Maldives divided by “Islamic” and “anti-Islamic”: former President Gayoom

President of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and former president, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has claimed the Maldives now dominated by people belonging to the “Islamic” ideology and those belonging to the “anti-Islamic” ideology.

Gayoom’s remarks come shortly after public outrage over former President Mohamed Nasheed’s allegedly “laadheenee”(secular) remarks made during the speech he gave at the University of Copenhagen on the subject of the economics of climate change.

During his address, Nasheed stated the Maldivian population had largely rejected Islamic extremism, and, in a veiled reference to the Adhaalath Party, noted that “the Islamists were never a credible electoral threat.”

Following the speech, the religious conservative Adhaalath Party (AP) and Gayoom’s own party PPM issued statements condemning the remarks Nasheed had made.

Subsequently, a protest was launched by a group of hundreds – thought largely to represent supporters of the government-aligned AP – who in certain cases called to “hang Nasheed to death”.

AP last month publicly pledged its support to President Waheed by announcing plans to form a coalition with his Gaumee Iththihaadh Party (GIP) ahead of elections scheduled for September this year.

Anti-Islamic, anti-national

During a dinner held at Nasandhura Palace Hotel on Monday (April 29) night, Gayoom claimed that those belonging to the laadheenee ideology operated as a foreign organisation to change the country, and that Maldivians needed to decide on where they stood.  The comments were made at a dinner to honour the services of his Gayoom’s daughter Yumna Maumoon, who had resigned from the secretary general position of the PPM.

The former President, who ruled the Maldives unopposed for six consecutive five-year presidential terms, claimed many people believed the country had two political ideologies.

Gayoom added that in his view, these two ideologies were that of those who stood up for Islam and the nation and those who did not.

“These are the two options left on our table. We need to choose from one of these ideologies. We are, by the will of Allah, those who uphold the nation and Islam. PPM represents the aspirations of a nationalistic Islamic state. It is also the same aspirations represented by those who support PPM,” Gayoom said. “Those who are at the other end are anti-national and anti-Islamic people. They are attempting to install their own views among us, trying to transform us into the West.”

Gayoom further alleged that those standing by the anti-Islamic ideology wanted to destroy the independence and sovereignty of the Maldivian people, and “put the country in control of an anti-Islamic organisation”.

“We really need to understand and comprehend this fact. We have to carry out a lot of hard work to prove that our nation comes first, for the sake of this country, for the sake of our beloved people,” he stressed.

Gayoom contended that should the people of the Maldives fail to defend the country from anti-Islamic forces, it would mean the slowly beginning of “imported cultures” that the country was unfamiliar with.

“They will try to bring in another culture. A culture that we are not familiar with, a culture that represents anti-national, anti-religious beliefs and ideologies,” he added.

During his speech, Gayoom also emphasised the importance of ensuring that his half brother Yameen Abdul Gayoom was elected president in September.


Both Gayoom’s PPM and the religious conservative Adhaalath Party have attacked Nasheed for his remarks in Denmark.

The Adhaalath Party claimed that Nasheed had misled the Danish audience on extremism in the Maldives.

“Nasheed misled them about the party he fears and envies most, the Adhaalath Party. Nasheed knows very well that the Adhaalath Party is not a party that has no power and influence, unlike what he said in Denmark,” read the party’s statement.

The party accused Nasheed of “placing idols” in Maldivian lands – a reference to the SAARC monuments gifted to the country by other South Asian nations during the 2011 SAARC Summit hosted in Addu Atoll – and of “giving our assets to foreigners” – a reference to the concession agreement to manage and upgrade the international airport granted to Indian firm GMR.

In his address, the former President acknowledged that there was “a lot of xenophobia, Islamic rhetoric and intolerance going on in the Maldives”, and noted the destruction of 12-century Buddhist statues, manuscripts, and other evidence of the Maldives’ pre-Islamic history.

“The vast majority of our society very tolerant people. If all this Islamist rhetoric is removed from official discourse, there will be a much more liberal society. I assure you the rhetoric will be removed from official discourse,” he said.

The Adhaalath Party meanwhile expressed astonishment “that there are a few Maldivians joining [Nasheed] in his work to get another chance to brainwash the Maldivian people. God willing Mohamed Nasheed will not be able to come to power ever again,” the party said.

“Nasheed shamed the nation”: PPM

The PPM similarly condemned Nasheed, claiming his remarks about Islam would disgrace the Maldives in front of other Islamic states.

