Maldives government changes in dramatic scenes after police elements join opposition protest

Vice President of the Maldives Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has been sworn in as President of the Maldives following the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed in dramatic circumstances at 1:00pm today (February 7).

President Mohamed Nasheed appeared on ‘Television Maldives’ (TVM), and issued a brief statement this afternoon:

“I resign because I am not a person who wishes to rule with the use of power. I believe that if the government were to remain in power it would require the use force which would harm many citizens. I resign because I believe that if the government continues to stay in power, it is very likely that we may face foreign influences.

“I have always wished the citizens of this country well, now and into the future. I have made this decision and I wish for your prosperity in this life and the life after.”

The President’s resignation comes after elements of the police and 60-70 officers from the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) sided with opposition protesters and attacked the MNDF headquarters early this morning.

Minivan News at 8:00am on February 7 observed a group of 400-500 opposition protesters, interspersed with blue-shirted police officers, assaulting the MNDF building in Republic Square.

At the height of the violence there appeared to be no police riot control presence in the square. Military forces with riot shields held back the crowd at while soldiers in gas masks used grenade launchers to fire tear gas canisters from the turrets of base into the crowd.

“This government is over!” yelled a middle-aged man in a shirt and tie, dodging a tear gas canister. Several confronted Minivan News.

Younger rioters threw water bottles and rocks at the building, breaking windows. Another picked up a tear canister and attempted to hurl it back into the compound.

There were mixed reports that the military used rubber bullets to control the demonstrators. Minivan News only observed tear gas canisters being fired as of this morning, and the government at the time denied using rubber bullets.

The wind quickly dispersed the tear gas in the large open area, blowing south through the city.

Outside the main square the streets were as calm and quiet as a typical Male’ morning, as the school run began. Students walked through the hazy streets south of the square holding their clothes to their faces, and were handed water and paper towels by teachers at school gates.

At 10am this morning Minivan News observed military units protecting the President’s residence, and sirens as police units from other parts of the city converged on the square.

A government spokesperson this morning confirmed that “some elements within the police have not obeyed orders, and military and police are working to restore order.”

“The opposition has been calling for the police and military to mutiny and join the mob in bringing down the country’s first democratically elected government,” he said.

Opposition protesters and police supporters subsequently took over the Maldives National Broadcasting Commission (MNBC) and began streaming VTV over the station. The channel was later rebadged ‘TVM’, its name under Gayoom’s government. Opposition party leaders and MPs are giving interviews on TVM, interspersed with patriotic songs, news reports and live footage of Nasheed’s resignation and the Vice President’s appointment.

Subsequent to the rebranding of TVM, a government spokesperson told Minivan News the Maldives was in the throes “of an attempted coup”.

President Nasheed subsequently gave a press conference and announced his resignation.

Vice President takes over from Nasheed

Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan was sworn in as President this afternoon. Following his appointment Dr Waheed addressed the nation on TVM, and said he was grateful to the police and MNDF who had made “great sacrifices” to defend constitution.

“Today is the day the rule of law has been established in the country perfectly,” Dr Waheed said.

“I will not order the police, military or any person to do anything against the law – I promise it to the public. Everyone will have the protection of constitution and laws.”

Dr Waheed also said the President and has family would receive protection under the law.

“I call upon all political parties, the Maldives National Defense Force, and the public that this is the time to put aside personal hatreds and jealousies, and prioritise to work for the interests of our nation. And I ensure that we will work to restore peace and prosperity of the nation, to deliver a harmonious and peaceful living to the people.”

Police attack MDP headquarters

A group of police, believed to be affiliated with a ‘starforce’ unit under the former government, reportedly refused to obey an order after dispersing a crowd of opposition protesters at the artificial beach last night.

Minivan News observed a group of protesters and police with batons running south towards the tsunami monument just after midnight, before returning to the artificial beach.

Shortly afterwards, a group of up to 10 people in police clothing attacked the MDP ‘Haruge’, headquarters, smashing some glass.

Following incident at the Haruge, a rogue police unit reportedly arrived in Republic Square and was monitored by MNDF officers. The police were reportedly joined by further officers.

Minivan News is currently seeking confirmation that the home minister was attacked in the violence last night. Former MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi and senior MDP figures are reportedly being treated in hospital after a stab wound, and there were reports of both police and MNDF officers being treated for head injuries in hospital.

