Attack on Indian High Commissioner’s car branded “cowardly” by President’s Office

An attack on the official vehicle of the Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives has been described as “cowardly” by the President’s Office.

The rear window of High Commissioner Rajeeve Shahare’s car was smashed yesterday evening whilst parked outside of the High Commission in Male’.

A statement released by the Indian High Commission describes the attack, whilst noting that a police officer was observed by High Commission security staff as witnessing the attack but failing to react.

“The Indian High Commission security guards observed on the close circuit TV that the culprit purposefully approached the Indian flag car, pelted two metallic objects at the car one of which smashed the rear windshield, and ran away thereafter,” said the statement.

“It is evident that there was malicious intention to cause damage to the property and perhaps to the occupant of the car. Importantly, the High
Commissioner was in the car just a few minutes before the attack,” it continued.

The attacked was reported to police at around 6:45pm yesterday.

The President’s Office today assured that such attacks against foreign diplomatic personnel and property would not be tolerated.

“The close and friendly relation that exists between the Maldives and India is based on mutual respect, understanding and reinforced by a shared vision of a better future for our people,” it continued.

“The government and the people of the Maldives deeply appreciate the immense contributions made by India towards the development of Maldives and consider India our closest ally. The Maldives’ government is confident that the close relations that exist between our two countries will continue to strengthen.”

The incident had also received widespread condemnation from both sides of the political divide in the Maldives, with both former Presidents Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Mohamed Nasheed taking to social media.

Police have called for public assistance in tracking down the perpetrators.

“Any person who steps forward to provide any information will be given all due protection to ensure their safety,” read a police statement.

The Maldives’ traditionally close ties with India have come under increasing strain under the current government, with the cancellation of the deal to develop Ibrahim Nasir International Airport  in December 2012 the most contentious issue.

The 25 year, US$500million, lease signed with Indian infrastructure company GMR was terminated after a long and at times xenophobic campaign from government aligned parties.

The campaign sparked a diplomatic row after President’s Office spokesman Abbas Adil Riza accused Indian High Commissioner D.M. Mulay of being a “traitor and enemy of the Maldives and the Maldivian people”.

The President’s Office quickly distanced itself from these remarks. Both men have since left their posts.

GMR is currently seeking US$1.4billion in compensation in a Singaporean court of arbitration – a figure greater than the Maldives’ annual state budget.

On February 15 this year, the Indian government revoked a special quota afforded to the Maldives for the import of aggregate and river sand, resulting in a weakening of the construction sector in 2013.

The Indian High Commission itself became the scene of political drama as former President Nasheed temporarily sought refuge inside the diplomatic mission after police attempted to arrest him to ensure his appearance in court.


16 thoughts on “Attack on Indian High Commissioner’s car branded “cowardly” by President’s Office”

  1. Tweet from GAYOOM:
    "I strongly condemn the attack on Indian High Commissioner's car in Male this evening. The culprits must be caught n brought to justice. -M
    6:22 PM - 28 Oct 2013"

    Of course he condemns the attack on the car. He had told the culprits to specifically attack the commissioner himself. Just shows show, you just cannot trust your staff to do the job. Correctly.

  2. India politically have been a super friendly country, I can't imagine what motivation is there behind this attack.

    Very stupid lowly act.

  3. I wonder if Abbas Adhil Riza has got anything to do with this. If not i suspect Adhaalath 6Laadheenee Imran and the Andhaloose Salaf boys with dot foshaa...

  4. The dumb islanders are revolting.....time to send in the gunboats and flatten a few atolls.....

  5. Cowards! Traitors! Infidels! Any amount of adjectives such as these will aptly describe most of the maldivians. They do not deserve the support from and by India

  6. To an extent India is also to blame.
    Despite being a tiny minuscule country, India likes to be involved in the politics of Maldives but with a diplomatic FRONT. As if it is a secret.

    The problem is India is not a more stable country than Maldives. Indian politics are as volatile with its own drama..

  7. @MissIndia NewDelhi
    Don't flatter yourselves over in Punkah Walla land my dear, China is in control now or can't you read your navel?

    There will be no Indian cavalry coming to the rescue you do not want to upset the Yellow Peril do you?

    You will be lucky if you get your radar systems, helicopters and patrol boats back and forget the loans!

  8. @Private Tourist: first. No one understands what you even tried to say. Second, you re maldivian and being stupid to call yourself Privte Tourist. Third, Yes, the Dragon is stronger. But not enough to be ignorant or risk an attack. Fifth, yes Indian politics have damaged our growth and created a stupid foreign policy. But our citizens enjoy all the rights and free will than compared to China wre its forced slavery and development.

    Sixth, yes china is in control of maldives, because your dumb leaders knows its the best bet against India. But still china doesn care much about you except for your islands. Cos its got no ocean power as India.

    Seventh, All our "radar systems, majority of our helis and floatilla are our own or indegenous. So if you are fed with International propaganda and fantasy, have your fill. We don't care cos we keep poop*ng daily after all.

  9. Next time Gayoom or Waheed are visiting Delhi, I hope, the local police will provide them with a car of stronger make. You never know when a "lunatic" will come out a pelt stones and disappear in the large Delhi population. I am sure the Indian PM will be too busy to even tweet that time.

  10. Indians most of the time pass days with empty stomach so they don`t have energy to pelt stones on Maldivein VIPs.

    Poverty Indian think about next time meal they don`t care about politics

    Once Indira Nehru was attacked in South India with heavy weapons during her visit...big stomach Indian police could`t stop this ...

  11. Empty Bravado by Maldivians are not going to help. They are the biggest alms takers in the world...

  12. Indian/Miss India...I think we will be wasting time if we talk sense to these dumbasses...So lets stay away

  13. Its fun and frolic to read jokers and wannabes. But truth be said i see some real tough guys here.. Guys who love their country and fight for democracy #respect- its a tough time always in a fledgling democracy.

  14. even police also afraid to enter indian high commission with court order to arrest nasheed... they can only scratch indian car... india dont have any interest on maldives.. but india doesnt not allow any other nation to controll indian ocean.. its belong to india.. not to china or usa or pakistan.. maldives its just a dot in indian ocean..

  15. miss male... maldivain vips.... ha ha ha funny... only in maldives... india dont need back their radar systems... they access all information from that.. hope u have know about electronic intelligence...what electronic ha ha


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