MDP activists confront Finance Minister after covert harbor meeting

Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists demanded Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz’s resignation last night after he was found holding a covert meeting with Mulaku MP Abdulla Yamin of opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The Minister, who has not resigned from his post, and MP Yamin had not responded to inquiries at time of press.

Minivan staff who witnessed the event said one activist lay down in front of Yamin’s car while another “dragged” Inaz from the vehicle and took him to MDP headquarters at Haruge.

Activists interviewed today claimed that Inaz was not forcefully taken from the vehicle.

Activists alleged that the two politicians had held a secret meeting, possibly involving a bribe. Inside Haruge, Inaz was pressured to send an SMS message to President Mohamed Nasheed, currently in Sri Lanka, conveying his resignation.

Inaz left Haruge after police arrived to address the agitated crowds.

Police received information of the disturbance after midnight, but finding no signs of violence upon arrival did not take action.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam reported that no case had been filed from either side of the dispute.

“Even today, we have received no complaint from Inaz or from the MDP and have found no reason to investigate the matter,” he said.

MDP senior activist Ibrahim ‘Dhonbeli’ Haleem said he discovered Inaz and Yamin holding a discussion “for two hours” near Male’s South Harbor, “a dark area poorly lit that is only really frequented by boys and girls, not for official business.”

“I told Inaz it was wrong, that Yamin is an enemy and why is he going to this area to hold a business meeting. If he needs to discuss business he should do it in his office.

“Inaz admitted it was wrong, and the MDP activists were yelling and shouting so I took him on my bike to Haruge (MDP headquarters),” said Dhonbeli.

He said Inaz appeared scared, and following his appearance at Haruge Dhonbeli “took him safely home.”

Dhonbeli believed Yamin was attempting to bribe the Finance Minister on behalf of the “money holder” opposition party.

Yamin is the half-brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. He had not responded to phone calls at time of press.

Male’ City Councilor Lufshan Shakeed said he was among those who stood in front of Yamin’s car when he attempted to drive away. He explained that MDP activists were “ok if they meet in a cafe or on the roadside, but we don’t like these hidden discussions.”

Asked whether he expected the Minister would resign following last night’s encounter, Shakeed said “it’s up to him. The MDP activists and grassroots people are not very happy right now.”

PPM officials had not responded to phone calls at time of press.


37 thoughts on “MDP activists confront Finance Minister after covert harbor meeting”

  1. I am also not happy with the way male city council is behaving, and rumours of bribes, does not give me the right to intimidate them and drag them forcefully to a location of my choosing and force them to submit a resignation. The government should distance themselves from such radical, and violent actions by its activists and hold them accountable

  2. If the minister were not up to something fishy he could have met Yameen in his ministry by appointment. Nobody would have doubted about the business of the meeting. This would have been more professional, too. Any way, it was unfortunate for the minister that he was caught by the activists because the minister chose the wrong place for a business meeting with the opposition. The minister must go now. He should not be given another chance.

  3. This is crazy. How can they treat a person like that? And he is also a respected minister. If this the role of MDP activists? People will think twice joining MDP. Now nobody will respect the minister. He is very similar to a gang raped girl now.
    And honestly speaking the way the government and MDP have been behaving lately I will resign from the party if they don’t get their act together. At the moment the Anni’s administration is no different from Stalin’s.

  4. I dint know we had a law in this country specifying where two people can and not cannot meet..MDP should grow up and stop behaving like school bullies hes your minister show some respect to him...I have a strong dislike for MDP and all it stands for,and shame on Finance minister for his weak behavior, he should have stood up for those grass root MDP thugs, for gods sake hes the minister nobody should be able to remove him forcefully from street.
    Its time for him to come out and clear the mess, restore the authority or just leave.
    This one again shows that in MDP educated civilized professionals have no place and that MDP is a party of thugs, hooligans and uneducated retards.

  5. Was the minister selling his "services" to Yamin? I won't be surprised, as Yamin likes the services of young men. Since spas are now illegal, we'll see more and more cases like this. Girls and boys will be offering their "services" in the back of cars, under the cover of darkness.

    Perhaps in these hard times, the young minister was augmenting his salary by doing some part time "work"!

  6. Yaameen should meet people not in the back seat of his car. Ministers must invite them to their offices.

  7. Anni brought about the demise of MDP the day he mocked the prophet of Islam by alluding to the 9 year old's marriage. Even we kaafirs do not shoot the messenger, but Anni chose to do that and has brought demise on his career.
    Failure is firmly written on the face of his excellency.

