Police crackdown sparks riots across the Maldives – “acts of terrorism” say police

Thousands of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters, led by former president Mohamed Nasheed, have taken to the streets this evening to oppose what they claimed was an illegitimate government established yesterday in a bloodless military coup.

The protests  have spread across the country including the southern Atoll of Addu, where Mayor Abdulla Sodig has been beaten by protesters and taken to the Addu regional hospital. Hithadhoo police academy has also been set on fire, along with approximately 18 vehicles used for training purposes.

Minivan News has received rumours that 250 inmates at Maafushi jail have broken out of their cells and are rioting against the guards. Sources report that police are being deployed to the jail compound.

In Sri Lanka, demonstrations are being held outside of the Maldives Embassy. In the United Kingdom, Maldives High Commissioner Dr Farahanaz Faizal has resigned in protest.

The political chaos was triggered this afternoon after Nasheed rallied MDP supporters, declaring that his resignation had been under duress and called for the freshly-appointed Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan to step down and call for elections.

“Yes, I was forced to resign at gunpoint,” Mohamed Nasheed told foreign reporters after the rally. “There were guns all around me and they told me they wouldn’t hesitate to use them if I didn’t resign.”

Nasheed’s supporters then clashed with police and military forces near Republic Square, and were repeatedly tear gassed by the police. Dramatic footage of the crackdown has been shared on social media. More videos uploaded showed police kicking and beating protesters on the ground.

Amid the clashes, a group of opposition demonstrators infiltrated the crowds, attacking MDP supporters, according to witnesses.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed was reported among the injured, and received head injuries during the clashes. He was briefly taken under police custody before being released back into the crowd.

An injured protester

MDP’s former Chairperson Maria Ahmed Didi was also seen “dragged away by by her hair” – her whereabouts remain unknown – while MDP’s Chairperson Reeko Moosa Manik is in critical condition at ADK Hospital.

A Minivan News reporter was injured following what he described as a baton charge by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s ‘starforce’ officers.

“They were beating old women with batons,” he said. “It was just like the old days.”

Photos circulated on social media show heavily bloodstained protesters. There were unconfirmed reports that a woman had died, but the hospitals confirmed no deaths as of 9:00 Wednesday night.

Protests have meanwhile spread nationwide across the Maldives, including Addu City, with reports of islanders seizing police stations across the country.

A police spokesperson confirmed that protesters had been injured. He could not confirm the number of people arrested.

Several youth with head injuries were queued up for x-rays in the waiting area outside the reception area at IGMH.

One young woman who had gone to IGMH with her sister was being treated for a head wound. A gauze wrapped around her head was spotted with blood, and she claimed the wound was still bleeding as she went in for an X-ray.

“The police were just standing there and suddenly we were being beaten with batons and pepper spray was thrown in our face. They threw us to the ground and kept beating us,” she said.

Explaining that she, her sister and most women had joined the party’s “walk around Male” because they understood it was not a violent protest, the young woman said she had never seen indiscriminate beating of men and women on Male’ under Mohamed Nasheed’.

“It was just supposed to be a peaceful walk. That’s why we went, and why more women than usual went. But there was no warning of the attack, no announcements, we were all beaten even after we began retreating. My sister was almost trampled,” she said. “I just think it’s disgusting that the police could beat so many unarmed women.”

A reported photo of a protester taken from Facebook

Meanwhile, MDP MP and parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih believed approximately 35 individuals had been admitted to IGMH, with one in the ICU. Hospital staff said several were in serious conditions.

Describing the confrontation, Solih said the group was 20 feet away from the police line, which was not blocked the road, when the police began spraying tear gas, pepper spray, and throwing stones. He believes there may have been individuals behind the police who were launching some of the projectiles, but could not say whether they were affiliated with any political party.

“We are now just trying to collect everyone and see who has been injured,” Solih said, adding “I think [they police] were using more force than was necessary today.”

Solih claimed ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik was in serious condition with injuries to his stomach and back, while MP Mariya Didi was also seriously injured. Nasheed had been injured as well, but is being kept “in a secret location.” MPs Alhan Fahmy and Imthiyaz Fahmy, the party spokesperson, have been taken to jail, he added.

