Two more sex videos of Supreme Court judge leaked

Two more videos apparently showing Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed engaging in sexual relations with foreign women have been leaked on social media.

Three other videos already in circulation, including a third sex tape and two videos of the judge meeting prominent Maldivian business and political figures, recently prompted the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) to form a five-member subcommittee to investigate the matter.

The two new leaks follow the JSC’s decision last week to disregard the subcommittee’s recommendation and not suspend the judge, citing “lack of evidence”.

According to Maldivian law, the crime of fornication is subject to 100 lashes and banishment or house arrest for a period of eight months.

The courts regularly issue this sentence, overwhelmingly to women found guilty of extramarital sex. Sentences are carried out in front of the justice building next door to the Supreme Court, and occasionally attract high profile international media coverage, such as the sentencing in February this year of a 15 year-old rape victim.

Minivan News understands that one of the newly leaked videos, time-stamped January 24 2013, shows the judge fraternising with a topless woman with an eastern European accent. At one point the judge leans right into the camera, and his face is visible.

Afterwards, the woman repeatedly encourages the judge to drink wine from a minibar.

“If I drink that I will be caught. I don’t want to be caught,” the judge insists, refusing.

The room and date stamp appears to be the same as that in previously leaked footage of Hameed meeting a local businessman Mohamed Saeed, the director of ‘Golden Lane’.

In that video, Hameed asserts that he was one of Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Presidential Candidate’s Abdulla Yameen’s “back-ups”, and that his stand was “to do things the way Yameen wants”.

“Even [Speaker of Parliament] Abdulla Shahid will know very well that my stand is to do things the way Yameen wants. That the fall of this government was brought with our participation,” he appears to add, although the audio quality is poor (01:49).

One of the men claims to have heard plans to “kill off” leader of the Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and refers to a “second person to be killed,” however, due to the unclear audio it is not clear what the parties are referring to, or the context of the “killing”. The person believed to be Hameed then promises, “If it comes into my hands, I will kill him off.”

That video appeared shortly after police arrested Ahmed Faiz – a council member of President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s Gaumee Ihthihaad Party (GIP) and then-Project Advisor at the Housing Ministry – while he was allegedly trying to sell another sex tape of the Supreme Court Justice.

Don’t make negative statements on the judiciary: Chief Justice

Chief Judge of the Supreme Court Ahmed Faiz has meanwhile urged the public and media to refrain from making statements that would give a negative image of the judiciary.

The judiciary could only be strengthened by the amending the constitution, Faiz claimed, according to local media.

“Based on our experience up until now, we know that in order to further strengthen the judiciary, the constitution needs to be amended, relevant laws need to be amended, and relevant laws required by the judiciary need to be introduced as soon as possible,” he said.

PPM Vice Presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Jameel meanwhile declared at a party rally over the weekend that the judiciary was the “worst the country has seen in its entire history”, according to local media.

“Today’s reality is that, even if we reflect upon the magistrates in the island courts to the judges who sit in the courts of Male’, they receive higher salaries and better privileges than all of the common people. But the question is, while the system and their salaries are being upheld by taxes, do the people get their justice?” said Dr Jameel, who served as Justice Minister under former President Gayoom’s administration.

“In what country, in what way can a country’s people be made to suffer, batter the people and intimidate them, kidnap them and use the people’s money through corruption, abuse the people’s property through millions and then sell them, but have no investigation, no trial for these people, these events require you to give considerable thought to the state of the country,” he said.

Dr Jameel then blamed the judiciary for allowing former President Mohamed Nasheed’s name to appear on the ballot for the September 2013 elections.

“Some of the people who are standing for presidency should not have their names on the ballot paper if the country’s laws are being followed, if the State’s policies are properly implemented. Somebody has to be responsible for this. I believe that the blame goes on the judiciary,” Jameel said.

Supreme Court Judge Hameed with businessman Mohamed Saeed


33 thoughts on “Two more sex videos of Supreme Court judge leaked”

  1. He is a innocent man. How can you even think that? He would never sleep with a woman. He is gay.

    This video is a fake!!!

