MDP calls for parliament to reconvene, fears “disgraced” Supreme Court judges may “abrogate will of the people”

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has called on parliament to reconvene to stop the Supreme Court from potentially annulling the election results, claiming the apex court consists of “some disgraced judges who face allegations of lewd conduct.”

The MDP’s national executive committee held an emergency meeting today, after the Supreme Court accepted an appeal by the Jumhooree Party (JP) to annul September’s presidential polls. The JP placed third and narrowly missed the run-off.

The MDP was the front runner with 45.56 percent of the vote and is set to compete with Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) in run-off elections on September 28. International and domestic observers have praised the free and fair election process.

Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed has been implicated in a series of widely circulated sex videos, but the judicial oversight body Judicial Services Commission (JSC) decided not to suspend the judge against the recommendation of a subcommittee it set up to investigate the matter. JP’s presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim was a member on the JSC at the time.

Meanwhile, the UN Special Rapporteur for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Gabriela Knaul, in a damning report in May expressed concern over “inadequate and politicized” composition of the JSC and “shock” that members of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court, held memberships in political parties.

The PPM has declared that it supports the JP’s Supreme Court appeal, citing concern over election irregularities.

The UN Resident Coordinator in the Maldives, Tony Lisle, issued a statement today encouraging “all presidential candidates to respect the results” of the first round of presidential elections.

Reconvene parliament: MDP

The MDP’s National Executive Committee has requested the party’s Parliamentary Group to reconvene parliament sittings and take steps through the parliament to “stop undue influence of political parties in the judiciary.”

“We will not allow a courthouse that consists of some disgraced judges who face allegations of lewd conduct to abrogate the will of the people and disrupt the constitution,” the MDP said in a statement.

The Supreme Court yesterday accepted a case from the JP seeking to have the vote annulled.

The High Court in a separate case today has ordered the Elections Commission to allow the JP supervised access to the voter lists following claims dead people had registered to vote, and that the same people registered at different locations to vote.

Gasim’s Jumhooree Coalition, which includes the Islamist Adhaalath Party, polled 24.07 percent (50,422 votes) in the first round, but has, however, variously contended that he should have received between 10,000 to 30,000 more votes, and has disputed the result in the High Court, Supreme Court, at rallies, and on his television station – Villa TV – declaring that he should have placed first.

Meanwhile, the PPM has come out in support of the JP’s ‘Vote Rigged’ campaign at a press conference yesterday. PPM’s Abdulla Ameen said the party would accept a Supreme Court verdict regardless of the outcome.

The party will continue campaigning for the second round. “I call on people in the islands who supported others to join our movement. Your participation in this campaign, especially your support for PPM’s candidate will be encouragement for the work underway in the court process,” Ameen said.

Disgraced judge

Three videos apparently showing Judge Hamid engaging in sexual relations with foreign women were leaked on social media in July. According to Maldivian law, the crime of fornication is subject to 100 lashes and banishment or house arrest for a period of eight months.

Minivan News understands that one of the newly leaked videos, time-stamped January 24 2013, shows the judge fraternising with a topless woman with an eastern European accent. At one point, the judge appears to lean right into the camera, with his face visible.

Afterwards, the woman repeatedly encourages the judge to drink wine from a mini-bar.

“If I drink that I will be caught. I don’t want to be caught,” the judge insists, refusing.

The room and date stamp appears to be the same as that in previously leaked footage of Hameed meeting a local businessman Mohamed Saeed, the director of ‘Golden Lane’.

In that video, Hameed asserts that he was one of Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Presidential Candidate’s Abdulla Yameen’s “back-ups”, and that his stand was “to do things the way Yameen wants”.

“Even [Speaker of Parliament] Abdulla Shahid will know very well that my stand is to do things the way Yameen wants. That the fall of this government was brought with our participation,” he appears to add, although the audio quality is poor.


14 thoughts on “MDP calls for parliament to reconvene, fears “disgraced” Supreme Court judges may “abrogate will of the people””

  1. Here's a quiz. Shouldn't take too long to work this one out.

    Question: What does it take to change the outcome of a democratic election?

    Answer: A large bottle of white wine and a cheap Russian prostitute.

  2. The elections commission has done a solid job, even with a recount Iam prettty confident the outcome would not change. Gayoom half brother yameen is trying to delay the second round, because he knows there is no way he would get the majority. He needs time to hatch another plan.

    The deranged Mr.Burma Gasim is another story

  3. MDP could not contain Qasim as a coalition partner.
    Then MDP suffered a 'coup' with Qasim at the helm.
    Now JP is asking to annul the polls.

    What makes MDP think they can have peace once they win the election!!

    Its now evident that MDP cannot have peace of mind with or without Qasim..

  4. @Logal Sumaari kaleyge on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:58 PM

    "Gayoom half brother yameen is trying to delay the second round, because he knows there is no way he would get the majority. He needs time to hatch another plan."

    Yep. Yameen must be chuckling to himself at the stupidity of Gasim and it benefits Yameen. If Gasim makes any headway through the courts, then, in fact, Yameen will reap the benefits, contrary to what Gasim believes. On the other hand, if Gasim comes out looking more the fool (which is inevitable), Yameen wins too!

    A cunning plan, worthy of Professor of Cunningness at Oxford University.

  5. Truly is a pity that political instability has disrupted what was otherwise a peaceful election.

    JP's allegations will not hold water in key circles given the wide international endorsement for the conduct of the elections. However the threat of protests and conflict will give cause for concern.

    The courts are of course caught in the middle and as some have intimated, the compromised judge reduces the credibility of the bench in general and especially given the importance of the case at hand.