“I didn’t think Dr Waheed would do anything against civilians, I felt he would do something to protect them. But today I saw a totally different situation, and I am not so sure. I don’t think he has any control over the police and MNDF. They’re the ones running the government, Dr Waheed is just a puppet,” he elaborated.

MDP Party Member Omar Razak, Chairman of Works Corporation Limited, observed that the numbers of MDP supporters who turned out today to walk around Male’ trumped those who demonstrated on February 7 during the military coup.

“If we had the numbers yesterday that we had today we wouldn’t be in this situation,” he said, adding that the party members had been up all night with the protests on February 6. He said the party would continue to demonstrate. “They can’t keep doing this, beating people and sending them to the hospital every day.”

MDP Chairperson 'Reeko' Moosa Manik is in intensive care.

Riot squads arrived at IGMH around 6:15, but were replaced by MNDF forces at approximately 6:30. The situation was calm at 7:00pm, however the public was still gathered outside.

No deaths had been confirmed as of 8:00pm.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) was investigating the situation at IGMH at 6:45 pm.

The BBC’s Andrew North, who was covering the riots, reported “an ugly atmosphere in this tiny capital on the sea as darkness fell, with clashes continuing between Maldives security forces and supporters of the former president, Mohamed Nasheed.”

“We witnessed a baton charge by police on crowds gathered outside one of the main hospitals. People scattered as officers sprinted towards them, silhouetted against the lights of passing traffic.

“Inside the hospital, dozens of Mr Nasheed’s supporters are still being treated for injuries, following earlier scuffles in the main square. Among them is Reeko Moosa Maniku, chairman of Mr Nasheed’s Maldives Democratic Party – who was with the former president when the clashes broke out.

“A large head bandage and his shirt bloodied, he regained consciousness as we arrived. ‘The police said they would kill me’, he told us, as they beat me. Another MP was still unconscious in another ward.”

LIVE UPDATES – refresh this page:

7:15 – In a surreal moment, the state broadcaster was reporting on Disney’s financial profits as the protests took hold.

7:23 – Hospitals have been reported locked down and appointments cancelled.

7:29 – 50 people reported hospitalised. Police and army at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

7:31 – Reports of police looting the MDP’s headquarters. MDP supporters have alleged that President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan does not have control of police.

7:37 – A Thimarafushi councilor has claimed that police on the island have sided with the islanders, after they approached the police station. 12 police reportedly work on the island.

7:43 – MDP MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik is reported to be in intensive care in a “very critical” condition.

8:05 – MDP supporters on Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll are protesting against the police. Vehichles and police buidling smashed up, reported haveeru.

8:06 – Police station on Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll reportedly taken over by MDP supporters

8:07 – Police station on Velidhoo in Noonu Atoll reportedly taken over by MDP supporters. Seven policeman on duty exiled from the island on a boat, reports Haveeru.

8:08 – Chairman of the Police Integrity Commission Shahinda Ismail told Raajje TV that police had used excessive force. The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has also issued a statement expressing concern.

8:49 – Police released a statement announcing that the current protests have turned into a ‘violent act of terrorism’, citing that protesters are deliberately causing harm to the people and damaging public property, and vowed to take necessary measures to crack down the protesters.

9:02 – Windows at Vili Police Station in Maafanu ward have been smashed. A fight was taking place nearby between several civilians, with only a few police members involved, following the police raid on the MDP camp at approximately 7:45 pm, sources say.

9:03 – Minivan News has learned that Amnesty International will be dispatching a delegation to the Maldives following reports of senior MDP figures being detained.

9:06 – The UK High Commission has a team in the Maldives that called a meeting with all UK nationals this afternoon at a Male’ hotel. UK citizens present were registered. High Commissioner John Rankin expressed particular concern over the reported ‘no-travel’ list, which he said was believed to include several foreign nationals, including at least one UK citizen. He said President Dr Waheed Hassan had refuted knowledge of such a list, but had added that he would respect a court order if it was issued.