  2. So, let's see if our justice system dishes out the same punishment for this
    idiot of a man! Shame on you Jameel for using this opportunity to attack Nasheed. This is not about Nasheed. This is about the crap that people like you are prepared to put up with so that you can exploit the nation.

  3. This level of hypocrisy is just astounding..... and I'm not talking just about the judge.

  4. Not surprising since he studied at Ummul Qura University in Makkah. It is a habit of Saudi elite and mullahs to enforce Shariah on citizens and break all Shariah rules when it comes to their own personal life. Dhivehistani hypocrisy as usual. Funny thing is Dhivehistani mullahs are all quiet about this. Maybe they think that it was one of Ali Hameeds slave jaariyaas. Wahhabis believe slavery is legal and sex with slaves is not punishable - even if unmarried. Alhamdhliallhi.

  5. The truth of the matter is human being are animals and the basic principal that drives human consciousness is greed, sex, and self image. Education that can make people to grasp the truth about their nature is imperative to evolve good people and Maldives is far behind in such education.
    Some body may think that this judge is a random case, but the fact is the whole Maldivian society is bunch of crazy uneducated stuff and you can’t find a single soul who has high moral values to put him in a different level than the ordinary people. You can imagine how cheap these morons are, when they give orders to punish people for committing same immoral act they themselves are implicated, such as drinking, fornication.

    I wonder why these morons don’t learn lessons from their own experience that their Islam and sharia is backward and is not the solution for creating just and civilized civil society. These judges are Islamic scholars and the more you are corrupted with this backward philosophy you become more lewd like this judge. You can see how uneducated that guy is, his pot belly is sign of unhealthy food he eats and a person who has such unhealthy dietary habit can never be in a sound healthy mental status.

  6. I have said this before and I will say it again. Even if this guy had open air sex in front of the Supreme Court with 100 prostitutes, he will not have anything to worry about. He will walk straight back into that Court and sentence an 18 year old to receive 100 lashes.

    Gasim Ibrahim, having seen the whole episode of this ugly piece of s**t, slapping his fat lardy belly and dancing in front of a Chinese prostitute clad in just her underwear, whilst offering her some "white wine", goes on to claim that the video was a fake! Gasim Ibrahim is one of the most dangerous and evil men in the Maldives!

  7. Ahmed, from the looks of it, I don't think the woman was chinese but European. There was also another video where he's seen with a woman who appears to be Sri Lankan.

    I would like to point out that the fact that people are actually surprised by this shocked me. Maldivian businessmen and anybody with money really are known to go to nearby countries and have frequent sexual encounters with prostitutes. On one of my trips to Thailand, I have seen numerous Maldivian men in a certain hotel known for having a lot of Maldivians, with Thai prostitutes. Funny enough, the people there acted like it was rather normal, and many just laughed it off.

    What hypocrisy though! One minute, they are pointing at the sky chanting 'Allah Akbar' and praising their prophet, and the next minute they are found in bed with cheap Thai/Russian prostitutes. Yet, these usually married men are the first people to question the morals of those of us who have left Islam! 'But you want to have sex with any woman you want!' 'ah, but women in western countries have no rights, they are always naked in strip clubs' 'ah but alchohol is haram'

    And yet, it is you who we find in strip clubs drinking the night away. It is YOU who prefer prostitutes over your wives, and have pre-marital/extra-marital sex!

    This really isn't an issue anybody should be surprised about. This time, for political reasons, this judge was caught red-handed.

  8. Fishy - 1/2

    When people are ignorant of what they choose to talk about, its sad. Islam & Sharia are there precisely to AVOID the type of scenes half of Maldives are snigggering about. Both Islam & Sharia's goals are to achieve a level of God-Consciousness that leads to "love of God and ones neighbour". 

    In the case of the porno judge he is by his very actions negating Gods Commandements & trampling the rights of his neighbour. In other words negating what Islam & Shariah stands for.

