Maldives wins Seven Star Global Luxury Awards

The Maldives has won two prizes at this year’s Seven Star Global Luxury Awards, winning best a destination as well as a special achievement honour for Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb.

Nominated alongside destinations including the Bahamas, Fiji, the Seychelles, Italy, and Mexico, the Maldives was named best destination for the second year running.

Meanwhile, the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Tourism Award’ again went to the Maldives’ tourism minister for having overseen the arrival of one million tourists last year for the first time in the country’s history.

“The ‘Seven Star Destination Winner’ award belongs to the tourism industry partners of Maldives who have been working hard to develop the industry and maintain high level standards,” said Adeeb.

The seven star awards are regarded as the most exclusive international luxury award for the hospitality industry, recognising extraordinary achievements by bestowing upon winners the Signum Virtutis – a seal of excellence for all prospective guests.

After being nominated by Seven Star’s expert panel, industry professionals as well as the public voted for the winners, who received their prize at an award ceremony held at the Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort in Malaysia on Saturday (June 14).

Over 1.1 million tourists visited the Maldives in 2013, a milestone achieved one year behind the government’s original plans after political turmoil temporarily deterred visitors during 2012.

Recent statistics have shown that the industry – directly responsible for 29 percent of GDP – continues to grow, with arrivals up by 11.2 percent based on the same period in 2013.

After developing primarily as a destination for European tourists, the recent expansion of the industry has been heavily reliant on the explosion of the Chinese market – which grew from around 6 percent of arrivals in 2008 to over 26 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Despite moves to expand the mid-market tourism product in the country, the luxury single island resort model continues to dominate over hotels, guest houses and safari vessel options – making up nearly 80 percent of the industry’s bed capacity.

Adeeb has previously explained that the image of the country as a high-end destination was vital in order to attract “A-category” guests, with lower-end facilities subsequently benefitting from the luxury image.

The government is currently considering expansion plans to accommodate the arrival of five millions tourists at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, and has recently reached out to new markets in Australia.

A survey conducted by the Tourism Ministry earlier this year found that 98 percent of tourists would recommend the Maldives as a holiday destination to others.


5 thoughts on “Maldives wins Seven Star Global Luxury Awards”

  1. seven star award is a joke ? This is their second year . How can they claimed to be the most exclusive luxury award when they even don't have any history in the first place.

    But yes, Maldives is among the top luxury destination and tourism minister had gone through a very turbulent times in then last 2-3 years.

    Achievement of a million tourist to the country is a great and is not an easy task since Nasheed was going out on boycotting campagaign.

  2. How much did tourism minister of his friends pay for this award?

  3. What role did Adeeb really play in the 1 million tourists achievement? He's like a corrupt and lucky boy who happened to be the tourism minister when Maldives tourist industry achieved the numbers after years of hard work. Hardly anything to do with Adeeb. If anything his actions of corruption has threatened the tourism industry and we will see the effects of his actions only after a few more years. When there are so many experienced and capable professionals in PPM, I can't understand why this guy is the tourism minister. He can't even speak properly, he's the same as Gasim, but to give Gasim credit, he has made something out of himself, whereas Adeeb would be nothing if not for his position as the tourism minister.

  4. These awards are all bought awards, just like the way President Gayoom was given so many awards by the so called International community. Adheeb must have bribed a few of those fellas there to win the award.Otherwise, who is this man? So many people allege him to have involved in so many corrupt scandals here in the Maldives. To give an award to that kind of a person is an insult to Maldivians!

  5. Did you know that Ibrahim Nasir International airport is also the best in the region.


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