Jumhoree Party’s council appoints Gasim presidential candidate

The Jumhoore Party (JP) council yesterday appointed party leader and MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim as the party’s presidential candidate to run for presidency in the 2013 presidential elections.

In an interview Gasim gave to his own TV station, Villa TV (VTV), he thanked the council for making the decision and vowed to bring prosperity to the Maldives, and solve all the current issues if he was elected as President.

He accused the current government of destroying the social justice, the constitution and selling state assets, and said the Maldives was “currently in a very serious situation”.

Gasim then called on the citizens to work with courage, saying that he would establish a legal administration and would keep his actions within the law.

Gasim is one of the country’s most successful local resort tycoons, and well known philanthropists, as well as an MP and leader of the JP who enjoys strong support in his home constituency of Maamigilli and was key to the development of Maamigilli airport.

Formerly a coalition partner of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), his small party subsequently aligned itself with the opposition Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP), and later with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

As well as owning VTV, Gasim was last year narrowly appointed as parliament’s representative on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), the body at the centre of the current judicial crisis following its acceptance of a civil court injunction against the investigation of Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed.

During the recent protests Gasim has campaigned for the judge’s release, and was also a key figure supporting the December 23 protests calling for the defence of Islam in the Maldives.

Under the former government he presided over the treasury as finance minister during a period in which expenditure on the civil service increased 400 percent, leaving the incoming government with a budget deficit of 33 percent.

In 2010 he was accused by the current government of corruption and bribery, however the case was swiftly thrown out by Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

MDP MP Mohamed Mustafa told Minivan News that it was “not surprising” that Gasim had been appointed as the JP’s presidential candidate.

‘’JP is owned by Gasim and it is Gasim himself that decides that Gasim should be the presidential candidate. No one should be surprised about it,’’ Mustafa said. ‘’JP is not a very democratic party, everyone knows that.’’

Mustafa contended that Gasim would be inappropriate as president because he did not have the necessary capability and knowledge.

‘’He will not win the next presidential elections. When it is time for the elections this opposition coalition will split because everyone in the coalition wants to be president,’’ he predicted, adding that Gasim would find himself competing with the ambitions of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his half-brother Abdulla Yameen, DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Leader Dr Hassan Saeed.

‘’When Gayoom feels like he may win the elections, he will ask the others to wait,’’ Mustafa said. ‘’We are all going to wait and watch this happen.’’

He speculated that the Adhaalath Party would likely side with Gasim “because senior figures of Adhaalath are employed by Gasim.”

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Spokesperson and MP Ahmed Mahlouf did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


17 thoughts on “Jumhoree Party’s council appoints Gasim presidential candidate”

  1. We know how much he cares for the common people just by looking at how he used his money and power to get controlling shares of MTDC. MTDC was created by the previous government to make it easier for the common people to get direct benefits from the tourism industry. However tycoons like Gasim bought the majority of shares and made sure the company could not compete effectively with their own resorts.

  2. Gasim is not suitable for an island council, let alone Presidency.
    The man lacks, integrity, maturity, character or a reasonable amount of general knowledge. He can be a good puppet dog. He is the one with large sum of wealth without a brain. Yameen is lacks humility and compassion as well, but at least all other business tycoons have a character, be it evil or good.

  3. @ earthling and Bodysuit;

    Glad to see we are all considering strengths and weaknesses of opposition candidates.

    I think we all agree on one single point. No more Nasheed - no more madness. Let's all don our thinking caps and make the best choice for President in 2013 so that we can reverse the mistake we made in 2008 by voting for Nasheed.

  4. this will be a great presidential race to see if PPM endorse Gasim as there presidential candidate also

  5. Gasim for President? I almost choked on my breakfast! The guy must have such a huge ego that he thinks he can do the top job. It's a non-starter, Gasim!

    Let's have a live debate between the presidential candidates. Oh yeah, I'd really love to see a debate between President Nasheed and Burumaa Gasim! That will make my year!

