“Maldivians must rise against terrorism”: Attorney General

Attorney General Aishath Bisham has stated the Maldives is facing a high risk of terrorist attacks and that the country must take a strong against terrorism.

Speaking at the closing ceremony on Thursday of a US Bureau of Diplomatic Security-organised program titled “Police Leaders Role in Combating Terrorism”, aimed at training senior officers in counter-terrorism tactics, Bisham said the September 2007 Sultan Park bombing was the first incident that demonstrated terrorism had found its root in the Maldives, and that it was an undeniable that terrorism was spreading widely in the country.

“Acts of terrorism are spreading wildly in various countries across the world. And we are now in a position where we must keep vigilant to see if their acts have found their way into the Maldives and if such acts are spreading across the country,” Bisham is quoted as saying in local media.

Referring to Chief of Defence Force Major General Ahmed Shiyam’s remarks earlier in the week, Bisham echoed that a number of Maldivian youth had enrolled themselves in terrorist groups and training camps abroad.

The Attorney General called this “a significant warning of looming threats” and stated it is important that Maldivians stood up against the dangers of terrorism through training and awareness programs, and how such programs need to be implemented more widely in a manner where general citizens are also included.

While noting the importance of strengthening the legislative framework governing the issue, Bisham said it will prove difficult for a country like Maldives to battle the threats of terrorism and said that it was necessary to seek international assistance to better deal with the issue.

Rising threats of terror attacks: Chief of Defence Force

Chief of Defence Force Major General Ahmed Shiyam earlier this week warned of rising threats of terrorism attacks in the Maldives, cautioning against assuming the country was completely safe from attacks simply based on the fact that no major terrorist activities have been uncovered in the country to date.

He warned that there was an increased risk of terrorist attacks stemming from “religious extremism and political turmoil,” but noted that while messages encouraging such activities were circulating on social media, these focused mainly against a certain group of people, or to encourage youth to partake in activities of ‘jihad’.

“Regardless of how these dangers come forth to us, ultimately the result is the same: that is the destruction of our nation’s social fabric,” Major General Shiyam said.

Increased pressure in 2012 to conform to stricter form of Islam: US

The US State Department’s 2012 Report on International Religious Freedom notes that, especially following the February 7 controversial transfer of power, there has been an increased pressure in the Maldives to conform to a “stricter interpretation of Islamic practices.”

The report highlighted that there have been increased reports of religious freedom abuses. Concerns were also raised over government restriction of religious freedom.

“There was an increasing use of religion in political rhetoric, which led to derogatory statements about Christianity and Judaism, and harassment of citizens calling for a more tolerant interpretation of Islam. Anti-Semitic rhetoric among conservative parties continued,” the report said.

The report also referred to statements made by President Waheed, who came to office following last year’s transfer of power.

“During the year, President Waheed warned the nation that foreign parties were attempting to influence the country’s ideology and promote secularism; he urged citizens to resist these impulses,” the report read.

The report further pointed out instances of societal harassment and abuse targeted against citizens, especially women, who do not conform to strict guidelines seen as acceptable under narrow interpretations of Islam.


21 thoughts on ““Maldivians must rise against terrorism”: Attorney General”

  1. Nasheed himself got elected using religion as a political tool and he is the first person to give a cabinet portfolio to Adhaaltah party.

    Fili Nasheed is an extremist politician who promotes violence in the country and asking Maria to find some gangs to go on the road to to beat up the police and other non MDP supporters.

  2. Attorney General or anyone who has sound cognitive ability knows what the real issue is. There are few uneducated people who are suffering from severe mental disorders, and they are distorted by the teaching of Islam. These disoriented individuals see Islam as soul mending medicine for their psychosis nature. The translation of unaltered Islamic teaching fits to their very nature; these individuals are either suffering from importance who hate women or sadist who cannot see other people enjoy their life with entertainment.
    These people have the luxury of support base from an uneducated majority, a majority who still believe that storms, tsunami, diseases, wealth and poverty is a game played by supernatural being who does this as part of his conspiracy theory.
    The fact is those who know the real issue are either too freighted to discuss the issue openly or wants to use the ignorance of people for political gains. Now we have two scenarios for Dhivehistan in the next election, will Dhivehistanies vote for a change to try and test if it can bring prosperity or vote to remain in the shackle of mental slavery that Mullahs are advocating and some politician want to use it to suppress the mass ignorant society by keeping them isolated from civilization through xenophobia , prejudice and isolationism.