    Such actions are possible only because the porno judge is not following Islam or the Sharia. The very fact that he is an Islamic Scholar makes it easy for anyone to accuse the judge of hypocrisy - for the simple reason he doesn't practice what he preaches. We should be mature in mind to distinguish the bad workmen & the excellent tools at his disposal. In short don't confuse Islam & the Shariah and the people  who don't follow them even though one expects them to follow Islam & Shariah.

    The porno judge simply did immense disservice to Islam in his position of responsibility by not adhering to Islam & the Sharia. Islam has nothing to do with abusing women or hypocrisy.

    Like it has been suggested in the social media The porno Judge really is a polished mirror that reflects the society in which he is at the pinnacle. His failing and continued sitting in his Supreme court seat is the failing of our society - our interlectuals, our politicians & the public- you & me.

    Observe how It took ages for the media, the politicians & institutions to react adequately. One gets the feeling that reaction to this horror started pouring out only once it became clear the potential for political embarrassment became clear & the incessant vibes in the social media became too much to ignore.

    Thus incredibly we saw the JSC voting against the findings of it's own investigative sub committee probably lead by Presidential hopeful Dr Qasim became a reality.

    Either Dr Qassim hasn't watched the videos or he has the utmost disregard for the intelligence of the Maldivian public. Seeing the videos one can pertinently question Dr Qassims sense of moral compass and judgement. From a wannabe President is that speaking positively of his sense of judgement?

    Considering the seriousness of the breach of Islam & Sharia on display, Dr Qassims manoeuvring inside the JSC to let this porno judge off the hook, also necessarily  brings into question his stated commitment to upholding Islam & Sharia. God knows best!!

    In the same breath that I chastise Dr Qassim I must question the inaction of PPM Pres Candidate Dr Yamin. After the elapse of a few days he actually cynically raises his concern and outrage NOT IN PARLIAMENT. But would you believe, on twitter. 

    Then of course Thasneem, Dr Waheed, & Dr Saeed what have any of them done objectively to censure the porno Judge? - who might  in a future date sit in court judging on citizen X's adultery or drinking case. One also might ask HOW MANY OF THIS JUDGES PAST CASES WERE GIVEN UNDER DURESS OF BLACKMAIL.

    This isnt afterall such a benign case. This is a signet case that could  have far reaching consequences to the administration of justice in Maldives.

    Last but not least WHERE IS the otherwise ubiquitous SHEIK IMRAN & His band of ahemm MERRY SCHOLARS? Where is Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheik Shameem; lets not forget Sheik Iliyas &Co. & AP ? Where is the buzz? Is this any less important than the GMR?

    If we ever needed mobilisation of people for a worthy cause then THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE TIME. But we have a deafening SILENCE.

    what nobler cause is there than to mobilise the people to clean up the judiciary? To show we are serious about Islam & the Shariah. 

    If Judge Porno indulged in his phantasies within the four walls of his "castle" we wouldn't be talking, would we? 

    However he had let cameras be installed in his love den and from that moment he was indulging in his white trunked, plastic snapping phantasies in public in front of hundreds of smirking witnesses- not just 4.

    There may not be the technical evidence in there to convict him of adultery or even drinking alcohol. However even a mental retard can see that this porno judge is not fit to sit in the seat of the highest court in Maldives if for nothing else that he is a sitting duck for blackmail. But the JSC bright sparks see different. Where is the debate about this.

    Look to the west. Lets Learn from their experience with Democracy, justice and rule of law. Get help from wherever we can BUT set this right. There is much here as a society that we should Feel ashamed of! The fact that we are complacent about this is disturbing.

    I cannot imagine any liberal democracy in the west that would condone of a judge caught on camera breaking the very laws that he is supposed to sit in judgement. At the least he would be suspended until he is investigated. 

    But then our society it would seem has a very high tolerance for alleged law breakers - drunks, druggies, adulterers, kidnappers , child molesters and we have these clowns strutting in the corridors of power? Why? Because in our society it's acceptable.