TIMELINE February 7:

10:40 – Minivan News has observed that a large group of MNDF officers have joined opposition demonstrators in Republic Square. The President was reported to be still in Male and under military protection. The opposition is claiming he has been arrested, but the government has disputed this.

10:45 – Many shops and businesses, including the Bank of Maldives, have temporarily closed branches in Male’.

11:01 – A government source confirmed that they were aware that a number of MNDF personnel had joined the demonstrators. Minivan News observed 60-70 uniformed officers.

11:12 – Opposition protesters and rogue police have taken over the Maldives National Broadcasting Commission (MNBC) and are streaming VTV over the station. The occupiers have reportedly renamed it TVM.

11:22 – The headquarters of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has been set on fire.

11:36 – The MNDF personnel who joined the protesters were reportedly given the opportunity to leave if they wished, but were forbidden from taking weapons.

11:41 – The opposition aligned protesters have been issuing President Mohamed Nasheed ultimatums to resign – Minivan News was told 11:30am and 2:30pm by different sources.

11:47 – Government spokesperson confirms country is undergoing attempted coup, after state broadcaster hijacked.

12:13 – President’s office denies widespread reports that Nasheed has resigned. There is a press conference scheduled imminently at the President’s office.

12:32 – Minivan News observed no situation at the airport, contrary to earlier rumours circulating around Male.

12:54 – President’s Press conference is yet to start.

12:56 – MNBC is now showing as TVM, the name of the state broadcaster under President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

12:58 – Press conference has started.

1:19 – President Nasheed announces resignation, stating that his remaining in power would require the use of force against his own population, and he was not willing to do this “foreign influences”. Minivan News is currently clarifying his statements in English.

2:55 – Another press conference has been announced and is expected to start shortly.

3:00 – Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan is due to be sworn in as the 5th President of the Maldives, according to the rebranded Television Maldives (TVM).

4:38 – Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan is addressing the nation on TVM, praising efforts “police sacrifices” to protect the constitution and law.

5:00 – Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed, has been reported released.

6:31 –  The mood in Male’ remains tense. Maldivian Democratic Party supporters have been thin on the ground today.


137 thoughts on “Maldives government changes in dramatic scenes after police elements join opposition protest”

  1. Yes, it is a sad as well as good news. Nasheed tried to bring out moderate Islam in this country but it was not liked by the opposition, who ruled the country for 30 long years enjoying all the comforts. It is a good news that people of Maldives and the international community is watching how Nasheed sowed the seeds of democracy and brought out much needed reforms in the country. At this stage every Maldivian MUST work. Take up any decent work, earn, spend and contribute towards the aim of Nation Building. It is the Maldivian people who can say "we do not want any expatriate workers in our country, we shall do all the work, we will learn, endure and teach our children to be self reliant." Maldives is rich in Tourism as well as Fisheries, the wealth and income belongs to those Maldivian who work hard and share the income. It is better to be a Muslim, it is still better to become a moderate Muslim. Let us all have a place in our hearts, for the people who belong to other religion. It is said that by being tolerant towards other religion and learning about other religion, one can enhance the knowledge about his own religion.

  2. This is a truly sad day for any Maldivian with a working brain cell. I am so proud of President Nasheed~ may Allah bless u

  3. Dear Nasheed, Indeed you have given us hope last three years, You tried your best in the midst of vultures.

    I really urge you now to join hands with all the rational thinking Women and Men of this country to bring Justice to this country.

    Without it our future is hopeless,

  4. Dear Ben, Maldives will never ever see a greater President in our life time.

    We will know what we lost when we seriously loose it.

    Mr. President Nasheed, for me you will be my hero for ever.

  5. There is no one of Prsidents Nasheeds caliber below him, he is way beyond our time. May Allah Protect him.

    Where this country will go from now on is everyone's guess.

    Get ready to eat dust.

    Traitor Dr. Waheed, Call for an election immediately.

    All those who took part in the protest should not wear the nation emblem or the uniform they were suppose protect and respect.

    They should be expelled.

  6. My heart cries out for Maldivians. They will need a lot of soul searching to see where exactly they are steering this fragile and vulnerable nation. Continued unrest and turbulence will threaten the very life blood of the economy which is already under stress from the looming European recession. The people need to rally around a leader who would rise above party and petty politics and do whats best for the country.