  3. Haha. The feudal lords of Dhivehistan are trying to brainwash the villagers so that they can sign this agreement with the Crusaders.

    They think Amreekan assistance is necessary to fight extremism when all they have to do is quite simple:
    - lock up the fear/hate mongering mullahs
    - allow religious freedom and open dialogue
    - stop brainwashing children via school curriculum
    - stop sending Dhivehistanis to study at Arab-imperialist institutions.
    - take severe action against religion-motivated violence.

    All of which is easy with a few laws and a strong police. But they won't do it. To keep on drinking Dhivehistani blood, like any feudal lord, they'll ignore the obvious solutions and reach for ones that benefit their pockets and bellies.

  4. I am ashamed by the sheer stupidity of the Maldivians.

    The second sentence in every teaching that gets to the student is 'Think, think and think'. In other words, use your god-given brains.

    1) You are told you will get your virgins and rivers of wine in heaven. A ruse used to lure the hot-desert dwellers. A lure to wet their appetites. We fell for this headlong!!!slurp..slurp..

    2) You are told Jews are the worst enemy. I just can't believe the One who created all and everything, forgot a whole people, in his guidance & enlightenment path. We fell for this!!! In believing this, are we inferring the One has serious limitations?

    3) You have saying out religion is the salvation for the world. From West to East, North to South, there NEVER was piece in any of the Countries which has, so much as a fraction of people, following our religion. Don't say, the others are worse, the objective of ours is to prove ours stand far above the others in terms of peace; it must be since we got it from source. In fact it is underground!!!

    4) The wars that are fought, are mainly due to materialistic needs. They all get spun round religions for one reason only. To have the mass, the disadvantaged on to their side, in the bid to win the materialistic war.

    5) Education, logical thinking, earn respect, giving respect, are the fundamentalists worst nightmare. The more enlightened, educated the community is, the less hocus pocus they would believe. Hence they would ensure that the community is ignorant.

    6) The typhoons, tornadoes, twisters, earth quakes, water related, storms, landslides, etc... all natural works occur regularly. Black, white, spans religions, equally. If the claims are true, should we not be excluded??

    May lord, God, whoever who created the world and all, Mordis needs help.

  5. It was Gasim who brought the Adhalath party to the government of President Nasheed. The JP and the Adhalath Party signed an agreement before the Presidential Election 2008.

    You can rant and rave if you must, but stick to the facts Kuribee.

    I am beginning to wonder what's going on with you Kuribee. Sometimes you write in fluent English, sometimes broken English, sometimes VERY broken English. Sounds to me like many personalities are living in you. Perhaps you suffer from split personality /multiple personality disorder? Or are you using mind altering substances.

    Seriously, kuribee get help.

  6. Has the sudden interest in terrorism by top government officials and army officials have anything to do with the American army personnel visiting the Maldives?

    So whats the next step? Give America an island base to protect the Maldives?

  7. @ Andrew Andreas,

    My man, i like the way you speak about peace and i do respect the way you are calling for it.

    But not every body is like you!Nowadays just talking about religion is taboo and everyone is deemed as terrorists (if they are Muslims excluding the other half who carries about the same acts as the terrorists)

    Jews and Christians are not my enemy as long as they do not occupy my land and do not slander my children! You know how many times they have deceived the Palestinians when they were in agreement to peace? You know how many times leaders of Palestine has been poisoned to death and we still do not know who did it?

    You know how many Muslim families were ethnically cleansed in Russia and then everything is blamed on the terrorists. Have a look at the Moscow theater siege and how so many people died not because of the terrorists but because of Russian govt itself?

    During the raid, all 40 of the attackers were killed by Russian forces, and about 130 hostages died due to adverse reactions to the gas (including nine foreigners).[2] All but two of the hostages who died during the siege were killed by the toxic substance pumped into the theater to subdue the militants.[3][4] The use of the gas was widely condemned Physicians in Moscow condemned the refusal to disclose the identity of the gas that prevented them from saving more lives.