  8. Indeed, shame on MDP. They are like Hitler's Gestapo. They have the discipline of marauding animals and the mentality of locusts. They belong in a jungle and I am not surprised as they take up after their leader, sadly in this case, the president. Shame on you and your party Mr President. Teach them democracy. But how can you, when you yourself know nothing about true democracy. It was something you sold to the people to get elected. Your time is up. By the time 2013 comes around you and your government and party would have have done too many blunders and mistakes you will be even less popular than you are today. A large MDP membership does not mean you have support, dear excellency..they are there because they are forced to show hands. Otherwise they will loose their jobs or benefits. See what is being done to Gasim, all in the name of 'the majority rules'. While we all know that it is the cheapest, lowliest, trick a government can pull on its people just to teach someone a lesson. Just goes to show how truly autocratic you are, not caring about bringing a whole nation to its knees so long as you can have your way. Spoiled brats. It will backfire on you, big time. But then again I am not surprised with these pranks cooked up inside the four walls of your office as they are run by people like Juha and Rico MM and Alhan etc etc and the rest of the present team. You will indeed see the majority's choice on election day 2013. Bye bye.

  9. In a dark spot near the garbage dump, where couples go to indulge in a bit of fun, there can only be one kind of meeting that can be held there. Maybe Yameen and Inaz was feeling a bit frisky.

  10. Two main issues I find wrong with this whole incident;

    1. Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz is beholden to and subservient to ordinary MDP activists thereby throwing into question his exercise of any academic skill or experience that he possesses in executing his duties.

    2. The Maldives Police Service failed to intervene when a Cabinet Minister and a Maldivian citizen was manhandled and literally kidnapped by an angry mob. If the Finance Minister had suffered any damage to his person in the throngs that mobbed him at the MDP Haruge, the Police would be liable for having left the scene. Also the Maldives Police Services impartiality and capacity to carry out their duties has been thrown into question by their subservience to a mob of activists from the ruling MDP.

    3. Inaz insisted on holding a meeting in such a strange place therefore his fear of being discovered was extremely great. His unease raises questions about his status in the Cabinet and his security within the MDP government.

  11. Inaz must file kidnapping charges. Since kidnapping is a crime,police must investigate the matter, even if Inaz files a case or not. If police do not investigate PG must order the police to act.

  12. How far has these guys fallen? MDP should really act fast and get their act together if they want anyone to take them seriously. Really disappointing to see them deteriorate like this so fast.

  13. I agree with Nars. MDP is a party of thugs, hooligans and uneducated retards.
    Time to quit MDP.

  14. Is these extremist lunatics running the country in the name of Activists!! I wonder what this country will be after 2 to 3 years!? "president can tell him resign we don't need these immature political stunts here in Maldives" I will only diminish presidents popularity, this isnt only a government which came to power by these activists! I gave my vote to MDP on three elections hoping that President Nasheed will run this country like president of Maldives not a leader of thug force!! Thank you

  15. what happened to the democracy?!!! they should have learned to respect their own minister who is well educated and a respected person even among the opposition...who is elected by the president Nasheed himself.the government should take immediate action against these idiots.Now it figures why people say that MDP is ruled by uncivilized thugs..!!!

  16. I suppose the relevant constituents now can intimidate Alhan and Ballack, with the same principles?

    After all they elected them and these guys have now betrayed by jumping the wagon.

    Politics have entered a new low here. But what else can you expect, with so many ignorants and activists.

  17. Its non of anyone's business where people have their meetings. Inaz did nothing unlawful!! Decent people like Inaz should distance themselves from the mpd lot!

  18. Inaz is no longer fit to hold a ministerial post let alone Finance Ministry.

    Decent thing for him will be to resign if not then he should be sacked.

  19. This is a meeting between two professional politicians and it is their business to meet where ever they choose. Also Inaz has shown courage that he could CROSS OVER THE ISLE for discussions on matters of national interest like dollar shortage due to MMA policies that Yameen is playing politics with.

    Any MDP activists are acting like nannies of their Ministers. Propably the wives of MDP seniors are also looked after by the activists

  20. in a civilised country Minister Inaz would applauded by his own party for reaching across the political divide and having the courage to meet the opposition so openly on the street.

    MDP should show maturity and some class

  21. This is the so called people who claim to have brought democracy. There is no respect, ethics, discipline, order or control in these MDP thugs. And leading people of MDP like Dhonbileh Haleem and Jaa (Reeko dhanbi dari) behaved like barbarians.

    The police played their part by ignoring the incident and letting the minister to be slaughtered at “haruge”. I ask the minister, is this the kind of people u want to be associated with? MDP activists are above the law thanks to our president and they can give verdicts at Reeko’s court anytime they wish. This is Annehdhivehi Raaje is scary.

  22. MDP hooligans have dragged the party into a fringe mentality. What kind of a part head quarters do they have that they drag Ministers from their meetings to be tortured and abused?

    Its more like the headquarters of a motorcycle gang with stolen cars and people with tatoos.