  7. Does this mean the lunatics have won? Will Israelis, pork and alcohol be banned from the resorts? Will the new government turn the atolls into deserts and put thousands of Maldivians out of work? Or will the Maldives rebrand itself as a destination for Islamic tourists?

  8. Maldives back to the medieval times, bearded men, veiled women, police and army in charge of the country, corruption again, people in prison, all freedom fucked ... you scare the hell out of me, i don't think we will ever come back to what was such a peaceful and tolerant country.

  9. GAME OVER!! BUT a new game begins!! Lets see if Dr.Waheed could play this game safely!! Or he gets caught between his family, PPM, DRP and MDP!! Lets wait and see!! Mariya and Rekko Moosa had learnt a good lesson!! Let this day be a lesson for all!

  10. This maybe the last time we maybe allowed to freely express our support to you President Nasheed, so let me say I am proud we had somebody like you to lead us even for a brief moment....

  11. Majority of these ppl responsible for this day are savages with little to no education and no discipline whatsoever. U ppl cudnt recognaise a good thing if it walked thru ur front door.

    President Nasheed is truly amazing, humble and a genuine person. We will never see a more deserving president.

  12. The armed forces / Military of Maldives betrayed a Democratically elected government and took control of MNBC and the government and handed it over to the opposition in a Military Coup.

    Could someone please explain to me, How they changed the name of MNBC to TVM within 10 mins, and under which constitution or law of Maldives, is this Legal?

    Are we back to Dictatorship or what?

  13. Great day for Maldives. There is an end to every tyrant. We saw what happened to Hosni Mubarak, Ghaddafi and now we say it for Anni. Anni should be glad he is still alive. When a leader orders to harm his own people, it never works, he won't stay in power for long. MN, I guess your days are also over. Anni is no more there to shut all the private channels and let you and MNBC to broadcast whats happening in this country. Get ready to pack your bags and leave.

  14. I pray Almighty Allah that this country remains peaceful and not to be another Somalia. History will repeat itself as the security forces were unable to contain 100 thugs, what a shame on them and could any president rely on them??? may be today or tomorrow , how about the day after???

  15. YAY to all ur stupidity. Now elect Umar Naseer and go to blood baths over absolutely NOTHING.

  16. Dear All: maldivians and foreigners, living or not in the Maldives, all Maldives lovers. It us time for action. Regardless wich President should be in power it is time for us all to let the MaldivianGoverment know that we all are with the maldivian people in their fight for democracy. Lets write as many as we can comments favoring democracy on minivan, comments against extremism, comments agains dictatorship. Let's help the Naldivian people know we, democratic people are with them. Please joint me on this page supporting democracy anf fight dictatorship. Lest's ask all the friends of Maldives around the world to write, let's cry laud and clear our support to the democracy. Let's make the maldivian people understand they are not alone. Minivan please send our comments to the new governent. Maldives cannot go back. Let's send as many comments we can and stand up with Maldivians in such dificult momment. Pleae write and tell your friends to write. Let's joint our forces.

  17. LOL @ Democracy-Forever. Do you know that government was controlling the state media and broadcasting MDP propaganda on it all this time? Government were ordered to hand over MNBC to MBC by the court as per the law of the country and they didnt follow it. So army and police actually freed, us taxpayer funded state media! We should be thanking them!

  18. Wonder what the Majlis Members who changes colors will do now.

    After one year we should judge Mr Nasheed on his Resignation Speech.

  19. This is great day in the history of Maldives. The corrupt MDP rulers should be procesuted and pay for their crimes. Reeko, Raazi just to name a few, prepare for your corruption scandals to open up! By the way, why hasnt Minivan news reported anything about the bottles of alcohol found by police at the president's official residence today? So much for self proclaimed ''independent'' news eh?

  20. A coup de'tat is being hailed by the marauding lunatics as a "victory for the people", fantastic! Now along with Myanmar, Pakistan and Congo, we have joined the prestigious club of democratic nations where the men in uniform trump the vote of the people.

    Dr Waheed is the saddest figure in this imbroglio, a lamb destined for slaughter probably does not know its own fate, he does.

  21. Police did a great job to established low & country's reputation. They should be independant & gvt should free them from political influences to cary out low & order. Then there won't be any violence in future. That's the lesson learnt from this incident.

