Letter on Minivan News

Dear Editor,

I read on your “about us” page that “Minivan News (’minivan’ means ‘independent’ in Dhivehi) is:

an English-language news website providing independent and unbiased coverage of news in the Maldives. Published in the capital Male’, Minivan News is widely read by both local and global audiences and is internationally regarded as the Maldives’ most reliable news source. Minivan News also sets high standards for ethical and impartial reporting, training local journalists to an international standard while providing the country’s first fully independent platform for free expression. In keeping with our commitment to independence, Minivan News is self-funding through banner advertising.

However your reports and news coverage is a just another version of Dhivehi Observer new (aka. Presidents habaru fathafolhi”) meaning it’s always pro-government news.

As a reader of Maldivian news on most of the sites both in Dhivehi and in English, I find it hard to believe in your “pledge” to cover stories “independently”, neither do I believe that they are “unbiased”.

In a baby democracy like ours, it is my view that media has a huge responsibility in disseminating information, cover news in an independent/unbiased manner and in building trust among general public in the whole new democratic system.

Hoping to see a positive change on your e-paper and wishing you all the best.


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One thought on “Letter on Minivan News”

  1. minivan news is the most independent, fair and well researched news medium available to us Maldivians as of now. the articles give a say to all sides of the story. An article that is critical of government may fade into the back pages quicker on minivan news but its is not as biased as other online news providers.


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