9:37 – British Prime Minister David Cameron has said responded to a question from UK MP David Amess, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group to the Maldives:

Amess: Does my right hon. Friend share my disappointment at the overthrow yesterday of the first democratically elected President of the Maldives in a coup d’état? Given our historical links with the islands, will the Government, by way of a message, do all they can to ensure that no violence results and that the democratic institutions remain?

Cameron: My hon. Friend is right. This country does have strong links with the Maldives and a good relationship with President Nasheed, but we have to be clear. President Nasheed has resigned, and we have a strong interest in the well-being of several thousand British tourists and in a stable and democratic Government in the Maldives. Our high commissioner is in the capital now and meeting all the political leaders. We call on the new Government to demonstrate their respect for the rights of all political parties and their members, and to ensure that the constitution is upheld. We advise British tourists to avoid non-essential travel to Malé island, and those using Malé airport and the tourist resorts should exercise caution.

10:01 – Police station, island court and atoll council office reported burnt down to ground by angry protesters in Thinadhoo (pop 6500) in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll.

10:02 – Police stations on Gan and Feydhoo in Addu Atoll (pop 35,000) set on fire. Fire continues to spread, after protesters smashed up fire rescue lorry.

10:03 – Police station and court reported taken over by protesters on Alifushi in Raa Atoll.

10:14 – Confirmed earlier reports that President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has appointed Dhivehi Gaumee Party (DQP) Deputy Leader Dr Ahmed Jameel Ahmed as Home Minister, and Mohamed Nazim from Maafanu Seenu Karankaage as Defence Minister . Both were sworn into the position at a ceremony held at the president office at 8:0opm tonight. Jameel was recently arrested by police under the Nasheed government on charges of hate speech. His party had published a pamphlet in Dhivehi entitled “President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians” (English translation).

10:27 – IGMH has confirmed no deaths as of 9:00pm this evening. ADK officials have confirmed to the media that 14 people were brought to the hospital with various injuries. Three have been hospitalised, including MDP Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, while the rest have been released after treatment.

10:32 – Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has called on Maldivian security forces to protect the country’s media “and to ensure that their rights are respected”, after reports that Nasheed’s opponents had “physically attacked at least one journalist and had threatened to kill another one.”

“After members of the police and army linked to the opposition staged a mutiny and forced the Nasheed to resign, members of the police also stormed the headquarters of the state TV station yesterday and took control,” RSF stated.

“We urge the new president, Mohamed Waheed Hassan, to take immediate steps to ensure the protection and the rights of all media workers, especially the journalists at the state TV station MNBC, who were expelled from their offices by the police,” Reporters Without Borders said.

“Undertakings must be given at once to defend freedom of information or else journalists are going to find themselves exposed to the same circumstances that prevailed before the country’s first democratic elections in 2008.”

After police and soldiers yesterday joined the opposition’s protests, they took control of MNBC – the Maldivian National Broadcasting Commission – and from there began broadcasting the opposition TV station VTV, which they then renamed Television Maldives (TVM), its name during the government of former dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

11:30 – Protesters in Addu have reportedly set fire to Hithadhoo police academy and 18 police vehicles. Mayor Abdulla Sodig has reportedly been beaten by protesters and taken to the Addu regional hospital.

11:31 – Several sources have claimed that 250 inmates at Maafushi jail have broken out of their cells and are rioting against the guards. Sources report that police are being deployed to the jail compound.

11:32 – In Sri Lanka, demonstrations are being held outside of the Maldives Embassy.

11:33 – In the United Kingdom, Maldives High Commissioner Dr Farahanaz Faizal has resigned: “My conscience wouldn’t allow me to serve a government which had overthrown a democratically elected government in a coup d’etat,” she said. Farah said she has been made the MDP spokesperson for the party in Europe, and intends to remain in the UK “for quite some time.”

“In the last elections, over 25 percent of the vote for Mohamed Nasheed was cast from those nationals residing in Europe,” she said.

11:34 – Maafushi Council has refuted claims that the prisoners have broken out. Minivan News understands that the attempted break out was quickly controlled by prison officers.

11:45 – Military and police have met with press, urging the public to maintain calm and end the vandalism and arson attacks on state and public property.

