MDP condemns “coup d’etat”, Nasheed released by Maldives security forces

Police with the Maldives’ Drug Enforcement Department (DED) this evening removed alcohol bottles and what they claimed was evidence of other illicit substances from the home of former President Mohamed Nasheed, shortly after his resignation in dramatic circumstances today.

Elements of the police joined opposition protests last night and this morning attacked the headquarters of the Maldivian National Defence Force (MNDF) this morning in Republic Square. A further 60-70 MNDF soldiers joined the protesters. Shortly afterwards, the state broadcaster MNBC was taken over by police and opposition protesters, and rebranded Television Maldives (TVM), the name of the institution under Gayoom’s government.

A spokesperson for Nasheed said earlier this evening that the former President is currently being detained against his will, and dismissed the discovery of the bottles and illicit substances as an attempt to discredit Nasheed and gain popular support for what he described as “a coup d’etat”.

As of 11:00pm, the spokesperson said Nasheed has been allowed to return home.

“Gayoom controls the judiciary, now the executive, the media, and in couple of weeks probably the parliament. One thing he cannot control is popular support for President Nasheed, so he needs to find a way to jail or discredit him ahead of the 2013 election,” the spokesperson said.

Several individuals connected with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) were seriously injured during the unrest, while two sources told Minivan News that a party activist was killed today after a metal pole rammed upwards through his jaw. Minivan News is seeking confirmation.

At 3:00pm Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan was sworn in as President. As per the constitution, Dr Waheed must now appoint a vice president to be approved by the Parliament. He may also reform the Cabinet.

Following his appointment Dr Waheed addressed the nation on TVM, and said he was grateful to the police and MNDF who had made “great sacrifices” to defend constitution.

“Today is the day the rule of law has been established in the country perfectly,” Dr Waheed said.

“I will not order the police, military or any person to do anything against the law – I promise it to the public. Everyone will have the protection of constitution and laws.”

According to Police Media Official Ahmed Shiyam, the DED investigation of the historical President’s Residence was prompted when a lorry emerged from the residence with “bags of trash”.

“Security stopped the vehicle and found a number of alcohol bottles in the bags. The police were notified of the situation and an investigation is underway,” Shiyam said.

While “there were many bottles,” Shiyam said the “investigation is ongoing.”

At 6:00pm this evening Minivan News observed Maldives National Defense Forces (MNDF) and police forces jointly guarding the left entrance to the residence from a crowd of approximately 500 members of the public, most of whom are affiliated with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), according to onlookers. A police van was parked near the official entrance around the corner amidst throngs of people standing on the low walls to observe the event.

Minority opposition Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed and PPM MP Ilham Ahmed were also present at the scene, speaking with security forces and directing the crowds to clear the road and stay on the sidewalks.

From the upper level of a nearby building bags and boxes could be seen moved into a security van parked within the residence. While bottles were not clearly visible, the scent of alcohol could be detected when the lorry was moved closer to the residence gate.

When asked whether further demonstrations were planned for this evening, onlookers said they believed the biggest ordeal was over.

“It’s done now, tonight we are celebrating,” one of the people outside the President’s residence claimed.

When asked whether Nasheed had been arrested, Shiyam reported that he has been taken to a secure location by security services.

“[Nasheed] is being kept for his own safety now under the surveillance of Maldives National Security Forces, which includes police and MNDF,” Shiyam said. “He is the main concern, as is anything that might happen to his family. Police will take anything related to the family seriously.”

Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which was brought to power in the country’s first democratic elections in 2008, appeared subdued today following clashes with police last night, injuries to key members, and the torching of the party’s headquarters this afternoon.

The party issued the following statement this evening:

“We strongly condemn the coup d’etat that has been brought against the constitutionally elected government of President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives. Last night rogue elements from the Maldives Police Service in conjunction with the supporters of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom overthrew the democratically elected government of President Nasheed.

“The overthrow occurred after small numbers of police and army personal, in response to a call from leading opposition figures, Abdulla Yameen (former President Gayoom’s half brother) and Umar Naseer (former security officer in the regime of President Gayoom), joined with a group of protesters in the centre of Male, protesting against the arrest and detention of a judge accused of corruption.

