Leader of MDP Religious Council resigns in protest

Chair of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Religious Council, Sheikh Adam ‘B.A’ Naseem, has resigned.

Sheikh Naseem confirmed to Minivan News that today he had sent the party a letter of resignation and requested the Elections Commission (EC) record his departure from the party.

“It was due to many issues,’’ Sheikh Naseem said. ‘’The education policy of this government is one issue.’’

There were other issues, he said, that he did “not wish to discuss”.

Spokesperson for MDP Ahmed Haleem said he had not received the information yet, and Chairperson of MDP MP Mariya Didi and Parliamentary Group leader MP Moosa Manik did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Last night protesters gathered near the house of Minister of Education Dr Musthafa Luthfy and called on the resignation of the minister, and some other senior officials at the ministry.

Religious NGOs such as Jamiyyathul Salaf and other NGOs have opposed to the introduction of co-education and warned the ministry that there will be “many social and religious issues” that would arise if the concept was introduced.

Dr Musthafa Luthfy recently told Minivan News that the ministry’s idea was not to introduce co-education, but was rather to combine primary grades to the current secondary schools, in which case the all-female and all-male schools would have to receive girls and boys.

There are currently four secondary schools in Male’, two for males only and the other two for females.


31 thoughts on “Leader of MDP Religious Council resigns in protest”

  1. isnt BA naseem too old for co-education? this move must be out of envy that he missed the opportunity for co-education when he was a boy. that you didnt enjoy your childhood doesnt mean you should take up arms outside dr. musthafa's house, who knows more about education than a bunch of extremists who dont know anything about personal hygiene and gilette.

  2. Ta Taa B.A Val Mullahs. You guys really belong to the Tora Bora (hot spot for Mullahs at Afghanistan). MDP must celebrate this. Hip Hip Hooray! I always wonder why these Mullahs come & join democratic parties. just for what?? is'nt the democracy the end of Islam like you guys say in your sermons ??!

  3. o thank god. now go and protest infront of musthafa and also ask adhaalath to follow you by leaving by resisgning fom cabinet and other govt. positions. we dont need mullaz to convert a 100 percent muslim country to a 100 percent mulla muslim country. okeyyyyy

  4. when wud all these mullas resign from Maldives and go to there real brothers and sisters who will welcome them happily in jihad places like afaganisthan and pakisthan. cant they here the shooshooo from the normal majority Maldivians

  5. hey u guys oppsing islam right. then why do u call ur selfs ibrahim o ahmed huh? .. and uncle u want to see the end of islam right ? ull pack up and leave soon hehe ... and ibrahim ur calling him "BA" naseem .... ur hypocritical thinking will not effect islam at all ... wait and see ,,, uve been warned

  6. It's funny how there is only one person in the whole of Maldives who goes on insisting that he be called a B.A. Somebody when there are thousands of people who have a B.A. behind them. This even shows how conceited the person is. Any way co-education was there even when we were studying and now I am above 40yrs, and bald headed. Why are these people creating havoc saying that this education minister is introducing co-education and that they won't stand it! So stupid of them. Did they realize it now only? I studied in a co-ed school in Male', but I did not lust after all the girls in my class. I have been married for the past 20yrs and our kids are grown up. Why didn't we run after every young female? The only thing I can say is that it is these people who keep calling themselves religious scholars with nothing in their brains who still, even in their late 50s or 60s lust after 10 or 12 yr old little kids....Please pass a bill to keep them separated, in another island till they can cure themselves of their sickness.

  7. ali,

    wat do u mean by resign from Maldives...shame on u! is Maldives a company that belongs to u? hehehehe...Ali, are u okay?

    Ali, why don't u go to Israel for jihad who will welcome u happily killing innocent children, women and the old...u can hear the shooshoo,

    May Allah SWT guide u to the right path, Ameen

  8. when he was in MDP party he was a moderate. He was respected and a symbol of moderate islamic sheikh. But as soon as he leaves the party he is an extremist, wahhabi, mullah and good riddance? What's wrong with your demented brains o kaafirs of Maldives? How can somebody not help but laugh at your hollow brains? 🙂
    What comes to mind is the occasion when the jewish rabbi (Abdulla ibn Salam) became muslim and his own people disowned him. Before his conversion he was the best of the men, born of the best of men, the most learned, the most virtuous, but after his conversion, he was the worst of mankind, born of the worst mankind, the most wretched uneducated person of all...