  22. Nasheed is not the President that this country deserves, but the one that it needs right now. So he'll resign because he can take it, because he's not a dictator. He was an idealist, a silent guardian ... A Green Knight.

    Let's hope that this ongoing government transition will not lead to any changes in the current environmental outlook of Maldives.

    Stay Green, Stay safe.

  23. I hope and pray Maumoon, yaamin and their families and cronies burn in hell. death will come to all of us.

  24. Farewell President Mohamed Nasheed. Those opposition who protested on the streets have made a pact with the devil, both the islamist radicals and the corrupt drug peddling thieves of the former regime. Maldives will get what is comming, due to the sheer stupidity of people

  25. It is not over, it's a begeninng, u ppl let's watch and see what's gonna happen in future.

  26. Weeks ago, I cried for my nation. Now I bleed for it.

    Make no mistake - whoever thinks that this 'development' is progress is dead wrong. We have NOT progressed as a people. We have regressed.

    Surely, we are a people of very short memory. Extremely!

    Did Nasheed make mistakes? Yes. Was what has happened the most feasible solution? No.

    The seed of mutiny has been planted. Precedence has been set. Welcome to the real Dhivehi Raajje.

    If we are not careful, we might end up like one infamous African Island nation, which has been dubbed 'world's most unstable country' - Comoros.

    Mark my words. Precedence has been set.

    Anni, I salute you. It takes more than a man to do what you just did. Many will call you a coward, but even Allah knows, you are someone who has displayed real compassion. That is what leadership is all about. You are a true leader.

    Since it has come to pass, I have one prayer, only one prayer, for my nation: We do not tumble from hero to zero.

    Allah save Maldives!

  27. Only one winner. The Constitution of Maldives.
    Maldives new constitution says the 3 branches of government independent. The President using the army to arrest the Chief Judge of Criminal court against the constitution sealed his fate.
    His demise is of his own doing.

  28. In three years Nasheed did more for our people than Gayoom did in 30 years. No matter what the problems in his administration this is a fact that can never be erased from history. Nasheed worked hard, he did his best. He made mistakes, like any leader. He did not deserve what we allowed to happen to him today.

  29. What happened to the Maldives, one of the lowest crime rated country in the world? When I visited Maldives for the first time in 1996, I was surprised to see the hospitality and kindness of people there. What a cool place to live!!!! Now see the situation.... People are after the Demo"crazy". Most of the Maldivians doesn't know the real meaning! They r just imitating the gimmick by their Indian counterparts. The statement from the former President regarding the concept of democracy to the Maldivians becoming true. Democracy is not a solution for the problems in Maldives, neither autocracy. Dear Maldivian think tanks, put your brains together and find a solution for this problems. Make Maldives a better place to work and live. There are many regional competitors are coming up to threat your tourism industry.

  30. The news of anni's resignation is on every news channel here. For good, they are broadcasting the news in its all trueness and honesty. They said Anni had to see this day because of using force against his own people. The italian consulate in Male' came on TV and said there is no danger for italians living in Male' and for the italian tourists visiting Maldives. Bye bye Anni. I feel sorry for you. You had a great chance to rule our country well but I guess you didn't know how to do it. You opted force, fear and harm, thus you saw your own THE END. Ciao Anni.

  31. Wonderful country, Wonderful President Nasheed! He become world famous after the under water cabinet meeting. It is history.

  32. I remember that several years back, I had been on a one-month visit to Male' Capital there (the largest piece of land, aside from several other islands) stayed in Kasthoori Building. And, I spent my time in shopping of so many electronic items from Majeedi Magu & also visited our U.S. Consular Agency there on Violet Magu. Everything was so nice & peaceful. Anyhow, I expect foresee still better future ahead for its people.

    M.Sc(Engrg.) CEng FIStructE
    Registered Professional Chartered Civil Engineer -
    Chief Technical Advisor/ Seismic Structures Specialist
    Seismic Design Support Inc.

