Lack of international cooperation could force MDP to militancy: MP Ali Waheed

Following high-level visits by the Commonwealth and United States Embassy this week, a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP claimed the party will resort to militancy if the international community does not do more to help restore democracy in the Maldives.

The United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Michele J Sison arrived in the capital Male’ today (March 26). Earlier this week (March 24), the Canadian Special Envoy for the Commonwealth, Senator Hugh Segal met with the Maldives parliamentary Committee on Government Oversight.

Parliament Oversight Committee Chairperson and MDP MP Ali Waheed implored the international community to take immediate, decisive actions to help restore democracy in the Maldives.

He explained militant and radical forces – which included presidential candidates – within the Maldives were becoming more powerful.

“The current situation within the country is going from bad to worse and heading towards chaos. Everything is politicised,” Waheed said.

“Umar Naseer is militant, but the international community are promoting more diplomatic candidates like [DRP] leader  Thasmeen Ali, who is failing.

“Why can’t they see this reality? The security of the Indian Ocean region and the Maldives is threatened,” he exclaimed.

MP Waheed also claimed that the MDP will resort to behaving like the militants if the international community does not provide help to ensure free and fair elections in September.

“MDP will not give away our presidential candidate [former President Mohamed Nasheed]. We already gave the government away because of the coup.

“MDP urges diplomacy and dialogue, but will but will step toward radicalism. MDP will be like the militants if the international community does not take action. MDP will be on the ground if Nasheed is not on the ballot paper. We will fight to the last drop [of blood].

MPs are very concerned the international community will continue to only focus on diplomatic discussions, which appear to be failing, claimed MP Waheed.

“We cannot wait for more talk. Nothing is moving, it has been ‘stuck’ since the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) report.

“We urge them to act now. Inclusive elections are the way forward. We call on other countries to help find a solution,” MP Waheed implored.

MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor further explained the MDP’s frustration to Minivan News.

“With the relative passivity of the international community on pending issues such as CoNI, action on errant forces and judicial reform, taken together with the ‘bash up’ attitude of mutineers towards MDP members, emotions are naturally bound to be heightened.

“[Therefore] the party top echelon would provide leadership, especially as it looks like the MDP shall have to go it alone towards elections,” said Ghafoor.

During the Parliament Oversight Committee’s meeting on Sunday, MPs briefed the Commonwealth’s Canadian Special Envoy, Senator Segal on the events surrounding February 2012’s controversial transfer of power, the current political situation in the Maldives, and the police services’ impunity from prosecution.

“He was very shocked,” claimed MP Waheed.

According to MP Waheed, the Commonwealth has pledged to give all the support necessary to bring back democracy and push for a solution regarding [the presidential candidacy of] Nasheed.

“We hope the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) will seriously consider these things and discuss them,” he said.

“We thank the Canadian government and asked the Senator to pass along a letter to the Prime Minister. We requested he meet us and really keep an eye on the situation here,” he added.

The US Embassy stated the visit by Ambassador Sison today was routine.

“The Ambassador is in Maldives as part of our normal bilateral relationship. She will meet with government, military, and civil society leaders,” said embassy official Christopher Elms.

International commitments to reform

The Commonwealth has played a key role in terms of the international community’s stance towards the Maldives, particularly following the controversial transfer of power in February in which the present government came to office.

Commonwealth Secretary General’s Special Envoy to the Maldives, Sir Don McKinnon, visited the Maldives in January 2013.

“A key objective of Sir Donald’s visit will be to discuss efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and processes in Maldives, and how the Commonwealth can further assist in this regard,” said Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma in a statement.

McKinnon’s visit followed the publication of a report in August 2012 by the Commonwealth-backed CoNI into the controversial transfer of power on February 7 2012. The report concluded that there was no mutiny by police or the military, and that former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation was not made under duress.

During McKinnon’s visit the MDP accused the Commonwealth Secretariat of being complicit in a “systematic government cover-up designed to subdue testimonies from key witnesses to the coup d’etat”.

In December 2012, the Commonwealth said it would work with the Maldivian government to push ahead with strengthening and reforming “key public institutions” as it reiterated calls for “inclusive and credible” presidential elections to be held next year.

In a statement issued December 7, Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma said the intergovernmental organisation would continue to work with international partners and Maldivian authorities on a programme of reform and “practical collaboration”.