    Wither Maldives, wither?

  9. @ahmed bin addu bin s
    You are right to warn a out Qasim. Maldives needs to be saved from Qasim before everything is swallowed by this monster.

    With qasim, Adalat is also a willing partner in corruption of adl and insaaf

  10. We warned Waheed to resign. He did not listen. This is punishment. More fun tapes are coming.

    Please, enjoy.

  11. This is not first time. He used to go and do all sexual things with prostitutes. The video is real.

  12. I say cancel the election if judiciary is not sorted out.

    No point in having a farce as an election with a compromised judiciary of pornstars. And shame on Adaath for being silent on porno judiciary

  13. Sharia law is a man-made construct, claiming to be of divine origin (shirk). It punishes the poor, the weak and the hungry for being raped, wronged, and even imaginary wrongdoings - while allowing the clergy, the rich and powerful to engage in usury, rape, murder and the sale of intoxicants (fitna).

    There is no nation in the world today under sharia law that is free from poverty, injustice and corruption. No, all nations under sharia law are bastions of corruption, injustice, poverty, debauchery and despair.

    Say NO to sharia law. Drive it to the darkness of neo jahil-era Saudi Arabia from which it spawned from.

  14. @T on Sun, 21st Jul 2013 9:32 PM

    "If we ever needed mobilisation of people for a worthy cause then THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE TIME. But we have a deafening SILENCE."

    Indeed! Put this in the context of the overthrow of the last elected government. Gasim, Waheed, Yameen & Co stood up to "defend Islam and the nation" when Nasheed took a judge into custody.

    Today, we have a judge of the highest court in the land, neck deep in the worst filth possible and on full display, and still continuing to dish out "justice". And as we have all heard and seen, no one is batting an eye lid. On the contrary those very defenders of Islam and the nation are out to defend this filthy animal.

    Maldives has sunk below the waves already, in terms of the lowest possible moral standards in the world.

  15. Minivan, please remove that sick picture on this article. I am physically sick of seeing this b****d's face. Lowest of the lowest of vermin on earth.

  16. He's quite entertaining in those videos. All that belly drumming and jangiya snapping. He's a happy chap I'd say.

  17. @ABABS, hehe! good one! he thinks he's hot! hehe. In his mind all the ladies are sitting around moaning and gnarling for his big beautiful BODEE!!! Every one of his six thousand pounds oozes with sexual MAGIC, he thinks!!!

    hehe, big saxy DADDY come on HAHAHA!!!!

  18. dear minivannews
    please report this Ahmad Ali to the police, as he has made terroristic threats on open media to blackmail government officials.

  19. When the fathers inheritance needs to be shared in his family, a big fart comes out of this judge, saying women are only allowed a small fraction of the men and just like that, these Judges rip the women's right out of the door.

    These judges should be hanged for all the wrong, the injustice, they are (and have been) doing to the country.

  20. @ Omar Hassan.

    Re: Sharia Law - of course it's mans effort to put into practice Divine will as understood from
    Divine revelation. It's nothing more, Nothing less.
    You are so much in enthrall with Western law. But
    What is it? If not mans effort to decipher natural law. Consider, Yes! For the believer its Gods Natural law. When they do succeed you will find the latter is in perfect harmony with the first because it's all from the same source.

    This in my view is why in the Western legal systems, when they succeed in giving expression to natural laws you often see human dignity, respect of a persons self and property valorised. On the other hand when in the so called Muslim countries when they fail to give true expression to what Allah revealed then their laws are seen to lack respect of human dignity, lack of respect of the person n his property.

    As for "bastions of currotion, injustice, poverty, debauchery & despair" and I will add 'tainted with the blood of innocent human beings' -- if truthful we have to admit that not one nation on earth is there that can pick up the first stone, for they are all tainted with those "sins" simply because they all haven't given expression to Divine Will

    Friendly I good advice would be - lets not reject anything without spending time n effort to learn about it. Let's not out of hatred of a group prevent us being just.

