Maldives will “emerge victorious over adversarial states,” says President Yameen

The Maldives will “emerge victorious over adversarial states,” President Abdulla Yameen has declared, slamming alleged foreign interference in domestic affairs following the conviction of former President Mohamed Nasheed on terrorism charges.

Addressing supporters at a Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) rally last night, President Yameen reiterated that exercising authority over either the Prosecutor General or the judiciary would threaten constitutional separation of powers.

“God willing, God Almighty will grant us just rulers. And God will grant our state the courage to remain steadfast in Islam and the guidance of Islam. And God willing, we will emerge victorious over adversarial states,” Yameen concluded his remarks by saying.

“We are on the righteous path. We will not go astray. God willing, no matter how small, this Maldivian state will have the courage to hold fast to Islamic guidance.”

President Yameen’s remarks follow international concern over the lack of due process in the rushed trial of the opposition leader. Nasheed was found guilty of ordering the military to “forcibly abduct” Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012 and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the UN Special Rapporteur on Independence of Lawyers and Judges Gabriela Knaul last week urged the Maldives to guarantee that Nasheed’s appeal would respect the most stringent fair trial and due process standards.

Yameen went on to say that other countries believed the Maldives does not enforce the law, “but we are telling those states that the law is enforced in the Maldives the same as it is in those states.”

Cases were tried through independent courts and sentences were implemented after an appeal process, he added.

Trials should be conducted swiftly to ensure justice, he continued, claiming that terrorism cases involving up to 1,500 defendants were completed in 48 hours in England.

“We don’t go criticising the mechanisms there. And we don’t request getting into the courtrooms there,” he said.

“But when it’s the Maldives, because we are a small country, [they] want to meddle in everything we do. No. That day is in the past. The Maldives, this Maldivian state, will no longer give room for that.”

By calling on the president to release Nasheed, Yameen said both the opposition and foreign parties were inviting the president to commit an “impeachable offence”.

The president was not responsible for either the PG’s decision to prosecute or the court’s verdict, he said.

Exercising oversight over the PG was the task of parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee, he continued, questioning why opposition MPs have not summoned the PG so far.

The president ordering the PG not to prosecute or withdraw charges in a specific case would amount to “obstruction of justice” and violation of the constitution, Yameen said.

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13 thoughts on “Maldives will “emerge victorious over adversarial states,” says President Yameen”

  1. What a load of rubbish - wake up man and see that your country is being run by a DICTATOR ONE MORE!!!

  2. Since Maldives does not qualify to be a country, and the people entirely depend on foreign lands and their governments, the foreigners have all rights to interfere if some crazy certain elements in Maldives commit crimes against any individual.
    Nasheed should be released immediately, and every minute he spends in the custody of bunch of savages it is a shame for all civilized people. Indian, USA, EU , UN and commonwealth should ask the people who kidnapped Nasheed they should release him unconditionally. There can be no case against Nasheed with people who are his political adversaries and this whole mockery of justice should be reversed immediately.

  3. Good lord, how on earth can president Yaameen describe countries criticizing flaws in the trial of president Nasheed as ADVERSARIAL STATES? And how does international criticism about a biased trial threaten ISLAM in Maldives? Has the president gone completely insane?

  4. Maldives, beautiful islands.

    That's where the positives come to an end.

    Dirt begins.
    Corrupt, ignorant, easily fooled, subdued, uneducated, isolated islanders.
    "You are blessed, your island is the cleanest, your island is the fishing village of the atoll, you are greenest, " are among the most inappropriate rhetorics the puppet masters use regularly to subdue and toy with the soft psyche of Maldivians.
    Definitely YAG, in your view, Maldives will win, have already won, will continue to win for a long time!
    The more intimidated and uneducated you keep us, the more "Balon de Ignornace" we will win!

  5. Yameen had said well.

    When UK complete a 1500 terrorist trial over period of 48 hours, it has down justice .

    When Nasheed had breached our constitution, it was done in good faith by Nasheed to protect the democracy ?

    When Nasheed had locked the surpeeme court outside his constitutional rights, it was done to protect the democracy ?

    When Nasheed had meddle with the justice system to pull out the criminal cases filed by PG, crimes committed by his party members such as Ex MP Shifaz , Nasheed office permanent secretary Abdulla saeed, it was done to protect the democracy .

