm...there are several things very wrong here.
    1. Do the police snap pictures of whatever before they investigate? Or is it that the accused couple just stayed in position even after police arrived?
    2. How can they be still be practicing law. I mean they aren't obviously law abiding citizens.
    3. They have a garbage fetish?
    That is all.

  2. just unfair for a couple who is married already with kids. this will not do any good to anybody except fulfill a biblical, archaic punishment.

  3. This is one of the most vile retributive acts carried out by the Maldives Police Service so far.

    The institution was formed in 2005 by separating it from the National Security Services (a militia owing its allegiance to the government). After its formation the Maldives Police Service or MPS (for short) has progressed and regressed in fits and starts. 6 years after its institution, MPS still retains elements of its NSS past.

    Police Officers are known to be petty and vengeful. During the NSS days it was common knowledge that an NSS officer with a grudge against a local man or woman would often confront them while speaking in private and pin all sorts of defamatory charges against them.

    Hilmys history although not well known to the public has already been made available to the international community and the policy circles in the country. He spoke out of turn at a meeting held in the Civil Court against Assistant Police Commissioners and a the Commissioner who was present. The subject was the Polices failure to bring MP Mohamed Mustafa to court in response to a summons.

    Police reacted instantly promising that they would take revenge against Hilmy for his outburst. Poor lad would now regret his indiscretion. I sympathy him but one should know the nature of a country when one is appointed to a politically charged post.

    Maldives does not yet have a police force but rather a militia which answers to the President. They do carry out day to day tasks such as investigating crimes and responding to distress calls but a lot of effort needs to be put into developing the institution into a proper security force which protects the rights of the citizens.

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    All you need is love...
    All you need is Lo-o-ove, love.
    Love is all you need.

    Who the hell is stopping the spread of Love?

  5. btw Hilmy do you not know it is more comfortable to make love on a suspension mattress rather than on a rubbish dump.

    Are you suffering under some weird delusional perversion?

    Dammit man I seriously believe that judiciary perversion has no place in our society and my advice to you and the other perverts in the judiciary, is to abstain from dipping your wicks into the oil away from the comfort and privacy of your four walls.

  6. The keyword is judge here. this falls in very well into minivan polcy, undermining the judiciary and negative potrayel of muslims. This is hardly newsworthy, there are more important news than peoples sordid sex lives. For instance there is a story about a child being kept chained

  7. Police were doing undercover investigations on Hilmy trying to frame him. He was caught hugging his wife. This is just retribution from a dictatorial regime trying to silence anyone who does not follow their instructions...

  8. Subhanallah!

    Has the judge gone mad? He has become a Jew? This is the only reasonable explanation for him performing such an act! Becoming a jew!

    The court has done well, although I request the woman to be flogged even more times, since it is women who always mislead pious men into Jewish activities such as pre-marital sex.

  9. erthling is right. They had a nice time out of public sight. It's protected in Islam itsefl. That is if something is done in secret between two or more persons Allah will forgive and keep it secret unless one of them spoke out. So, when the couple did something without disrupting public feeling about whatever it was wrong in Islam or in the local culture it must not have been taken so far as the couple to be convicted while they are respectfully united in a family with kids. Is it doing any good to the society? What's good about Islam that gives a blind eye to reasons like the couple having got settled down since that could have kept them together with the kids? Islam is a subject of controversy because of its failure to be fair but harsh.

  10. Maldivians are very Romantic people.
    Anyway the victim have a point,you can never underestimate the police for possible framing.Let us not be judgemental

  11. Sheik imran,dont be crazy,It takes two for the tango.
    Islam teaches first modesty for men before women.
    Pious men are requested first in Islam to lower their gaze and guard their modesty.

  12. why the hell cant you have sex when you want and wherever you want ? only people who have had outdoor sex knows how good and amazing it is to have sex outdoors 😛


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