Maldives’ real extremism is the encroachment upon people’s rights: Yameen

Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen has argued that the most prominent form of extremism in the Maldives is the encroachment upon people’s rights, rather than religious radicalism.

Yameen met with Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during a visit to the country Friday (August 16), as part of the state’s ongoing engagement with all Maldivian political parties ahead of the September 7 presidential election.

In response to Indian officials raising concerns about potential radical rhetoric in the Maldives, Yameen acknowledged that extremism “exists to some extent” and is a challenge faced by the PPM.  Yameen recounted this conversation during a PPM press conference held in Male’ yesterday (August 19).

“We do face the problem of extremism to some extent and the extremism that exists here isn’t necessarily religious extremism,” Yameen recalled telling Prime Minister Singh.

“What really exists here is extremism of encroaching on other people’s rights,” he added.

Yameen explained to the Prime Minister that the Maldivian people suffer serious damage to their houses and property as a result of this type of extremism.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Singh expressed his hope that September’s presidential election will be free and fair, followed by a smooth transition, reported India’s Economic Times.

Singh also emphasised the need to ensure an understanding that the outcome of the election is recognised by all parties without reprisals, to which Yameen reportedly agreed.

Yameen thanked the prime minister for the support India has provided the Maldives and expressed a desire for the unique bonds between both countries continue to grow and prosper.

The PPM presidential hopeful also offered assurances that he would assist in creating a conducive atmosphere for Indian investment in the Maldives.

However, Yameen told local media that the terminated GMR agreement “did not come up” during his visit to India.

The Indian infrastructure giant has filed a claim seeking US$1.4 billion in compensation from the Maldives, following the government’s sudden termination of its concession agreement to manage and upgrade Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

Yameen – the half brother of 30-year autocratic ruler, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom – was accompanied by a six-person delegation during his official visit to India. These delegation included three of Gayoom’s children – Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon; Minister of State for Human Resources, Youth and Sports Mohamed Ghassaan Maumoon; and PPM Council Member Ahmed Faris Maumoon.

Additional delegation members included PPM Vice President and Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Ahmed Adheeb; PPM campaign manager and MP Moosa Zameer; as well as PPM MP Abdulla Maseeh.

Prime Minister Singh’s meeting with Yameen comes on the heels of former president and current Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Mohamed Nasheed’s official visit to India.

Nasheed, who resigned the presidency during the February 2012 political crisis, has claimed “powerful networks” of Gayoom loyalists were responsible for his ousting after sections of the police and military mutinied against him.


13 thoughts on “Maldives’ real extremism is the encroachment upon people’s rights: Yameen”

  1. Is this man talking about human rights? Ah yes, human rights of the feudal lords right?

    "“See how the public went after his [Nazim’s] throat,” said Yameen, who studied at Claremont Graduate University in California. When asked if such passion was good for a society, he replied, “Yes. We are an Islamic nation, and our religion is an important part of our collective identity.”

    Asked if individuals had no rights, his terse answer was “No.” Told it was shocking to hear his views, he said, “We are also shocked when a nation legalizes gay sex.”"

  2. You are god damned right. You have no right to shove your religion down my throat. Neither does Ilyas.

    The moment you let go of $ pegging, $ rate will balance to a nominal level.

    The moment you let your iron grip on people's throats about religion, the people's minds will explore and then you will have numbers on real religion-lovers.

    The two are alike. The numbers you now quote are nowhere near truth.

  3. Maldives' real extremism lies with the chap in the picture here. For 30 years, his brother and him worked hard to create the society we have today.

    We are talking about all sorts of extremism here. There is no respect for the law or for the religion (in this supposedly 100% Islamic Republic) even from those sitting on the Supreme Court bench! Clean your own shit first, before complaining about the shit outside!

    This is not a society that just sprung upon us in the last few years! It has been getting more extreme and more violent for decades, whilst Yameen's brother defecated on a gold toilet seat for the "golden" 30 years! Yes, ladies & gentlemen, we had 30 years of "golden" shit!

  4. Did he just admit the existence of religious extremism, and then denied it, all in one sentence? What?

  5. "Encroachment upon people’s rights" ?
    Now look who's speaking here. This guy's bro had done it for 30 years and he himself (Yameen) is trying the same thing in the parliament (especially in Nasheed's administration). Now the same guy (Yameen) is trying running for the presidency BACKED by the notorious dictator Gayoom who deprived the people from forming political parties, democracy, peaceful protests/gatherings, speaking against the government, free media, free education, universities, proper health care, housing facilities, etc.