    Allah knows Best. Pls correct my mistakes if there are some.

    There is no nation in the world today under sharia law that is free from poverty, injustice and corruption. No, all nations under sharia law are bastions of corruption, injustice, poverty, debauchery and despair.

  21. The last para should be in inverted comas as I was answering Omar when he said

    "There is no nation in the world today under sharia law that is free from poverty, injustice and corruption. No, all nations under sharia law are bastions of corruption, injustice, poverty, debauchery and despair."

    All nations are tainted. The difference is by degree. Why Because all fall short in the expression of Gods Will weather revealed in revelations or found in the natural law.

  22. @T: Interesting reflections about natural law. I enjoyed reading it so thanyou for it. I also believe in natural law, many human rights activists draw from natural law philosophy. I derive my 'natural laws' through the inspiration of religious feelings in the attempt to awaken my rational faculties. Sometimes what I think is right or just may be opposed to what a traditional Muslim or Christian may think is right or just.

    May I ask you a question?

    In your opinion, is natural law derived from religious text, or from reason? Is it derived from a Divine source, or from raw material nature?

    Many law makers, lawyers, judges, legal theorists in the West reject the ontological premise of this concept of natural law. They refute the popular notion that there is a gap between positive law and natural law, or that positive law often goes against natural law, because they don't believe in natural law. There is too much debate about what natural law is, about what it constitutes, and from where it originates. It has a pseudo-religious ring to it, being that modernist notions of natural law are derived from Acquinas, who ultimately applied a Christianised application to the concept of Aristotle that there is a Universal Natural Right and Wrong which earthly justice systems need to try and replicate. So, for many Westerners who believe in a separation of state and religion, natural law should not be the premise of any positive law.

    I might add that Acquinas got Aristotle through the Muslim philosophers, who also attempted to align natural Law with Islamic Law.

    Now I am going to get to the crux of what I am getting at.

    You see, MANY of the conclusions and decisions of the Islamic natural law advocates went against the decisions of the Shariah Law jurists of the Ahl Sunnah, from ALL of the four conventional madhabs. Of course, due to their different Fiqh, certain Hannafi and Al-Shaafi jurists were more open to the concept of natural law than Hanbali or Maliki jurists. But, the concept of ijtihad in the traditional formation of istihan is very different to the concept of Al-Rai used by the early Hanafi jurists and the Mu'tazili and even the more philosophical Asharites.

    SO, my question to you is, how do you derive rulings from natural law, and what if, natural law is opposed to the rulings derived by traditional jurists from the Sunnah and the Qur'an?

  23. @Ben Plewright

    Thank you for yr kind words. As a matter of fact over time I have appreciated your input & I thank Allah for showing me an example of someone not born into Islam obviously spending much time & effort trying to fulfil Gods calling. All too often people like me born into Islam are not only ignorant about this beautiful way of life but literally see no need to learn about it. Thus just like a little plant deprived of oxygen & water shrivels and dies; faith too untendered withers …. I dare not go further, Allah knows best.

    You asked me a question. I’m a 2nd year student in Science and concerning matters concerning Islam, I’m incompetent to answer questions touching Islam & I fear the day of judgement. We need to put our questions to pious scholars who have “taqwa” written all about them. Personally I’m most drawn to brothers Yusuf Estees, Yasir Qadir and Hamza Yusuf.

    Seeing so much of virulent pronouncements on the Sharia & seeing few responses I was moved to make my musings. On the subject of “natural law”, I was recommended reading Al-Ghazali’s “The Incoherence of the philosophers” & “The Deliverance from Error”. I think its a thorough treatment of reasoning - its merits, its limits and pitfalls.

    May Allah Bless you & your family.