The party further claimed that it was totally unacceptable for a Muslim to claim that there lay a need for an alternative Quran and the Hadith.

“A former president of a 100 percent Islamic nation speaking in such a fashion, abusing the religion of Islam and mocking Prophet Muhammed is a derogatory act that brings disgrace to the country in front of other Islamic nations,” read the statement.

The PPM alleged that Nasheed during his time as the president had spoken against certain principles of Islam in the bid to appease non-Muslims, such as allowing SAARC nations to gift monuments to the Maldives.

“Bringing a person like Nasheed back to power will be the worst decision people of this country will make, as it will be a huge blow struck against the nation and Islam,” the PPM contended.

Sold out Islam to bring about a coup, says Nasheed

In response to the remarks made by his political rivals, Nasheed addressing a rally held in the island of Bilehdhoo in Faafu Atoll on Sunday night,  claimed that politicians who disguised themselves as religious scholars had “sold out Islam” to topple his democratic government on February 2012.

“There is no greater sin in Islam than to orchestrate a coup,” Nasheed claimed.

“Wearing hats of sheikhs and religious scholars, they have committed a huge sin, an act which is absolutely haram. Today, this country has a haram government. Being a 100 percent Muslim country, we must not let them continue carrying out this haram act in front of our eyes. God willing, we will win this presidential election in one round,” he added.

During his speech, Nasheed spoke of the rhetoric used by political parties had against his administration prior to the contentious transfer of power in February 2012.

“In their ploy to topple our government, they spoke of two things. One is that it was for the sake of religion. In this context, one issue they raised was that the management of Ghiyasudheen School [in Male’] included foreigners. Meanwhile, we can clearly see that even here the principal is a foreigner, the teachers are foreigners.”

“After having preached this against Ghiyasudheen School, today it is the children of these religious scholars who are enrolled to study in that school. [Adhaalath Party MP] Muhthalib’s child goes to that school. The Supreme Court Judges’ children also go to that school. All the religious scholars have their children enrolled in this school, and this is because it is a school where the educational standards are very high,” Nasheed said.

“They toppled our government because we were establishing that school, and yet today their children are enrolled there,” he claimed.

“Maldivians have never accepted that religious scholars should get entangled in worldly political matters. They are pious, righteous people who should be advising people like us on religious matters. It will not do when today they themselves are coming out and drafting laws to govern massage parlours,” Nasheed said.

“All of this is clear to us Maldivians now: a coup d’etat was brought about in the Maldives, and this coup was orchestrated by selling out the religion of Islam.”


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  1. "We are, by the will of Allah, those who uphold the nation and Islam. PPM represents the aspirations of a nationalistic Islamic state."

    The Emperor and Father of Democracy has spoken once again. He upholds those "aspirations" so well, that he decided to build a palace for himself and family where he could shower with mineral water. A golden toilet seat was by divine inspiration, of course.

    Pathetic lying coward! As I've said before, he'll grab any opportunity to tarnish his opponents, and in this case, Nasheed's 7th century Hejaz speech has given the old bugger a lifeline. His 30 years of absolute rule was based on planting those "aspirations" into peoples heads.

  2. Comeon man, YAG GAY is not MAG.

    Iraadhakurehvaigen YAG GAY will not win. with the blesings and will of God, may he never win.

  3. "Nationalistic Islamic state"

    Spoken like a true fascist.

  4. The English word 'divide' should be patented to MAG.

    MAG does not need policies, solve economic issues, unemployment problems, drug problems. He only needs to 'divide' the country with rhetoric.

    PPM is so confident that 'divide and rule with rhetoric' will work.. Amazing. The old man has surely lost it.

  5. This mullah spearheaded the cultural destruction of Maldives and now has the audacity to say that our culture is in danger? LOL. I'm glad only a few take this old bag seriously now.

    PS: we had idols on these islands for ages.

  6. It seems Qayoom is real ignorant. The issue is not Islam against anti Islam. It is subjective reality against objective reality. Qayoom is outdated and unfit for today’s world and should be discarded as garbage.

    Objective reality is universal and it comes from natural laws, which means the only truth is what is objectively true. people like Qayoom who thinks they are special, cannot dictate what is right and what is wrong on to others. The objective truth for human being is pleasure, the bad and good comes from this reality. You don’t go and hit someone because if you hit someone the ultimate truth is you are going to hurt yourself, you know that person will hit you in return and no one likes pain.