  33. sure its a bad precedent but its the best of the worst options.

    what are people supposed to do when someone elected democratically continuously and mercilessly acts like a tyrant? Anni came to power democratically, and so was he removed, for all intents and purposes. what is democracy if not people protesting and voicing their views? isn't this the very thing Anni used to get to power? isn't this the very thing he did to come to power? but isn't this the very thing he nearly destroyed?

    had he not so arrogantly misused his powers, acted unconstitutionally, and used the army and police forces to crush opposition, the media, and the judiciary, none of this would have happened. even 24 hours ago he was justifying it. then why did he resign all of sudden? people power - people gave him the power and people took it back because of his own actions. (we were waiting for him to address the nation even last night when things started getting out of hand. couldn't he have used one of his feeble excuses, apologized, and reversed his actions?).

    So Anni has no one to blame but himself, for creating this mess, and for the way he dealt with it until the very end. (certainly the company he kept made everything worse, but then again he should take responsibility for that).

    bitter end, but let's hope as a nation lessons have been learnt, and future leaders will not try to rule like dictators by being phony democrats just because they were elected by the people. the attitude of his resignation speech (very presidential) was what he should've done in the past 3 years. sadly he acted as a president only in his last hour of presidency, and that when he had little or no choice.

  34. So Taliban win over another country in South Asia. So long Nasheed, you did well. At least you decided not to shoot your own people - something which a power hungry person would not have done. As for Maldives the picture of tropical paradise is fast fading away.

  35. I will add one final thing. If we look underneath the honey coating, we will see the bitter pill. The people have not won. The people are seeing a mirage. It is the lords of impunity, their kin and apologists, who have won.

    I hope that Dr Waheed is a wise man, because being educated does not necessarily translate to wisdom. Lords of impunity will continue plotting against real rule of law and true application of justice. Lords of impunity have a way of coating their bitter pills with honey. Unfortunately, some, and many, of us cannot see beyond the tips of our noses. Many of us are blinded by sycophancy and cannot distinguish between fact and fiction.

    I am afraid that there will come a time when Dr Waheed will recite, maybe in soliloquy, words similar to those of some popular quote. I rephrase: “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out because I was a Muslim. Then they came for the Salafis, and I did not speak out because I was Sunni. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

  36. Anni has done his best to lead zombies in a democratic environment, it was obvious that this was going to happen. What would happen if you unchain mental, definitely doctor will be killed. It is a society of savages who are the party of cult.

  37. You Minivan don't know why so "thin MDP" on the streets ?
    Because the new old regime is putting them in jails ... democracy ? upholding the lawn for every individual ? The first of my friends has been taken already, this very afternoon ... The fascists are marching in now. they rule now your country ... opposition in jail again .. ban also the music, internet, jeans, football, television but tvm, and hunt for "white christian dogs" because, u know the big secret, they don't come for holidays but for conversion ...

  38. Hate to and i was shoked to see what i saw today.I cannot accept it for any reasons.
    All the oppositions corrupted idiots will be smiling now.But I promise you all things will get worse than you all have ever dreamed.
    You "Oppositions" have forced elected president to step down!Do you think this will be the end but to be honest with you this is just a begining.
    Ex president Nasheed we salute you for all the efforts you have given to bring this nation into the Democrasy.But due the fact of cronies of former Dictator Maumoon and suppoters made it messed up and they are trying hard to berry all the corruption activities and criminal acts the have done in the past.
    BUT they cannot avoid it.If they can run away with it this nation come to hault and peace can never be made.
    Some of the Police units are unlawful and disobedient.The have hijacked state media.
    Mr Maumoon,Mr Buruma,Mr Umar,Mr Yameen,Mr Thasmeen,Mr Jabir.Message for you is you may selebrate it for a short while.
    President Waheed,People did not elect you and you got the position.We will not accept you too unless you bring all those idiots mentioned in my list.Make sure you bring them to justice and make fair judgement.
    Make sure to reform our juditiory system and treat every

  39. As others have said many times, today is a very sad day in the history of the Maldives. It truly shows that democracy has no chance of taking its roots here, as yet.

    Nasheed was a visionary and he tried to bring about the changes that were required to push the Maldives well into the 21st century. However, most Maldivians wanted to go back to the days of "serfdom".

    I'm afraid, that from now on, most ordinary Maldivians, once again, will have to beg and kneel down infront of the wealthy and influential to get their favours in order to scrape by a living. Nasheed tried to change all of that, and make the people self reliant. He failed.

    Nasheed failed, because he was surrounded by people who were no match for the job at hand. They lacked the intelligence to deal with the constant barrage of attack by the former regime loyalists. In the end, Nasheed and his administration walked right into the trap laid there for them.

