Majlis removes MP Hamza from judicial watchdog

The People’s Majlis has removed MP Ahmed Hamza from the judicial watchdog body – the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).

Speaker Abdulla Shahid sent a letter to the JSC President and Supreme Court Judge Adam Mohamed informing him that Hamza is no longer a member of the commission following his decision to contest parliamentary elections.

Hamza is standing in the March 22nd election for the Bilehdhoo constituency in Faafu atoll.

Shahid said Hamza had lost his seat as Article 10 of the JSC Act states that a commission member will lose their seats if they stand for a political position elected under the constitution or a law.

Speaking to Minivan News, Hamza said he did not believe Shahid’s interpretation is accurate.

“But I accept the decision since Article 14 of the act states that the parliamentary representative can only be removed by the People’s Majlis,” he said.

Hamza has previously said that the speaker and Majlis representative should be exempted from Article 10 “as it creates a legal vacuum.”

Meanwhile, Shahid has also announced he will contest the Majlis elections. Hamza said his removal from the JSC meant that Shahid might also lose his seat.

Judge Adam Mohamed sent a letter to Hamza and President Abdulla Yameen earlier this week claiming Hamza’s position was now vacant.

Hamza responded by stating his belief that Adam Mohamed’s attempt to remove him was intended to reduce the number of members who advocated for judicial reform and an investigation into Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed’s alleged involvement in a series of sex tapes.

Similarly, former Attorney General Husnu Suood has suggested his suspension from practicing law – handed down by the Supreme Court last month – was related to his role in the JSC’s investigation into the Hameed tapes.

Sheikh Shuaib Abdul Rahman – the public’s representative on the JSC  – has also accused Judge Adam Mohamed of stalling the JSC’s investigation into the Hameed scandal.

Adam Mohamed had refused to schedule a vote on whether to suspend Hameed following his refusal to cooperate with the investigation, Hamza said.

“The JSC cannot be productive as long as Adam Mohamed remains the president,” he said. “I call on the public to pressure the JSC to table the motion to suspend Ali Hameed,” he said.

Hamza has previously accused judges of using legal loopholes to preventing the JSC from functioning.

The Supreme Court in January prevented a JSC attempt to shuffle judges in the superior courts, stating that the authority to do so was reserved by the Judicial Council – a body which had previously been annulled, and whose powers have been assumed, by the Supreme Court.


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  1. wtf is going on? If Hamza is not a member then is neither Shahid a member, since both represent the same Majlis.

    If the two members from Majlis are no longer part of the JSC, the JSC itself should be dissolved and a new JSC formed AFTER Majlis elections.

    Nothing in this country is going right!


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