Brigadier General Ibrahim Didi, who commanded the mndf during yesterday’s events, refuted the claims military forced the president to quit by threatening to use force. He also said that the military never joined the protestors and it was incorrect information: “We never had any role in yesterday’s protest. We tried to protect. But the president voluntarily resigned. We didn’t force him to resign,” Didi said. “There is nobody among us who can put a gun to President Nasheed, and there was no plan to bring down the former president by using weapons. I say this with full guarantee.”

He insisted that the military had not participated in Tuesday’s alleged coup attempt, which saw police join opposition protesters and attack the capital’s military headquarters, and suggested that reporters “ask the police about it.”

12:12 – Police have confirmed that two policemen in Male’ were stabbed, between 9:30pm and 10:00pm, near ADK hospital. Both are reported to be in a stable condition and no suspects have been arrested.

12:24 – Former Assistant Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz, who was dismissed by the Nasheed government, has been reappointed as Police Commissioner. Riyaz had sued the government following his dismissal, and the civil court ruled that he had been unlawfully dismissed. He has reportedly been an active member of the opposition following his dismissal.

12:55 – The state broadcaster has shut down its broadcast for the evening as the political chaos continues. Social media remains extremely active.

1:05 – The coalition of opposition parties formed following the ‘December 23’ coalition to “defend Islam” have called on its supporters to come out to protect the state and public property. The opposition DRP has also condemned the MDP for instigating the protests, to end the rule of the “lawfully appointed” President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

1:15 – Minivan News understands that Mohamed Nasheed is safe with party supporters.

1:16 – The MDP is trying to get its Chairperson ‘Reeko’Moosa Manik out of the country for urgent medical treatment. However immigration authorities are reportedly refusing to allow him to leave as he is on a “travel blacklist” issued by the courts, MDP sources report.

1.19 – According to the former State Minister of Tourism, yesterday “the entire pre-Islamic collection at the National Museum was destroyed by a group who broke in. The incident has not been reported in any media so far. Apparently, the scene was photographed but the museum is under police control now and they are not giving information to anyone.”

2:11 – Amnesty International has issued a statement demanding that Maldives security forces “stop using violence against supporters of Mohamed Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party, a day after he was forced to resign the presidency under the threat of violence by the military and police.”

“Eyewitnesses told Amnesty International that Nasheed and a large number of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members were marching peacefully through the streets of the capital Malé when police attacked them first and then failed to protect them from a violent counter demonstration.

“Some of the MDP demonstrators were cordoned off by the police in a narrow alley where a mob shouting anti-MDP slogans began to beat them. One eyewitness saw Nasheed’s face covered in blood. He was then seen to be rushed away. Later a video emerged on the internet showing the police arresting him.

“MDP chairperson, and Member of Parliament, Reeko Moosa was first attacked by the police and then a mob attacked him with broken glass bottles. Police reportedly did not stop them. He is in a critical condition from the injuries and is receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of the Indira Ghandi Memorial Hospital.

“At least five MDP members of parliament are detained at the Dhoonidhoo Detention Center. One of the detained MPs, Mariya Ahmed Didi, who had been released from police custody last night was attacked by the police as she was attending today’s demonstration.”

“We are extremely concerned about the latest developments in the Maldives,” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific director. “The new authorities must ensure the right to freedom of expression and assembly and we want to see an investigation into the attack on Mohamed Nasheed and other protesters. Those responsible for the attack on demonstrators must be brought to justice.”

“MPs and others held in Dhoonidhoo Detention Center should have access to their family and lawyers, and they must receive adequate medical treatment and a thorough and independent investigation should be made into the reasons for their arrest,” added Zarifi. “They should be released unless the government can charge them with a cognizable criminal offense through a fair and impartial process.”

2:48 – Robert Blake, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, is scheduled to arrive in the Maldives on Saturday.

Dramatic footage of the protest and crackdown on Wednesday afternoon:

Footage of police beating a protester filmed from a balcony:

Former President Mohamed Nasheed and former MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi being dragged out of a shop by police on Wednesday afternoon:

Al Jazeera reports on the protest on Wednesday afternoon:

Scene in a Male’ hospital, Wednesday afternoon:

Riot police inside the MDP headquarters this afternoon:


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  1. @ Suvadeeb

    It is no secret that when MDP guys are are out on the streets there is massive destruction of properties and physical injuries sustained by everyone else.
    Sad that people like you have not realised this hard fact even after so many examples the MDP crowd have demonstrated.

