Majlis elections: Full list of MPs-elect

The following is a list of MPs-elect to the 18th People’s Majlis based on preliminary results announced by the Elections Commission along with their win percentages.

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) won 33 seats, and its coalition partners the Jumhooree Party (JP) and the Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), 15 and 5 seats respectively.

Independent candidates took five constituencies and the Adhaalath Party just a single constituency for the 18th Majlis.


Hoarafushi – Mohamed Ismail (MDA) 50.76%

Ihavandhoo – Mohamed Abdulla (JP) 47.67%

Kelaa – Ali Arif* (PPM) 56.73%

Baarah – Ibrahim Shuja (PPM) 61.37%

Dhidhoo – Abdul Latheef Mohamed (IND) 40.03%


Nolhivaram – Hussain Areef (JP) 28.52%

Vaikaradhoo – Mohamed Nazim (MDP) 36.41%

Kulhudhufushi North – Abdul Gafoor Moosa* (MDP) 46.46%

Kulhudhufushi South – Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed* (PPM) 40.89%

Makunudhoo – Anara Naeem (Adhaalath) 45.80%

Hanimadhoo – Hussain Shahudhy (JP) 38.04%


Kanditheemu – Mohamed Hussain* (JP) 53.15%

Milandhoo – Hassan Mufeed Abdul Gadhir (JP) 48.07%

Komandoo – Ahmed Nashid (MDP) 47.50%

Funadhoo – Ali Saleem* (PPM) 39.71%


Kendhikolhudhoo – Ali Mauroof (MDA) 54.39%

Manadhoo – Umar Hussain (MDA) 50.30%

Velidhoo – Abdulla Yameen (MDP) 43.63%

Holhudhoo – Ali Mohamed* (MDP) 36.29%


Alifushi – Mohamed Rasheed Hussain ‘Bigey’ (MDP) 50.68%

Ungoofaru – Jaufar Daud (PPM) 41.99%

Dhuvaafaru – Mohamed Ali (PPM) 37.82%

Inguraidhoo – Ibrahim Falah (PPM) 35.67%

Madduvari – Mohamed Ameeth Ahmed Manik (PPM) 51.67%


Thulhaadhoo – Nazim Rashad* (MDP) 49.78%

Eydhafushi – Ahmed Saleem* (PPM) 52.66%

Kendhoo – Ali Hussain (JP) 51.63%


Hinnavaru – Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (MDP) 52.65%

Naifaru – Ahmed Shiyam (IND) 34.49%

Kurendhoo – Abdul Bari Abdulla (MDP) 45.92%


Kaashidhoo – Faisal Naseem (JP) 50.12%

Thulusdhoo – Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim (PPM) 57.74%

Guraidhoo – Ibrahim Riza* (PPM) 52.84%


Mathiveri – Hussain Mohamed* (JP) 51.26%

Thohdoo – Ibrahim Hassan (JP) 51.62%


Maamigili – Gasim Ibrahim* (JP) 82%

Mahibadhoo – Ahmed Thoriq (IND) 35.76%

Dhagethi – Ilham Ahmed* (JP) 63.75%


Felidhoo – Ahmed Marzooq (MDP) 50.43%

Keyodhoo – Moosa Nizar Ibraim (JP) 54.91%


Dhiggaru – Ahmed Nazim* (PPM) 60.22%

Mulaku – Ibrahim Naseer (MDP) 45.01%


Bileydhoo – Ahmed Mubeen (JP) 50.74%

Nilandhoo – Abdulla Haleel (IND) 43.88%


Meedhoo – Ahmed Siyam Mohamed* (MDA) 55.45%

Kudahuvadhoo – Ahmed Amir* (MDA) 52.39%


Vilufushi – Riyaz Rasheed* (PPM) 59.66%

Kinbidhoo – Abdulla Riyaz (JP) 54.87%

Thimarafushi – Mohamed Musthafa** (MDP) 49.51%

Guraidhoo – Hussain Manik Dhon Manik (PPM) 69.26%


Isdhoo – Ahmed Rasheed Ibrahim* (PPM) 37.48%

Gan – Ismail Fayyaz (MDP) 52.24%

Fonadhoo – Abdul Raheem Abdulla* (PPM) 58.67%

Maavashu – Ahmed Azhan Fahmy (PPM) 52.84%


Villigili – Saudh Hussain (PPM) 40.56%

Dhaandhoo – Ahmed Assad (PPM) 44.88%

Gemanafushi – Jameel Usman (PPM) 49.60%


Thinadhoo North – Saudhulla Hilmy (PPM) 53.53%

Thinadhoo South – Abdulla Ahmed (JP) 53.24%

Fares-Maathoda – Hussain Mohamed Latheef (PPM) 38.41%

Madaveli – Muaz Mohamed Rasheed (IND) 41.10%

Gahdhoo – Ahmed Rasheed (PPM) 56.13%


Fuvahmulah North – Ali Shah (PPM) 50.60%

Mid-Fuvahmulah – Ali Fazadh (PPM) 50.91%

Fuvahmulah South – Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed* (PPM) 57.49%