    There are lots of such types of incidents, only God knows what really went on!??

    The same went on with the killing of Bin Laden??!!I am not saying the guy is not a terrorist but the American govt is covering up a lot!??

    SEAL Team 6 Shooter Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Now Uninsured

    SEAL Team Commanding Officer Best Known For Finding & Then Killing Osama Bin Laden Commits Suicide

    The latest is the Boston Bombing Incident! You might call me another fool but i have been following this story because i cared about the Muslim Chechen boy!

    Conflicting reports of the bombing, conflicting reports of eye witnesses and officials made me sure about their innocence!The FBI is stupider than the Maldivian Police force making up all those stories when the suspect was shot in the throat!

    And now i hear this?

    Boston bombing suspect's friend Ibragim Todashev killed in FBI shootout

    FBI Agents Killed in Virginia Were Investigating the Boston Bombing

    Just check this out!?

    And now i hear there is a hacking incident in London by a Muslim terrorist and all hell breaks lose on Muslims, the evil ones! the other day a Muslim grandfather was stabbed to death in the same place but it was a hate crime, and nobody even cared because he was a Muslim! I am always interested in the way Muslims are made evil ones by the media and i know they hate Islam more than everything!

  8. @ Andrew Andreas,

    Everyone hates Muslims because they are in war for the time being but note the western countries also achieved their wealthy lifestyle after several wars and colonialism.

    You always think the western nations are just and fair in distributing their wealth which is actually correct to a certain extent and they achieved this because religion was put aside into a dark box. But this is not the thing i see from the scenario now. America has the biggest debt and Europe is undergoing a lot of austerity, corruption scandals! Just watch the news, you'll know!

    You see i do not believe everything these hypocrite wealthy countries tell off and that is the difference between you and me!You go for the wealth but you never go for the good!?

    I believe in god because i do not know what the future is and i do not know the actual facts of the past either.

    I believe in god because i did not come to earth on my own and i came from a source?!Everything on this universe moves on in one direction, obeys the same rules be it weather, the sun, the moon, the animals except humans.

    What if the weather was linked to God. What will happen after death? You cannot say what is unknown !?

    In summary, this year a lot of things will happen but most apparent will be the hatred for Muslims and Islam through out the globe and i know it's coming my way too.

    The News is all about hating Islam and stupid religions and terrorism but there is something wicked going on in the western media, this i am definitely sure about!

  9. By the way, i agree with AG, i do not want another war in this country like the middle east but i definitely doubt the Americans in this case!?

  10. And most of the violence that happens in this country spawns from politics, drugs, sex, booze, laziness and the lot. Religion is the least to be concerned about.

  11. LOL the west cannot tame the beast it created by helping the sauds come into power during ww1 to attack the ottomans,
    and STILL supports oppressive regimes like saudi arabia

    Hope the west AND saudi's burn
    Hope Imperialism AND terrorism burns

  12. Honourable Attorney General, Madam Aishath Bisham.

    If you want this country to be free of terrorism, as a patriot, I would request you to get rid of MAG & YAG first because these people will, and can never allow this country to be at peace until they can be at the helms and yielding power over people, even if would mean to obey and work with the "devil" himself!
    These people were ready to tie their tails to Adhaalath and Salaf (who later declined) to bring down the government of the elected president, President Nasheed. And are now working with a traitor who hold all aces to prove that these were the people who brought down a democratically elected government to serve them!

    After this you can start with those who are sponsoring those who are spreading such hatred in the name of Islam, and attaining their goal by terrorizing people.

    Madam, you are absolutely right! We Maldivians should have the courage to deal with our problems before they get out of hand!

    But Madam, I would like to express my belief that extremist groups have their recruits scouting all cities and islands of this country and through their network are scheming systematic ways to implement their ultimate goal of taking the country back and into the past!

    If these people were true to their words, they would not be scheming and as the way Saitan works!