    The opposition have protested for 22 nights before Anni resigned. We never saw any violence or destruction by the protesters except on the nights when the MDP was out. Why is MDP so detructive a force?

  2. Alam, The reason is that during Anni's time as President he did not order the Police to beat up innocent women and children and men. It was the Police who started the beating of a peaceful demonstration.

    I guess from your name, you are a Bangladeshi? Or are you Shuaib Shah, the son in law of Gayoom?

  3. Hi

    We are writing from Italy. You are a beautiful people and you are a beautiful plase. Please find a democratic solution for your life.

  4. Yasir, Nars and Marie
    Why can't u guys accept the simple fact that there are people of this Country who are defending their right to vote in their government democratically? Your heroes in the opposition held President Nasheed at gun point and forced him to resign. MDP or not, there are a lot of people in this country who knows how to respect their President, otherwise President Maumoon would have been history long before his 30 years in power. We are angry that the police and military sold our country to the devils and we are angry that our President was held at gun point and we are angry that the police is beating up innocent civilians who were protesting peacefully. Hate President Nasheed all you want but fact is nothing justifies the actions of President Waheeds administration, his allies in opposition parties or the police and defence force. A nation's curse and anger are on these jerks, they can't get away this time.

  5. If it was a peaceful protest, the police had no right to let loose their craze to sate their blood-lust. What a wretched thing it is, to beat down women and old people. Shame on you police. At least Nasheed kept the dogs leashed and such incidents were minimised during his reign.

  6. Dear Dhivehi People. You are suffering !!! We know that in Europe. We know you are going trough very bad times. You are in the news all over. French and Spanish TV are speaking about what is happening. It is time for all of you to fight for democracy and the well being of your country. STOP the riots and implement democracy back or i'm afraid you will get hurt seriously. Tourists are getting scared and cancelations are taking place. Please stop the madness. Your history is being written with blood … STOP it.

  7. Rafiqul Alam WTF is wrong with u. How is MDP the destructive party when they are the ones being tortured. U asshole this isnt abt MDP anymore. Maldivians are being massacred. This is too much. The reason why the 22 nights weren't destructive wasnt because the protesters back then behaved, it was because the police and military did back then. Wake the fuck up. This is what happens when power hungry assholes get the power. No one is safe anymore.The fucking police are breaking into ppls homes. Say goodbye to freedom of thought again.

  8. Its just horrible to see what is happening now in Maldives. Once a peaceful, tolerant paradise ... now turned into a nightmare ... democracy and freedom are gone, the Sharia will follow soon, the hunt for foreigners will be open ... bye bye Maldives, nice to have met ...


  10. After reading the comment by Rafiqul Alam (and those similar to his) I face palmed myself so hard I think I have a permanent bruise on my forehead >.>

    You say that when the opposition protested we never saw any violence. Why do you think this is so? Is it because President Nasheed ALLOWED them to protest, voice their opinion (how wrong they might be, people are entitled to their own opinions -- a sign of democracy)? Apparently you don’t seem to think them being able to protest was a sign of decency on President Nasheed’s part.

    We saw today the same decency was not shown to MDP. According to MDP, President Nasheed was forced to resign by the military and they threatened ‘ a blood bath in the capital ‘ if Nasheed did not step down from democracy (http://minivannewsarchive.com/politics/protests-erupt-after-nasheed-claims-resignation-was-under-duress-and-calls-for-dr-waheed-to-step-down-31677). IF he did not step down. Which he did (under force or not). Again, under a democratic ruling he should be allowed to voice his opinion , which he did today. This was followed by the threatened blood bath. From what I have seen on the news it was brutal, cruel, criminal and committed BY the military and not the protesters.

    President Nasheed, with all his faults, never commanded the military to attack the citizens. Atleast I have never seen it nor heard of it. You are welcome to enlighten me if you know otherwise. For the life of me I cannot understand why some people think the violence was CAUSED BY MDP. Yes it resulted because MDP protested. Which they, as everyone else in this country, are entitled to without the fear of retaliation if the country was truly democratic. Voicing their opinion is a right. Free speech is a right. Violent retaliation is on the other hand CRIMINAL, and the crime was committed not by MDP but by the military.