  23. Both Inaz and activists should face disciplinary action.
    Neither party is right here.
    Inaz and activists should have known that this was a set up!
    Inaz, if he was true to MDP, would have informed that he was going for a meeting like this at whosoever request
    Activists should not resort to manhandling as it is reported here.

  24. On Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam's comment that the police had no reason to investigate the matter, a basic lesson on law is in order. There are fundamental distinctions between the civil law and the criminal law. Any act deemed an offence by the criminal law is deemed to be an act against the State and is a matter for the State. For this reason, the legal system charges the police with the duty of investigating crimes and the Prosecutor General with the duty of raising charges against perpetrators. Where the police is called to restore order and finds a clear situation where a person has been put under the threat of violence forcing him to do acts against his will, the police has a positive duty to investigate and take appropriate action under the law.

  25. This is the result of accepting posts you do not truly qualify for.

    As being a Cabinet member requires respect for your position and a certain degree of power in society, your status alone would usually ensure that a group of thugs could not rough you up in broad daylight.

    Inaz is just a kid and he was appointed to be a stooge and a fall guy. So in the end the treatment he gets indicates his actual status. Alhan could get so easily beaten up too because he was merely a vote in Parliament bought on the slave market. Ali Waheed might have to lie naked on a baking tray with an apple on his mouth if Tepcon or Mariya demands it.

  26. If Inaz wanted to meet Yaameen for the reason that Yaameen said he did they should have met in a government office. When people behave like criminals one cannot blame people of suspecting criminal acts. I for one do not beleive what Yaameen said. The Public needs to know why the Finance Minister should meet a person suspected in a case involving 800 million dollars, secretly.

  27. I have yet to see anything of value this year, that would make me vote for MDP again, in the next rounds.

    Bibi MDP.

  28. I too believe that Minister Inaz can hold meetings where-ever and when-ever he wished. Him meeting an opposition leader is really an act of courage. He must have had a damn good reason to do so.

    But my question is, where are his CP? Aren't Ministerial level staff protected by Close Protection? This is really an outrage. Another failure on the side of the Maldives Police Service, whom I believe are less than capable of keeping the roads of this country safe for its citizen. I got nothing to say about the MDP activists, but that its the way they are. They were born on the streets, so they can only rule the streets (This does not go to the well educated and civilized people within the MDP).

    "Some people does not act stupid; its the real thing!"

    My advice for Inaz is; your a well respected and well educated person (and I am not an MDP advocate). Keep it that way. Clear away from hell-holes such as this crap.

  29. Aishath so are we justifying violence now?

    Are we justifying the lack of protection for the common man when the MDP decides to kidnap them or threaten them or beat them up?

    Is it justified when Ali Waheed skips and hops from branch to branch and Alhan dances over the ruling party but if Inaz exercises his right to make cross-party alliances then he commits a crime against humanity?

    Are MDP apologists making any sense anymore?

    Is this act defensible?

    Ask yourself these questions.

  30. Male' councilors don't have much they go around Male looking for businesses who are in breach of any forgotten qanoon or gavaidhu and intimidate until they submit with a handsome bribe..when people do not obey the result would look like Fantasy or Dinemore..I heard that they are looking for houses built with local akiri aggregate..the plan is to ask for 200000 or face Male' council demolition team..after all akiri is a banned construction material..

  31. Did it again. Resigned.

    Hence no accountability, financial controller resigned, state minister resigned, minister resigned. Budget passed.

    Who is accountable for the budget, and it's progress/alignment to actuals, next year?

  32. We want the rule of law to prevail in this country! Every Maldivian has the right to move around freely and meet anybody they want within this country.

  33. What does the Councilor Shakeeb think when he says that 'it is up to him to resign'. Does he know what kind of act he was engaged in? He is definitely a moron who does not have a bit of education to back his action. What he did in his child hood was to roam on the roads of Henveiru, engage in fights and rob the neighbours. Anyone can ask his neighbours and no one will disagree. These thugs should not be in the first instance even allowed to participate in an election if MDP had any moral responsibility to serve the public. These thugs act as robots who will carry out any task to when they are ordered. Everyone knows that, the actions that they engaged were backed up by high-profile MDP politicians. Who on earth will believe that they could kidnap a Minister and then force him to resign, let alone the abuse that they threw at him!! Amazing, I say this is the end of MDPs rule and now it is a sure bet they will go out of office in the next election. Bye bye activists, hope that you don't end up in a pathetic situation as Mr Inaz was in. At least Mr Inaz has a good education behind him and anyone would be happy to employ him. But for you stupid morons, when the government is gone, I don't even know that you will be able to feed yourselves. Try practising some more burglary skills or perhaps some other criminal activity through which you can earn a buck.


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