  13. God existsted in a vacuum, time less space less to create the universe means god is simply nothing, how did god exist in a vacuum , no time no space. Therefore God formula is out of question and the cause that triggered big bang is simply a phenomenon that cannot be explained by human experience. It cannot be the God that Mullahs are describing through human experience. Therefore we cannot blindly accept what some uneducated retards are asking us to act like morons without brain. We have to redefine human morals and ethics based on new realities, not based on fear of Hell because this will not work on people in information age where people are free to think and use their brains.

  14. Where's the crowd of murderous salafis calling for the AG's head on a bloody platter?

  15. The pic shows a jihadi with a rifle. What is it different from a US serviceman with his weapon? Why is media trying to show jihad as a crime while depicting western aggression against Islamic countries somehow as glorious? Are we too zombified to think about this much?

  16. @human being

    A jihadi with a rifle, that makes his living from extortion, the sale of slaves, exporting drugs and their unjust ideology worldwide.

    Compared to that, the Americans are busy wiping Saudi Arabia's defecations. Be a bit more thankful.

    If you like them so much, go join them. And be sure to fire off flares. That jams the American drones' weapon seeking systems.

  17. The difference of Beardy and the US service men is, US guy in uniform is acting to obey the orders of human being in real life. The Beardy is acting on his own like a mad man influenced due to disfunctioning of mirror neuron system to kill people to go to heaven and live eternal life with women, drink wine and live with infinite lust. US guy is in control of human being he can be stopped any time even the objective of his mission is not achieved because his mission is related to real life. There is no stop button on the beardy because his mission is to go to heaven and live his imaginary life with infinite happiness. Also on the hand what we have to do with US and their policies made to protect their interests as long as they don’t come with suicide belt to blow of us. Who are we to meddle with US interest, why Maldivian Mullahs are going to Afganitan with intention of killing American. If you can’t see the difference with Maldivian beardy armed man and a US solider than we salute for your intellectual faculty.

  18. Runda, spot on. I think as long as the majority of dhivehistanis live in poverty, with most of them uneducated, more and more will become radicalized. What better way to forget about the numerous daily problems than to think about living the grand life in heaven, with virgins and booze to satisfy you?

    Almost every Maldivian atheist or in general, non-religious person I have met were all educated and were either middle-class or higher. Some studied in prestigious universities and are earning amounts that the average Maldivian can only dream about.

    When sheikhs go to 'madrassas' in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, and come back and claim to be very educated, people believe them. They teach these savages how to have sex, how to shower, how to socialize, what to learn, what to listen to, what Muhammed did, how flying donkeys and jinn look like etc.
    It's really nothing other than a conflict of ideologies, one being rational and the other full of superstition, fallacies and conspiracy theories.

  19. @ Kuribee
    Do you have a daytime job like tuna fishing, making beds in one of your 'high end' resorts or selling little packets of weed in the backstreets of overcrowded Male?.....massaging old, fat tourists in some sleazy spa perhaps?
    You seem to spend a lot of time here spewing verbal crap.....in poor 'babu' english.....and slagging off your ex president Nasheed.....probably the only candidate worth voting for in your disfunctional political system.
    Maldivians must rise against terrorism?.....ha ha ha you neanderthals make me laugh out loud.....this will only stop when your lunatic mullahs and imams stop preaching hatred towards other religions.....you short, fat, dumb morons need a reality check.....sunni muslims are not the epicentre of the friggin universe OK?

  20. The term 'terrorist' is used to define the official bad guy. During the days when Osama bin Laden was in bed with the CIA while fighting the Russians, he was not a terrorist.
    When the State fail to provide justice, we begin to seek justice outside the system. The productions or rather the off-shoot of a failed State are not terrorists. Justice seekers, freedom fighters..? Definitely not terrorists.
    Would it be hoping to see too much... let's say in the case of Dr.Afrasheem to see justice served? I am sure there are some among us who would hope for a little more than to see a pawn in a chess game removed. Would it be hoping for too much from the Maldives Police Services..?
    We would be better off addressing the real issue rather than get side tracked. The consequences/ramifications of the State's failure than going after some imaginary terrorist.

  21. Its so absurd reading all these lies about islam and Maldives. The only source of real terrorism we have is from irreligious gangs who are knifing people day and night in Male' yet our attorney general is so worried about jihad in distant lands! No one can truthfully deny this single fact alone.


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