Letter on mandatory veil in schools

Dear Editor,
It is sad and disheartening to read your article on the aforementioned topic, but I commend the efforts of the Minivan News team for bringing these kinds of controversial cases to our attention.
I feel as if we are moving backwards, engulfed in the biggest mistake the current government has made in separating the religious component from the Executive. The Islamic Ministry has become a nationwide pest now, trying to take away one freedom after another.
If we do not take action now it will be too late, for they are brainwashing this moderate liberal community and trying to make our beautiful country one that reflects the dry deadly deserts of Arabia.
In today’s time and state, every women should have the access to education and healthcare. They should have a right to choose what they wear, whom they marry and what kind of people they will be.
I was watching the Miss Maldives Beauty Pageant of 1953 on Youtube today and wishing for such a glorious time for Maldivian women again. I ask every reader of this letter to exercise your freedom of expression and try to get some common sense back into our people, for that is the least we can do as individuals.