“These police and army personnel, especially those from the notorious Star Force established by former President Gayoom then, ignoring the chain of command, moved around the capital in full riot gear, attacking MDP headquarters and the houses of MDP MPs and government officials.
“Many MDP members and government officials were badly hurt. Some are unaccounted for. MDP-associated property continues to be attacked. In this climate of chaos and fear, the rogue elements of the police and army helped to take over the main national TV channel, MNBC, replacing it with President Gayoom’s old TV Maldives (TVM), and also moved to take control of key installations.
“During this time, ex President Gayoom’s allies moved to retake control of the army and police. The opposition, supported by the army and police, then offered an ultimatum to President Nasheed: step down or be faced with a bloodbath in the capital.
“President Nasheed thus resigned in order to protect the public from further violence. His resignation was involuntary in that he had no choice.”

“President Nasheed was taken to the President’s Office under the custody of the security forces and subsequently resigned.

“We also condemn the violent attacks carried out against our members by the Maldives Police Service including Member of Parliament and our former chairperson Mariya Didi and other MPs from the party.

“We call upon the international community to assist us in establishing democracy in the Maldives and protect the officials of the government of President Nasheed. We fear for the safety of President Nasheed and senior members of his government.”


96 thoughts on “MDP condemns “coup d’etat”, Nasheed released by Maldives security forces”

  1. Police and MNDF has proven that money can buy anything. Whatever,We have to think positively. With this long protests every night, the foreign investors was very shaky no confidence plus the european economy is going down. Now the people who have advocated for no tax, to give the Civil service money etc.must come in to force. The dollar rate has to come down. All drugies should be beheaded.
    Heard; VP Gasim
    Home minister : Umar Naseer

  2. Whats a shame!
    We are back 30years. Today the Notorious Police are in power. No rule of law and no constitution. MDP hauruge is taken over by the Police/MNDF.
    There is no more court order required. The corrupt police are in charge and in hands with the well know THUGS & CROOKs.

  3. Hopefully the era of of chaos and anarchy is over. Anni lost his right to lead the nation the day he ordered the army to kidnap a judge. What we saw yesterday was the re-establishment of rule of law.

  4. You call it a coup or anything else,but the fall of our new democratically elected president was due to him being hijacked by his own elite whom he thought were his actual supporters, like Reeko Moosa, Maria, Zaki & many more. They are to blame for their fall yesterday. We never expected it to happen in the next few decades. Nasheed should have lowered his arrogance over civilians.

  5. The toppling of a democratically elected government by the security forces of the country should never be an option. If the security forces are unhappy with the executive there are means and ways to deal with it. Similarly if the executive is unhappy with the judiciary or the legislature there are means and ways to deal with it. Democracy is dead in Maldives. Our next president or the next one or the next one will never be able to fully trust the security forces and he/she will be at their whim. And as for the people, they will have no guarantee that the president they elect will be able to carry-out their mandate for a full-term.

  6. Mohamed Nasheed(Anni) is a radical racist who was working for a few of the elite(beyfulhu) families of male' who were finding it hard to digest the educational and material growth of the rest of male' and the islanders whome they have considered slaves for centuries...democracy was just an excuse to get maumoon out of the way and bixneses in thr names through co-operations..his actions straight after becoming president proved dat he was in no way for equal r8s and oportunities unless you gave your allegiance to him and the people who were pulling the strings all along and supporting thr anarchist propoganda..the activists became 'slaves' of the regime for petty financial gains and are the only real support nasheed has left in the country, and comprises of notorious criminals and social outcasts and tried to adopt the shive sena like tactics of Gunda raj...the worst side of nasheed is dat to win the sympthy of the international community he has tried his best to label the maldives as a country of 'terrorists' which no maldivian in their r8 mind would just ruler would have disregarded the dignity of his people for personal glory as nasheed has....

  7. What a shame! the police has lost their credibility and now it is hard to respect these blue uniformed police men after they brought down the first democratically elected president of maldives.

    During the past three year of MDP government ordinary Maldivians were happy, they were proud and had a sense of achievement amongst, living and participating in a democratic nation. Now everything is lost, media black out, our parliamentarians and activists are in jail and we do not know were they have kept President Nasheed or how is his health.