Meanwhile, the US delegation that visited the Maldives in February this year gave no “definitive answer” to political issues raised by former President Mohamed Nasheed, the MDP has said.

Nasheed informed the delegates that the present government had failed to act upon the recommendations made in the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) report, claiming there had been a “lack of effort” to reform the judiciary.

However, MDP Spokesman Ghafoor said the US delegation were unable to answer the issues raised by Nasheed, and that their interest was focused on the implementation of free and fair elections later this year.

In April 2012, the US government pledged US$500,000 (Rf7.7 million) for an elections programme to assist Maldivian institutions in ensuring a free and fair presidential election.

The European Union (EU) declared this March that it would be “difficult” to consider the Maldives’ upcoming presidential elections credible unless former President Mohamed Nasheed is allowed to contest.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has highlighted “free, fair and credible” elections as the “best course” for overcoming political uncertainty in the Maldives.

In a statement issued this March, Singh – referring to last year’s controversial transfer of power – noted that “there have been unfortunate problems in the Maldives after the February 2012 event.”

The Elections Commission of India (ECI) and the Elections Commission of the Maldives (EC) agreed on a roadmap for cooperation this March that includes jointly developing an assistance project to enable free and fair elections later this year.

During the protests that erupted during Nasheed’s stay in the Indian High Commission this February, the UK issued a statement calling for “inclusive” presidential elections as well as calm and restraint.

“During FCO Minister Alistair Burt’s recent visit to Maldives, he said it was vital that the country move decisively towards free, fair and inclusive Presidential elections. He also stressed the importance of all parties being able to participate in elections with the candidate of their choice. It is important for all parties to avoid taking action which could lead to doubt over the integrity of the electoral process and contribute to continuing instability,” the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated.

At the time, the UN Secretary General’s office stated that it was “monitoring the developments with concern”, and urged “all political actors to exercise restraint, renew their commitment to the constitution and work toward creating conducive conditions for fair, peaceful and inclusive elections.”

“All parties contesting the September 7 presidential elections should be able to field the candidates of their choice in accordance with the rule of law and the constitution,” the UN stated.

Many of these prominent international actors initially supported the legitimacy of President Waheed Hassan Manik’s government following the controversial transfer of power February 7, 2012.

The CoNI report that followed six months later was welcomed at the time by the United Nations, Commonwealth, and United States.


17 thoughts on “Lack of international cooperation could force MDP to militancy: MP Ali Waheed”

  1. It is already a militancy group controlled by rich resort owners such as MP Ibu. Same goes with PPM

  2. Commonwealth MAG has fed more fuel to a burning flame (produced by the police and defence force) on February 2012, by letting the CoNI report be bribed by traitor Waheed. Commonwealth is fully responsible for the current situation in the Maldives.

  3. Lack of international cooperation for MDP?

    How times change. During MDP rule Maldives was ALMOST a WEOG (Western nations) group at UN meetings. Even the girls sitting by the country flag were looking blond.

    Well nearly blond.

  4. *Revised*

    The Canadian Minister (and the American) see’s only one thing. The rising power of Communist China, and how they may now be effectively controlling the Indian Ocean also. Now, the rise of China is actually being watered down. The economic collapse of the West, the decline of the American-system, the diminishing population of the White-race, etc etc, all is indicative of the Franco-judean European Renaissance liege-cum-system which has controlled the land, resources and wealth of half the ‘valuable Earth’ (which is in the developing world in terms of raw resources)- and how it having been put in an extremely difficult position today, they are now weighing options on how to move forward with it’s own White population, and immigrants. Possibly seeking to draw “inwards” as the Global Trends 2030 Report has recently highlighted.

    All this shows is how they are trying to remain relevant, before China-Russia and an undisclosed alliance (possibly involving the Asian Tigers, Brazil, the AU and the Congress Party in India), determines their time is effectively up, and the leverage they have on the rest of the planet is essentially consumed- leaving the third world to essentially reorganize for the first time since the formation of the League of Nations, later the UN- a world charter in which they actually have a say and control of their common destiny removed of White First Terra Distinction. There remains perhaps 15 to 25 years more, before this starts re-shaping towards the East.