    One more thing. Why do you think the police turned against their president and committed such crimes against the very citizens they were sworn to protect? What was their incentive? I believe it was green, and deposited into bank accounts. Small people with weak characters are easy to sway with a bit of cash. From the the videos I have seen, the police that attacked their own citizens were some of the most small minded, narcissistic people I have seen. Thugs who think their uniform gives them enough power to verbally abuse and create violence that was utterly uncalled for.

  11. @ Mariyam....why cant you accept that fact that MDP is not made up of angels but of demons..The people burning down courts, government buildings and private property is not the police but MDP activists..the transition was peaceful until the gang of filth hijack it and turned it into a violent confrontation with the military.......Anni is a simple pathological liar leading this country to doom..its time for Maldivian people to come against these people to restore sanity and the rule of law...i am 100% behind the new president and the national unity government but first things first, that is restoring order to the country.


  13. Kihaa bodu balaa ehy dhan... Golaaaaaa supporters ge eyes tha kobaa.. MDP was just demonstrating peacfully when the police attacked .. like they use to 3 years back.. and you know if very well what happens if MDP is attacked like that ... MDP akee randu firihen kulin ulee party ehy noon


  15. @ Nars MDP is not made of angels or demons. But of humans who have their good points and the bad. And as humans they are bound to their faults. No one is perfect. But that be said Anni never forced such brutality on the citizens. U being 100% behind such a government makes me worry abt ur mental health.

  16. Lock up all these MDP thugs including Anni and let them never see daylight again. They are ominous for the safety, security and peace of this country. Since this MDP was allowed to operate in this country, we have seen nothing but always violence and fear in this country. Anni is a devil who always prefered to spread violence, terroriism and fear in the Maldives. Just get rid of him and his poodies. Well done MNDF and Police. Bravo.

  17. " thee himaayah dhey varuge lhaa eh noon" police to ex president Nasheed.
    I'm doubt that police is working under the ruling of new government of president Dr Waheed , though he said
    " Nasheed will get the protection ,mention in the Constitution to give for an ex president ."

  18. President Judas Hassan, Please explain to us the "rule of law" and "the constitution" if any thing to go by, I doubt any civil society if will admire your first day in office.

  19. Welcome to the dark ages guys. I too would resign with a gun held my head. Without tourism your country is going to be a total basketcase and I and many others will refuse to visit a dictatorship.

  20. Well..we will control eveything and will bring peace and stability to this nation,,, the country will be run by law and order.. but please i need some cash.. anyone around here who can give some.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. 30 years of autocratic rules should be enough for any country... but the greed ans selfishness of some pple knows no boundaries...
    You all are just destroying the tourism industry and therfore yor economy... Who wants to rule a pile of rubble ??
    Grow up and get the mess sorted while you still can...
    Once too late, what will be the point ?



  23. Saying "Bravo" to this brutality. Who in their right mind is happy by this?


  24. Saaid, u are right the president now is dr.waheed and as such he is the one responsible for what is happening. Not anni. If u had a working brain cell u wud know this

  25. The good goervnance you all can see now.

    The opposition are trying to make the ever biggest mistake.They call out their supporters on the street.Chaos do they think they can come and face it.

    Police stated its terrerism - They did start it they are now blaming inocent civilians.Its so funny!!
    You see whats happening around the Maldives.You guys thought you have all the power.please do not have false dreams.You few thugs are trying to fight the public.Can be erased all your powers in two hours as you can see from your eyes.
    Do not make any mistakes again and capture all disobedients in your police service your appointed to service the citizens and you are paid for it.

  26. What did i do?? :'( i support no political party! i dont even support MDP neither PPM , DRP or Adhaalath! but the police broke into my home, saying that my home is one of the MDP activists hide out! and they broke my brothers arm! for gods shake he is resort worker! not an activist! he dont even talk about politics!

    Help us, please help us UN. save Maldivians.

  27. The video footage posted here is disgusting! Is this what Dr. Waheed meant when he said 'Today the rule of law is established perfectly". My God!! Are these cops human?