  8. There will be no fair judgements from the courts as long as there are corrupt judges. There are so many cases against the former regime ppl but have you ever heard of a single person being tried and found guilty? Do you all think it was just a corrupt free 30 year rule without a sigle ruifiyaa or dollar being put in their so innocent pockets? you will keep on defending them cos you have all been benifited some way or another from all this. I never got any benifit from maumoon or anni...but i can see right from wrong

  9. and id like to add to that...anni did a few things which were bad..but a lot of things which were good in 3 years....maumoon did a few good things and a lot of bad things in 30 years

  10. MDP what a cry baby now, you guys try to bring coup always, but not in success, people of Maldives has brought this coup not MNDF

  11. I salute the services of mohamed nasheed our former president . and his fellow cabinet ministers for the tireless effort to reform the country . bottom line this was a milatary coup organised by the desperate opposion to regain power . The desperate opposion had no ohter means to overthrow this goverment . If they faced a free and fair election they will face bitter defeat in 2013 .

  12. Surely every Maldivian knew that Gayoom ran the Maldives as his own personal business--the question>>are you ready for the same???

  13. The trouble began when a judge was taken away without a court order but looked after very well. He was not beaten, thrashed, dragged. Police Jinah and others were taken handcuffed dragged and pushed in front of local TV. A lot of people listed for travel ban without any court order. A group of Police went and damaged an office, party jagaha and Ministers’s houses beat people and they are being treated for broken hands etc. But no media or lawyer has talked about this. Now all this is allowed which was a crime in the Nasheed administration.
    Maumoon & his family were allowed to pack and go to their homes but Nasheed’s family was not allowed. His belongings were checked by MNDF and Police.
    Yesterday was a sad day where we saw MNDF and Police acting as activists. They are not paid to do that. They have to show good examples. I fear this is a beginning of very bad beginning.

  14. I am begging to International communities to help us to implement democratic government in this country, bloody dictator Maumoon and gang star Yameen are trying to kill all the MDP members in this country and defense force said they don't want implement party system in Maldives,Adhaalath party sheikh Imraan said we should believe religious concept of Alqaidha, if not police gonna arrest us, please please can somebody help us..

  15. Nasheed was a good leader. But he was a forced to protect the personal interests of few powerful corrupt members like Reeko in his party and it eventually led to end of his regime. Even some some senior members are starting to admit that now. MDP should know that they are not the above law and I hope that they learnt a lesson from this! Police and Army pledged that they will not obey unlawful orders from any leader.

  16. The government installed by rebel elements of the police and the military loyal to the former leader of 30 years of dictatorial rule is illegitimate at its best.

    Assuming that president Nasheed (now overthrown in a police-led military coup) acted against the constitution in the arrest of Abdulla Mohamed CJ and he refused to heed to calls from the judiciary, among others, biased as they are, the police or military tired of just three weeks of unarmed demonstrator (imagine a drawn out armed struggle!) should have realised a coup was not the right course of action to have unseated the government.

    First, the military by holding the CJ Abdulla, though on the order of the president, violated the Constitution by carrying out an unlawful order if it is so considered inasmuch as did the president by ordering. Second, the police and military betrayed the public against their oath to protect the government and the state from threats whether coming from outside or from within.

    The international community is expected therefore to condemn the action of the security forces and the Vice President conspiring with the opposition to oust the legitimate government of the country.

  17. Allah knows the best...maybe he has better and bigger plans for maldives.May God Bless Every Maldivian and there beloyed country.

  18. Reekoa, Mariya & Zaki a good combination to make Anni resign....But the main reason behind it was Yaamin, Qasim, Thasmeen and similar power-hungry crooks bribed some ordinary Police officers (like those looted & blackmailed Bangladeshi workers) and those MNDF officers who are angry with Nasheed regarding their promotion issues....And again Vice President took advantage of the situation fully and unfairly

  19. All of this proves Reeko Moosa right in his judgment. Democracy is ki11ed at infancy.

    The people didn't know the seriousness of Reeko Moosa's words. This is what you get when you try to play democracy with old Gayoom regimes crime infested corrupted people.

