Mahlouf calls on DRP supporters to shun “Thasmeen faction” rally

MP Ahmed Mahlouf of the split main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party’s (DRP’s) faction loyal to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom called on the party’s supporters today not to attend a rally planned for Thursday night by DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali’s faction, and new coalition partner Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP).

At a press conference held by the ‘Gayoom faction’ today, DRP’s Youth Wing President Mahlouf insisted that tomorrow night’s event was not organised by the party, urging members who support the former President to stay away from the rally at Kalaafanu School.

“That is not a rally held by DRP,” Mahlouf claimed. “We urge anyone who supports [the Gayoom faction] not to participate in that rally or even go there to watch the show. They are trying to test something. That is, [to find out] how much support they have.”

The ‘Gayoom faction’ has meanwhile moved its rally, originally planned for the same night, to Friday night.

Earlier in the day, MP Rozaina Adam, sister-in-law of the embattled DRP Leader, stressed at a separate press conference at the DRP office that the purpose of the rally was not to “hit back at others within the party, quarrel with them and call each other names.”

DQP Secretary General Abdulla Ameen told press that tomorrow night’s rally would mark the beginning of “renewed efforts to hold the government accountable,” adding that internal disputes since the end of last month’s local council elections had weakened the opposition.

The rally will be the first joint event by the two parties since a coalition agreement was signed on February 14.

Widening divide

Following the controversial dismissal of Deputy Leader Umar Naseer in December, the worsening factional split within DRP led the party’s founder and ‘Honorary Leader’ Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to officially withdraw his endorsement of Thasmeen for the presidency in 2013.

While Gayoom accused his former running mate of running the party “dictatorially” to protect and advance personal interests, Thasmeen contends that a few members within DRP’s leadership are pursuing “an internal campaign” to discredit and replace him on the DRP presidential ticket.

At a rally held last Thursday night by the Gayoom faction – attended by a number of DRP MPs along with minority opposition People’s Alliance MPs and senior ministers in Gayoom’s cabinet – Umar Naseer read out letters purportedly from DRP branches in the atolls retracting support for Thasmeen.

Umar called on those within the DRP’s front ranks who are “indebted to the government” to “go to the back seat.”

Former President Gayoom addressed the crowd through Umar’s phone – which was held up to the mic – offering gratitude and a vote of thanks to the speakers at the rally.

Also at the rally, Mahlouf’s calls for Thasmeen’s resignation was echoed back by the crowd gathered at the tsunami memorial area; Mahlouf called on the beleaguered leader to either resign or “step aside and pave the way for a primary so that we can have a new leader.”

Mahlouf asserted that he purposely broke the DRP’s three-line whip in last week’s vote on approving members to the Broadcasting Commission “to teach Thasmeen a lesson.”

The DRP MP for Galolhu South claimed that he does not have to follow instructions from a leader he does not recognise as legitimate.

Moreover, Mahlouf warned that Thasmeen would be “more dictatorial than President [Mohamed] Nasheed” should he win the presidential election in 2013, adding that the current DRP Leader would “pursue personal vendettas and target opponents.”

The country would go “into a slumber” under Thasmeen’s presidency, Mahlouf continued, as “even now when he’s trying to win power he spends four days a week at an island in Vaavu Atoll.”


14 thoughts on “Mahlouf calls on DRP supporters to shun “Thasmeen faction” rally”

  1. Mahloof talks like a child.
    It is better to ignore this blabber.

  2. It is a shame.. people like Mahloof sporting one of the world's longest serving ruler.we are trying to forget the mistakes he had done or forget the crimes he had done. but it seems like it may come back again.hope not...... what did he give you.come on he is too old now.

  3. hehe!

    That mean Anni, even with goons and buffoons in his team, is by far way ahead.
    And it is better to support Anni, even with blatant corruptions like the heavyload-gate.

    Good for Anni.

  4. Our target objective of splitting the DRP in petty bickering has been completed. Now to annihilate all it's factions one by one.

  5. Anni has only one thing to do to get support and get re elected. Build more housing and the rest is forgivable. Just ignore DRP. Let them fight among themselves.

  6. Sounds like the current DRP equivalancy of former Theemugey welfare fund is not sending Mahloof to Singapore on medical holidays at request... The way it used to be was sweet wasn't it Mahloof?

  7. This is hilarious! A DRP MP calling DRP members not to attend a DRP rally! The way these last few die hard Maumoonists are behaving only exposes their weakness. That without the 80 year old former Dictator they are lost. They have nothing to offer the public except the old man.

    Mahlouf and company are just puppets whose only purpose in life is to serve the biggest ever Dictator in South Asia. They have no independent thought or ideas to sell the public.

    Even if the 80 year plus old man dies, these guys would probably prop the guy up or mummify him and will continue to worship him.

  8. I fail to understand the minds of people like Mahloof. I agree that Gayyoom did quite a few good things for this country. He has had more than a fair go at leadership for 30 years.

    Moreover, Gayyoom is now in what some would call the "autumn" of his life. Most sensible would suggest that he live a dignified life as an ex Statesman.

    People like Mahloof should recognise this even more and let the man live the remaining years of life out of public life. How many more years of rule does Gayyoom need? Is it that he wants to die on the job?

    A large majority of the public agrees that he did good things for the country which is why he has respect from people. Let it just rest there.

  9. I hope Thasmeen gets rid of these morons sooner rather than later. This way parliament can function better than opposing evry single move in the name of "zimmadaarukurun".

    I wonder who chose the date Feb 14th for signing an agreement with a party which has a red rose as its logo and the less than macho man Hassan Saeed as its leader.

  10. @Ramzee Laqab
    not a fan of Mahloof but your comment is more 'childish' and ' 'blabber' ish than

  11. Here is why Maumoon, Yameen and the rest of the Kaaminee-Endherimaage Mafia is so desperate to return to power.

  12. Come on guys, be truthful. After all being nice is not among the merits of the current politics.

    Chas is so effeminate compared to Anni, that it would be like shooting our own feet, to support him, instead of the current president, in the next rounds.

    And poor dear has now lost support of the shrewd master mind, he is now akin to being skinned alive and left to dry, in political arena!

  13. Kid what is wrong with you, supporting a divide in your own party! This is only going to lead to a one party state not literally but it might as well be since your focusing on petty squabbles and backing a old washed up power hungry dictator...ashamed of what this so called new generation of politicians seem to be able to comprehend. Your a sheep easily led and should not be in the position you are. Who would back maumoon anyway you dont represent the youth you represent gullible f**ks. The DRP as a whole need to change into a stronger opposition party that wants to actually criticize our current government not play silly games and ridicule each other. bayyeh nu!


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