  24. T bless you bless you bless you

    I'm no alim. Just a very simple fool who cares too much, because, my kids are my heart and they want to live in Maldives. I hurt for Maldives mainly for my kids, but somehow I came to love Maldives too. Sometimes, if my caring becomes angry sounding and if I cuss, it's not hate or evil, it's the pain of caring, so, please forgive me,

    I could never thank you enough for blessings for my family. Bless you and your studies and family also.

  25. @ Ben Pleuright // in answer to what u wrote.

    Assalamu Alaikum, ......

    You make my heart light. True! I have read you over the months through a plethorah of emotions & I have alhamdulilahi prayed for you and yr family over the months. I followed you through yr days of frustrations, anger n turmoil. I praise Our Lord for bringing you Insha Allah to calmer waters & I pray that love in your family n loved ones increase.

    You often speak of your love of your family. It's amazing this love that Allah kindles in the breast of moms & dads especially more a mothers love. What a Blessings! & that love gushes forth from often seemingly a limitless source sometimes deffying all reason. We are taught that Allah loves man tens of times more than the greatest love a mother could possibly have fr her child. How many of us think about it? If only we realised this we would relegate arrogance to the dustbin and do the clothes of humility.

    Is it any wonder that the final Messenger of that Loving God, the closest to God by virtue of Allah's choosing him, displayed so much of love for his Ummat & the accompanying creation. Thus we see him play with the children, the orphans, laugh smile, carry them n stroke their head. We see him shortening even prayers for those little ones . Is it any wonder? No.

    For This was the man who went to the most extra ordinary lengths not to disturb a bitch that had littered and was tending perhaps her puppies. From Such a man AS, is it any wonder that he crys for his Ummat - you, me and everyone else. Alhamdulilahi . What of a man would provoke enemity in such a man? The simple answer is Ignorence.

    It's no accident, Ben that in your wives n your heat is engendered so much of love for your kids.

    Its Because Allah loves us tens of times more than a mom loves her child & He is closer to us than our own neck veins. He Sees! He Hears! So He describes to us in extra ordinary Graphic terms the indiscrptible scenarios just over the horizon of time.

    A father, a mother needs to persevere in passing on to their precious children what Allah has conveyed through his gracious prophet AS because of the Great love Allah bears for us. If not unlike the mighty oak rising up Glorifying God we would be in danger of the opposite. Our children's ruin is our ruin.

    If parents did their bit, Then like a mine detector that thing in our breasts that we call the heart would find it easier to recognise the Inherant good, bad & the evil that surrounds us. A knowledge we learn that was taught when Allah taught man which he knew not in that far off distant day & that which went so badly with Iblis.

    Isnt it these considerations that gives a poignant meaning to advice that tells us that when in doubt (seeking Allahs Guidance) to ask ones heart and that it would prompt us what to choose.

    So at the end of the day how much a person is willing to stumble & loose a limb or two in a "mine blast" really depends on how efficient his or her mine detector - the heart is. If man takes one step towards cleaning up his mine detector/heart, Allah moves 10 steps to help in cleaning his mine detector/heart & by Allahs Grace thus avoid the minefield stairring before him.

    The beautiful thing is that one promptly recognises the state of heart of a person by the out porings of our mouth or when we put pen to paper. Observe.

    It brings to mind that wonderful summation that the best of humanity is those that fosters good, prevents evil & takes the middle path. As simple to understand as ABC, no matter what rational gymnastics we choose to apply its in my humble view at the same level as saying 1+1=2. So what is Good? What is Bad? Dont we need to tune up our mine detector/heart and ask it?

    For those of us who Believe the task is made even easier.

    Turn to the Prophet. Human evolution, technological advancement has ensured that indeed the Prophet AS is living with us in this day n time in his words. By Allahs Grace he, AS, is described by his wife our mother in Islam as "the Walking Koran!".

    Finally Let's try to take benefit from the beautiful story of Abraham AS in Koran 6-75-79.

    "So also did We Show Abraham the power and the laws of the heavens & the earth that he might (with understanding) have certitude."