  20. Minivan.... do you seriously have blinders on or something???
    The man hijacked our constitution in the name of cleaning up so to usurp all powers to himself... he couldnt do it any longer when the police and military refused to back him up and obey unlawful orders.
    Seriously... spin doctors you are!

  21. The typical MDP blame game. They have been blaming Qayyoom before coming to power, while they were in power and not after they are removed from power. For God's sake we all know why you were removed. MDP has brought chaos, fear and violence to Male' by producing all those thugs and gangs. Anni has made a mess out of this country. Didn't you all see all those ordinary maldivians protestinf against Anni and his MDP since last 10 days. The police joined them when they coudln't stand anymore. The police were ordered to harm their own people and they couldn't take it anymore. Qayyoom was not the one who ordered to beat the protesters. Qayyoom has rather stayed away from all this. MDP cannot accept its lost. The people of this country chose MDP thrree years ago, but now its the very same people who chose to remove Anni because of his unpopular policies and violence against his own people. So MDP, stop your blame game now and start feeling sorry for what you have done to your own people. Be humans and take responsibility of the mess you have done.

  22. A military coup is nothing to celebrate, Nasheed could easily have been removed from office in 2013, the only catch was to trump him on election day. Since that wasn't possible without the majority support of people, they did themselves even better.

    So now, future Presidents- the Police and Army need to be satisfied first, peoples will be damned. It is the law of the jungle, strength = power.

    I'm so ashamed, so infuriated, so saddened, like many voters who voted for a better future and not immediate gratification, I felt a sense of loss which can't be verbalized. But there is nothing left to do but to wait and one day tell these idiots, "I told you so", but what for? The ship has already sunk.

    tsk tsk- I always pick on you because you are the worst, someone who clearly knows but chooses (or pretends) to be ignorant. Good luck with your crocodiles, I hope you guys got enough to feed them, if not you will be their last meal.

  23. Fili Waheed's son's name is Jeffery? Isn't this enough evidence to show that he is not a Muslim? He will go down in history as the worst CROOK of the country. He did not know that wat he did was digging his own grave. We are Indian descendants. So history of India is our history. Mind you, Fili Waheed, Indira Ghandhi was killed by her own bodyguards. You are a slow snail. People of Maldives will never wait and see what you killed: democracy, that we worked so hard to win!!! You and Maumoon will have to pay with your life and blood for your actions.

  24. After all what is being said and done,President Waheed's presidency is on "kinfe's edge" and calls for caution!

    President Nasheed have acted gentlemanly. Under whatsoever circumstance he resigned, highly appreciate the act!

    "Rule of Law" should prevail. Constitution to achieve this must be straightforward, clear and effective!

    Based on the fact that around a hundred or so police to start with, and 60 to 70 members of the MNDF thereafter joining the opposition calling for the president's release, and the chain of events which took place, it is possible to believe as “coup d’etat”.

    In politics anything can happen! Time will tell!!!!!

  25. People of the Maldives - do you honestly think that tourists will now want to visit the Maldives. You have killed the goose (tourism) that lays the golden egg! It take a long time to build a reputation but it can be (and has been) destroyed overnight.

  26. Tourists are morons; in any case, why would a change in government effect their experience?

    Of course they'll keep visiting you twit.

  27. I am not absolving Anni of any mistakes, firstly because I have never been his supporter. An admirer? Aye. A supporter? Nay! I have always been a supporter of Dr. Waheed. Now he has proved a disappointment. Anni made many mistakes, as any human would. No question about that.

    Nevertheless, I have just one question to those claiming that Anni had to go because he molested our Constitution. Is getting him out unconstitutionally not a molestation of our Constitution? As far as I know, our Constitution outlines clear mechanisms of removing a president we are not happy with. The path we chose yesterday is not one of those mechanisms.

    Do not bury your heads in the sand – what happened was a bloodless coup. Nothing less.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. If indeed a majority of citizens wanted him to ship out, the demand should have been for immediate elections. Citizens select their leader through the ballot.