    The solution lies in dialogue among stakeholders and sincere efforts to forgo political vengeance and give some breathing room for the economy and society. A win for any party should be respected. However winning by a considerable margin is essential. Qasim would be the tie-breaker in this case so I assume his actions reflect his position in the battle.

  6. Very disappointed our leadership Yameen is showing a losers attitude already by trying to delay the runoff by supporting the tycoon who believes he can buy enough votes to become the president of Maldives. Hope he has enough courage to contest against Nasheed on the 28th

  7. The actions of JP was expected given the precedent set the evening of the election day, when the first sit-in by JP happened in protest over results stated by broadcast media.

    The court accepting the case over frivolous hearsay is also unsurprising. What is astounding is our possibly least popular ever President felt that, with the 5% vote he won, had the mandate to undermine the EC by having the State join in with JP. If not for integrity where is the shame?

    Speaking of shame our ex Pharoah felt the need to echo JP's stance. Count Dracula complaining that the blood bank is unfair to him.

  8. @tsk tsk:

    "The solution lies in dialogue among stakeholders and sincere efforts to forgo political vengeance and give some breathing room for the economy and society. A win for any party should be respected."

    Ah, you're so disconnected from reality. This is not a peaceful, democratic election - this is the prelude to a violent civil war; a revolution, past pitched against the future.

    Besides, how would this so-called peaceful dialogue work? Peaceful dialogue with a pack of drug traffickers and murderers is considered collaboration - to be an accomplice in their crimes.

    Anni chose to forgive in 2008 - and look what happened. This time, there will be no mercy expected or given.

  9. In the least Ali Hameed should wear his white panties while he participates in a ruling to rob citizens of their votes.

    If we can't get justice atleast we can get a few momentary laughs while these corrupt judges steal from us.

    It is so disheartening to see whats happening in our country, how can such a small country produce so many power hungry unethical people?

  10. @Maldivian Man:

    Dear boy with the benefit of a few more years you might begin to understand the difference between realpolitik and blind idealism.

    See how easily the party led by Mr. Nasheed has chosen to accommodate several figures and parties that were formerly serving those opposed to him. Compromise is possible and necessary. No matter what the popular media says or whatever information we may have about powerful people their power and influence means they do not have to beg for mercy. If its brinkmanship and bloodshed that you want, just keep in mind that our entire economy depends on peace and stability as well as the image of it.

    I am sure those in power and the party you support as well would think twice before damaging the fragile economy of this one-industry state.

  11. It all was fair and squire why worry let them count 100 times the result would not change .... One needs to worry only if cheating has realy taken place my opinion as laymen i will be worried of the law only if I am guilty of a crime if not why worry .....
    All over the world we have currupt judges and juditiory but that does not mean one can advocate to disrespect the very Institution that is the heart if any democracy ...... Seems in the rush of emotions and greed and power peoe tend to forget what they them self want to champion lolol .... Also of 95k was almost half what about the rights of the other half ????? In an ideal democracy shouldn't them be considered .... Well in self style democracy which is much like a dictators ship it would not b the case lolo ..... Our politicians have mastered the art of faking and fooling the people ..... And we fools also vote for them and fight for them and even go to the extend of disregarding and disgracing personal relationships , when Tomorow comes our politicians will sit together and have there maajaaaaaa hahahahah poor nation and we poor fools .....

    Stupidity is u limited ......

  12. Visnun theri lolakun balannaa fennanee musthagu baley, fennanee tharahgee gaimu manzilekey, visnun theri gothakah visnan naa visnenee hagee gathey, emme nah koshaa dhevey kuri magekey, fiyavalhu see dhaa kuran mi ee e vaguthey, Qasim heyo hithun fahi koh dhey magun, mi gaumah raiyyithun nah kuri erun, tharah gee mi gaumah faruvaa hoadha dheyy, ufalun iss ufulaa leveyne dhuvaheh, musthagubaleh dhareenge haggugai hamabimeh gai binaa ma koh dheynan, umm, umm, umm, heiy, yeyii, yeyii, visnun theri gothakah bunan naa maadhamaa e annanee maadhamaage hinithun vun miadhey hoadhan vee, visnun theri gotahkah nimmannaa azum kanda alhanvee , thibaage dheenaai gaumha thedhuveri vaan, fiyavalhu see dhaa kuran mi ee e vaguthey, Qasim heyo hithun fahi koh dhey magun, mi gaumah raiyyithun nah kuri erun, tharahgee mi gaumah faruvaa hoadha dheyn, ufalun iss ufulaa leveyne dhuva heh musthagubaleh dhareenge haggu gai hamabimeh gai binaaa ma koh dheynan, tharahgee, thraha gee gaimu, tharah gee , thrahgee gaimu, tharahgee, tharahgee gaimu, thrahgee akee Biyavethi iguthisaadheh binaa vegen dhiumey, tharah gee akee zamaanaai ekugai aharemen kuri erumey , tharahgee akee amaan vetteh hedhi biruveri kan filaa dhiumey, thrahgee akee fudhigen vaa hayaatheh mi jeeelah libumey, thrahgee akee faagathi dhiri ulhumeh emme nah thanavas vumey , thrahgee akee thrahgee gaaimu hih thakah ihusaas vumey raiyyithun nah kuri erun , tharah gee migaumah faruvaa hoadha dheyn, ufalun iss ufulaa leveyne dhuva heh, musthagu baleh dhareenge haggu gai, hama bimeh gai binaaaa ma koh dheynan. umm umm umm. A Beutiful mind can only develop this structure. That is hon. Qasim Ibrahim. My fellow citizens , go to the ballot box and vote for candidate number 01 Qasim Ibrahim only. Nature has given us only this opportunity to select a beautiful mind to rule our country; the Maldives. Let's do it.


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