Letter of Spanish support

Dear People of Maldives,

My name is David González and I am a student of teacher training in the Barcelona University in Spain. When I do not have anything to study or homework to do, I write in my blog called “El Internacional” whose subject matter are the current International notices.

Well, when I saw the speeches of the representatives of your country and the Tuvalu’s one in the Copenhagen’s conference I was shocked. The tears of Ian Fry and the words of President Nasheed in the UN Assembly were terrifying. What were we doing? Our Eastern brothers can be the Atlantis of the XXIst century and we do not do anything to avoid such awful end?

I wrote an article in my blog to attempt to show what is happening in your country and in Tuvalu. The mass media only look at Libya and Japan but the Maldives’ issue continues being an important topic that must not be forgotten.

In addition, that is why I am writing in this newspaper, because I think it is important that the Maldivians knew they have fully support of, at least, one person in Spain.

Nothing else, thank you for giving me the chance to write here and please, continue fighting and defending your land, Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it would be a shame that it disappears under the water of the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, I will continue my crusade to make people aware that some insular nations can be sunk in few years if we do not stop the global warming.

David González

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12 thoughts on “Letter of Spanish support”

  1. Much appreciated, thanks buddy.

    I would alsoask you to support for the freedom the Basque people desir.

  2. Thanks to Minvan news to collaborate with my blog. I am catalan so i support the basque and the catalan cause, my friend Mithra.

    Please I need a volunteer to write some lines about your situation and your opinion about what is the International Community doing with the global warming. It would be very interesting and the spanish people are willing to know. Please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

    I will appreciate a collaboration, thanks.

  3. how about an article on the endemic mismanagement and corruption which threatens to drive our country to bankruptcy and our people towards the most undignified and lowest form of existence?

  4. Am a Maldivian living abroad, and here every single person meeting me asks... "We heard Maldives is going to submerge soon".. and I have to tell them over and over again, that for the common Maldivian, the threat of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise seams far more remote than the daily problems of crime, drugs, destruction of social fabric, political chaos, availability of any meaningful work, entertainment for youth.. and ofcourse the growing division across different religious thought..

    And David, thanks for your interest in telling our story to the Spanish people.. Can you pls post a link to your blog??


  5. I think Maldives has much more important issues to worry about than climate change at the moment. We have the most corrupted and self centered MPs in the parliament, our education system has failed, we don't have proper infrastructure in many areas, social and public unrest, drugs issue, people in low living standards with high costs and the list goes on. We need to sort out these things first and foremost.

  6. I like your answers Dina, Klyfer and tsk tsk. Can I translate it and put it on my blog? Nothing is heard about corruption in your nation...

    You can translate it into English.

  7. Dear Gonzalez,
    Its is good to know that you are very concerned of Maldives and the consequences of sea level rise to us. But to be honest I think we will dissapear from this earth soon not because of the sea level rise and changes in environment, but because of the low and disgusting social status in which we are living. Our society is full of murderers, gang violence, rapists, paedophiles, bestialites, violence, failed justice system, corruption, drug adiction, no respect for each other, low livign standards, high cost of livign, congestion etc etc. Our resorts are paradise for the visitors but our islands are hell for the locals. The government has failed to protect civilians and give them a healthy standard living. Its a big social disaster. I would be happy to talk these things with you rather than environment. The sea level thing has been goign on for the past more than 20 yrs and i dont see it rising. what is rising here are the rest of the above mentioned horrible and nasty things.

  8. That's worrying Ibrahim. We don't know anything about this. It would be interesting if you collaborate with me and my blog and share to the spanirds that your country is not the paradise that the travel agencies show.

    [email protected]

    Please contact me and send me information. I'll translate your writtings and I'll put your name as the author.

  9. David: I am not a Maldivian but like you I love the Maldives and jump onto this site time to time. I'm a huge Barca fan by the way, as Barelona held out against Franco the longest. I saw a doc. about how Real Madrid of 1950' was a political tool of Franco and how Barca were pressured to lose. Surprised me that Di-Stefano would represent such evil.

    Anyway, just want to add to what Ibrahim Yasir said. Having tavelled to Maldives as a foreigner I can testify that the Maldives where the tourist is and the Maldives where the Maldivian lives are two different countries in a manner of speaking. You see, they are separated by sea as tourist Islands are actually separate Islands. Rarely does a Westerner see what many real Maldivian's go through, twenty ppl living in a small room etc...

  10. Oh, my Wife IS a Maldivian (now Australian Citizen also), and she would like to point out that there is much injustice and racism, oppression against Asian's, Muslims in Australia also... And that I am nothing but a big hypocrite for pointing out problems in Maldives... She may even go on to tell you I am an oppressive so and so...

    This is all true...

    But my only ambition for pointing out the problems in Maldives is not to show I am better than a Maldivian or Australia is a better country or we are better, my only aim is to help those in Maldives who feel intimidated by gangs and the pressure of vioence and threats etc... Who are mainly the poor. I don't give a rats what anyone says, I love those and I hope David you can show the world this side of Maldives to help them.

  11. Thank you very much for your support. Here is the link. Next week there will be another collaboration about Maldives. I think it will surprise you.


  12. Dear David,Thank you so much for your concern and support...The real issue is actually the climate change problem and you are right in your concerns..As has happened in the Tsunami few years ago,climate change and natural disasters come uncalled for and we never know when another tsunami comes and the whole of Maldives might get submerged.It could happen anytime!

    That has to be our real fear..the sense of that fear is now lost following the change of government after a 30year dictatorship..and the rising levels of crime and corruption has made people really forget how delicate and a serious situation that we are actually in..It might be too late already now..The only thing left is for us wait till we get submerged because the international community might already be disinterested with our problems because of the bad reputation that we Maldivians are creating in the name of politics,corruption,drug addiction,religious extremism and gang violence..It should as well submerge like those small Godforsaken countries of yonder..


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