    As for Dr. Waheed, you have really been a disappointment. If you knew how I held you in high esteem. If you knew how much I sold you to my family and even managed to covert some MDP diehards. If you knew how many of ‘me’ viewed you that way. If you knew….

    But now do you really think you can ever convince objective citizens who are not blinded by sycophancy that you did not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds? If you have even a drop of wisdom, you would know that your ascent to presidency lacks any moral and ethical basis. If you do not call for elections ASAP, you will prove that you are not molded from clay any different from that molded those who tormented our nation for decades.

    You have a chance to prove you are a true leader. You have a chance to show that you possess wisdom. You have a chance to prove that you are not a puppet, a stooge, of Gayoom and his apologists. You have a chance to win the heart of the whole world, let alone our nation. Call for elections and let the people decide. If you really are true in your word that you will uphold the constitution, call for elections and let the majority elect the leader they want – via the ballot.

  28. Still call what army and police did not a coup?? killing ppl peacefully protesting by army is not coup then coup does not exist!

    who ever said this is not coup trying and sleep with a clear conscience,

    and good job selling the freedom of Maldivian ppl to the army and police ... hope u guys are proud!

  29. Ask them wat is coup? wat do you call when a democratically elected president was forced to resign at gunpoint?this is barbaric and m ashamed of Maldivian security elements.this is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.iam sure most of the maldivians would not accept this kinda barbaric behavior from security forces. I plea international community to act on this matter and UN to intervene.
    Have you seen the independent VTV showing children's that the free media we were talking about? pathetic

  30. The news of all the alcohol bottles deeply troubles me.

    I hope for the sake of this country and the environment that the bottles are taken care of in the most environmentally sensitive manner.

    They should be taken to the recycle plant. They maybe materials of haram nature, but that does not mean that we should treat it any different.

    Stay Green, stay safe

  31. @William (UK): Tourists are still coming to this country. They have not been affected at all by what has happened in Male'. When former president Nasheed was gicing his resignation speech on TV, there was a Vogue photo shoot going on in the Four Seasons Resort of Maldives. The tourists have a different world in this country. They are never affected by our civil problems and domestic issues. They are coming to this country and will come. If you don't want to come, just stay happy in your cold rainy two by two feet match box house in UK. We are not begging you to come to Maldives.

  32. I guess more than half of the general public is wondering about their and their children's lives. (The not so political group). Ofcourse most of this group would be in some way or another forced to incline on a side in public, when everything is on the line, especially when there's blood on the streets.

    Ex-P Nasheed made mistakes; but as someone said earlier, he made a lot less mistakes than good as opposed to what was the norm before.

    Some of us have consistently been blaming police or mndf as a whole through out. But we cannot blame them enmasse. I'm sure a lot of them are with us, ordinary citizen.

    Let us be true to ourselves and not forget the only thing we can all agree upon is that we will all die; and very shortly compared to world or universe historics!

  33. is waheed a democratically elected president? if not please have an election !!!!
    After all even Nasheed is asking for the same !!!!
    All politicians are corrupted !!!!
    but let the people select the least corrupted person and make him their president by an election !!!!
    stop the blood shed !!!!

  34. Well! This whole country is filled with barbarians! Corrupted people! The police and the defense force is to protect the nation and took an oath to perform their duties. Honestly they went far more against this! How more can these people be corrupted! The police chose sides and are politically biased. With this way of empowering the armies for political gain wont get the country anywhere. This whole thing shows us the security forces do have the right to mutiny against any leader who goes against their views? How is this fair at any point! I wonder if the current president has the total control to rule over this country without being intimidated by the security forces how they can make him step down his presidency any minute.

  35. This was not a coup nor a mutiny by the police or armed forces. We have seen dictatorial actions by Nasheed and his Party gangs.
    If Nasheed was forced by Armed forces at Gun point why didnt he say so at the announcement of his resignation. Surely he wasnt at gun point in front of the media.
    Nasheed is a liar and not fit to lead our country. He should start doing what he is good at be an opporsition voice.
    Nasheed got his chance but failed and destroyed our economy.
    We will not let him come. President Nasheed is the worst dictator we have ever seen and yet he wears suit of democracy.

