Letter on civil servant food allowance

Dear Mohamed Fahmy Hassan, President of the Civil Service Commission (CSC),

Assalaamualaikum Wrh. Wbr.

My civil servant colleagues and I congratulate you for your nomination as the new President of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

We take this opportunity to bring to your attention that there are a number of civil servants who are entitled to a food allowance but have not been paid to date.

This we believe is because they are not the majority. But we also believe the CSC must respect the feelings of the minority as well and that we hereby request you to look into the issue a bit seriously and without any further delay.

We have seen that a staff member travelling to the workplace by bus, organised by the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), are paid a food allowance, but the same staff travelling to the workplace by sea –
much further in terms of distance and much more difficult to travel – have NOT been paid a food allowance.

If we look at the set rules and regulations for providing a food allowance we believe it contradicts the rule and how it is been practiced because the rule says a staff member travelling to a workplace other than his/her residence are entitled to a food allowance and a travel allowance.

Again, this in contradictory when those who don’t get a food allowances are still provided with a travel allowance, which doesn’t really make sense and is really problematic.

Now the question is why these employees are been paid a travel allowance if they are not entitled to a food allowance. We believe travel allowance has been paid for the same reason as the food allowance has been paid.

Since the issue has been repeatedly notified to the Zinmaadhaaru Verin (ZV) and the Permanent Secretaries (PS) but remains unattended and ignored, please kindly try to help the civil servants get their entitled food allowance as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,



5 thoughts on “Letter on civil servant food allowance”

  1. yes i agree with this...Civil Service Commission ignores it because people will blindly condemn the Government...Ex CSC President Latheef was trying his best to bring back his man as Head of State of this country...Very unfortunately he was unable to achieve it and finally lost his post as President of the CSC...Now let's see how the new President Mohd Fahmee Hassan acts on this issue...Hope he would respect even the MINORITY feelings, Insha Allah

  2. that's absolutely true...why has civil servants are been provided with a travel allowance if they are not eligible for a food allowance?????????

    Mr Fahmy! please look into this issue seriously so that people start trusting the CSC in the days ahead

  3. i am sure Mr Fahmee will look into this issue because it's very unfair that the minority civil servants are ignored in such apparently. The CSC must also feel how these staff struggle at a time all the basic food items, electricity and other services are so expensive that salary just nothing to manage their daily basic minimum to live n support the families

  4. We hope our beloved President Nasheed would raise this issue at the regular meetings with the Civil Service Commission members


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