    Under new world order, the bad and good will not be defined subjectively but rather it will have to be defined based on objective reality, that all men are equal and have freedom to pursue his life the way he likes. When this universal truth is upheld, people like you lose the grip on people and the truth will not be subjective according to what you think is right but will be objective reality for each individual. So this is democracy against dictatorship. Now it is for the people to choose between dictatorship and democracy. not between Islam and Anti Islam

  7. You used it then and it worked. Now when you try to use it we feel so disgusted for now you should be praying and doing good deeds and should prepare for the after life. You know you have commited unforgivable sins so repent now before it is too late for you MAG

  8. here is a good article for the zombie secularists...

    "The "modernisation" of the Muslim world during the colonial period took over many aspects of life. One important consequence was the secularisation of the education system, which began in Istanbul, followed by Egypt, and then the rest of the Muslim world. This meant the divorcing of traditional Islamic education from the overall curriculum. Interestingly, the aim of the newly introduced education system by the colonialists was military (a bit ironic given the current circumstances) and not educational. The method of implementation for this new system of education was not to modify the Islamic traditional system, but to create a new parallel system that can eventually undermine the Islamic one."

    full link:

  9. Oh the protector of Islam has spoken. or shall I say the Great Pretender has spoken!!

    Well if how Gayoom lived his life is how we should view Islam who would want to be a muslim?

    Corruption, adultery, robbery, stealing from the poor, torturing those who speak for justice, murder. And not taking responsibility for any of this.

    And now we will have Kuribee and Mode wailing to me that I should not accuse what I cannot prove.

    Knowing as they wail that there is not one court in the Maldives that will hear a case against Gayoom.

    And so it goes on and on and on.

    Dhen lalalala

  10. Gayoom! Do you think people are listening? We have seen you play the religion trick before. We see Waheed trying to play it now. Same game, different faces.
    The country has changed and religion has just about lost its power. The young today are not stupid and they know they deserve better than endless words that mean nothing. That is why MDP is winning and you and Waheed are so afraid.
    MDP speaks their language.

  11. @human being on Tue, 30th Apr 2013 11:18 PM

    "One important consequence was the secularisation of the education system, which began in Istanbul..."

    What a load of old bollocks! Look, chap, Muslims singlehanded invented modern astronomy (amongst many other things), and that was long long before Istanbul was even on the radar, so to speak.

    Those Muslim scholars (by the way, they were true scholars, i.e. scientists, and no the modern day beard dragging variety), made remarkable discoveries in mathematics, physics, medicine, chemistry and so on, without this mumbo jumbo about secularism and non-secularism.

    For sure, they didn't spend their time twiddling thumbs about whether the Prophet grew a beard, whether they should wear short trousers. Neither did they spend their time plotting to kill all non-Muslims. The education of them was Islamic, practical, scientific and above all, world class! They had open and inquisitive minds and they leaned everything they could learn, secular or non-secular.

    Tell me of a single education system that your'e advocating which produces the qualities I just mentioned. The majority of Muslims of today are brain dead.

  12. Proof, that to be an effective dictator, you have to use and abuse religion to extremes. Otherwise, how would you brainwash the masses and keep all the wealth to your inner circle?

    The mad old bugger has spoken again!

  13. Years ago those belonging to the hardline ideology operated as a foreign organisation to change the country and Maumoon was one of them. He brought his Egyptian cronies to the Maldives and allowed them to radicalized the hapless island people. It would be a step in the right direction if Maumoon would acknowledge his responsibility like a man instead of hiding his head in the sand like an ostrich, and instead of blaming others like a child.

  14. Nasheed is an anti-islam campaign activist and he want a secular state here in Maldives.

    This guy should not be elected and he will sell our sovereign rights and even the religion for few million dollars for his pocket.

  15. Tho comments here is a proof Anni and his cult are really LAADHEENEE! Shame on the ladheenee idiots!!!

  16. "beginning of 'imported cultures' that the country is unfamiliar with" - Now there stands an interesting observation, given that the hard line Islamist culture that is rotting this country from within is itself an imported culture that until about 12 years ago, we were completely unfamiliar with. Fact of the matter is, Islamist culture or Wahhaabee culture as we call it, is the imported culture we should all be worried about. 'Nuf said.

  17. @zaydamjad...u seem to be another laadheenee idiot by saying"Islamist culture or Wahhaabee culture as we call it, is the imported culture we should all be worried about".