  9. what is the meaning of extremists? is this word belongs to muslims only?
    BA naseem is a courageous man he was a close friend of all mdp suporters & he suports the movement of pure democracy .. you all should be shame on insulting him.
    he is a faithful muslim & not a mulla if he supports mullas he should have resigned with sheikh fareedh .. what i know is that he dont want to Scarifies his dignity .. i think every body knows waht is right & waht is wrong i belive that the current educational policy will divert our children in to a more unislamic atmosphere.

  10. The mullahs are a funny lot. The great majority of schools in the country are co-ed. They are happy to let it be. But the moment someone wants to incorporate co-ed schooling into policy, they have a fit. Drinking illegally procured alcohol is rampant in the country. They have no problems with that. The moment someone wants to draft regulations on how it will be sold they all go berserk. Symbolic weddings have been held in the resorts in Maldives for decades now. No problems there. Again, when someone wants to bring in some discipline and standards to the whole thing, they cry out. The biggest mullah is holding a Miss France Pageant on Hajj Day (the holiest of Holy Days) at Coco Palm, and the Mullahs have nothing to say. What a mess they have turned this country into. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  11. When he was with MDP, he was the best, but when he left MDP he's the worst... U guys are just nuts.. Allah gave brain to you all to think, see, listen and believe in the truth.. Wake up..

  12. Scratch a little deeper and you would find a reason why he prefers separation, even from youth. And they are far from religious.

  13. Isn't Mr Naseem entitled to his opinion, even if it may be based on his understanding/interpretation of religion or even if it may be wrong or objectionable? Being an elderly Maldivian doesn't he deserve any respect? Has he broken any Maldivian rules or laws? What kind of democracy is being practiced here? A democracy in which there is no room for any difference of opinion if that is based on religion!
    By the way, does Mr Naseem really insist on being referred to as 'BA Naseem'? It's like alleging 'Fatulunu Yusuf Fulhu' or 'Bela Maniku' insisting on those 'titles'!
    For those who may not be aware, Mr Naseem is one of the first two Maldivian students to graduate and receive a BA from a secular university; he first studied in Canada and then went to India where he completed his studies. He taught English at Majeediyya before leaving to study religion. He is well read and has access to literature which many of the commentators here would not have and has written, published and taught many Maldivians. Although he may be a 'mullah' or 'lust-driven', as some accuse him here, he cant be as nutty as some of his accuseres' comments here sound.

  14. He was one of the bricks from the wall that stood against the oppression of the previous regime. He is one of the founding members of the MDP;the ruling party of Maldives. He is worth more than anyone commenting here.

  15. All the edhuruge schools in the Maldives, for centuries, had been co-educational. Does Mullah Naseem still have his fishing boat called "Chewing Gum"? If Somalis are able to drift to the Maldives in their pirate boats the mullah can go back to Islamistan in "Chewing Gum".

  16. does anybody here knows the differences among secularism, moderate and extremism. If not get the hell outta here...
    Aren't you guys even in a position to write a comment, even though you are free...
    By the way... I believe what's done is done...
    All the Kafirs burn in hell...
    All Muslims , paradise awaits you...
    Good luck guys...

  17. Awesome! 😀

    Anyone who tells another person to burn in hell, not based on how decent a person they are, but based upon the length of their beard/trousers is better off left not dealing with governance.

    Are all these holy men blind to all the very real issues we face everyday?

    Why are they always trying to save us from all these hypothetical "social problems"? Why don't they work to fix the problems we have now?


    Cos they can't sell you their BS if the government works properly without their help.

    They NEED the system to fail.

  18. MDP needed them, then. MDP does not need them anymore. Adhaalath is manipulating religion to their advantage. Believe it or not, Maldives is bracing towards an Islamic Revolution, just as we've seen in 1979,Iran. Maldives has been and god willing would always remain as a moderate muslim country. SAY NO TO SHARIA LAW

  19. @iNcEpTiOn on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 12:55 PM

    hey wht u mean by a "moderate" muslim?
    is that the kind of people who never prays,never fast,never pay in obligatory charity..and so on..we DONT want to be moderate like that..here that?yes if u dnt like sharia leave our country for us and go to west to live the way u want.because Maldives belongs to muslims only..ok SAY YES TO SHARIA...if u dnt like it say bye bye to MALDIVES.salaam

  20. Today is a day Allah (SWA) had brought us one step closer to the victory Allah (SWA) had promised us !

  21. Totally agree with Neut. And may Allah SWT give brains to learn morals to all 'muslims' by name who make false accusations!

  22. U are gonna pay for telling stuff to him u are the worst u don't know who he really is


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