Hulhudhoo – Mohamed Shahid (PPM) 49.74%

Feydhoo – Ibrahim Didi (PPM) 45.01%

Maradhoo – Ibrahim Shareef (MDP) 46.22%

Hithadhoo North – Mohamed Aslam* (MDP) 52.66%

Mid-Hithadhoo – Ibrahim Mohamed Didi (MDP) 43.08%

Hithadhoo South – Ali Nizar (MDP) 47.90%

Meedhoo – Rozaina Adam* (MDP) 35.62%


Hulhuhenveiru – ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik* (MDP) 45.39%

Mid-Henveiru – Ali Azim (MDP)** 52.45%

Henveiru South – Mohamed Abdul Kareem ‘Rukuma’ (MDP) 58.76%

Henveiru North – Abdulla Shahid* (MDP) 52.85%

Galolhu North – Eva Abdulla* (MDP) 61.97%

Galolhu South – Ahmed Mahloof* (PPM) 64.13%

Manchangoalhi North – Mariya Ahmed Didi* (MDP) 53.06%

Manchangoalhi South – Abdulla Sinan (PPM) 50.51%

Maafanu North – Imthiyaz Fahmy* (MDP) 64.34%

Maafanu West – Mohamed Falah (MDP) 50.72%

Mid-Maafanu – Asma Rasheed (PPM) 51.56%

Maafanu South – Abdulla Rifau (PPM) 51.60%

Vili-Malé- Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik* (PPM) 58.38%


**Elected to 17th People’s Majlis but stripped of seat by the Supreme Court


3 thoughts on “Majlis elections: Full list of MPs-elect”

  1. May I remind to Minivan that this is 21st Century.

    Can't you present these figues in a less boring manner, at least by cutting and pasting from Sun news..

  2. Looking through the results here, out of context, everything looks normal. The results of Mohamed Kutti Nasheed, Gasim Ibrahim, Ahmed Nazim, Hussain Manik Dhon Manik, Eva Abdulla, Ahmed Mahloof and Imthiyaz Fahmy are excellent. Moreover, the results of Gasim Ibrahim is really outstanding.

    However, when the results are given the context of Supreme Court interventions, the dismissal of Election Commission Chief and his Deputy days before the voting etc. etc., the results look doubtful and suspicious.

    I have lived through three dictator regimes in the Maldives. The first under Amin Didi, the second under Nasir and the third under Gayoom. All the dictators before that, I did not see, but I know they were dictators too.

    Social and political climate in the Maldives has never promoted democracy and freedom. Rulers did literally what they wanted and liked, and people were servile, obedient and long-suffering.

    It is in the context of this that I tend to believe that the latest election was not fair and free from the MDP's point of view. And from my point of view too.

    MDP supporters and even some others must have felt intimidated. The result, as we know, was a defeat for my favourite party in the Maldives, the MDP.

    A few days ago, an Egyptian Court of Law sentenced 529 Egyptian people to death as punishment for killing just one policeman. Even Egyptian legal procedures were ignored. It was a summary trial.

    The democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood President was removed by the Army within a year of his being elected. His trial is not being democratically conducted.

    Husni Mubarak, the old dictator and his family, have been rehabilitated.

    The Military is firmly back in power with all their assets and privileges in Egypt. Very soon, Egypt will have a new, a brand new Military Dictator called Sisi.

    The people of Egypt will elect him to power, not once but many times. It sounds democratic, does it not? Knowing what I know about Egypt, the events in Egypt do not appear democratic to me.

    There is no independent judiciary in Egypt. Further, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Police are above the law in Egypt. The cultural influence of Egypt on the rest of the Arab and Muslim world, including my darling Maldives, is in the public space for all to see.

    Democracy has been the watchword in Maldivian politics throughout my lifetime. Technically, all the institutions of democracy have always been there. The problem has been that these institutions have actually been dictatorial institutions while wearing democratic clothing, namely jackets, trousers, ties and shoes.

    The only item missing has been the hat.

    Mr Gayoom, who has been promoting democracy all his living life in the Republic, continues to guide the nation in the proprieties of democracy. He will only retire when the Almighty God calls him to heaven to finally retire.

    The show goes on. It is now 30+ years. As one Indian commentator said recently on Minivannews pages, it is nice is it not?
    I agree, but only with regret.

    Greetings and good wishes to Daniel Bosley.


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