Man arrested for vandalism of Indian High Commissioner’s Car

The police have arrested a 22 year-old suspect in connection with the vandalism of the Indian High Commissioner’s Car on Monday (October 28).

The police obtained a warrant from the Criminal Court to arrest the man, but have not provided any further details on the case. The case is being investigated by the Serious and Organised Crime Department.

The rear window of High Commissioner Rajeeve Shahare’s car was smashed on Monday evening whilst parked outside of the High Commission in Male’.

A statement released by the Indian High Commission described the attack, noting that a police officer was observed by High Commission security staff as witnessing the attack but failing to react.

“The Indian High Commission security guards observed on the close circuit TV that the culprit purposefully approached the Indian flag car, pelted two metallic objects at the car one of which smashed the rear windshield, and ran away thereafter,” said the statement.

“It is evident that there was malicious intention to cause damage to the property and perhaps to the occupant of the car. Importantly, the High Commissioner was in the car just a few minutes before the attack,” it continued.

The President’s Office on October 29 assured that such “cowardly” attacks against foreign diplomatic personnel and property would not be tolerated.

“The close and friendly relation that exists between the Maldives and India is based on mutual respect, understanding and reinforced by a shared vision of a better future for our people,” it said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also expressed concern over the attack on the diplomatic vehicle.

“The Ministry wishes to call on all members of the public to refrain from activities that might undermine the close friendly relations that exist between Maldives and its close and friendly neighbours,” the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday (October 29).

The Maldives’ traditionally close ties with India have come under increasing strain under the current government, with the cancellation of a deal to develop Ibrahim Nasir International Airport  in December 2012 the most contentious issue.

The 25-year, US$500million, lease signed with Indian infrastructure company GMR was terminated after a long and at times xenophobic campaign from government-aligned parties.

The campaign sparked a diplomatic row after President’s Office spokesman Abbas Adil Riza accused Indian High Commissioner D.M. Mulay of being a “traitor and enemy of the Maldives and the Maldivian people”.

The President’s Office quickly distanced itself from these remarks. Both men have since left their posts.

GMR is currently seeking US$1.4billion in compensation in a Singaporean court of arbitration – a figure greater than the Maldives’ annual state budget.

On February 15 this year, the Indian government revoked a special quota afforded to the Maldives for the import of aggregate and river sand, resulting in a weakening of the construction sector in 2013.

The Indian High Commission itself became the scene of political drama as former President Nasheed temporarily sought refuge inside the diplomatic mission after police attempted to arrest him to ensure his appearance in court.

Following Monday’s attack, the Maldivian Democratic Party described the rhetoric of the past few months as “hate mongering targeting Indian officials.”


6 thoughts on “Man arrested for vandalism of Indian High Commissioner’s Car”

  1. The attack was not suprising since its been a while anti-india sentiments have been whipped up with a fury by certain political parties and even the government. The Waheed government has over time made biting remarks about how India is meddling in the affairs of Maldives.

    I can recall a particularly offensive attack against India in a PPM rally held while Nasheed was in power. PPM was on one of their anti-GMR attacks but the things that were said in the rally was a full on attack against India and indians to the point that i was horrified to be even listening to it on TV.

    Cause whether some people like it or not we continue to be dependent on India and over the years India has been very good to us. It is highly unfortunate that for political gain such dirty things are being said about India.

    At the rally i have mentioned Yameen himself did not make extreme derogatory remarks about India but sat there smiling while his fellow party members said every dirty thing under the sun and when his turn came he did a more milder criticism of India.

    Indian embassy should monitor these political rally's and translate whats said to english to get an understanding of how dirty these people are and maybe do individual bans on these guys cause whats the point of giving these people access to India when they consider the country and its people to be filth.

  2. This man should not be arrested he should be garlanded with flowers and have halal sonnets written in his honor.

    We will not bow down to elephant-worshipers and imperialists.

  3. If you dumb islanders hate us so much, don't keep begging for aid and don't hassle our embassy for visas.
    For medical treatment go to Mogadishu
    For higher education go to Islamabad
    For everything else go to Jahannum
    Just leave us cow worshippers alone
    I agree with Husham that all Maldivian politicianas with an anti Indian bias should be banned from setting foot in India.

  4. Ban all poverty Indians visiting and working in Maldives..

    This incident is the result of Foreign Policy of poverty India designed by Malayalies..

    Soon all over S.E.Asia Indian Diplomates must wear strong helmet whenever they go out

  5. @Miss IndiaND Please keep those dumb taliban off our shores. We fought off al-shabab already. We don't need another invasion of fundamentalists attacking us again.

  6. refer to all comments,
    i totally disagree ,no body should be allowed to attack on any diplomatic missions property or personals, whoever has done it, must be arrested immediately and give harsh punishments,which others should learn lessons,some of our fellows think they are very smart and brave by doing these type of activities,and some few cowardice people are supporting and encouraging these things.
    also refer to miss India , don't be so against commenting on it,all Maldivians are not same for your information and to your knowledge. i feel your are very narrow minded.


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