MCSA calls on the resignation of Home Minister

The Maldives Civil Servants Association (MCSA) has called on the Home Minister Mohamed Shihab to resign from his post after the Home ministry declared that island councilors will be head of the island offices during the Local Council Elections.

Spokesperson of the MCSA Abdulla Mohamed said that the decision of the home ministry was “against the advice of President Mohamed Nasheed” and “also unconstitutional.”

“It shows the irresponsibility of the minister,’’ said Abdulla. “It will influence the outcome of the Local Council Elections and will obstruct them from being conducted freely.”

Abdulla said that he was not saying all the councilors act against the interests of democracy.

“But it is the nature of humans – they are political appointees appointed by politicians and their duty will be to uphold the policy of their head,’’ Abdulla claimed. “When they take over the island office, they will become a ‘shadow’ on a free democratic election.’’

He said the decision also showed that the home minister wanted to influence on the Local Council Elections and suggested Shihab resign “if he is unwilling to follow the constitution.”

State Home Minister Ahmed Adil said he could not comment on the issue, while Home Minister Mohamed Shiahab was unavailable at time of press.


9 thoughts on “MCSA calls on the resignation of Home Minister”

  1. Out of 15 islands in Ra atoll, brother or close relation of top civil servants running island offices in 10 islands are running for elections on DRP ticket. How can anyone say the civil service is impartial?

  2. I can't understand why a civil servants association has to issue a press statement or voice out their concern about this issue in the first place.

    The most prominent feature of a civil service association is that it should be apolitical. In other countries, a civil service association would be formed in order to address the problems its members face. They do not touch on problems that do not have a clear connection to the interests of the members.

    This is a clear indication that the civil service association is politicized and does not know what it should be doing.

  3. Why is the civil service association acting like a Political Party?

    Why don't you subverts and coverts political activists resign from the civil service and come out as the party toys!

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    Maldives Civil Service Association Abdulla Mohamed
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    Protest for Arabiyya Abdulla Mohamed.

    By the way.. What is the news of your PK fund Abdulla Mohamed. I hear you still havent given the 3 million to the Pakistan People

  5. i have to agree with Praxis civil servants have no say about this political decision. at my personal view point i believe home ministry is dead wrong. but that i express in my own capacity not as a civil servant or in the name of civil servants.

    blue meeni is highlighting another huge problem with NGOs in the country. Most NGOs are run by one or two people. You can look at MJA, MNJA or Lawyers association. Great names run by just few people.

    the civil servants association needs training on what is apolitical, what is political and what is bipartisan and what is an activist. I sincerely believe that they don't have bad intentions rather they are not informed.

  6. Nobody is influencing anything. This ain't Myanmar. Send your observers and if they interfere take them to court.

  7. @blue meeni
    At least ablo's doing what you stupid people aren't. What did your stupid mdp secularists do for the benefit of the civil servants of this country? Nothing. The only thing you did was to lower their salary, and to torment them psychologically by threatening the civil servants to cut their jobs.

  8. Civil servant Association it is acting like government body, thus Civil Association knows their General Secretary how he behave in his office only rumors he can tall..


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