    Minivan has never been an independant news paper and their reports are full of lies and very back dated. Minivan news is owned by President nasheed's own brother Nazim.

  36. That was indeed, a coup....Qasim & Yaameen invested for the coup....this time these very dirty & Maldivians, blood-drinking guys paid money to some Police & MNDF Officers

  37. Mr. Nasheed, during his tenure as a president of the Maldives, did everything to consolidate democratic set up. Remember, he had so many factors to look into. It was Gayyom's rule for 30 long years left the country into shambles. People of Maldives were not educated Politically and they knew only to throw stones and use box cutter knives. Given the situation, Nasheed tried hard since November 2008 to educate the people about democracy, rights and duties, etc. But the Civil Servants and the Judiciary who were benefited by the Gayooom's regime did not like the new changes and created much trouble to Nasheed. The opposition as well as MDP MPs too politically immature to do any good business in the Parliament. International community failed to educate the elected representatives and the people in general how to participate in a democratic set up and how to obey the constitution. Nasheed should have been allowed to complete his term in the office and the Civil Servants should have joined him in his effort of Nation Building. It is the religious extremists element in the Maldives did not like his policies. Hence the downfall.

  38. Dear Maldivians,

    Like most third world democracies you are also making the same mistakes. Mistakes which make democracy ineffective and corrupt. It is high time that you sat back and started thinking.

    Hopefully you may have democracy back in a while. Hopefully you may have a chance to elect the people who are going to rule/serve you.

    Elect honest people who want to serve the people. I am sure there are plenty of worthy men and women in Maldives. Please do no ignore or persecute them any more.

    Appoint people who are educated and have the qualifications to hold important government posts. Especially the judiciary and the executive. Surely there are more than enough educated Maldivians to fill those posts.

    Do not make the grave mistake of electing rich businessmen again as your leaders. They want to be in power with the sole intention of protecting and enriching their businesses. Please understand this.

    These elite, super rich, business men can buy anyone (politicians, judges or police men), they will control the media, the judiciary and the executive. They will do anything in their power to protect the money they make by exploiting the masses. They will use deception, lies, violence and religion to brainwash, divide and control you like puppets.

    This is so very evident in the mindless comments of those who support these scoundrels. They blindly believe in their lies and propaganda. Please sit back and think for a minute what you are doing.

    Would you sell your souls for the few dollars you get for supporting these scoundrels? Would you rather your children remain poor, brainless suckers, while these scoundrels and their families laugh all the way to the bank?

    Stop being mindless fools.

    No Anni or superman can save you, if you elect these crooks again to power along with him. No Anni can take any progressive measures to improve the condition of Maldivians, if he is constantly opposed by the scoundrels that you yourselves have elected.

    You have hope. You have a future. No one else can help you but yourselves to make it happen. You have to start thinking and acting sensibly. Do not let these scoundrels brainwash, fool, and enslave you anymore.

    It is not that difficult.

  39. If my memory serves me correctly, the Maldives have enacted a huge campaign to relocate their island citizens leading traditional lives away from the beaches and fisheries that sustain them and onto more "climate safe" large islands. This has lead to widespread poverty, increase in crime rates, and disastrous health consequences for the relocated communities (brought from rural islands to city slums), all in the name of safety from the rising sea level of climate change. 

    HOWEVER, at the same time, the government is allowing (and encouraging) giant ultra-luxury resorts to be built on those same islands that were stolen from the inhabitants in the name of safety. These resorts cater to the megabucks customers, fetching thousands of dollars per night from the likes of movie stars, oil moguls, and CEOs. 

    If the president were really worried about the human toll of rising waters, and committed to minimizing climate change for the benefit of his people and the world, no development would be permitted on the supposedly "unsafe" islands. But, conveniently, it's exceedingly lucrative for the government to disposes subsistence indigenous people of their land and water. Sounds like maybe what's actually threatened by sea level rise is the land-grab enabled tourism industry.

    I'm all for sound climate change policy, but before we go extolling the virtues of this "climate advocate," let's consider the possibility of ulterior motives. Also could explain why people would be mad enough to expel him at gunpoint for continuing to silence objectors.

    Source: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein



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