Large discrepancies in Transport Ministry’s financial records: audit report

Auditors have found large discrepancies between the financial records maintained by the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the general ledger kept by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

According to the Transport Ministry’s 2010 audit report, the ministry’s records show that a total of Rf26 million (US$1.7 million) was spent on purchasing  information technology hardware, while the Finance Ministry’s ledger for National Center for Information Technology had no record of the expense.

Meanwhile, income received as Driving Licence Insurance Fee was recorded in the Transport ministry’s books as Rf229,935 (US$14,911) more than the amount stated in the Finance ministry’s ledger while the total income received by the Transport Authority in 2012 was recorded as Rf2.3 million less in the ministry’s ledger.

The latter discrepancy occurred because the ministry had not updated their records with the income generated from ministry’s services provided in the atolls under the Decentralisation Act, the report said.

Furthermore, Rf47 million (US$3 million) allocated to three regional airports in 2010 were recorded as expenses in the ministry’s financial statements, although  auditors found a sum of Rf947,014 (US$61,500) remained unspent in the respective airport’s bank accounts.

Over Rf 600,000 (US$39,000) received as revenue to the Kadhoo Regional Airport between November 2008 and February 2010 was not deposited to the state’s consolidated revenue account, the report added, while  poor management of  airport’s invoices and records made it difficult for auditors to determine how much money is owed to different parties or supposed to be received as income.

Auditor General Ibrahim Niyaz observed in the report that the the ministry had not “identified and reconciled” the aforementioned discrepancies.

The ministry also did not compile its financial statement in accordance with ‘International Public Sector Accounting Standards’ (IPSAS) as stipulated by regulations under the Public Finance Act, and as a result lacked important information such as detailed disclosure notes, Niyaz added.

Therefore, Auditor General refrained from providing an opinion of the ministry’ financial statements and instructed to adjust the figures accordingly to remove discrepancies and compile it in accordance with IPSAS.

The report further noted that the ministry had purchased equipment without the stipulated bidding process and had assigned maintenance of traffic lights to a company prior to signing the contract, thereby violating public finance regulation.


5 thoughts on “Large discrepancies in Transport Ministry’s financial records: audit report”

  1. What has happened to the audit reports of the last government?

    Were they ever sent to the PG office by the Police or if they were, did they ever reach the courts?

    And if they did reach the courts, what happened to them?

  2. All the records of Maumon's government are burned in Aarah during the transition period of Anni and Maumoon.

  3. More acts of corruption by Anni are set to unfold.. and still some people think he is a 'good' man. He has been bankrupting this country the last 3 years and truth is coming out!

  4. @ aa

    Why does Anni have to responsibiity for the shoddy work of civil servants??

    Its the Civil Service Commission that has to be accountable for this absolutely unacceptable level of service!!

    But what can you do? if you look at ther performance reviews, you will find an A* report.

    The ACC must file a report with the police to make these civil servants accountable.

  5. @simple and honest

    I see. Thats explains a lot. Actually everything.

    Well, there is nothing we can do. Is there?

    The Grand Master Gayoom wins again.

    But not quite.

    Gayoom and all those who did not care a a fig about us and who are now back in power, can take our money and our freedom and our right to a decent living, but they cannot take our vote unless we give it to them.

    So really, if we Maldivians give our vote to these people, at the Presidential elections, the Parliamentary elections, at the council election, then what we are doing is saying yes its ok what you did, and keep doing what you did.

    How sad is that? To be brainwashed to the point where we don't remember all that could have been done for our nation, all the millions that were taken from us and say yes to those who did that?

    How sad is it, that, for a dhoni, a flat, a scholarship, an all expenses paid medical trip, a business, a few shares, a resort, sell the future of our children?

    What I have to say about all this, that if the Maldivian voter wants to give their vote to the people who roobed us, then take responsibility for destroying the future of our children.

    Don't blame Gayoom or Yaameen.or Dr Waheed.

    And for those who are working so hard to bring light to our peoples hearts and minds, I say never stop doing that too. Because hopefully one day the children of those who vote today to oppress us will reclaim their country and their lives from the actions of their parents.

    May Allah guide us in the jihaadh we have undertaken to free ourselvs from the tyranny of oppression, poverty and slavery.


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