Male’ surfers dump garbage outside city hall in protest over night market trash

A group of local surfers dumped a pile of garbage outside the entrance to Male’ City Hall today in a second protest aimed at preventing the waste generated by a night market held this month from polluting the Maldives’ capital city.

The rubbish pile was dumped at the MCC today (June 19) in an effort to pressure city councilors to organise a formal meeting with the group, so they can collaboratively prevent refuse from the ongoing night market event from polluting the area, the group claimed.

The rubbish was collected from roads around the market, known as the ‘Ungulhey Bazaar’, as well as the small park area local surfers refer to as ‘the garden’ located next to the capital’s ‘raalhugandu’ surf point in Henveiru ward.

Appalled by the excessive amounts of garbage littering the nearby streets, parks and sea due to the Male’ night market, last week the group of surfers staged a creative protest using the rubbish to try and pressure the city council into action.

Although the first protest did prompt responses from the Male’ City Council (MCC) and Go Media – the private company commissioned to organise the market – no formal meetings have yet been conducted to resolve the issue, Maldives Surfing Association (MSA) President Ahmed Fauzan ‘Karo’ Abbas told Minivan News today.

“We have tried to meet someone [from MCC and Go Media] and they have sent different representatives [to raalhugandu] to discuss the night market litter problem, but no one with decision making authority,” said Abbas. “Random people come but we don’t know who they are.”

“We have also previously sent complaint letters but no one has responded,” he added.

“I was [previously] told things would get better, but it’s getting worse,” he said.

The surfers today claimed that their second protest appeared to have been more successful.

“MCC has arranged an official meeting for Sunday (June 23), which will be attended by MSA as well as the Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA),” said Abbas.

He added that although tonight marked the last night of the market, another event had been scheduled for October this year.

“We have told the city council we do not want the bazaar to be held here again. What the public is doing [throwing waste all over the area] is affecting our sport,” said Abbas.

Abbas explained that the raalhugandu area had a long association with surfing, adding that the excessive garbage – as well as advertising billboards erected in the area without consulting the community – all negatively impacted surf competitions held in the area.

“This is a public space and the public should be consulted before holding a big event [like the night market],” he said.

The MCC confirmed today that a first formal meeting with the MSA and MBBA is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

“We scheduled the formal meeting to solve all the [garbage] problems and to discuss what difficulties they are facing due to the night market,” MCC Councillor Mohamed Falah told Minivan News today.

“I know that we have to solve the garbage problems very carefully,” said Falah. “I agree with their demands and that environmental problems are very important.”

“We will solve these waste issues at any cost,” he declared.

Raising awareness about the link between human and environmental health is necessary to stop people from haphazardly throwing their garbage everywhere, which is why the surfers are leading by example, local surfer Hamid Abdul Hadhi previously told Minivan News.

“Most of the pollution from the market ends up in the sea,” Hadhi explained. “The trash hurts the fishes and corals, plus when we’re surfing and get a plastic bag stuck to our faces then we’re in trouble.”


18 thoughts on “Male’ surfers dump garbage outside city hall in protest over night market trash”

  1. Garbage... That's about all city councillors are worth, as far as their contributions are, to the people of Male!

  2. these people are robbing Male' in then name of their srvuce.

    Non of the councilors will even make a step without getting a bribe from people and they are bunch of robbers.

  3. These misguided youth are being insubordinate to the feudal lords - such disrespect should not be tolerated. Ask any mullah - we should obey Allah, Muhamad and our leaders. If garbage can be dumped in protest, what next? The homosexuals might come out and hold a parade in protest! This sets an evil precedent and must be nipped in the bud. Allah will save the environment if only these people went to the mosque and prayed instead of loafing around half-naked like some wild animals. Islam is the key to all your problems. Not surfing.

  4. People who throw rubbish like this and the people do nothing to stop it are filthy

  5. If you are so concerned with the environment why not clean it yourself, lead by example. And you cannot say that the event could not be held as they can say that you cannot surf there. Its like saying that you cannot walk on a certain road cause its our area, but its very unfair.

    When trying to be creative be respectable to others and just doing something over the top doesnt make you a genius. Work within the system.

  6. Surfing is a rather infidel activity. Jews paint demons and various infidel logos on their surfboards, and our youth are copying this. Beware of hellfire Maldivian surfers! You miss your prayers for an activity that only the Jews approve of, and we should absolutely not imitate Jews.

  7. i understand the surfers feelings but with the limited spaces in Male' they cannot own the place. The solution would be perhaps when they let it out to private parties those parties should be held accountable to ensure cleanliness and public hygeine.

  8. is it too complicated for city and/or the market organizers to place LARGE rubbish bin along the market aerea? and perhaps some people to clean up when the market closes?
    it should be a very normal practice for each and every gathering, event to put in place enough extra containers to collect the garbage that unavoidable will be produced.
    first of all, the permission to use a pubblic area should be given only after a strict control in observance of basic civil rules of conduct. (despite the wonder about the lack of garbage bins around the town)

  9. I am a surfer but i don't support these type of stuff and @Wifes and concubines. surfing is a great sport not an infidel activity..

  10. Homosexual, Why don't you ask Allah to clean up the place for the surfers. our religion is surfing. please come surf a wave with us and find god you gutless piece of Sh*ts. we welcome you to our religion. it is cool and gets a lot of girls in bikinis. or have you got one covered up like a ninja? Watch and Learn from the masters.

  11. Any comments on what we do for living and what we have done to MCC?
    check it out!!

  12. Well done lads, sometimes this sort of action is the only way to make a point. Your country depends on tourism and beautiful clean seas are a large part of this so I wish you the best of luck with your protests.

  13. These councilors are the most corrupt lot in MDP. They are a shame on MDP. Just dirty bunch of thieves in the guise as Councillors wanting to serve Male' residents. Let them rot in their own garbage

  14. Why can't the dirty pigs whop make the mess just clean up their own mess?

    Simple really. It is called responsibility, or are you extremist to stupid to get it?

  15. I can't ask Allah for many reasons. If I list them here, MinivanNews will delete my comment.

  16. Well I am sure you can ask privately and now the mess made by pigs will be cleaned up instantly and there will be no issue ever again.

    Thanks for fixing this problem of filth that are made by filthy people at the night markets who do not care for the wonderful Maldives to be a clean Maldives.

  17. A day will come when the world will treat us as garabage and throw into the sea



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