    The Canadian’s are also very interesting in this regard- they hold a certain calling-card in the Western world- the White race I mean. It is the heart of their Fiat-Judean Banking System also. It is where the nerve center of World Monetary Control actually rests (you have to question what the word ‘world’ implies here though). The Bank of England merely is a broker for the greater Commonwealth, which while not on paper implies White Wealth. It is how Australia also became prosperous. The Caucasians look to their own kind, but offer “development assistance” and “loans” to the rest of the human race. It is a virtual sine qua non agreement that hold’s the Caucasian Territories Charter in place- at the vehement expense of the rest. This is what is also maintaining, fueling major conflicts in developing countries.

    They say Canada could be even where Jesus arrives, refreshes and stays before or after wiping out the rest of us, in the second coming. Canada has been prepared, and kept out of the limelight for this reason. It is an Estate basically.

    The Minister is here to pretend normalcy in the face of the growing might of the East.

    Minivannews foreign staff will know this- wild horses could not get this confession out of them though(no offense intended)- Keke.

    They are merely communicating to China by arriving here, the European Union meanwhile has in confidence made peace with the Male’ Confederacy for this same reason (which Nasheed never had control of). The CONI Report was recognized by the Commonwealth for specific unstated reasons, you see.

    — Everybody wants to know what is conspiring in Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s head, what discussions have taken place within the dynasty, what data could be swiped from the Defense Ministry- so on and so forth.

    The aim of MDP Waheed is thus poorly conceived. The Canadian Minister is not interested in Maldives. He wishes knowledge of the mandate of vicious freedom, and democracy- it’s spread (it’s a long story, very, very long story). To this extent yes, he wants to know. But he is however here merely, to send a signal to Delhi, and possibly Beijing.

    It will be a bloodbath if Nasheed is allowed to come to power (also). They know this- for these reasons stated above included. The British, the Canadian’s cannot help MDP, not that much. They want to help, they do (they know Nasheed is ‘their man’, just like they know Hugo Chavez was NOT their man).

    The outcome will be determined by a complex inter-play of factors, and some of it actually has nothing to do with Maldives. The Saudi Connection in Maldives also relevant however (Wahhabism etc). You see Western Constitutions mandate ‘Corporal Punishment at home’ and whatnot still okay ["He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him,"]- and yet, and however they are still not able to get their head’s around Arabian Islamic viewpoints. Not because it may be wrong or barbaric, but because it is “evil”.

    Interesting the style of this article. President Anni needs better advisers. Best of luck to him, in the future, whatever he decides.


  5. Well hasn't the Commonwealth Secretariat ended up with egg on its face.

    I wonder what the punishment is for scheming to cover up a coup in a member state?

  6. Militancy?

    My God! This guy is a complete nut!

    You will probably be the one who will flee at the first shot!

    Militancy which the world would blink at, would be nothing short of what's going on Syria, Burma, Colombia, Central Africa. afghan, and Iraq.

    Literally 10s, hundreds, thousands get bombed every day, week, month...

    This SOB is threatening international attention, while the country is hurling racist comments at every non-Muslim, and treating neighbouring countries like dogs.

    Good luck with your smart assed agenda.


  8. if the international community does not do more to help restore democracy in the Maldives why is that needed?

    Maldivians know everything better and can do everything better themselves, or not?

  9. It's not the Commonwealth responsible for the critical and dangerous situation in the Maldives:

    1. It's the Chief Justice Faiz who told us that he is playing a Referee's role in the country.

    2. It's the MPs who are begging for money from the notorious thugs like Gasim, Champa and Yaameen force

    3. It's the Police who are forced only to run behind President Nasheed leaving their responsibility of keeping law and order

  10. What a load of sickos threatening to take arms against fellow Maldivians holding the international community responsible. Tells how truly sick the minds of the Maldivian politicians are...

  11. As a supporter of MDP, a firm supporter of its beautiful principles pf non violentprotests and civil disobedience, I am gravely concerned by thieving corrupt MP's speaking in our name.We are NOT like the islamic extremists and we will NOT follow their example.WHAT KIND OF BUL*SH*T IS THIS , ALI WAHEED AND HAMID ABDUL GHAFOOR....?

  12. Rationalization (making excuses) and Cognitive dissonance. This is the hall-mark of the MDP phenomenon. The idea is to keep going, to convince one's self that whatever the Party line decides is correct even if it clearly appears to conflict one's own reasoning on how it should have proceeded. It is a rural debased drive to defeat the face of evil, which they have created in their own mind in fact (and nowhere else). They have decided the rest of the country, fits this description of evil.