    "It is not permitted to the sun to catch up the moon nor can the Night outstrip the Day: each just swims along in (it's own) orbit (according to Law).

    We see many instances of the destruction of civilisations in the Koran for the reason of defiance of Gods laws. Not a very different scenario to, if the sun lags drastically or the moon accelerates in fits n bounds. These creations have no choice. Civilisations had been given a choice to accept the laws and the consequences of ignoring the laws was destruction.

    I subscribe to the view of acceptance of natural law with the clarification that such laws exist not by itself - by some inherant or intrinsic reality But by SOLELY by its creation by the Wll of God. I think the rejection of epistemological rationalism of the Greek understanding of natural law by Imam Ghazali was so forceful it halted that trends of Muslim phylosophy by exposing its weaknesses.

    When we reflect, as a layman, The Koran & the The prophet it occurs to me therein are laws & its up to to human beings to contemplate, reflect and extract the laws governing human brings and their interactions by jurisprudence and following such laws benefits them. Thats what the great Imams did. The advantage the Great Imams had over ancient Greek masters was an additional souce - The direct revelation to the Prophet which confirms God Created the universe with the invitation to travel the lands from the Easts to the Wests and to take lessons from the signs of Allah to be seen by everyone who takes the trouble to think.

    Thus we are asked to contemplate the universe and to think and the only conclusion to the mesmerising clock work precision that pervades wherever one casts his eyes to the East or West, North or South is Unity of Purpose pointing to pure Thauheed.

    The intestity of this realisation, ego shattering experience depends on the individual's powers of reasoning and alas! According to Ghazzali The Mercy of Allah!

    Such men are changed forever and for ever. So we see a Confucius, A Socretes, A plato, A Buddha, A Moses, A Jesus, The last Prophet - peace be upon them. We learn there were some 124,000 thousands of them sent to each and every nation. Is there any wonder then that sublime thought is not the monopoly of any 1 people. Allahs Mercy is ALL pervadinng like the rays of the sun and human goodness and work of human intellect is everywhere - to me as proof of The Eternal Living One God.

    In the final analysis our destination is clear. It's for us to take the short assured path - which is the path shown to us by His Messengers or by comparison a longer more torturous unchartered path hoping to reach the destination.

    No matter which path we take - reason and intellect should be our constant companions and for those of us who believe, prayers to Allahs Mercy & Guidance on our lips.

    Alhamdulilahi ! What Mercy!

    Ben pls bare with me. Your love for your children! Has provoked this outburst on this beautiful dawn of another Alhamdulilahi beautiful Ramzan day so full of Mercy! May Allah Draw you near to Him, you and your beautiful family. Allah knows Best!


  26. Oh dear. Ben Plewright has found his kindred spirit in another rambler predisposed to prolix walls-of-text.

    Would the both of you learn how to be concise? It's one thing to clarify and elucidate on a theme; it's another to tediously ramble on about everything under the sun.

  27. no matter 100 videos, this man will walk free until the day the Maldivians (Mark my word, not the government) but the Maldivians want to do something about it.I say we bring him to the street and lash him until his fat tummy blasts... to give him a feel of what others go through after committing such 'crimes'

  28. sorry for saying this.. and sorry for mocking looks.. but this guy just disgusts me. i just want to call him on social media: YOU FAT PIG. A FACE ONLY A MOTHER CAN LOVE. A BEHAVIOR ONLY FIT FOR A JAIL. A FACE ONLY FIT ON A PIG... i dont look good either.. but m not as dirty as this PIG

  29. OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK>>> words cant describe what i feel everytime i see this disgusting piece of excuse for a human being. WHITE BOW TIED PIG..OINK OINK...

    (minivan please post these comments) you owe me that much for being a regular commenter.

  30. One of the girls is from Russia. That video was shot in Cinammon Lake in Colombo. The cam was hidden attached to the TV, stationed above the refrigerator. That girl is still in Colombo. This is all I can reveal at this time.

  31. what the is this T talking about, every other word Allah, Allah, wasting our time!!


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