    Oh, I forgot some, what about the lack of proper drinking water facilities, the sever systems, roads, national transportation system. NO SUCH things are in existence in the past 30 YEARS.

    This family looted the wealth of the Maldives from the Maldivians. Most of the people are living in extreme poverty
    and living in a 'jail' (can't leave their islands - no transportation system. Only choice is the expensive privately run boats which leaves once in a while at odd times).

    I'm doing a good research on the Maldives. Most people think that due to the millions of dollars from tourism are put into good use by the state like in else where. Well how can that happen when Yameen himself is the primary suspect of an on going investigation of the embezzled US$ 800 mil oil scandal?

    I'll not bring up the subject of the gangs, narcotic drugs, 'commissions', etc related with Yameen under this topic. It's another side of him.

    Can a sane person really believe this guy?

  6. "“What really exists here is extremism of encroaching on other people’s rights,”"

    Reality of enchroachment on other people's rights is the bitter history of the so much boated "righteous ruling of the nation for 30 years" by your half brother Maumoon, and the regime that helped him in such governance, including you!

    But, what a way for the truth to be told!

  7. Maldives real extremist is Nasheed.

    Nasheed is the man who had robbed this country and Nasheed is the man who is promoting extremism in this country.

    Extremist is not only religious and political extremism is much more dangerous in this country.

    Nasheed is of extremist views about the politics and he has no tolerance to accommodate other than his own views .

    Nasheed is using democracy in the name and exercise dictatorial policies.

    Nasheed will and must go out of competition in the first round.

    Nasheed has realized that he had no chance of winning this election and that is why he had started talk about the how good gayyoom is .

    Nasheed mentioned in his speech given Gulhy Island that Gayyoom is the founder of of development and democracy and Nasheed is trying to build on foundation what Gayyoom had laid?

    Nasheed will never stop or hesitate to say anything for the sake of getting a vote and this is a mad fellow who should not ven contest in this election.

  8. India should only support secular and democratic presidential candidates in Maldives.
    Anybody else should be refused landing rights in New Delhi.
    The last thing we need in another Pakistan on our doorstep.

  9. Is yameen confused or is he purposely confusing others?

    Encroachment of people's rights is violating others rights and is Illegal. That's not extremism

    Extremism is an ideology that takes a more strict interpretation of Quran and Sunnah. That may not always be illegal

  10. @MissIndia New Delhi

    Mumbai attack - Nov. 2008. Tracing the financial connections behind the attack led to the arrest of an Indian Union Minister Madhu Koda, a half brother of Pakistani Prime Minister Guilani living in Chicago. Further tracing led to Rahul Gandhi at which point CBI spokesperson backtracked and said he does not know anyone named Rahul Gandhi.
    Incidentally India has the highest Muslim population and a random attack on India is likely to kill Muslims. Muslims are not allowed to shed Muslim blood.
    People like Ajmal Kasab are pawns in a chess game. Maldivians are not pawns.

  11. Extremism is not only applicable to religion and it also applies to politics too.

    Nahseed is plitical extremist and a cult

  12. If you can't convince them, the confuse them, after all it worked with many dumb islanders. But seriously as if the relationship with India wasn't bad enough our Mafia Don goes in and insults the intelligence of their Prime Minister with this stupid talk about "different sorts of extremism."

    The first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. The beardies are already talking Jihad, that is extremism. That is what worries the Indians, not rioters burning buildings after a coup.

  13. Does Yameen still go out of his way to display his fearlessness by making purposefully provocative remarks which are hurtful, in humane? I hope not. Only a person struggling to repress deep, dark fear would be so driven to display such a face of fearlessness all the time. He must have experienced immense cruelty at some point in his life. I genuinely feel protective over the wounded child within himself he is struggling to protect. However, if he has not learnt to overcome his fear, he will rule as a tyrant, arresting any who arouses suspicion, which would be, everybody. A leader must be able to take criticism from the people if he is to be a servant of the people. He can't become fearful and hostile towards those who express the needs if the people.


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