  18. it looks like the Laadheenee guys are those who grow bears and do not ways and lobby for nubile young females to be kept as jaariyaass.. in short, the laadhee guys are Adhaalath.. they are trying to take maldives back to jaahiliyaa... with their hypocrisies.. like Sheikh shaheem starting a ahold jewelry business in the guys of donating to zakath fund.. hehe.. the people have woken up to the real laadhee beardies who like to herd goat for a living..

  19. A nation is defined by its economy, the education system, the health system, the transport system, the tax mechanism etc.

    This is NOT required, not needed in heaven.

    I can't forever understand why a NATION should be Islamic.

    MAG, don't you realize this is not the dumb nation that you ruled years ago.

  20. @Ahmed bin suvadeeb
    you have just picked and chose whatever tid bits from history to your likening. But that doesn't work always. The golden days of islam was not because of their secularism as you try to imply. Many things contributed to the downfall of the ummah the most obvious of which is the secularization of the masses. When muslims stood true to the spirit of islam from both quruan and sunnah, they thrived. The reign of oppressive rulers, peoples love of pastures and commerce, ultimately giving up on jihad, preferring bourgeois lives, these are the things that destroyed the civilization.
    Here in our time another wave of secularization is sweeping through this country right now, thanks to the policies of the 30 year ruler. The 3 year ruler just advanced and gave voice to the kuffar to destroy what meager amount of iman we have left in this small part of ummah.

  21. Gayoom is right, there are foreign influences at work to change the Maldives. Radical extremistic islamists are doing their best to bring this beautiful country under their influence.

  22. @human being on Wed, 1st May 2013 4:00 PM

    "When muslims stood true to the spirit of islam from both quruan and sunnah, they thrived. "

    Here's a simple question for you. How long did that "spirt of Islam" last amongst Muslims? I hope you know that Caliph Umar, Usman and Ali were all assassinated. Muslims lost their "spirit" soon after the death of Mohammed.

    Back stabbing, power struggles, rivalry and so on have been the hallmarks ever since. You have failed to answer the question I posed in my previous comment. Where are the world class Muslim scholars? What are their contributions? Again, by scholars, I do not mean the garden variety we have in the Maldives!

    What kind of education system are you after? What would be the syllabus? Answer some factual questions instead of throwing rhetoric, will you?

  23. Is it just me, or does this 'Addu Bin' fellow have a huge ego. Others can certainly come but he is the moderator- always correcting the rest of us. You know always quoting something we write and addressing it on his own immaculate commentary. Always "I" this, "I" that..

    A Masters Degree reprisal always ;), Listen yourself 'old timer', stop being so condescending for a change. What an ego we have here. Lets hope its a soft hurt ego now, one that a mothers tittie hasn't even finished suckling yet...

  24. @Ahmed bin suvadive
    The assassination of khalifa Usman (ra) and Ali (ra) was foretold. It was just another prophesy which came true. Martyrdom was the highest the righteous aspires to be, even today. Khalid bin waleed (ra) despite his many encounters with death never got that achievement. So the death or assassination of the caliph doesn't mean that he lost or we lost a part of our religion.

    Your question about Muslim scholars bemuses me. Its like looking at awe of Steve jobs while Berners lee is just behind him. If you think of scholars and books then Hassan Saeed is one. He wrote books. Afrasheem was one. He also wrote books. If you think scholars changed peoples perspectives, then Awlaki just got assassinated by Americans. Deedat changed the lives of many. If you know Arabic then you have better chance of knowing the scholarship of islam. If you fantasize about scholars inventing things then you are mixing scholars with inventors. It all depends on your perspective.

  25. Ahmed Addu, luckily you gave human being a bit of a history lesson. The days after the death of muhammed weren't as great and peaceful as muslims claim they were. After his death, a large number of 'muslims' left the religion, possibly due to the nature of their conversions. Wars were then led to find these apostates and kill them all, due to fears that the religion would be wiped out. This was also around the time when the quran was actually compiled into a book, due to fears that the men who had memorized it were lessening in numbers. Umar, Osman, Ali and Aisha all went through power struggles, and these wars went on for hundreds of years. They are ongoing even today. Sunnis absolutely slaughter all other sects and are outright against anyone leaving their religion, deeming it punishable by death. And this has even come to the Maldivian shores, where it's now a fashion to call each other 'non-religious' and fight over it.

    Meanwhile, in the secular world, civilization is thriving. Countries with high numbers of non-religious people are always amongst the top when it comes to issues like freedom, gender equality, healthcare, education and an overall great place to live in. I think Maldivians should just stop for a minute and think about that for a second, without the need for a source from certain 'scriptures'.