  28. Any body seeing this. Please please help. The citzens of Maldives now need international help.

  29. The US State Department often takes time before declaring that a nation has experienced a coup, a designation that under US law would require a cutoff of all aid.
    US must act now...and investigate wats going on here.

  30. Im flying from the US for vacation, any news on hulhule airport or air taxi service? Should we cancel our trip? I don't want to make the situation worse by canceling my trip and hurting the Maldivian ecenomy... But is it safe?

    I hope the Maldivian people can maintain their freedom and rule the way they see fit without fear of government oppression.

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    oh...u brainless mongrels...u who wud sell yr grandmothers n daughters foR th measly scraps...th beiRdos n ghasims throw tuwards u...

    haha u wud remain mongrels....yrslves, yr progeny, yr ancestors...forever condemnd to beg fr scraps

  32. US tourist: U'll be fine.. But I advice not to visit the capital island (Male'). Just take the transfer to ur resort from the airport.

  33. My country has been destroyed by the Police and the Military.
    If Waheed has control then he should have controlled the military thugs or he would have to face justice.
    Waheed would one day have to travel abroad and trust me he would be tried. Anni may forgive Gayoom but this time we would not forgive Waheed or anyone in the military or Nazim, the Defence Minister nor Jameel the Home Minister.

  34. My advice to all tourists is to cancel your trip to this country. There is an illegal government backed by the military. They've shown their true colours today by mercilessly beating ordinary citizens for the mere "crime" of voicing their democratic right of opposition to the unelected government!

    All those who committed inhuman atrocities and their leaders shall be brought to justice. Waheed has blood on his hands on his very first day of office. He shall face trial for the merciless beating and blood of innocent folk.

    The leaders of yesterday's military coup will face justice too. They'eve got nowhere to run. "Colonel" disgraced Nazim is a thug, through and through! He is a fervent supporter of the former dictator Gayyoom and his appointment as Defence Minister shows who really is in power now. He was one of those behind the coup, and now is giving orders to Waheed, the puppet.

    I thought for a long time that Waheed was a decent guy, but how wrong was I! He has made history by being the first President/King/Queen of this land who shed blood on his first day in office. He's fully responsible for every drop of blood that was shed today. Waheed, mark our words, you will face trial for this.

  35. 'Hi' from Italy - I'm guessing you went to the Maldives to stay in a resort? One does not get an insight into the Maldivian culture through a resort. Sadly whilst some Maldivians strive for progress in order to flourish as a nation there are others who prefer power over progress and resort to violence and dictatorship rather than true democracy.

  36. let us be very clear about one thing: It is not Dr Waheed in charge, it is Gayoom who is in charge of the government. I didnt think that Dr Waheed was so desperate to be President that he would sell his soul to the devil. Shame on you Dr Waheed.

    Just look at the appointments Dr waheed is making does that not tell you he was working with the opposition to topple this government? What an idiot! This government is not legitimate and Dr Waheed is not our President. if he has any sense he will resign and call for fresh elections.

  37. this is an article i just gave to the TripAdvisor
    Yes, you should be concerned. However you should get your Travel agent or Airlines Advice also in this matter. Today is the second day of the military coupe a lots of crackdown and there is a lots of public unrest. So far many people are in critical condition and lots fire burning in the Island where the people are living. Safety is very important when you are traveling on a holiday. So my advise to you is to delay or cancel or make other arrangement for the moment. Also please check your countries advise. So far European Union and the United Kingdom's Councilors are here in the Maldives to protect there tourists and give safe passage back to there homes [ check BBC News Online for an update] As a Maldivian what i see is very bad the last Old Dictator Maumoon's thugs and some Islamic extremist are out on the streets taking revenge because now they are in power with the Military as they are also in Police and Military Uniforms and helmet so we can't see there faces that is what some eyewitness have seen

  38. this is an article i just gave to the TripAdvisor.
    As I am in Male, It is not advisable to travel to the Maldives at this time as there is a Military Coupe and there is a lot of unrest Military and Police Crackdown as lot of people are Severely Injured Hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit So far there maybe some deaths and Lots of Fire and burning out in some Islands


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