    The last blow was the constant irritation of the lying duo of Hassan Saeed and Jameel. These are two cowardly liars who, for their own personal gain, inflicted so much damage on our democracy.

    God help the Maldives. It truly has gone into the dark days.

  40. Hate to and i was shoked to see what i saw today.I cannot accept it for any reasons.
    All the oppositions corrupted idiots will be smiling now.But I promise you all things will get worse than you all have ever dreamed.
    You "Oppositions" have forced elected president to step down!Do you think this will be the end but to be honest with you this is just a begining.
    Ex president Nasheed we salute you for all the efforts you have given to bring this nation into the Democrasy.But due the fact of cronies of former Dictator Maumoon and suppoters made it messed up and they are trying hard to berry all the corruption activities and criminal acts the have done in the past.
    BUT they cannot avoid it.If they can run away with it this nation come to hault and peace can never be made.
    Some of the Police units are unlawful and disobedient.The have hijacked state media.
    Mr Maumoon,Mr Buruma,Mr Umar,Mr Yameen,Mr Thasmeen,Mr Jabir.Message for you is you may selebrate it for a short while.
    President Waheed,People did not elect you and you got the position.We will not accept you too unless you bring all those idiots mentioned in my list.Make sure you bring them to justice and make fair judgement.
    Make sure to reform our juditiory system and treat every single man and women equaly and fairly.Fair judgement for all Maldivian.
    We are waiting for this and you have short period.

  41. Hahahaaa!

    At last, the evil zionist kaafir infidel jewish leader we had, Mohamed Nasheed has fallen! What a great day for us, and the Adhaalath Party! The Jew Nasheed should have known this was coming the moment we protested during 23rd of December due to his Jewish actions! The police and the army, with the guidance of their creator, Allah SWT, brought down a leader who was elected under a Jewish system, called democracy!

    But be warned, Christians (Jews), Atheists (Jews) and Jews of the Maldives! We shall establish Islamic Shariah here, and you shall all be punished under it's rulings! The only way you can stay is if you pay jizya, or a certain amount of tax to your Muslim Maldivian masters! This includes the white skinned infidel jews who visit our country!

    Thank you, and peace be upon all Maldivian Muslims. May Allah SWT's wrath be upon everyone else.

    Imran Abdullah
    Adhaalath Party

  42. The fact is Anni is a democratically elected President and the military brought it to an end today. Please refer to the dictionary for 'Coup'.

  43. Ya Allah, why all these happned? It is not easy to get a sincere president like ani. He is so sincere in his works, transparant, always tries to give best service for this country.

    for almost 3 years, look and feel what he has done, see transport, housing, free medical servies..what else..

  44. Allhamdhu Lilhaahi, Allahu Akbar! Our President Mohamed Nasheed is a person whom Allahu Subhaanahu Wata'laa have had blessed.
    He worked hard to implement JUSTICE across Maldives. If we're not wrong, as per Quran and Hadhees - If a leader or a president who has worked purely to bring justice for his nation, he will surely have a place, hereafter under the thrown of Allah Subahaanahu Wata'laa.
    Yaa! Allah, we humbly ask for your guidance to our president Mohamed Nasheed on the right path and make him a person who jihaad with us for Allah, to establish JUSTICE in Maldives.

  45. I shall refrain from repeating pros & cons of the latest events and instead try to be productive.

    All good & bad things eventually come to an end and will repeat. That is Nature's way - 'the eternal Universal unstoppable cycle'.

    Thus, for the benefit of ALL Maldivian people and for your beautiful country, all of YOU need to actively practice compassion, tolerance, mindfulness, forgiveness, respect for all beings.

    With these qualities you could all UNITE above mundane Party Politics and embark on a progressive and a positive vision for Development utilizing your resources and abilities.

    STOP/reduce gossiping, finding fault with others, being too cool or lazy, worrying about missed opportunities and instead drive yourself and your fellow citizens for self & country's betterment by education, knowledge, wide vision, entrepreneurship, dedication and honest hard work.

    This will be the only way to have peace & happiness for you all without being the 'sad pawns of politicians, opportunists and extremists'.

    Try to adopt 'Live & let live'.

    Wish you a new dawn and all the best for the next millennium!


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