    Well done champion of democracy dictator Nasheed.

  6. It no adversarial states what will happen to dr bob Dylan who make a living out of spinning, creating propergenda, raising money as Human Rights NGO

    Conflict (even artificial ) is now a part of some peoples business model. It WILL be maintained courtesy of George S

  7. I can't remember where Pres. Yameen is seeking his doctors. Not the practicians for the poor people, his specialists? Was it in Kaafu Atoll, Noonu or abroad in one of these adversarial states which seems to be a good place to stay in certain cases...
    Yameen is gambling with an entire nation's future... but this time only him will lose his bet...

  8. Foreigner's are interested in Maldives because of the dreamy paradise image. If one were to be concerned about Human Rights, there are proportionately more serious Human Rights issues in a little African or Indian village that affect millions elsewhere.

    But in the last 10 years Maldives has become a) the biggest EVIL torturer of the world and b) a POOR sinking country. Both at the same time.

    Why is the paradise image of a tiny insignificant country being paraded naked in the international community?

    Why? Because there are incentives. Dollars are being received by particular frontline NGO after spinning of facts, tweeting 24/7 and keeping the hatred alive.

    Just as parasites need dirt to thrive on Spin Doctors need a perpetual conflict in Maldives by manufacturing hate.

    They call it 'Human Rights and Climate Change' but its a hate based business agenda.

  9. President Y. Gayoom is either misinformed or just plain lying when he says "terrorism" cases against 1500 defendants were completed in 48 hours in England.

    No such terrorism cases have occurred, either now or any time in England's recent history.

    Perhaps he was referring to the sentences imposed on several mainly young offenders following a series of riots in the summer of 2011. More than 2,000 defendants received particularly harsh sentences, many of which were suspended or reduced on appeal. These were public order, burglary and similar offences, and most of the offenders entered guilty pleas.

    It should be noted that many of these trials took place in magistrates' courts. Of course, all defendants had the right of appeal to a higher court, and as much time as needed was allowed for those who chose to do so.

    There was no attempt by judges to change the rules to make it impossible to appeal, there was no question of defendants being refused the right to bring forward their own witnesses and, as far as I can remember, none of the sitting magistrates (or judges in the higher courts) supplied witness statements against the accused.

    Magistrates do not require formal qualifications, but magistrates need intelligence, common sense, integrity and the capacity to act fairly. From what I have seen so far in this sorry affair, these qualities are all missing in court (apart maybe from the lack of qualifications).

    When there is no integrity in the courts, what hope is there for justice?

  10. Just free Nasheed, this is the call of whole world and good amount of Maldivain people. This is nothing to do with foreigners and foreign interest. Nasheed has been kidnapped by ridiculing justice and he is under custardy of most ignorant and barbaric people. We should not let few crazy people use sovereignty and independence and do the mockery on human rights and international justice. The fact is Nasheed ‘s rights has been violated by his enemies by mocking the justice systems. A champion of democracy in Maldives has been convicted for terrorism and a man who destroyed Maldives for 30 years, tortured people for saying things he didn’t like is free and laughing. This man was behind all this child’s play, he hates Nasheed for exposing him and got rid of him from the life of ordinary Maldivians. He has used religion to mislead the ignorant side of Maldives to revenge Nasheed. This is the fact and all who voted Nasheed should not stop for a second until he is released,

  11. @J. Alexander

    When there is no integrity in the courts, you sign a war order that grants you extraterritorial rights, and the right to use any level of force to stop anyone that you believe is forcing you to submit to an unjust trial, including but not limited to wiretapping, surveillance and even military force.

    For in this country, those who can kill, are even more stronger than every god the entirety of human history has ever created.

  12. Everyone with a good objective view on what has happened the last years, could see this coming. What a terrible mistake it was to give PPM an absolute majority in the Majlis.

    They've got the money and president, the army, police, judiciary and parliament is under their control. Why would they care about anyone who opposes them, especially since most they do is protest? Face it people, you're screwed. If you want a change, you'll need to do more than protest.

  13. @Ekaloas buddy

    Now now, you'll scare those fatcat politicians and peaceniks in the US/EU.

    Not that I'm complaining, though. I love the whole idea.


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