  26. @human

    The universe is a very complex setup. Every single human finger, is also very complex.

    When you are talking about how islam is supported and propagated with wars; compiling book 200y later, and almost half heartedly, you tend to think this is not the same source of perfection.

  27. @ Wives and concubines,

    Seems like wives and concubines know a lot about Islamic history.(for a person who spurts hatred and slime out of her/his mouth every time when speaking about Islam, it boggles the mind!!:S)

    Now where in the world does it say Islam is on the brink of annihilation? I thought it's the second largest growing religion of the world!

    Now this is the fact, the western hypocrites cannot fathom. Even after spewing so much hatred towards Islam, relating Islam to terrorism drawing cartoons, we see their own community embrace it!just look at what happened in Denmark!

    Former Dutch Islamophobe Arnoud Van Doorn converts to Islam.

    Now next day Wives and concubines will say that he reverted what so ever because the news is all made up!i wouldn't be surprised!

    It amazes me how the religion had retained this position when so many Muslims were massacred, ethnically cleansed, drone bombed, tortured, beheaded during the Crusades, dies of famine, hunger etc! Isn't that something to ponder upon!

    Yes! War is upon muslim nations because of sects and this is the one thing our prophet advised us not to indulge in! see how it has ruined muslim nations! That's why muslims should strive for an ummah, and this is why the western nations are so afraid of!

    Whenever we call for an Ummah, we become terrorists, we bomb people when in fact there were so many incidents that took place in history which ultimately was led by foreign agents to defame muslims and destroy muslim nations!

    The boston bombings are one clear sign of this!!but i guess it's only a conspiracy theory???

    Research history like Van Doorn and then talk??!!

  28. @human being

    "Martyrdom was the highest the righteous aspires to be"

    Good, now go blow yourself up in the mountains of Pakistan. Avoid friday prayer congregations and do the deed alone.

    The world is better off without people like you.

  29. Islam is not afraid of other religions. We believe in islam because we believe this is the best way of life.
    Hadhrat Muhammad PBUH wasn't afraid of other religions. He used to hold talks with non Muslims. He allowed christians to pray in the prophet's mosque and preach their message as they like. Why are non muslims not allowed to preach and practice their religion freely? Is this not against the teaching of islam?
    So are we scared of non Muslims. Why these mullahs don't follow these aspects of the prophet Muhammad PBUH life?

  30. These laws are from the time of Mr. Gayoom. They should answer this. Other parties , who
    Call themselves liberal, can they challenge the mullahs and bring changes in the constitution? Mr. Naseeh can your party do it?

  31. @ a.q.rana
    'Islam is not afraid of other religions'.....are you serious?
    The truth is that islam today is the world's most intolerant religion.
    Why else would Maldives be a '100% islamic country' if it wasn't for religious intolerance?
    Why are christian and buddhist Maldivians forced to live in India and Sri Lanka if it wasn't for religious intolerance?
    Why do you dumb neanderthals regularly go on the rampage to eliminate 'idolatrous' statues and objects if it wasn't for religious intolerance?
    Why does the Saudi government fund the construction of mosques and madrasas all over the world but does not allow a church or temple to be built in their 'holy land' if it wasn't for religious intolerance?
    Why does any secular comment by a politician or blogger in Maldives automatically brand them as being 'against islam' if it wasn't for religious intolerance?
    One of the common fantasies of sunni muslims.....that's you that islam is a tolerant religion of peace.....tell that to your muslim brothers, the ahmadiyas, the shias, the sufis.
    Why are muslims so insecure in their beliefs?.....what is it you fear from 'kuffars' such as myself?
    For your information:
    Eid in hindu majority India is a national holiday.
    The hindu majority in India subdises Haj travel for it muslim minority.
    Mosques in India have unrestricted entry for all whereas in of you sunni brothers.....heavy security is deployed to protect muslims from attacking other muslims.
    Holy cow!!
    We Indians have so much to teach you primitive islanders.

  32. Well Ms. India, you also have a rape problem in your country so that high horse you are standing on isn't very high.

    I think Maldivians and Muslims all over the world are very split on accepting secular thinking. It is part of the problem over in egypt, syria and other conflicts with muslims. Don't get me wrong, Maldivians are not nearly as progressive as the secularists in egypt and syria but there are some in Maldives who are now willing to listen at least. I think there is change in the muslim community happening right now and that is why the fearful hateful groups are out.

  33. The track on which maldive is going they would be in same position like afghanistan bukha nanga nation


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