  6. Honorable MP Gasim Ibrahim truly is a philanthropists, he is so concerned about human welfare, he never lets his left hand know what he gives out with his right hand in philanthropy, he never tells the world about it, an example to the Muslims and the world at large.

    His Weight and Measure is another example of a true Muslim, he is very strict on this matter, When the Brother in Law of Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Illiyas Ibrahim working in STO who never tells Gasim that the price of floor or any products price is going to increase the next day, even if Gasim knew it he would not purchase the shipment and sell it to the poor public with a higher price.

    When he sold fuel he never used a double bottom on his oil takers to cheat the customs officer of the actual quantity of fuel, weights and measure is some thing he strictly adhere to according to the teachings in Quran and when he build his tourist resorts the rooms he build behind the guest houses are for senior staffs and was never ever use to keep tourist there and not paying the bed tax. truly a model citizen.

    I say we should declare him as the president right away, I am surprised that he didn't do so.

    His philanthropy work was truly admirable, In my wildest dreams I would not imagine his welfare work will ever be used to get to the post of the President of Maldvies, it was not at all one of his long term cunning plan or investment to get votes.

    Mr. President Gasim, ask not what you can do for you country but what the country can do for you.


  7. @tsk tsk

    er.. you saying the 30 year old dictator is fit for presidency? lol

    One thing I can say for sure, Gasim is unfit for presidency. He's one of those guys trying to spark a civil war, do we really want such a guy leading us?

    Look at Anni. That fellow has done more in the past three years than the former did in 30 years.
    Not going to go into detail.

    People willing to live in denial and hate can continue to do so as long as they don't interfere with my day-to-day living. I'm cool. ^^

  8. Qasim has a better record of success than Nasheed.

    Not that I would actually support his bid for the Presidency yet I think Qasim carries more political weight than Nasheed did.

    He's just a poster boy for a small junta of influential monied individuals.

  9. Please do not assume that everyone agrees with you that we do not want Nasheed for President. I will certainly vote for Nasheed in 2013.
    There is not one person among the leaders of political parties who can hold a candle to Nasheed.

  10. @ At tsk tsk;

    And you are free to do so.

    May you never be kidnapped and held hostage for your views.

    Freedom to vote is an essential right introduced by our current Constitution.

    While I do not support Nasheed for several reasons and have made this point clear on several occasions I respect your freedom to support him. No need for debate on that point.

  11. Public perception and popularity of politicians always change very rapidly.

    The incumbent President will always have a certain amount of advantage during any election.

    However, if a Presidential Election were held today, the most likely winner would be Qasim. It doesn't matter what some of us (including myself) feel about Qasim not being the 'right' choice.

    The next Presidential Election is still a long way off. Between now and the next election, there is a lot of time for the political scene to evolve in ways we can hardly imagine.

    My gut feeling says Qasim will be a strong contender this time even if he did very poorly last time.

    For me its too early to make predictions.

  12. @tsk tsk, i think you may have gotten me wrong. by no means i am saying there is anyone better (among the current opposition leader) to the high office than the current president.
    i may have concerns on some of his past judgements and private partnership contracts, but it is still Anni among all current leaders who (if i vote) will get the vote.
    name one person i should vote and why?

  13. We have given chances to Qayyoom and Nasheed, they both have failed to improve lives of common people and proved to be dictators. So this time I will vote for Qasim. I don't care if people here don't agree with me. Do hell with your comments. My vote is my right and this time I wish and pray Gasim wins 2013 election.

  14. Gasim as President would be too costly for the nation...too many First ladies, and too many kids! Who knows he might even get together with the Mullahs and pass a law saying that the Quran actually allows a man to take as many wives as he desires and the younger they are, the better!! Makes sense why he's backing all the Mullahs in this Country! Gasim as President? NO THANK YOU!

  15. @tsk tsk: You have said "I think we all agree on one single point. No more Nasheed – no more madness."

    How did you arrive at that from what I said!? I didn't mention Nasheed at all. My comment was about Gasim and only Gasim.

    But if you want to know what I think of all Maldivian politicians, I think they are all unfit for the jobs. And that includes you "tsk tsk".


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