ACC checks inventories at presidential residence

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) began checking the inventory at the official residence of the vice president, Hilaaleege, this week, local media reports.

The vice presidential residence has been used by President Dr Mohamed Waheed since the controversial transfer of presidential power on February 7, 2012.

The ACC decided to check the inventory following a complaint alleging that assets were being removed from Hilaaleege before the end of the presidential term on November 11.

ACC Chair Hassan Luthfy told CNM that a complaint was also submitted alleging that the inventory did not include gifts from foreign dignitaries received during the administrations of former Presidents Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Mohamed Nasheed.

Opposition-aligned Raajje TV meanwhile reported today that an ACC team was unable to check the inventory at the official presidential residence of Muleeage.

Staff at Muleeage alleged that the brother of President Waheed, Assad Waheed, had the key to the room where the gifts from the dignitaries were stored.

Assad however did not answer the phone when the ACC investigators attempted to contact him, the staff claimed.


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  1. ACC found no wrong doing in GMR deal whilst the same ACC had found huge issues when they publish the preliminary report on GMR deal.

    First thing is that we need to do an investigation on ACC members before allowing them to do any other investigation


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