    This is a malformation in the psyche of the average folk. It started with genuine urges and aspirations, for betterment, and nihilism (Maumoon was asking people to be too good, to behave basically)- it has now become a malignancy that is eating away at the power-base of the Party itself. The solution is to acknowledge that critical error's have been made, that our affairs and accounts have to be settled by ourselves, before we can destroy "Maumoon" even- to realize we maybe our own enemy even.

    We are waging war with our fellow countrymen, and this is eating away at our soul. It is our consciousnesses which is making increments for this Party so difficult. The path we maybe following is clearly wrong. We have to brainstorm again..

    This is a disconnect between the leadership and Party members. The members of MDP insist for example, that they are not 'laadhiinee' and yet end up having to reconcile the obvious leaning's of their elected leader's or Party Echelon with this counter-behaviour...

    The outcome will be we destroying our own country- claiming it was for the better. And even then we would not have admitted our mistakes- enter Cognitive Dissonance. We just want the other side to be crushed so badly, in-spite of ourselves also.. This is what will destroy the MDP. The ethical implications of lying, debasing, exaggerating was not taken into consideration. This is what has demoralized the Party.

    Maybe they are right, maybe we need to repent, and return to an ulterior course of action. See how we talk of 'militancy', and not realize what we are actually saying. There is a right way to go about things, and there is a wrong way. This fool Ali Waheed is terribly misinformed, what was Anni thinking?

  13. Maldivians should help themselves rather than crying for help from outsiders. Maldivians brought the current calamity upon themselves and no one from outside can dig them out of it.

    Outsiders do not have a magic wand to heal every ill here. We are not a prize worth fighting for, unlike oil rich Middle Eastern states. Get real guys.

  14. Maldivains are not irrational. They are merely scarred to death by TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY which they though can solve their problems.

    But democracy turned out to a hippy lifestyle rather than more substantive freedoms. MDP is responsible for such IRRESPONSIBILITY.

  15. “Why can’t they see this reality? The security of the Indian Ocean region and the Maldives is threatened,”...MDP MP Ali Waheed.

    Why is MDP leadership allowing somebody like Ali Waheed to make a fool of "Maldives" as a nation. He is threatening the international community with militancy?? Does he know the meaning of Militancy. What difference is he from somebody like Ahmadinejad, Is MDP asking to be grouped in the Hamas category.

    The only organisation threatening the security of Maldives is MDP, who has been playing the Geo-political game: asking the Indians to come and stay in Maldives (If India helps MDP to win) to keep the Chinese away from the Indian Ocean. Well that game is old and redundant. The Chinese already controls the south of Sri Lanka,which is much better as there are no dangerous reefs. Chinese have also established themselves in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. They control more than half of the minerals / raw materials of Africa, the largest mines in Australia,several oil contracts in Iraq, most of the exported Iranian crude. As being the world's "factory" (including several US multinationals) even the US will assist China to secure its sea routes for the import of raw materials and export of finished products.Following are just a few reasons that China will have its sea routes secured by USA & EU (US Foreign policy is dictated by its powerful Wall Street corporations)

    China has surpassed USA to be the world's top automobile consumer, amounting to more than 1.5 million units (includes -Ford,GM and other US brands)

    Apple Inc. produces nearly all its iPhones and iPads in China.

    China is the largest customer of Boeing as well as Airbus Industries.

    China holds US bonds to the tune of $trillions and is bailing out the ailing economy of Europe.

    It is really laughable when Ali Waheed lectures the US Ambassador or any other western diplomat about Indian Ocean security, because the US State Department will have more information regarding the security of Indian Ocean and even our own Maldivian National Defense Capabilities (what we have,real-time territorial security/surveillance data and info on military pacts and other classified material) make it short and sweet. Ali Waheed, you will not have even 10% of the knowledge of even our own MNDF that the US Ambassador has. So SHUT UP.

    I would implore the management of New Radiant to remove Ali Waheed as your chairman as it is loathsome to have a person who threatens to use "militancy" also as the chairman of the most popular sports club in Maldives. I(as a registered member since 1980)request Co-Founder Ahmed Waheed,to arrange an emergency meeting of the club's executive council to decide on the earliest date to elect a new chairman.

  16. Ali waheed was trying to switch side when nasheed resigned, but he is in a deep hole of black mail. hahah boooooom booooooom


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